Happy Magic Turkey Day

From a filthy Leaf Barbarian to my mostly American readers.

Happy Thanksgiving and good luck with your families in these double woke times.


Happy Magic Turkey Day

The Crisis of the Critics

TheBechtloff with a short rant that highlights what I’m calling the Crisis of the Critics.


To be sure these are very early scores but a 100 point critic-audience difference is the perfect backdrop for this sort of rant.


A Bounding Into Comics article from October hinting at some of the dirty tactics Dreamworks and co. are playing with critics of a rebooted children’s cartoon.


The Crisis of the Critics

The Marvel Graveyard Has Been Found

Clownfish TV has struck gold!

A quarter million graphic novels being dumped in the discount bins?

That seems like a fairly serious sign that Marvel is in major trouble. [5 mins]


He then follows up by actually going to Ollies and doing some proper citizen journalism. [7mins]

and notice all the Star Wars crap he shows off at the end of the video.

Remember this is happening at a time when superheroes have never been more popular with the general public.

Also what is ‘soul spice’ seasoning. Sounds delicious, I might want to cultural appropriate that.

The Marvel Graveyard Has Been Found

The First Trickle of the Red Wave

Beginning to see clear signs of election fraud and even a few arrests.



Also God-Emperor Trump has this to say.

So what exactly is going on in Broward county?

So much crazy coming out of that one place.




/pol/ has way too much time on their hands.

and wait what’s this?


Update: Dave of the X22 Report gives his analysis of the voting fraud discoveries. [24 mins]

The First Trickle of the Red Wave