Super Light Motorized Infantry

Found this video interesting; especially if I do go back and restart work on Brothers in The Dust.

Russia create Super Light Motorized Infantry [5 1/2 Mins]

Fast, mobile firepower for spread out low troop density conflicts.


Semi-Related: Fake News asks a real question. [2mins]

Thank you Obama!

2015 article on this.

And sometimes these things get personal. [4 mins]


And this is always worth a post. The classic essay Why Arab Armies Lose Wars redone in a video format. [9 mins]



Older post on gun trucks and improvised fighting vehicles.

Gun Trucks and Technicals

Super Light Motorized Infantry

Breylandverse Ships: The Quick Version

Just a quick bit of worldbuilding. Doing this partially as a response to a recent Spacedock video (and Bradford Walker’s post on it) but also as a way to get my ideas actually written down and organized better.

Some of you might notice that ships sizes are very close to those in David Weber’s Honor Harrington Series. That wasn’t completely intentional but it is more or less how I’m thinking these days.

Third Generation Post-Newtonian Warship Classes

Conventional Classes as of 4010.

DN Dreadnaughts: Massing around 5 or 6 million tons dreadnaughts are the queens of battle and the main measure that determines a star nations power and prestige; even if light cruiser and destroyers do most of the actual fighting. Dreadnaughts however are quite expensive and require enormous repair yards in order to keep them maintained. Thus the constant temptation to build smaller battleships despite proper dreadnaughts being generally more efficient ton per ton. Major fleet battles are however quite rare so capital ships mostly sit around in orbit and look menacing.

BB Battleships: Averaging about 3.5 to 4M tons Battleships are defined as the minimum ship that can effectively stand in the ‘wall of battle’ as part of a major fleet engagement. Armed with long range missiles and heavy energy batteries and paired with strong enough shields and armor to resist such weapons; battleships command respect and project power. Even an obsolete battleship can still be a dangerous opponent as even the oldest ship can still to refitted to fire state of the art missiles.

BC Battlecruisers: Averaging around 2M tons and with newer ships approaching two and half million tons the emergence of the true capital missile carrying battlecruiser is the defining event of third generation post-Newtonian warships. Battlecruisers are used primarily for deep raiding and heavy strikes against targets of opportunity. This was done to absolutely devastating effect against Breylands scattered colonies and border worlds during what later be called The Brafen Raids. The VBN which had previously rejected building battlecruisers has since changed their mind and adopted a more aggressive forward deployment doctrine.

CA Heavy Cruisers: Averaging around 400k tons heavy cruisers are mostly used defensively as picket ships and escorts. Few pirate bands or rogue states can wield ships of this size so a lone CA is generally going to have a firepower advantage against such non-state enemies.

CL Light Cruisers: More or less standardised at around 100k tons light cruisers are the multirole workhorses of virtually all space navies. Able to act as scouts, raiders, escorts and system defence pickets no fleet ever truly has enough light cruisers. Light cruiser are usually captained by Lt. Commanders.

The Viceroyal Breylandic Navy has learned through hard fought experience to never place a woman in command of a light cruiser.*

DD Destroyers: The smallest truly useful warships destroyers have standardised at the 55k ton mark, partially in due to what is known as the Curtis Mass Limit. By being under the Curtis Limit destroyers do not create an ‘exit signature’ upon exiting jump space and can then go immediately into full stealth, making them even better raiders than light cruisers. Destroyers are also fast and agile enough to flee from an engagement that is going poorly. This comes mostly at the cost of having limited ability to carry consumables and supplies, greatly limiting operational range and deployment time. Destroyers are usually captained by fairly senior Lieutenants or recently promoted Lt. Commanders.

FF Frigates: The smallest possible jump capable warship frigates tend average 40k tons. While most navies do not even bother building ships of this size the Viceroyal Breyland continues to use frigates in large numbers as the VBN is badly overextended has to cover and patrol a large number of sparsely populated systems. The VBN also prefer to use frigates for messenger duty instead of building smaller and cheaper dispatch boats.

FAC Fast Attack Craft: FACs are small gunboats typically around 30k tons that lack warp drives and are used for planetary defence and customs patrols. FACs are an inexpensive way to put a lot of firepower in space very quickly but they have numerous drawbacks. While VBN doctrine considers FACs vital to curbing smuggling and maintaining government control of the orbitals, these ships inherent lack of hyperjump capability means that unlike destroyers FACs are unable to retreat from a superior force. They also require orbital stations to operate from and many Breylandic colonies are lacking in orbital infrastructure. Plus you have to actually ship to the system in question using fairly large freighters.

AMC Armed Merchant Cruisers: Due to the increasing focus on missile weapons armed merchant ships are increasingly proving to be a threat that needs to be respected. However once a true warship gets inside effective energy weapon range AMCs quickly become little more than targets as they lack agility and tend to have defensive EW systems. Large converted merchant ships are however quite useful utility ships, often used as troop transports or supply ships. The VBN has also been known to arm such ships with small numbers of capital ship missiles giving them a long range punch that most opponents don\t really expect. AMCs also can carry a lot of munitions and consumables allowing them to stay on station for extended periods of time.

Intermediate and Emerging Classes.

BBL Light Battleships: Generally 3-3.25M tons. While there are a lot of older obsolete ships generally referred to as light battleships. The modern light battleship was developed once the lessons of the Brafen Raids had sunk in and is a system defense ship specifically designed to defeat a battlecruiser in a one on one duel. These ships are still at a fairly big disadvantage in a major fleet engagement if they are forced into joining the wall of battle but allow for a larger number of systems to be covered.

CB Super Cruiser: The enormous and steadily growing gap between heavy cruisers and new built battlecruisers is increasingly leading to naval theorists to speculate about an intermediate ship between the two classes. These ‘super‘ cruisers would be about 800k tons and would likely be used offensively against weaker targets too unimportant to commit capital ships against. No major navy currently has ships of this class in service but the concept is widely discussed and quite trendy among armchair admirals.

CM Medium Cruiser: As a result of a budget crisis Breyland built a number of 200k ton Arbalest-class cruisers and the resulting ships turned out to be surprisingly useful as lone patrol ships even if they did not fit into existing fleet doctrine. Additional medium cruiser designs are being considered and the VBN may rethink its entire cruiser construction priorities in the near future.

DDH Heavy Destroyer: Several smaller navies are beginning to question the conventional wisdom about the usefulness of building ships under the Curtis Mass Limit, as the lack of a hyperspace exit signature is not that big of an operational advantage. The result of this is building heavy destroyers in the 65-70k tons range.

*Yes that’s a direct On Basilisk Station reference.



Brad’s post in question.

Chapter One of Decisive Action (which will be need to rewritten.)

Chapter One: An Unpleasant Surprise

Breylandverse Ships: The Quick Version

Book Review: Planetfall By Michael Mammay

Picked up this paperback at Walmart on a whim.


Three major beefs:

1:) The Hero comes across as being a little too snarky and backbiting; which seemed strange considering his background. Colonel Butler has reasons to be bitter but this is a man with accomplishments and who has nothing to prove. The occasional shifting between alpha and gamma modes came across as unnatural.

2:) SPACECOM comes across as a relatively small organization for an military that is expected to operate over interstellar distances. This may have been the author’s intent but still felt wrong for the premise.

3:) Inhabited planets with no real names. The world building in general was bland and uninspired but this was the thing that really broke the suspension of disbelief.

“Ferra Three to Gamma Six was one of the shortest interplanetary flights going, but that didn’t do much to recommend it.” 

I get the convention here but these are inhabited planets and presumably major colony worlds so why haven’t the locals bothered to give their HOMES proper names?

Now this a minor nitpick but once the suspension of disbelieve is broken it can be very hard to re-establish it. The entire opening of this book was sub-consciously setting off bad book alarms and by page ten I was seriously considering putting down the book and walking away*.

Around the 100 page mark I was dreading a lame Hollywood ending something along the lines of Avatar or a preachy anti-colonialism message. Thankfully this was not the case.

The second half of this book went in a completely different direction and the ending subverted the normal Hollywood ending that I so feared.

The double subversive ending saved this book and left me with a smile on my face. However the journey to that ending was not a fun trip.

Final rating 2.5/5

I can not recommend this book but if I saw another book from this same author I would give it a shot.


*Still not entirely sure why the opening of this book rubbed me the wrong way. Definitely need to chew on that a little.

Book Review: Planetfall By Michael Mammay

You Can’t Even Make This Shit Up

[IVAN THRONE-like laughter]


Picture unrelated but too awesome not to share.


They did it! Somebody actually did it! They tried to crowdfund a comic about ‘punching Nazis.’


That Umbrella Guy has the details [14mins]

While this campaign appears to already have been taken down, we should expect a second attempt any time now. There are certainly plenty of youtube comic types would be happy to fund this simply so they could make reviews highlighting the finer points of this atomic dumpster fire.


Also in completely unrelated news; sadly it appears that “Offering a genetically modified organism as a reward.” is against kickstarter’s terms of service. This is going to make crowd funding the breeding of genetically stable catgirls far more difficult than it would otherwise be. For the sake of SCIENCE and the benefit of weebs everywhere Kickstarter needs to change this ridiculous rule.


You Can’t Even Make This Shit Up

So Just How Pozzed Are Comics?

It can be very hard to fully express just how bad the SJW infestation of the comic industry is but thankfully Rorshach1004 is here to put things into perspective with his Top Ten Regressive Cliches in This Week’s Comics. [11 mins]

Sadly Mr. Rorshach1004 is a bit of shitlord and not completely normie friendly. So use your judgement when sharing this video.



He tried to warn us but we wouldn’t listen.



YellowFlash Comic covers what DC is doing to Aquaman. [12 Mins]

SPOILERS: It isn’t good.

It’s not just SJW Marvel anymore… all is falling before the Pozz. Odds of Aquaman Gay love interest? 88.3% is my guess.

So Just How Pozzed Are Comics?

Nerdlife 14: Your D12 Is Feeling Neglected

An interesting mix this time. Mostly tabletop gaming related as there has been quite a bit of action in those parts. Other topics of note include comics, a bit of history and couple of science related things that caught my attention. Strangely no World War II stuff. I’ll have to make up for that next time.

by the way most of the art here comes from the twitter accounts @70sscifiart or @humanoidhistory


The Alt-Right DM asks his readers a simple question.

and I’m going to break my usual rule and post this second article.

This one is almost a manifesto about driving out the SJWs and corporate hacks who have invaded all geek hobbies. Inspiring and pulling no punches he makes the case that tide is beginning to turn.

Soylo isn’t just a box office bomb. It’s a nuclear warhead going off in the popular zeitgeist. It’s the low-T canary in the cultural coalmines. It’s the sign that the winds of change have shifted. You might not have noticed it…cue up Stoklasa…but your brain did.”


The Nope Chemical That is Chlorine Trifluorine [7 mins]

So basically this stuff can set fire on fire. Would also burn in a vacuum. Sadly this chemical cannot be used as a weapon as any reasonable spacefaring civilization would specifically ban it in an arms limitation treaty. We are after all trying to conquer the galaxy no set it on poisonfire.




Bradford C. Walker talks about space opera and the importance of planets as wondrous settings.

By the way Mr. Walker currently has an ongoing indiegogo campaign where he is pitching a novel which is basically Legends of the Galactic Heroes meets Macross, with a touch of DEUS VULT in SPACE mixed in for seasoning. You sure won’t get anything like from Tor publishing.




The Injustice Gamer gives a few thoughts on the decline in the comic industry.

Marvel is being overshipped, and the stores have to pay for the books. DC had a few exciting and high selling things early in the year, but their more recent moves are really bad from a sales standpoint, and the stores would be more inclined to take those chances after the big early sales.”


PPC vs Large Laser [10 mins]

A tabletop Battletech discussion about the merits of the big energy weapons. Useful even for those of us plebs who only play the videogames. One key point stands in video. The PPC is feared by other players while the large laser is not. The psychological aspect of wargaming is too often completely ignored. Wars, even fictional wars involving tiny plastic toys your cat keeps trying to eat are ultimately fought by human beings. A small advantage? Yes but sometimes that can be the difference.




David Vining makes the case for the superiority of hand drawn animation in contrast to of current age of digital creations.




Frags and Beer covers a new indy comic that has a giant mecha fighting demons.

Kickstarter for Mayhem #2 Which just short of being fully funded at this time.


A Roman Soldier Makes Dinner [15 mins]


A short video that covers the logistics of supplying and feeding the Roman legions. Interesting to think that food was prepared at the eight man squad level. Or to think that soldiers would on occasion make their own cheese.




Astronaut food. A quick article summing up the evolution of food eaten in space.

Little offhand worldbuilding note: The Breyland Navy does have a Zero-G ration (or Zed ration) which comes in tubes and is designed to eaten under emergency condition when the ship’s artificial gravity isn’t functioning. However these rations are unpopular, ships rarely carry more than few days worth and Z-Rations tend to get pawned off the Ground Forces (who find them a novelty.)


Wice — Starfighter (Retrowave Music)

Big thank you to Bradford Walker for spotting this channel and bringing it to my attention.


Comic Legend Chuck Dixon remembers the old Hotrod related cartoons and comics.

An interesting window into a forgotten sub-culture of the 70’s and a genre that seems alien to modern readers. The idea of a motorgeek really does seem strange and counterintuitive to younger generations.

I do actually have an old CARtoons magazine i picked up a garage sale years ago, since it looked like a Cracked or a Mad (Remember Cracked used to be a an edgier and funnier version of Mad. There was also a shortlived Canadian version called Nuts which was even funnier.) I’ll have to see if I can dig that out of storage and give it a second look.



J. D Cowan discusses some the flaws in the Japanese Light Novel Industry.

His theory that the Japanese have the exact opposite or the problem the writing industry has in the West is definitely something that might need to be explored more.




Aerogel is pretty neat stuff.


Vietnam-era River Patrol Boats “Swift Boats” [22 mins]

A 1971 training video that covers an aspect of the war that tends to get overlooked. Just like in WWII coastal small boat fleets are always hastily built during a war and then rushed into action under emergency conditions. Then as soon as the war is over the small boats are scrapped and any hard won brown water experience completely forgotten.

Also flamethrower boat at 3:45




So why did they have those silly reaction rules in old school gaming? What happens when you turn the murder hobo switch and actually play with them?

Today as a GM I got a valuable lesson in the craziness of reaction rolls and how it can cause some utterly unique moments in gaming. This is the kind of thing that happens when you run a “decision loop” as Bradford Walker has laid out, and the world is a simulation with the GM being the arbiter instead of the narrator of a “story” game.”


Jon Mollison reviews a D&D lifestyle product badly disguised as an adventure module. He is not impressed.



Not Jon Daker/The Mixed GM rallies against the idea that D&D is a ‘lifestyle.’

This ‘lifestyle brand’ trend that we’re seeing from Wizards of the Coast, Disney/Marvel and other places really is a cancerous soy-tumor on the ass of geek culture. Although I do look forward to the Arkhaven as a Lifestyle Brand Videos where a masked man in neon spandex and a cape teaches your kids how to properly clean and maintain their 3d printed AR-15 ‘ghost gun.’

and on that happy thought I bid ye farewell



—Wolfman Out—

Remember Alt-Culture begins with you.






Nerdlife 14: Your D12 Is Feeling Neglected