Trump Flips Off Eco-Death Cult. Patriots Rejoice.

The God-Emperor has stunned the Enemy with His announcement that He will withdraw from the Paris Climate Accords. This is causing truly glorious weeping and lamenting among the Libtards and Berniebros of the world.

Alex Jones interviewing Lord Monckton on recent developments. OT: I’ve been listening to a lot of Sherlock Holmes audio books lately, so I’m getting a special kick out of the way Lord Monckton speaks.

and yes ‘carbon taxes’ are about CONTROL

This too shall pass.


The green areas show increased plant growth. Remember plants are our friends.


Especially certain plants.

This is an older show but if you have a spare hour and a half here’s Lord Monckton being interviewed by someone WHO DOESN’T CONSTANTLY INTERRUPT HIM.

The Alex Epstein episodes are also excellent.

Trump Flips Off Eco-Death Cult. Patriots Rejoice.

Feints, False Flags and Failing Faster

All warfare is based on deception — Sun Tzu

It’s still too early to tell whether Trump is playing 36DD chess or whether he truly has fumbled the nuclear football and fallen into the hands of the neocon lairs who surround him.

But upon farther reflection there is something very odd about the Syrian tomahawk strike. Of the fifty-nine missiles that were fired only twenty-three struck the intended target. So either…

1:) Vital missile components were outsourced to Bangladesh.

2:) or those missiles were basically used as decoys to make the initial strike look larger.

This leads me to one conclusion. The missile strike was a feint or a pulled punch.

Why would Trump do this? I really don’t have an answer for that. So far the best theories take note that Trump was meeting with the President of China at the time these missiles were launched.

Another theory I’ve seen mentioned as that Trump and Bannon are using this incident to smoke out neocons and Islamists inside the military and intelligence community.

That seems just a little too good to be true in my opinion, but we should all know never to count the God-Emperor out.

and if this is all a massive kabuki theatre bluff it’s probably not a good idea to play poker with WarMaster Mattis either.

Of course I’m working off of very little information here but at least it’s no longer all doom and gloom.

Stock footage for a new generation.

Final thought: Feints are usually accompanied by a main attack elsewhere.

Feints, False Flags and Failing Faster

We Smash Commies

Another day another excuse to spam old memes all over the internets.

It seems that there was a number of incidents yesterday; including one at Huntington Beach CA where our beloved antifa friends discovered that people just aren’t going to take their shit any more.

Vox Day summing up this truly heart warming story. (the comments are hilarious as always.)

Anyway I promised memes and this is as good a time as any.


From before the dark times. Before the SOCJUS


Pretty much this.


But happily every problem has a solution.


A good question.


A good answer.


Honestly I’m really beginning to understand the helicopter thing.


Soon fam. Very very soon,


Newsflash for morons: Blocking roads is no longer an effective protest tactic.


While we may occasionally experience short periods of “less winning” remember The Winning will never stop!


Okay I’ll admit it. I’ve always been a bit of a copperhead.

Edit: I almost forgot the BEST one.



We Smash Commies

The End of the Beginning

Sorry about the delay with this but I’m actually having trouble collecting my thoughts after the Ascension of the God-Emperor and the start of The Hundred Days of Glorious Terror.


I hope this is true and I have no reason to doubt it. Trump is America’s first METAL president.

And it all started out with a bang… well a loud series of bangs.

Note here HOW QUICKLY Mattis was able to switch gears and organize this series of airstrikes. Clear evidence that Obama was holding back. Clearly the plans already existed and just needed a Commander in Chief with a single working testicle to give the go signal.

The Russian airforce added in their two cents and it is completely possible that a joint offensive could be launched in the next few days, now that overthrowing the Assad regime (in favor of what is never explained) is not a tenet of US foreign policy.

But the best part were the reports that at US military bases portraits of Obama were being taken down and replaced with Trump memes.



Kek speaks to us in mysterious ways.


And yes The Wall is coming. Just heard the news as I type this.


Just as it was foretold.


Which brings us to calm reasonable response of tolerant left.


The most important word in the English language. Use it well. Use it often. Use it when you have nothing else to say.


The Communist Armies of the 21st Century. Marshal Zhukov is not impressed.


Oh Look the Re-elect Trump 2020 ads are out.

Let’s be fair though ISIS does have better taste in music. Very interesting that they go after Alex Jones so hard and try to claim that a victory. It’s almost like the organizers are being paid by people who hate Infowars or something.


Oh daily reminder the Crazy Uncle Pol is already right and that Pol will always win in the end.


Finally I’ll end with this. Which really got me right in the feels. He claims to have a cold but I still pictured him shedding manly tears.

The End of the Beginning

Why No Endgame?

What is your Endgame?

Dear buffoonish midwits of the American Establishment Left? I ask one simple question. “What by the Seven Sacred Fucks of Mount Fuckmore is your endgame?” Under what scenario does abandoning not only the Rule of Law but the very Pretense of Law lead you to a happy ending?

I’ll be the first to admit that I haven’t really been following the news too closely the last few weeks but it seems that the Shock and Awe of the impossible Trump victory has led to a state of hysterical panic among the snakes, gators and leeches who inhabit the Great Swamp That Is To Be Drained. Enough so that they in their delusions of grandeur are plotting domestic acts of terrorism and blathering about civil war and revolution.

Now most of this is just that delusions and fever dreams that are spewing out their mouths as they lay on the ground convulsing after having been knocked out of their secret kingdoms in the clouds by the iron gauntlet of reality.

But some it is not mere hot air. The very political operatives, community organizers and phony $15-an-hour anarchists are continuing their efforts to spread chaos and fear despite the fact IT WAS THIS VERY ACTIVITY THAT BROUGHT TRUMP TO OFFICE.


Again people even (gasp) normies have caught on to what Soros and Friends are doing. The gig is up, the game is over you lost. Now pack up your shit and go home.

Sadly it doesn’t look like that is going to happen. Which brings me to big news of the day. The newest Project Veritas video that covers an apparent conspiracy to sabotage the Deploraball with the use of a chemical weapon.

There’s a couple things of note here. First while I’m not 100% convinced this was a legit plot Mike Cernovich is apparently taking it seriously enough that he is planning to file criminal charges; something I doubt he’d do lightly.

Also note this meeting took place at Comet Ping Pong of all places! This is either an act of epic stupidity or of arrogance the likes of which humanity hasn’t seen in centuries. Wasn’t the ENTIRE POINT of the fake news narrative to draw attention away from Pizzagate?

And quite a few people are pointing out how stupid and childish this whole idea was (which is why some pundits are thinking that Project Veritas got taken for a ride.)

Zerohedge’s take on the whole thing.

That said NOONE is denying that the Globalists and their useful idiots are going to do every thing they can to disrupt the inauguration in the ridiculous hope that Donald Trump will go away simply if they wish it really really hard.

Sorry there snowflakes but the God-Emperor is Ascending and the only question at this point is will the wall be twenty feet tall and paid for by a tax on remittances to Mexico or thirty feet tall and topped with iron spikes, adorned with the heads of traitors and heretics?

I predict the former but the latter is still a possibility. ‘Joe Six Pack’ has spoken and unfortunately for The Powers That Until Recently Were he’s bringing his buddy “Joe Six-Gun” with him.


Okay worst case scenario is a three week long civil war between Clinton supporters in the CIA and media and Trump supporters in the police and military.

I say three weeks because I’m such an extreme pessimist that I’m actually giving the Deep State a chance here. In reality most of the mid-level intelligence types would be ecstatic for a chance to get rid of their politically appointed bosses.

Even a successful Trump assassination does not stop the March of the Red Hats. I really wish I could get people to understand that. All encouraging violence does at this point is speed up the destruction of the Modern Left. They have to know that? Have to? Right? Maybe they really are a Death Cult?


Finally I’ll end by linking to Tom Kratman‘s post where he gives loving and very fatherly description of what exactly would happen if President Obama tried to declare martial law to stop Trump from becoming president. Well worth a read.

What can I say? The man just has a way with words. Truly a modern master of the English language.

Why No Endgame?