For Death or Glory

A wounded nation wakes at last.

As one by one we see our task.

We will not go quietly into the night.

By blood and fire we shall fight.


Battered men with wounds and scars.

We still remember who we are.

An age of darkness, a time of fear

Just one more trial we must endure.


The shattered plow reforged a blade

They shall learn to fear the foe they made.

With youthful blood and ancient lore

Play once again the tunes of war.


We found our strength, our long lost pride.

We must seize this chance to turn the tide

The barbarian boot upon our throats

Must be removed with one shift stroke.


The hammer beats upon the forge

We will rid our nation of this scourge.

Unite as brothers and face our foe.

You’ve longed for this battle in your soul.


The skies are dark, the hour late.

But now the Saxon starts to hate.

Do we hear the Siren’s call?

We might just have to kill them all.


It seems there’s one more verse to our song

As the ghosts of heroes urge us on.

A nation mocked, a people scorned

Rise together, become the storm.


For Death or Glory! Until the end!

One last chance to make amends.

And if this be our final stand,

then with no regrets we die like men.

For Death or Glory

Damn I Missed That.

I wasn’t going to say anything about the Second Battle of Berkley (as by the time I get around to collecting my thoughts on current events all relevant points have usually been explored) but I do have to admit this was an excellent catch by Seattle4truth.

I’m sure that there are plenty of reasons to be carrying a glass bottle in the middle of a “totally peaceful protest” some sort of delicious hipster green tea for example… oh who are we kidding?

To paraphrase Stefan Molyneux “A Molotov cocktail is not an argument.”

But if we’re all going back to primitive combat then I suppose duels between champions are all well and good. Might I suggest Antifa girl and Lauren Southern wrestling in a oversized kiddy pool filled with chocolate pudding? Truly a battle for the ages. I wonder if we can get a kickstarter going for that?

RPGpundit gives his very well done summary of the story of the Battle of Berkeley. Always interesting to see these sort of things from people you wouldn’t expect it from.

I suppose I really should down sometime in the next week and expand on what I meant by The Six Stages of Civil Conflict which are for the record.

1 Protests

2 Riots

3 Street Battles

4 Paramilitary gun battles

5 De facto Civil War

6 Open Civil War

The contemporary Hard Left are strongest at Stage Two but as we can see as things start to move into Stage Three they are beginning to lose. If things get to Stage Four things are going to go very badly for the Left. Hopefully a few more Battle of Berkeley style beatdowns will be enough to push things back into Stage Two but sadly violence in more likely to escalate than de-escalate. After all SJWs always Double Down.

As things are going the Hard Left will run into the Hard Right and I don’t think too many people are going to feel sorry for them when they do.

At Stage Five things go full Tom Kratman. Thankfully that’s not something I expect but it may still happen. I’m always a pessimist when it comes to these things. Anyway those are just my thoughts for the day.


Damn I Missed That.

The Man Nails it Again

Jim or Mister Metokur gives his take on the recent developments in modern political discourse.

I have no idea what’s happening 1:30-1:45 but I damn near busted a hernia laughing.


Are you ready to Deus Vult? These guys are.

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The Man Nails it Again

Feints, False Flags and Failing Faster

All warfare is based on deception — Sun Tzu

It’s still too early to tell whether Trump is playing 36DD chess or whether he truly has fumbled the nuclear football and fallen into the hands of the neocon lairs who surround him.

But upon farther reflection there is something very odd about the Syrian tomahawk strike. Of the fifty-nine missiles that were fired only twenty-three struck the intended target. So either…

1:) Vital missile components were outsourced to Bangladesh.

2:) or those missiles were basically used as decoys to make the initial strike look larger.

This leads me to one conclusion. The missile strike was a feint or a pulled punch.

Why would Trump do this? I really don’t have an answer for that. So far the best theories take note that Trump was meeting with the President of China at the time these missiles were launched.

Another theory I’ve seen mentioned as that Trump and Bannon are using this incident to smoke out neocons and Islamists inside the military and intelligence community.

That seems just a little too good to be true in my opinion, but we should all know never to count the God-Emperor out.

and if this is all a massive kabuki theatre bluff it’s probably not a good idea to play poker with WarMaster Mattis either.

Of course I’m working off of very little information here but at least it’s no longer all doom and gloom.

Stock footage for a new generation.

Final thought: Feints are usually accompanied by a main attack elsewhere.

Feints, False Flags and Failing Faster


Alex Jones most recent piece on the Syria missile strikes (about an hour or two after they happened.

This is probably the most optimistic interpretation of events. A surgical “smoke and mirrors” airstrike does at least make a tiny amount of sense. Still right now about 95% of Trump’s base feel like they just got Falcon punched in the dick.

And then there’s THIS which just has my blood BOILING.

And no Turkey is not a neutral party in all this either!


Anyway I need to call it a night hopefully I won’t wake up with mushroom clouds on the horizon. Trump is making a mistake here or at least taking an unacceptable risk for minimal gain. Deus does not Vult. I’m not as blackpilled as I was earlier but fuck if this one doesn’t hurt like a son of bitch.



Reconquista Report: April 2nd 2017

The Reconquista Report for April 2nd 2017.

Getting just a little tired of all the defeatism going around lately.

Powerwolf – In the Name of God.

Reconquista 2.0 will have it’s own soundtrack.


French scientist predicts a Le Pen victory. Which would dramatically accurate the timeline of Reconquista 2.0 (and save a lot of lives.)


Ban assault bacon!

Peter Sweden fully explains the story.

Swedes are arming themselves with gangster weapons like nunchuks and stiletto daggers. No word on whether or not they are wrapping said weapons in deadly assault bacon.


Two mosques in Germany bombed. Probably factional infighting but the Germans are cheering on social media none-the-less.


Terror plot foiled. Interesting target choice.


So why are there Kurds and Turks in Belgium again?

United Kingdom:

The Brexit continues. The UK can now legally deport without going through the EU. Should make Kebab removal that much smoother.


Ted Nugent (of all people) points out how many products including explosives and bullets are made with pork products or glycerin from pork fat.


Reconquista Report: April 2nd 2017