An Exceptional WWII History Channel

Yes I watch a lot of Youtube (when I should be doing other things) and I’d just like to highlight an channel that may be of interest to grognards and Hearts of Iron players. Much better than anything on the History Channel.


Why Germany lost WWII The importance of Oil [46 mins]


An overview of the Soviet purges and putting them in context [41 mins]

An Exceptional WWII History Channel

Pondering Catchier Catch Phrases

I’ve been thinking about switching my sign off from Deus Vult to GottĀ  Mit Uns.


There’s a couple of reasons to do this.

-It’s German and therefore more likely to piss off random people on the internet. (Especially Germans.)

-More of a common soldier’s proclamation than Deus Vult.

-The phrase is associated with Richard Fox’s awesome The Ember War series.

-Sabaton (a reason all by itself.)


Deus Vult something you scream before taking action. Usually violent or decisive action (Broadswords and hand grenades optional.)

Gott Mit Uns is a group of guys gritting their teeth, looking at each other nervously, before going ‘hey we got this.’

Anyway it’s a useful phrase to add to your online banter and memetic warfare.

Pondering Catchier Catch Phrases

Counter-Balanced Gun?

What the hell is this thing?

Definitely something to keep in mind writing the Breyland stories. How much of a weight penalty does such a system cost? Reliability? Probably not worthwhile for a carbine but if you’re already walking around with a full up battle rifle does a counter-balance system push over into ‘army of two’ territory? or does it make an otherwise high recoil weapon usable?

Counter-Balanced Gun?

Rocketman Cuts a Deal.

In fact if this commentator is right he has already met with God-Emperor Trump (possibly back during the China visit.)


Commentary on March 8th Qanon posts and North Korea news [21 mins]

Also: Holy Crap!



Related: An earlier piece where I threw around a few thoughts on the matter. I’ve been very bad at predicting Q related events but it’s nice to have somewhat close to the mark on this.

Rocket Boy and Nuclear ChickenĀ 

Rocketman Cuts a Deal.

Heavy Weapon Fails

Just another lazy night so I figured I’ll post a few videos that might bring a smile to your face.



Actually mortars seem to be much harder to use than I expected.


Warning video contains horrible techno-music but also pirates getting their asses kicked.

and finally here are some terrorists blowing themselves up.


One commenter brought up the idea of sabotaged munitions which may explain some of the ISIS fail videos.

Heavy Weapon Fails