Overview of the Flower-Class Corvettes

Naval History Youtuber Drachifel just released a ten minute video on the very important and not always remembered WWII anti-submarine ship.

Overview of the Flower-Class Corvettes

World Building: Rotating Habitats

Just a few random thoughts that I can’t quite put together.

I’ve been trying to come up with a justification for building classic O’Neill cylinders and larger space habitats in settings with

A:) Practical widespread fusion power.

B:) Artificial gravity.

and I think I’ve figured it out.

but first a refresher for anyone who needs one.


Megastructures Rotating Habitants By Issac Arthur [31mins]

Well worth your time if you’re a classic Sci-fi fan.


Sci-fi technology like fantasy magic is most interesting when there are limitations on it.

So what sort of limitations make sense for artificial gravity?

The two I can think of off of the top of my head are high power use and the need to periodically shut down the generator for maintenance.

Power use is a non-issue. Particularly on a warship which needs to have large reactors anyway. Shutting down the gravity generators for a short maintenance cycle can be annoying but shouldn’t be an issue for a crew with basic Zero-G training. Besides a ship would usually be doing this sort of overhaul while docked at a repair yard and could therefore be using the shipyards artificial gravity rather than the shipboard systems.

As for space stations, crew even barely trained conscript workers are going to be able to handle a period of Zero-G (especially if maintenance is done on a regular schedule.)

But who wouldn’t handle a period of weightlessness that well?

Small children and animals.

Imagine this but with COWS instead of frogs.


Large livestock in zero gravity is going to be a very bad thing.


So any space habitat large enough to have a permanent population or onboard agriculture is therefore going to have a real incentive to go with a ‘low tech’ spin based gravity system rather the normal gravity generators.

Although combining the systems is also an option since the spin gravity doesn’t need to be a full G as it’s only purpose to hold things down while the artificial gravity generators are being serviced.


World Building: Rotating Habitats

So What is the Number? And Why Can’t We Talk About It?

Benjamin Owens has a Special Announcement


Normally I would laugh and move on but then I spotted this video in my feed.


TIK explains why he hasn’t done a video on the Holocaust yet [9:00]

The first one or two minutes of this video is a little soy but if you get through it things get a lot more interesting.

The fundamental problem here is that the academic historians are not doing their jobs properly and are clearly pushing an agenda. This means that we cannot trust them to build an accurate picture about major events or how those events fit together.


So what do we KNOW about the Holocaust?


We know that the Nazis built concentration camps, (a highly practical British invention)

We know that the Nazis were deliberately targeting Jews in their purges.

We know that elements of the German High Command were willing to divert considerable resources from the war effort in order to kill more Jews.

but that’s about it… Everything else is under a cloud of suspicion due to the unreliably of the professional historians.

So where did that six million number come from?

When was the research last revised or updated?

and what were the Soviets doing during this time?

So What is the Number? And Why Can’t We Talk About It?

Fake and Gay News

It seems that Fake News wasn’t good enough for them. So they had to go and create Fake and Gay News.

SGT Report gives an alarming breakdown of some of the more suspicious elements of the Christ Church shooting. [8mins]


Here’s the Bitchute version for when the YouTube video gets deleted.



Update: Here’s a breakdown of the shooting video that’s worth a read



Fake and Gay News