Worst Lawsuit Ever!

The DNC decision to sue Trump, the Russian government, WikiLeaks and several small furry animals strikes is quite literally the WORST possible thing that they could have done. I’m actually wondering if Trump has a deep cover man fucking up the DNC from the inside.

Razorfist with the Normie friendly version. [8 Mins]


Dave of the X22 Report with a heavier tinfoil version. [23 mins]

He goes into quite bit of detail here.

Take this one with a grain of salt but these guys do seem to have their house in order.

Worst Lawsuit Ever!

Trump Magic: Pick a Card

I was going to wait a bit on this until we had much clearer information but Trump does appear to have pulled some sort of magician’s trick when it comes to the Syrian missile strikes.


The tomahawk missiles used in the strike were all older ones; three decades old and approaching the end of their best blow up by date. Some accounts even suggest that the missiles had their warheads removed turning them into little more than decoys or live action targets for the Syrian air defences. A possible way for the Syrians and Russians to save face, maybe. Either way it is beginning to look like this was another ‘pulled punch’ attack just like the one last year.

However the nineteen missiles launched by the B-1 Bombers appears to be an entirely different story. As these were likely state of the art weapons. 


Note that what the bomber launched missiles were shot at is not mentioned. This is a somewhat glaring omission.

So what did the nineteen missiles hit?

Right now the best guess is that a series of Iran and Hezbollah related targets were struck. This could be a move to weaken Iran as a prelude to either overthrowing the regime or forcing them to bargaining table (in the same manner as North Korea.)

Q Anon has stated the Iran is next on Trump’s target list.

How will it be done? Well we’ll just have to watch the rest of the show.

In the meantime pray.



Trump Magic: Pick a Card

The Magician’s Left Hand or Blunder of Year?

Bombard’s Body Language of Trump’s announcement of Syrian Airstrikes. [5 mins]

Quick takeaway here: Trump is confident in this speech and it was practiced beforehand. However this is clearly scripted and does not appear to be Trump’s own words.

Something odd is happening in Syria. That much we know. Trump’s actions don’t seem to be making any sense. 4D chess remains on the menu but a lot of people are wondering about what’s going on behind the scenes. The most recent gas attack (very likely the previous ones) were clearly staged events. Trump HAS to know that. So what is he doing? Or rather WHAT ELSE is he doing?

Trump uses twitter as a distraction. The previous tomahawk strike was a feint. Hell Stormy Daniels might even have been working for Trump this whole time. Everyone is watching the wizard’s left hand. What is he doing with his right? Will there be magic or has he been subtly jerking off this entire time?

The Magician’s Left Hand or Blunder of Year?

Saint Donald’s Prayer.

Lord, make my enemies ridiculous

and as dumb as they are wicked.

May their greed lead to their downfall

and their perversions be drawn into the light.

May I be allowed to keep winning

and be victorious in your name.

So that I may spread your glory upon the Earth

as it is in Heaven, amen.


Origin: Late 21st century America. Later adopted into the Book of Common Prayers sometime in the early 23rd century.

Saint Donald’s Prayer.

Very Interesting Anon Theory

Did the loyal legions of the God-Emperor raid the Golden Island of El Diddlerado?

Was the recent Rachel Chandler Instagram blitz used as a misdirection?

This anon has a theory and it does fit with some of the more cryptic recent Q posts.


Seriously if Trump pulled this off… I joked about making him a Western Orthodox saint in the Breylandverse. That might not be good enough anymore.


We’ll know in a few days.

In the meantime remind the boys what we’re fighting for.


—Wolfman out—

Deus Vult

Very Interesting Anon Theory

Flashback Trump Posting

because patriots never sleep… and image folders aren’t going to sort themselves.


Still a hilarious video. Always worth a watch.



Flashback MSNBC Predicts a Clinton Landslide. Great if you need a laugh.

The poor goblin-man he just wants to believe so hard. Watch his body language.


A fun watch if you have popcorn handy.

Look at those eyes at the 50 second mark. He knew… in 2011.




Flashback Trump Posting

Quick Point About QAnon

QAnon is a CABINET-Level leak.

This is the only way the ‘conspiracy theory’ holds together.


If you can’t wrap your head around that,… well feel free to chortle around with the snarky midwits on twitter. But if you can’t even understand the basics of a ‘conspiracy theory’ don’t try to claim any sort of intellectual superiority over people who have seriously spent FIVE months analysing the material.

Q is a legit leak. He may have an agenda of his own but the sheer effort being put into silencing and countering QAnon does nothing but make him look more and more legit.

Yes it’s a lot to chew on. Feel free to take your time. I understand

Meanwhile I’ll be making sure all my surge protectors are up to snuff.


First you laugh and then you think about it.

*Trump is assumed to be too busy to be posting Pepes on the interwebz.

Update: Truly legendary levels of flak and bot activity on Twitter right now attacking Qanon and Roseanne Barr (of all people.) Somebody, somewhere is directly over a very big target.



Trump declares April National Child Abuse Prevention Month.


Quick Point About QAnon