Nation in Distress

I was pretty mad at Q for trolling me into watching an hour of Fox news but it turns out there was something I was supposed to see.


Feel kind of silly for missing something like that.

Could not have been that easy to arrange.

Nation in Distress

The First Trickle of the Red Wave

Beginning to see clear signs of election fraud and even a few arrests.


Also God-Emperor Trump has this to say.

So what exactly is going on in Broward county?

So much crazy coming out of that one place.




/pol/ has way too much time on their hands.

and wait what’s this?

Update: Dave of the X22 Report gives his analysis of the voting fraud discoveries. [24 mins]

The First Trickle of the Red Wave

Okay It Looks Like I Got A Little Too Excited.

Not going to retract any of my boomer tier memes but it looks like there was in fact a partial Bluewave. Although the actual count is still up in the air.

However it is noteworthy that POTUS is declaring a victory.

and that Qanon is claiming that POTUS has what he needs.


From my point of view all I can tell is that there is no way going forward that Trump loses in 2020. The Democrats have shot off all their ammunition, made only limited gains and still have no real leadership figures.

Another thought is that after the Kavanaugh scandal No one will believe ANY of the accusations against a future Trump appointee. Therefore the God-Emperor can choose the most vicious and nasty wardogs without worrying about what the discredited media might say about them.


There is one other angle that needs to be brought up. Just how much election fraud was done during this full court desperate push? How much was observed and recorded by law enforcement specifically looking for that sort of activity?

The world wonders…

Update: This might be something.


and also what the everliving fuck is going on with those 61K sealed indictments?


Well we won’t know for at least a few days. So I guess it’s back to complaining about videogames in the meantime.

—Wolfman out—

Just keep one eye on the ground, Pick up whatever you find.

Okay It Looks Like I Got A Little Too Excited.

Just Counting Down.

Just counting down the minutes to Trumpenreich Tuesday.

Oh Thank you Baby Jesus the salt is going to be glorious.


The Blue Wave is very likely going to fizzle into at most a status quo draw.

On the flip side an all out Red Tsunami is actually possible and even in a draw a number of swamp creatures are going to lose their seats.


Honestly the only real question is how will God-Emperor Trump handle the border situation? Will his loyal legions be able to separate the Bad Hombres from the Human Shields and the other non-combatants? Will lethal force actually be used?

I have faith that Trump does have some sort of plan here to prevent a bloodbath.


Anyway tomorrow night should be a blast to watch as the NPCs get their programming jolted enough to make soy leak from their ears.

and after Trumpenreich Tuesday comes #Winning Wednesday as the horrible reality that they cannot get rid of Orange Bad Man slowly sets in.



and for all we know the Winning won’t stop there either


All those extra guards and facility upgrades were needed for something.


This message has been brought to you by…


Just Counting Down.

Someone Set Us Up The Bomb

Styxhexenhammer666 covers all the obvious points. [6mins]


Yeah not impressed here





Were these bombs hand planted? It sure seems that way. Also make sure you have an intern take the bomb out the package just in case it’s rigged to explode.


The prop department must have had fun with this one


Yeah this is looking more and more like a hastily planned last minute stunt.

and there would have to be at least a half dozen people involved to get this many fake bombs all sent to so many different locations at the same time.


One bomb might have been believable.

A series of bombs send out one at time over the course of two or three weeks would get a maybe.

But this multiple fake bombs apparently hand planted in locations miles apart all within a day or two of each other.

Nope this whole event is faker than a stripper’s new tiddies.


and the God-Emperor might have foreseen these machinations of chaos.


but with that remember to stay vigilant patriots.

If you see something say something.


There was also this cryptic warning posts to the chans about a week ago.


Which might still be in play… or the plan might have changed (Again this MAGABomber thing looks like a very rushed and desperate operation.) However everything is just speculation at this point, The only thing we know at the moment is that MSM Narrative CANNOT BE TRUE


Update: The clock on the bomb has been identified.


Okay I take it back. This can’t be an intelligence operation. No professional clown would be this embarrassingly bad at his job.

Someone Set Us Up The Bomb