The QAnon One Year Shift Theory

Feeling a little freaked out lately and I just want to put this out there.

An awful lot of signs are pointing to a major showdown between Trump and the corrupt elements within the US government on or around Jan 19th-21st.

Some people are highlighting that we are rapidly approaching the 30 days mark of the government shutdown, where Trump can begin to layoff certain workers.

Dave of the X22 Report on this. [23mins]


Other people have pointed out that Jan 19th is national popcorn day.

Still other people are highlighting what I’m calling for the lack of a better term “The One Year Qanon timeshift theory” which holds that some Q posts from 2018 are in fact referencing events that were planned or predicted to take place one year after the original post.

And it is very noteworthy that a LOT of Q posts during the second half of January and early February foreshadow MAJOR events. Also Qanon was very active during this time.


This was posted on Jan 18th 2018


and this executive order was linked to on Jan 26th 2018


and doesn’t Trump have a State of the Union address on the 29th?







Update: Just spotted this on Gab


Maybe it’s legit? Maybe the anons are trying too hard. I don’t know.

The QAnon One Year Shift Theory

A Reading Of Saint Donald’s Prayer


Just playing around with voice acting and seeing what I can actually do with this tubey thingie,


O Lord, make my enemies ridiculous

and as dumb as they are wicked.

May their greed lead to their downfall

and their perversions be drawn into the light.


May I be allowed to keep winning*

and be victorious in Your name.

So that I may spread Your glory upon the Earth**

as it is in Heaven, amen.



*Some preachers will throw in ‘YUUUGGGGE” Here to which the congregation will response with “so much winning.” This is not believed to be part of the original prayer.


** “These Stars” or “Our World” are common substitutes for ‘the Earth’ in the 41st century.

A Reading Of Saint Donald’s Prayer

Under The Weather

I’m currently dealing some sort of strange fever/fatigue flu that’s preventing me from thinking too clearly so instead I’ve spent the last few days either sleeping or watching older Owen Benjamin streams.


and also having the occasionally fever dream vision of enormous alien sloth deities eating grapes the size of galaxies… but that’s neither here or there.

So anyway Merry Christmas to you all.


Under The Weather