Conversation in the Twilight

Just happy little reminder of who the AltRight is actually scared of… and why it’s kind of important that we succeed in reversing the decline of the West.


The AltRight declares “I will stop the darkness.”

The MilRight snorts and replies,” No nightfall is coming, prepare yourself for in the dark we shall do unspeakable things.”

The AltRight shudders and then boldly proclaims,” No I will not give into despair. I will save the West.”

The MilRight simply grins, ”Who said anything about despair? You know Europa was originally a moon goddess*.”

The AltRight begins stuttering incoherently.

The MilRight grabs the AltRight and shakes them until they stop. “Listen! There will be a new dawn but that’s for our sons and grandsons. We shall fight for that new dawn even if it is not for us. You may dream of the Light but our fate is to fight under the night sky. Let the Desert Demon come and let us find out which moon shines brightest in the sky. I grow tired of these charades.”

*Okay the evidence for this is pretty thin but it’s debatable and made for a really good metaphor.

The evidence that Allah was originally a pagan moon god is strong enough to be beyond dispute.

Conversation in the Twilight

Tempering the Edge

Okay based on a night’s reflection, feedback and advice from someone I respect I’m going to tone down the Teenage Edgewizard act. A friendly gentlemen was kind enough to point to the parking lot full of pickup trucks with Confederate flags and rifle racks and offer the insightful suggestion that any sort of Internet Tough Guy Syndrome would be highly er… counterproductive to my life’s goals.

By the way I’ve figured out where that particular syndrome is coming from. It’s from spending years on writing and amateur game design forums and getting increasing angry at a generation gap I didn’t understand at the time. Why was everyone five to ten years younger than me so touchy about so many subjects?

You can’t have slavery in your story. It’s racist!”

Why not? There’s slavery throughout history, the fictional culture I want to create would logically have some form of slavery and I want to explore the implications of that.”

Your story is racist, that makes you racist. Racism is bad. Don’t be racist.”

It’s fictional racism… these are both fictional races.”

But it will hurt real people’s feelings.”

So what? This is the story I want to tell. It’s not even the main focus of the story just part of the background.”

Background fictional racism is the gateway drug to real racism and slavery. Now excuse me for a second I need to a take another bong hit.”

“Okay than what about the spacehookers? What’s your opinion on that?”

(exhales) “Well… it’s either really sexist or feminist and empowering. Let me check…(flips coin) Nope sorry it looks like you’re a racist sexist pig!”

Okay you’re not making a hell of a lot of sense here.”

You’re just a stupid Canadian you don’t understand anything about America!”

So everything in America is about race… but if you actually try to talk about race you get shouted down as a racist. Got it.

[User was banned for this post]

…. okay maybe it never got that bad. Still it really confused me at the time.


Anyway since I’m interested in the actual ideas of the Alternate Right (I’ve already explored the barren wasteland of the Alternative Left;) I’m going to be a bit slower to jump into autistic mess foaming along the top of the #AltRight on twitter and other places.

A good thing to keep in mind in these dark times of [CURRENT YEAR] is that a lot of the people spewing memes right now are actually part of the nomadic heckler left. They have simply found a target that is so juicy they can’t help but keep throwing shit at it. Also there’s a lot of angry confused young men out there that have suddenly realized that the only way to really troll someone in this Time of Lies to the tell them the truth. The Alternative Right is by definition a search for the truth.

So anyway while the degenerates of #AltFurry are funny to joke around with and there’s a few friendships I would like to maintain based on the No Faggot Left Behind principle; there is actual work that needs to be done and I should probably be spending my time and effort on that, instead of dancing around the internet like a clown.

I’ve got a list of about twenty to thirty articles I’ll like to write. Some are altright-ish history and philosophy posts and others are writer blogs or discussions about the nature of or aspects in speculative fiction. I’ll stop there though as I’ve learnt the hard way not to talk about things I’m going to do. Much better to do them and then talk about the things you’ve done.

Still doing the Viking Metal thing though as I find that listening to songs about sailing through the icy fog to a distant land, crushing your enemies skulls and hearing the lamentations of their women; really does help me a lot with my everyday mindset.

After all I am reporting to you from the dark heart of Feminist-occupied Canada and I need all the help I can get.



Tempering the Edge

The AltRight and the SSH

Just another stray thought that lingered long enough for me to get it written down.

Alpha: Hey Lefty! That’s a nice skull you got there. I’ll like to drink from it.

Beta: Okay… That’s it! I tried to be nice but you fuckers just won’t quit will you? Now excuse me while I wreck your shit and stomp your dreams into the mud.

Sigma: Last seen sharpening his favorite scalping knife and whistling to himself.

Delta: (Drunken singing) “Band of brothers marching together… heads held high in all kinds of weather…”

Gamma: White people are special and I like being special. Wait! Where you guys going? Wait for me!

Omega: Excuse me, sir. I was promised REVENGE!!! When do we burn down The Cathedral?

Lambda: Hmm… as a social and sexual deviant I’ve slowly come to the conclusion that the PC thought police are not my friends. Also they decided to side with the Islamists and I always make it a point to side with the people least likely to throw me off of a tall building.

The AltRight and the SSH

Welcome New Readers

Welcome to new readers: A guide to my older posts.

I’ve picked up a few new readers lately so I just wanted to take the chance to highlight and explain some of my older posts. I’m a very erratic blogger and tend to jump from topic to topic. As a general rule you should expect perhaps one intelligent well written article a month (and about two or three dumb kinda half-assed ones.) I do occasional go on hot streaks ( I seem to be on one now) so who knows when or what I’ll be posting next?

If you’re here because of politics try to keep in mind that I like to work with a very large Overton window. I define myself as right-libertarian (basically a Ron Paul guy) but I also dabble in the Anti-war Left and will chew on Reactionary thoughts from time to time. Also not every post will be political. Sometimes I like to talk about elf-chicks and spaceships. I’m only Alt-Right when I’m angry 😛

And the people who are here for the geek stuff will just have to put up with occasional rants about national identity and/or Social Sexual Hierarchy theory. Sorry cupcake this blog is not a safespace!

That said let’s begin. Where? Probably at the beginning.

This post was intended to introduce the blog and holds up pretty well in that regard. This post also works as a mission statement and I should probably make a habit of rereading it once a month in order to remind myself of what exactly I’m supposed to be doing here.

This is the post where I propose the idea the Canada’s Core Value is that of Humanism and play around with the concept of a National Struggle.

While this geek humor/game post is extremely funny it’s also an overreaction to a situation I had never been in before and deeply embarrassing on a personal level. Luckily the redhead in question and I did not get involved and disaster was averted.

This is big one. This is the article that everybody links to and considers me part of the Alt-Right for. Honestly I’m still in shock about it. I had at most a dozen readers when I sat down to write that article and was writing it mostly to organize my own thoughts. However one (maybe as many four) of those readers were of the Vile Faceless variety and word got out to Supreme Dark Lord himself who saw fit to quote and link the article on Alpha Game. (I still get one or two hits a day from that shout out.)

Also if you get the chance read The Neo-Ciceronian Times reaction and expansion to my original post. Which I only saw myself a couple of weeks ago. Interestingly his mind, body and soul metaphor exactly parallels my own thinking.

This is why I write up. I ask myself a question, manage to figure out a partial answer and then somebody else comes along and points out where I made a mistake, allowing me to if not get a full answer at least I wind up with a new better set of questions.

My shocked reaction to Vox Day’s shout out and also links to my earlier writing for The Ralph Retort.

Mostly just me moping but I do refer to Justin Trudeau as “Canada’s bachi bazi dancing puppet Prime Minister.” So at least it’s quotable. Quotable is what I do.

The first Evil Legion of Evil fanfiction short. If you’re a part of Vox Day’s fanbase you’ll find this extremely funny. If not? Well just move on with your life.

This was my response to a friend who asked whether or not I was a Christian only to find I couldn’t give him a straight answer. I do have an Evangelical background (I’m willing to admit that now) but again I’m a very private person and while one of the major themes of this blog is a man’s struggle to find himself there are parts of the struggle I have no intention to air out in public.

also a reminder that I do need to finish Cult of Life even if I never post or publish it.

Just a selection of four books that might interest any Canadians wanting to learn about history. Probably one of the more useful things I’ve actually done on this blog.

This was a comedy article I spat out after trying to follow some ridiculous gun control debate.

This was a bit of fun. This article was me trying to think through how being pro or anti gun would effect different cultures.

Just an emotional twitter rant I made reflecting back on GamerGate.

This was a straight up geek post. I was in the middle of a Batman phase after watching Suicide Squad. Got a lot of praise for this one.

While this was mostly a glorified shitpost I still want to know what is the democracy party’s plan B is Hillary drops dead before the election?

This the second ELOE fanfiction short story. I think this one is still readable even if you are not a fan of Vox Day. Also I was able to write this in a single session, which was a major break through for me as a writer.

My most recent post prior to this one. Just going to let this one speak for itself.

Welcome New Readers

Hey Media! Get Some!

Black Sails by Grand Magus

Music to set the mood and my personal nomination for the Alt-Right Anthem.

Dear Establishment Media, you are fucked. Not only that you are so completely fucked that even the full length and breadth of the English language does not allow me to properly convey the extent of how exactly fucked you are.

For you see the entire Liberal Establishment is coming down. What will be the end of it? Will the Globalist Agenda die by the Red Hat? Or by the Black Sails? Or by something else entirely? Who knows? the Gods of Metal say nothing. Only the Doom is certain; of that the omens are clear.

As the clickbait hacks and two bit grifters of the media began their assault upon the AltRight in a desperate bid to stop the collapse of Zombie Clinton’s presidential campaign. Know this one thing; there is nothing you can do to us that the Elders of the Tribes have not seen before.

Why do the young men of the West flock to our cause? Is it because you offer them nothing? In part but consider this….

You the modern journalist inevitably write down to your audience. You sneer at them from the top of your illusionary tower of intellectually superiority. Your fragile ego demands that you must put yourself above your audience, above the common plebs in order for you to shower down your yellow drips of wisdom, your progressive enlightenment upon them. Your hatred for your readers is mandatory; a natural result of this approach taken more or across the board throughout the mainstream media.

Now I of this small (but not terribly humble blog) find myself taking the complete opposite approach. I write up to my audience Why? I was baffled myself at first but I think I’ve figured it out. One aspect of the Alt-Right that you Marxist clods could never understand is that a core aspect threaded through all branches of the philosophy are the Cult of Self-Improvement and Self-Education. Perhaps I write up because I seek the counsel and companionship of stronger, more intelligent, wiser men? Either way I respect my readers and make it clear that I do so.

A modern progressive blogger would desperately avoid such ‘more equal’ men at all costs as Gamma males depend too much on their superior intelligence in order to maintain their self-esteem. They tremble at the thought of being proven wrong; how dare a commenter prove them a complete idiot on their pet cause. Ban all dissent!!! Even if they are a long time loyal reader! The Secret King who rules these lands CAN NEVER BE WRONG!!! We must protect the Holy Narrative at all costs! One by one readers and viewers grow tired of this behaviour and begin to look for alternatives. If they find one they will abandon you. Maybe they will find me? Only the Gods of Metal know.

Now I of course am but an insignificant gnat in the eye compared the establishment media but there are thousands of men like me and more pulling their boots on and getting to work everyday.

Sooner or later we will eat you smug hipster dipshits alive.

and what are you going to do? Call me Hitler?

Edgy as fuck bro! EDGY AS FUCK!


Hitler Cat is cute adorable and wants to remind #AltFurry to make sure that all the helicopters are refuelled and given extra careful pre-flight checks. We’ll be needing them soon.

You see we of the Alt-Right are the edgy rebels you always wanted to be and you’re just a tool of the Establishment terrified to think your own thoughts, much less to say them.

Also typical of the Leftist Rabble you’re so obsessed with the Nazis that you completely ignore the other 2500 years of German history. Have you heard of the Teutoburg Forest? No? Pity because that’s where your unholy parody of a Roman Empire is headed.

Let’s try to put this in proper perspective.

This is you. (Mid-tier blogger whose name I can’t be arsed to remember)


This is the Alt-Right


(Photograph courtesy of Nigel Farage)

Normally I would feel pity for you. I am after all just a warm, soft fuzzy libertarian, barely part of the Alt-Right but you see I once flew the White Flag of surrender. Sadly that flag raised in earnest was dishonored so with trembling hands I took it down and replaced it with the Black Flag. So go ahead and scream you cretins, your suffering is but music to my ears.

Understand I’m not the cause of your doom, only the Herald of it. For doom is upon you oh great Secret Kings and I shall be just one of the jesters that will mock you as you fall.

Righteous talons shall tear you asunder and then offer your small, black but still beating hearts to the Goddess Europa. The West shall rise again, new crops will be sown and we shall use the ashes of your Narrative as fertilizer.

So great will be your fall from the ivory towers of The Cathedral that when your sorry ass hits the ground you’ll just keep right on going all the way into the firey depths of Hell. Don’t worry Satan is expecting you; I sent him an email explaining everything.

and when you get to Hell be sure to tell the doorman that “Harambe sent you.”

Also… I do hope that you’ll remember this one asshole dressed like a Viking, who was pointing and laughing at you the whole way down.


—Wolfman out.

This has been a message from the Alt-Right Council for Public Relations.

Hey Media! Get Some!

Eve of Battle

Altright / ELOE Fanfiction (because it’s just damn funny. That’s why.)


The Primeval Black Forest Full of BadNasty Things was not a happy place but you could probably guess that by the name. However the Enemy clearly had not gotten that message for a Great Progressive Enlightenment had been launched in order to bring Tolerance and Diversity to the poor “uneducated” trolls and barbarians who dwelt in and around the Primeval Black Forest Full of BadNasty Things. After all BadNasty things had to be deposed of in the name of The Great Narrative. The Army of SOCJUS had been expected. A barbarian army rising up to oppose them had also been expected. What had not been expected was the size of the army that had gathered just outside of the Primeval Black Forest Full of BadNasty Things.

The tribes had gathered. Not all of the tribes but enough of them and a great deal more of them than anyone would have expected even just a few years earlier. A vast host stood arrayed in loose companies of two hundred, mostly poorly trained and undisciplined but hidden among the masses were carefully picked elite squads of Oathbrothers. Tribal and clan chiefs could be picked out by their better weapons and gear but even then the difference was subtle enough that only someone who was intimately familiar with this particular part of the Alt-Right could identify any leaders. What made these tribesmen so dangerous was that an enemy could never be sure whether he was facing a malnourished farmboy or a hardened champion.

Above the assembled ranks of barbarians flew many colorful banners with picture of cartoon catgirls, portraits of Charlemagne and inspiring slogans including.”What would Odin do? “Do it for your waifu!” “Integrity not Diversity” #Froglivesmatter and most popular of all “Dicks out for Harambe.”

In carefully spaced stashes were supplies of memes and quivers of hatefacts. Some of the memes were fresh, dank and newly forged from the meme-smiths of Harambeland and smuggled across the deserts and mountains by only the bravest of meme-smugglers and at no small cost in blood and treasure. Others were old proven memes, well tested and reliable, a few were even still salt-strained from the tears of previous enemies.

The old warriors stood stoic. A calming influence on the younger men they maintained the ranks and pushed away despair simply by their silent presence. Most were veterans of previous anti-establishment movements. All were grim, determined and each had given his very last fuck a long, long time ago. They knew the Enemy well and would choke the life out of at least one more SJW before they let the darkness take them.

In contrast the young men were in a word vibrant buzzing with energy and excitement. Each proudly wore his freshly painted “anime avatar” battle-mask and most were practically giddy at the prospect of finally, finally fighting back against those who had tormented them all their lives; For these were the young boys who had grown up in the pink hued shadow of The Great Narrative. They had never known freedom, only the whispered rumors that it had once existed. This war was their first (and likely last) chance to be free, to laugh in the face of lies and speak the honest words that they had suppressed for so long. The young men would bare the brunt of this war. They didn’t care. It was better to die fighting as a free man than to live one more day as a thoughtslave.

Just outside the command tent two mighty warlords stood having an intense conversation. One was the Barbarian War Chief, the largest, meanest and most Alpha of a race of large, mean men. The other was the Supreme Dark Lord Himself, flanked by as pair of sinister looking Vile Faceless Minions. The VFMs were doing their best not to look bored, while still being on guard against any sudden threat. Vile Faceless Minions got bored easily so the common soldiers were wisely keeping their distance, besides the War Chief could handle himself.

“If you lose this battle and your men all run away screaming like little bitches, it still draws the Enemy into the Troll Forest.” The Dark Lord declared with a many fanged smile. “You do understand the importance of this?”

The War Chief snorted, ”and you understand that I cannot order my men to retreat or abandon them mid-battle.”

“Yes of course but that’s not what I’m saying,” The Supreme Dark Lord shrugged.

“Then listen to what I’m saying.” The Barbarian warlord said. “Right now I am in command of a very pissed off, very bloodthirsty army that can’t wait to get stuck in. If I tell them to just go prance around in the forest like a bunch of elves, I will lose command and the army will scatter.”

“Every SJW you can sucker into following you into that death trap of a forest is one less serving the Narrative elsewhere.” The Dark Lord said not quite growling but clearly displeased with his ally.

“So does every SJW I kill today,” The Barbarian countered with a grin. “Listen I just need to smash a few legions in order to unify the army under my command and get everybody thinking of themselves as a one big team instead of a bunch of clans feuding over a few stray cows. After that we can put on the girly pants and go play elves in the mist.”

“This is the key theatre for the entire war right now. Don’t go ruining the entire grand strategy for the sake of a personal grudge.” The Dark Lord declared. “If you get killed the army scatters, if you lose too many elite troops the Enemy overwhelms you and burns your homelands to the ground. You’re risking too much for too little gain.”

“Strange to see you being the one calling for caution,” The War Chief grinned. “As for the grudge, yeah I’ll admit there’s a bit of that…”

“Don’t go walking into an obvious trap, damn it! You’re better than this.” The Dark Lord thundered. “They WANT you to fight a set piece battle, where they can use their the full weight of their numbers against you.”

“One battle and I’ll cut and run if I have to,” The War Chief countered. “My men simply don’t have the discipline to feint a retreat. I need to play to their strengths. What they do have right now is a whole lot of righteous anger and I want to use that for one smashing blow… then we go play elf.”

“I still say you’re walking into a trap, ”The Dark Lord said shaking his head. “and ruining our trap in the process.”

“Besides if you’re too worried about losses there’s other tribes I can rally to the cause and plenty of freebooting mercenary trolls who’ll be glad to join in on the looting and plundering.”

“It just seems inefficient,” The Dark Lord said throwing his hands up sarcastically,” You know we had a plan.”

The War Chief gestured at the army, “I will be happy to stick to plan after I’ve smashed the vanguard. Right now my men need to get blood on their swords and hear the Enemy squeal for mercy which we shall not give them. If this Pink Crusade is as large as your sources say it is there should be plenty of enemy soldiers to be hopelessly thrown into the Forest.”

“I’m not worried you’ll lose, I’m worried you’ll win too quickly,” The Dark Lord replied with enough anger in his voice that the VFMs jumped beside him. “The entire plan is based on you drawing out this campaign for as long as possible. Draw the core of the Enemy’s forces into the Troll Forest. Grind them down, scatter their forces and humiliate them in the eyes of the Normies; and the whole time let them think that their great gambit is working.”

“I can smash their initial push and still draw them into that Peninsular War you wanted,” The War Chief answered. “The Enemy is that arrogant! I CAN DO IT! But my people NEED a battle! We have been oppressed and insulted for too long. The young men of our tribes need to look the Enemy straight in the eyes and then punch them in the goddamned face. Wars are fought by men not by boards and counters.”

The two warlords locked eyes for several tense seconds, almost coming to blows.

“You’re allowing your emotions to dictate your tactics,” The Supreme Dark Lord finally said. “That’s not a winning strategy.”

“And you are underestimating the importance morale in this campaign,” The War Chief replied. “Especially in the initial stages, when our troops are untested.”

“You are confident that you can still accomplish the strategic goals of this campaign?” The Dark Lord asked dispassionately. “Even if you take heavy losses while making your grand poetic gesture.”

“I swear it on all that is foul and villainous,” The War Chief said without a moment’s hesitation. “We have hidden refuges through the Forest, carefully concealed stockpiles of weaponry and our womenfolk have made many sandwiches. Whatever happens we will not be driven out of our homelands. On that you have my Oath before any God you wish to name.”

“Then I accept your judgement as you have accepted mine on other issues.” The Dark Lord replied with a flare of ritual.

“General! We’ve spotted the Enemy!” A scout bellowed from a distance and he ran towards the Warlords.

“How many and what kind?” The Supreme Dark Lord demanded out of habit of command. Briefly forgetting that this was his ally’s army not his own.

The scout sprinted the rest of the distance to the two generals, then stopped took a gasping breath and stood there looking confused as to which Warlord he should report to luckily he came to his senses before the Supreme Dark Lord tore out his throat. ”A large group of Self-Important Fuckwits, at least three thousand by our best count.”

“They’re trying a direct approach, testing your strength and trying to wear you down with numbers.” The Dark Lord said carefully controlling his bloodlust.

“Easily dealt with,” The War Chief grunted. “Memeslingers and hatearchers to the front!” He commanded. Almost instantly there was a ripple of movement as the barbarians shifted their formation.

“Meat,” One of the VFMs snorted in contempt.

“Not even good meat.” The second one replied. “Like convenience store burrito meat.”

A second scout ran up to the War Chief,” General, there’s a line of Screaming Manlets coming in behind that first wave of Self-Important Fuckwits and a pair of Butter Golems are moving in on the right flank. We think there’s also a second wave of Fuckwits behind them but the Enemy is using smoke and fog magic to cover that part of the battlefield.”

The War Chief didn’t hesitate for a second, “Still expendable troops but we’ll need to have Erik’s squad deal with those golems. Go warn him them they’re coming.”

The scout gave a brief salute and ran off to relay the message to the special weapons squad. The two VFMs snickered softly. Screaming Manlets were SJW skirmishers. Weak and annoying but they could be absolutely side splittingly entertaining to chase around a battlefield. Ordinary soldiers hated them but the VFMs enjoyed hunting them and would go out of their way to do so; often completely ignoring other SJW subtypes until they had chased the last Manlet down.

In the distance a hatearcher captain bellowed, “Don’t shoot until you see the blank soulless void in their eyes!”

One of the VFMs turned to the Dark Lord. “My Lord we should leave before the Enemy sees us. Your presence may alert the Enemy to the hilarious strategic blunder they’re making.”

“Strangely your thoughts completely parallel mine,” The Supreme Dark Lord cackled. “Prepare the chariot. No reason to ruin a really good punchline.”

The pair of Vile Faceless Minions left to prepare the Darklord’s magical flying chariot which was powered by the captured souls of his vanquished enemies. Normally this would have been a task for lesser minions but the Supreme Dark Lord preferred to travel lightly on these covert missions.

In the distance the sounds of the first opening skirmishes could be heard. Mostly the sounds of SJWs dying, it was almost musical.

The Dark Lord stopped before he boarded his chariot and turned to the War Chief, “Remember, the key thing is to convince the Enemy that they are winning the entire time you have them pinned down in the Troll Forest. That’s really the only thing I’m worried about. They might just catch on to how badly we’re playing them.”

“They’re social justice warriors,” The War Chief replied. “Even if they thought they were losing they would double down anyway.”

The Supreme Dark Lord looked unimpressed.

“I’ll leave a trail of SJW heads, pointing towards our closest war camp on the edge of the forest. That should piss off the Enemy enough to chase us so deep into the Primeval Black Forest Full of BadNasty Things that they’ll never see the light of the sun again.” The Barbarian added, cracking into first a predatory smile and then into a rumbling laugh.

“Gather up the hands as well and use them to point in the direction of the base camp. Most SJWs aren’t that bright and they may need really detailed directions. Work in the occasional rude gesture and that should do the trick.” The Dark Lord replied, warming slightly to the idea.

“Trust me on this,” This is our Forest. This is our home we know it well. If the Enemy are stupid enough to try and drive us out of it I assure you that we can keep them running in circles and jumping at shadows a great deal longer than anyone expects.”

“Do that, and we win this war.” The Dark Lord declared with a will of iron. “Keep them pinned down here and I assure you that the Evil Legion of Evil will be busy elsewhere.”

And with that the Supreme Dark Lord turned to board his great flying chariot. The War Chief had a battle to fight and a long campaign ahead and the Dark Lord had other fronts to organize secure in the knowledge that this one was in good hands.

Eve of Battle

Hillary’s Health and Endgame


Okay people I am just a little bit worried about the implications of the Hillary Clinton health scandal. After all it is now blindingly apparent that she is physically incapable of performing the duties the office of the President would require. There is also considerable doubt whether or not Mrs. Clinton will even be alive come November as her health is fading that quickly. I had expected the Wicked Witch of the West to melt away once splashed with the soapy water of the Truth but not this quickly. Why it looks like President Trump won’t even get a chance to throw her in jail.

The question that I’m asking and one that I do not even pretend to have the answer to is what are the Democrats going to do next? All their hopes and dreams were hanging on the Clinton machine. Even better if Clinton herself was a highly medicated zombie who was completely dependant on her staff and able to be bend around to whatever agenda the highest bidder had in mind. Was that Plan A?

So what is Plan B? Who is Plan B? They can’t go back to Bernie Sanders he’s burnt out his welcome.


The Secret Service is so frightened by the Clinton Health scandal that they are actually leaking information to Alex Jones.

I don’t know about you but I certainly that to be a terrifying state of affairs. What else is going on behind the scenes?

Tim Kaine who would logically be the successor seems to have the charisma of a dead mountain goat and would get absolutely crushed by Trump in a debate. They had to know Clinton’s health was a risk going into this election. There has to be a plan B or did the Clinton Crime family eliminate all rivals to power inside the Democratic Party so effectively that there is no viable successor? This is a common problem with dictatorships. So I suppose it’s actually sort of fitting. This election cycle has already destroyed the Republican Party and now it looks like it going to destroy the Democratic Party as well.

Come to think of it Bill’s health isn’t that great either but I digress.


Clinton Crime Family (called that for reason)


Which reminds me of this post made in February. (Notice the post names Biden as the replacement)


End Links:

Most recent article by Mike Cernovich on Hillary’s health concerns.

The Hillary’s Stools article. Which lead to sort of an adult version of Where’s Waldo?

Okay I had to laugh at this one.

Extra Images and Memes I couldn’t fit into the main body.

I only save two or three of these a day but it sure does add up over time.




Hillary’s Health and Endgame