Biting Into the Network


I haven’t spoken much about Pizzagate despite the fact I have been following the scandal. Quite frankly anything dealing with this particular topic is quite painful for me to deal with and I’ve only done surface level research myself. I can only imagine the effect this whole thing is having on the primary researchers.

But the important thing is that arrests ARE happening. A great deal more arrests than I had been aware of. Right now Grand Inquisitor Jeff Sessions and the Fists of Righteous Fury are slowly attacking the International PedoNetwork from the bottom. That’s something and it may lead to further draining of the swamp.

PizzaGate is real. The question is how real? and how deep into the Network can the loyal servants of the God-Emperor strike? Can they bring the entire thing down? Will the blood of the innocent be avenged? Only time will tell.


Follow the money you fucknuggets! FOLLOW THE GODDAMNED MONEY!!!


Biting Into the Network

The Year of The Phoenix

Year of the Phoenix

Well if 2016 was the year of death then 2017 will be the year of Phoenix where that which was long declared dead rises again louder, angrier and more METAL than ever before.


Surely I’m not the only to notice that all the West’s enemies seem to infested with nihilism and act much in the matter of death cults? From the Islamist to the Marxist radical to ardent Environmentalist all these belief systems ultimately lead their most fanatical believers to embrace death and anti-humanism in all its forms. So how must The West respond to its enemies? What can we offer instead of death? Well how about life?

The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly. John 10:10

The Cult of Life versus The Cult of Death. Is that metal enough for you? Civilization versus Barbarism. Determination versus Despair. The very world vibrates with anticipation of the struggles to come. Find your place in the Army of Truth and do your part. However small, however humble let no talent go to waste. Western Civilization stands in the balance and only God himself knows what will tip the scales or seemingly petty gambit carry the day.

Why didn’t anybody tell me that these guys existed?

So go forth and with a song in your heart, build and create. There are stories to tell and songs to sing. Great deeds and dreams must not go unremembered. Epics must not go untold. Truth and beauty must be left for the children of the future. Who will stand against this darkness if not for you? I assure you that you will not stand alone.

and if the Acolytes of Death dare to sneer at us feel free to sneer right back. For no matter how dark the night no matter how late the hour there is always something that can be done. There is always that still small voice whispering in the wind. “No all is not lost. Turn and face the Enemy. There is still time for one last Crusade.”

*Big hat tip to The Didact for introducing me to about 2/3rds of the bands I’m currently listening to.

The Year of The Phoenix

Get Your Pizza Cutters Ready

In His endless wisdom and complete lack of mercy God-Emperor Trump, Lion of The West and Savior of Human Civilization has appointed Jeff Sessions to the post of Grand Inquisitor.


What does this mean? It means that times are about to get a whole lot more interesting. Is PizzaGate real? YES!!! but how much of it real? How far does the corruption spread? And what else is there that we haven’t seen yet?

Rumors have been flying around the internet for weeks ever since The Day of the God-Emperor’s Ascension to the Cherry Blossom Throne. No one knows for sure which of the Trumpenreich’s many enemies will face the Grand Inquisitor’s firey wrath first. Will it be the pedos? The communist terrorists of antifa? Spies? Traitors? Those who harbor the Xeno Menace? Only the God-Emperor knows and His Will will be revealed only when the time is right.

So get your popcorn ready, everybody. The sheer amount of wailing and screaming THE ENTIRE LEFT ESTABLISHMENT is doing about Jeff Sessions proves that they are absolutely terrified of him. Which is a good sign that he’s the right man for the job.

Infowars breaking the news

Alt-Media Podcaster John Ploskina goes over recent pedophile arrests. Sure is a lot of them. Hopefully just a taste of what is to come.

Stefan Molyneux’s Untruth about Jeff Sessions

Hmm… The Grand Inquisitor also has a background investigating election fraud. I didn’t know that. Just more bad news for the Clinton camp.

Remember this?


The whole collapse of the Clinton War Machine just gets funnier and funnier in hindsight.


What on Heaven, Earth or Hell was on that laptop?

Get Your Pizza Cutters Ready

In the End There Was No Contest

It’s official everybody favorite Sino-Saudi Puppet Prime Minister has walked away with coveted 2016 Mangina of the Year Award beating out the second place contender Bernie Sanders by an impressive margin.

I mean was anyone really surprised by this?


Fake Justin Trudeau quotes never get old.


People ask if Trudeau is gay why isn’t he openly gay? Well one day he might have to flee to a Muslim country to avoid prosecution for corruption or treason. So it’s important to keep his options open.


This apparently what they call Trudeau in China. I believe Stephen Harper was Great Rutabaga but don’t quote me on that.


Yes for some reason Trudeau is very popular among Pakistani trunk drivers.


Oddly this explains everything.

Anyway there is one good thing about having Trudeau as prime minster. The increasingly SJW converged Liberal Party is going to be stuck with a lame duck leader going into the next election.

In the End There Was No Contest

Now This is Winning

I’m going to hold my tongue on the whole Berkley situation, for the time being at least.

But I do have to say that THIS looks interesting… if it’s true.


but that’s not what I came here to post.

Behold I give you PURE WINNING


I must have laughed for a minute straight when I saw that!

Anyway I just had to share that but before I leave here’s some music to defend your homeland to.


Now This is Winning