Nerdlife 13: Never Tell Me the Odds

Sorry about the delay on this one but I got sucked into a wormhole and spent most of the last couple evening messing around with MegaMek and trying (er… failing) to get the hang of it. That campaign editor is just taunting me at this point. Sadly I’m not that familiar with the Battletech Tabletop rules.

Anyway let’s begin.

How to make Warhammer Adventures NOT suck [11 mins]

Arch Warhammer outlines his modest proposal for hoe to go about writing a children’s story in the Warhammer 40k universe while still staying faithful to established lore.


Cody Fernandez on the Punisher, antiheroes and how the character effected him as teenager.

An excellent take on vigilantes and the contrast between heroes who wear white hat and those who feel they must wear the grey hat.




Edible six pack holders? This is actually a good idea.


How the Crusades begin in Spain [22 mins]

The video is a little dry but this might be interesting to anyone who plays Crusader Kings or is interested in medieval history. Of note is how Pope Urban II seemed to consider the Reconquista of Spain to be equal in importance to retaking the Holy Land. Also a castle actually named “Deus Vult.”


Tim Simon on how Byzantium and Gondor from LotR are connected.

and yes this was Tolkien’s intention.



Strangely this would make for some pretty exciting comics. The character interaction between Knighty Knight and Detective Horse would no doubt by memorable.


J. D. Cohen Declares the Short Story dead and begins a murder investigation.

One thing I’m going to add it that it has proven to quite difficult to start writing short stories when you’ve grown up not reading them.


Mecha Warriors [song]

I just love the little stories this guy comes up with for his songs.


A quick note on worldbuilding.

Food, art and music. Food is the easiest but only becomes a concern when the characters don’t have a steady reliable supply of it. Or if they are moving between multiple cultures. Art and music are best left for the slower parts of the story and again would only be noticed if the character is operating outside his usual culture.



A typical day on any internet gaming forum.


Anthony M. On the nature of parody and what makes a good one.

The old maxim is that the best parodies are done out of a love for the source material. Which is why so much of the modern subversive comedy of recent years falls flat.



Where’s my tactical buzzbombs?


The Rocket Robin Hood opening and theme song.


This was a horrible cartoon but damn if that theme song didn’t inspire young boys. Also you do have to respect the sheer pulpiness of the premise.



Well okay when you look at it this way…


Amanda S, Green critiques the internal economics of Star Trek.


Military History Visualized on German Flak Towers in WWII [8 mins]

So basically a form of Nazi castle. These flak towers might also work transferred over to a sci-fi setting as spaceport cities would need to be defended against pirates and Marine raiders.



I case you we’re wondering just how ridiculous Disney Star Wars is.


Cameron Mount goes over the history of The Green Hornet and what made the character popular.

Quick note if you dig around on Youtube it is possible to find the old movie serials. Sometimes even edited together into a single movie.


1933 US Army Cavalry Training Film [10 mins]

A very interesting look at how interwar cavalry units operated. The horse handling procedures are also a great deal more involved than I would have envisioned. Each platoon also has two light machine guns organized into a weapons squad that breaks apart into fireteams to support the rifle platoons. This is logically the only way to do things but actually seeing how it was done is strangely satisfying.


An article covering the flaws in more contemporary vampire stories, while giving a few suggestions.

“The most common complaint I hear about Twilight (other than Kristen Stewart’s acting) is the vampire as a romantic figure. I wholeheartedly agree; casting a vampire character as a romantic figure is akin to putting a mosquito on the cover of People magazine.“




Jim Fear on how Realism destroys Sci-fi, Fantasy and Horror Stories.

These genres are fundamentally based on wonder and fantastic elements. Even Low Fantasy which uses supernatural elements very sparingly needs to sell those elements when they are encountered. Besides if I wanted reality I’d look out the window.




Battletech Lore: Origin of the Battlemech [14 mins]

Strangely topically at the moment. As there does seem to be a BattleTech revival of sorts in the works.



A neat piece of history.






J. D. Cohen Declares the Short Story dead and begins a murder investigation.

One thing I’m going to add it that it has proven to quite difficult to start writing short stories when you’ve grown up not reading them.








Jon Mollison on how the new wave of Independent Crowd-funded comics are rekindling his love for the medium.

Seriously – those of us following a policy of, “Don’t Give Money To People Who Hate You” are being boxed into ever tighter corners. Can’t watch TV. Can’t go to the movies. Can’t even enjoy vast swathes of tabletop gaming.”


— Wolfman out—

The womp rats died for nothing,

Nerdlife 13: Never Tell Me the Odds

Colonizing What Now?

Newest episode of Issac Arthur’s Outward Bound has been released and it discusses a planet mostly discounted in science fiction.

Colonizing Mercury [27 mins]

There’s a couple of interesting ideas thrown around here. Nomadic cities or mobile mining bases (very similar to the Nomad City mining operation ran by Lando Calrissian in Heir to the Empire.)

Mushroom Colonies: Which are interesting from an artistic or architectural stand point.

and then there’s building a planetary scale sterling engine.

Colonizing What Now?

The Blue Wave Is Happening… In Canada

The great cosmic joke is that in Canada the colors of the major parties are reversed.


Quick explain this to someone from 2008.


The election of Doug Ford to the Premiership of Canada’s largest province Ontario is a major blow to the Canadian Left. I was expecting Ford to win but I wasn’t expecting him to damn near wipe out the opposition. This a big deal. Soy Minister Justin Trudeau is already behind in the next election. If the Liberals lose any more of their support in Ontario or Quebec the Conservatives are going to be unstoppable.


Stefan Molyneux’s Somewhat Philosophical Take on the Ontario Election [6 Mins]


Rebel Media on How This Election Is A Rebuke To The Media [6 Mins]

People are paying less and less attention to Fake News.


Ghost ranting about the Ontario Election. [9 mins]

Election talk start around the four minute mark. He’s an acquired taste but one hell of a showman. Also did I hear that right? 56% of eligible voters? For a provincial election? That’s a big deal!



This 2019 election is going to be so hilarious.

Let the Great Decucking begin.


Edit: Replaced a lackluster StyxHexenHammer video with a better, more topical one from Rebel Media.

The Blue Wave Is Happening… In Canada

Posting This Here For People Who Missed It

Here’s an archived copy of Mr. Metokur’s Quinnspiracy Theory series from the early stages of GamerGate. It’s like two hours long so you might want to get a bowl of popcorn and a sixpack before you sit down and watch it.

Don’t focus too hard on Zoe Quinn but recognize the sort of opportunistic predator she is. This was the first chance a lot of people got to really see the full SJW playbook in action and Quinn plays it better than most.

Posting This Here For People Who Missed It

New Model Comics vs Atomic Cringe

A few quick thoughts about developments in the comic industry, new emerging business models and some resulting trends.

Again a quick disclaimer: I’m not normally someone who buys comics but this is where the culture war is burning hottest right now and I simply can’t look away from the dumpster fire that raging all over the internet. I find the whole culture war deeply fascinating; even if I do take a much more holistic approach than most people. In the end it’s all one big Nerdwar and we must defend our hobbies, if not for our sakes then at least for the next generation. I vow to respect your hobbies and I ask only that you in turn respect mine. Comics is where things are happening now, I simply have to talk about it but I don’t do so lightly and I well take the time to listen to experts and long time fans when I come across them.

Also I DO NOT have any sort of insider information. I’d like to think that I’m paying attention and good at guessing what other people are doing.


As the mainstream comics industry begins to shake itself apart people are naturally going to begin looking at other models producing and more importantly distributing comics.

The recent wave of crowdfunded indie comics certainly comes to mind including not only Diversity and Comics’ Jawbreakers, EVS’ Cyberfrog reboot, pair of Chuck Dixon related projects (Ravage: Kill All Men and Jungle Comics)

There’s also smaller projects like

Cirsova’s Wild Stars 35th Anniversary Edition


Jack Iron: Steel Cowboy #2 by Cody Fernandez

You can read Issue 1 for free here.


and Silvio Spotti’s Ruby and Warriors of Dion

It does not hurt that the main character is a hot redhead.


While this model is not going to be enough to fully feed the huddled masses starving for soy-free entertainment; it does produce comics that hardcore fans want and gives creators a great deal of freedom in doing so.


A second model would seem to be what Alterna Comics is doing. Keeping things cheap by printing on newsprint and focusing on having fun stories. They also seem to making at least passable all ages comics which are quite important from a cultural point of view as such books are how a lot of children learn to enjoy reading.

I have heard nothing but good things about Alterna Comics and I really should be paying more attention to them. Again distribution is a major problem; these comics really should be in toy stores and 7-11s.


A third model involves a focus on digital content. Arkhaven/Dark Legion is doing some of this but they really have more of a blended model mixing cheap digital content while promising high quality physical copies for fans who really want them.

However for a focus on digital content to work best if helps if the company owns the delivery platform.

And this is exactly what Amazon has in mind. There just be be a few catches with their approach or at least the type of content that they are promoting.


I meant to get to this earlier but a few days ago Amazon announced a new series of in house original comics for their digital distribution platform Comixology.

For the lack of better term I’m going to call it Corporately Subsidized Tumblr Cringe. Sadly we should expect to see a lot more of this going forward.


Comicsgater Mim Headroom on the new Amazon originals [13 mins]

Bit of rumbling video but he makes a lot of good points here.

-All the comics in question seems to be going for “LOL so random.”

-This new line is a direct competitor to SJW Marvel; as it is targeting the same audience.

-Younger comic readers have no brand loyalty towards Marvel.

-Amazon is talking about print on demand; which will bypass Diamond.

-This whole line of comics could be a loss leader which Amazon eating the cost in order to promote Comixology as a platform.

His advice to a comic shop around 9min mark actually makes a lot of sense and would be good way to build up a customer base.


And in other news the DC Vertigo relaunch looks like very good news for Alt-Comics. That is some serious cringe there folks.


Picture unrelated but too awesome to not share.

— Wolfman Out—

New Model Comics vs Atomic Cringe