Be Warned, Dear Reader!

A Mission Statement of Sorts


Be warned readers, this blog sails through troubled waters and the black flag may be hoisted at a moments notice.

I appear to have been pressganged into the Alt-Right. Fair enough, I suppose that’s what I get for hanging out with Rapid Puppies in the bad part of the internet. Well sooner or later I was going to have to start a blog of my own. No time like the present.

I’ve always believed that it is best to argue from the extreme point of view while acting in moderation. The Alt-Right is pretty much perfect for arguing from the extreme. So expect plenty of that. Besides attacking The Left’s sacred cows is just so much more fun than trying to reason with the unreasonable mainstream. That said any Alt-Right reader will need to keep in mind that I spend just as much time talking and listen to the Antiwar Left as I do talking to the Alt-Right. I just don’t do it on twitter in front of everybody. Now, because of the topics I wish to discuss (history, war, civilization and economics) I expect to draw a mostly right leaning audience. Liberal readers are still welcome but are advised to stay out of the comment section as



Keep your cutlasses sharp and your powder dry.

This is mostly going to be another geek blog and I’m not really that interesting a man. The world we live in is far more interesting and there should be plenty to talk about. Still I suppose I should get a basic introduction out of the way. So four quick things about who I am.

I am a Libertarian:

Yes I believe in Liberty. I believe in Freedom and I believe in freedom of speech. How the hell is this controversial? These are not “American Inventions” these are universal human truths. America simply had a good long taste of Freedom and decided that it was to their liking.

I’m a big fan of the Mises Institute, particularity historian Ralph Raico and make absolutely no apologies for being so.

As an advocate of free speech I often find myself being far more offensive and vulgar than I normally would be but hey this is the internet. Being sane and moderate on the internet? Well that’s just plain boring and wouldn’t make for a entertaining blog now, would it?

Once again I believe in arguing from the extreme position and I know Libertarian Theory well enough that I can argue VERY EXTREME. So seriously “fuck your roads.”

After all Anarchy begins with eh?

I am a Humanist:

I believe in humanity. That’s a hard thing for me to say considering how pessimistic am I. Still human beings have value and are at least worth trying to save. This is very Western point of view but consider myself to be a Defender of the West, however feeble my efforts.

As a counterpoint I’m also a race realist, (white guilt-free since 2015) and willing to concede that the bearded man waving the scimitar might not have my best interests in mind. I’m a humanist, I’m not a moron.

I am a Nationalist:

Libertarianism and Humanism are ideologies that are luxuries of the strong. So in order to hold myself to those values I must focus on being stronger. Strength starts with self respect. Self respect starts with having a clear identity. How do we do that in the modern world? I think having a clear knowledge of history is a good starting point. Take time to study the history of your own nation and make sure you go beyond the surface level stuff they teach you in high school, Learn the virtues of your country and not just the vices.

I believe in my country. I may not be terribly fond of the State that controls it but as a Libertarian I understand that the State and Society are two separate things. In other words; I’m loyal to the Crown not to the inbred twit wearing it.

Canada is a nation of pioneers, explorers and builders. We are a young nation, young enough that we know the names of our founding fathers and have written, provable records of their deeds. Samuel de Champlain in particular is a man you can use as a role model. My renewed focus on Humanism comes mostly from reading a biography on Champlain.

We explore, we pioneer and build; (then we get drunk and play hockey.) Those are real Canadian values, not the wishy-washy crap the CBC preaches. Canada is a country that was forged at great cost and it will not be as easy to destroy as the globalists and traitors think.

Every nation has its own core values, its own founding fathers or legendary heroes and most of all its own history. I can only speak for my nation but I will take time to listen about yours.

(Sidenote: Canadian history makes a LOT more sense once you’ve learned American history as well.)

I am just one more enemy that The Left has MADE for itself:

I am the loser, the broken, the dejected, the forsaken. I completely dropped out of politics a decade ago. I gave up on my dreams, I abandoned my mission. I fled to what I thought was a refuge, only to find the intellectually bullies and ideologues of the Left pursuing me. I was broken, depressed, suicidal. They could have ignored me. I was completely destroyed, why bother me? They could have savoured their victory, enjoyed their snobbish superiority but no they had to come after me, to arrogantly piss on the ashes; they had to kick the old beaten dog just one more time.

They forgot one thing however; even an old beaten dog has teeth.

I abandoned my mission but I have a new mission now and it’s going to be a whole lot of fun.


Quick End Note: When I say ‘Liberal’ I’m using it in the Canadian way meaning “moderate-left.” You guys are fine, if just a little mentally ill. I can at least hold a conversation with you. Progressives and Socialists however can go eat a buffalo dick (or a long English cucumber if your one of those vegan hipster fuckwads.)

Also I do have a twitter account (@Wolfman977) but it’s mostly for #GamerGate #SadPuppies and other weird, nerdy shit. Follow at own risk.

Be Warned, Dear Reader!

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