Flashback Trump Posting

because patriots never sleep… and image folders aren’t going to sort themselves.


Still a hilarious video. Always worth a watch.



Flashback MSNBC Predicts a Clinton Landslide. Great if you need a laugh.

The poor goblin-man he just wants to believe so hard. Watch his body language.


A fun watch if you have popcorn handy.

Look at those eyes at the 50 second mark. He knew… in 2011.




Flashback Trump Posting

Quick Point About QAnon

QAnon is a CABINET-Level leak.

This is the only way the ‘conspiracy theory’ holds together.


If you can’t wrap your head around that,… well feel free to chortle around with the snarky midwits on twitter. But if you can’t even understand the basics of a ‘conspiracy theory’ don’t try to claim any sort of intellectual superiority over people who have seriously spent FIVE months analysing the material.

Q is a legit leak. He may have an agenda of his own but the sheer effort being put into silencing and countering QAnon does nothing but make him look more and more legit.

Yes it’s a lot to chew on. Feel free to take your time. I understand

Meanwhile I’ll be making sure all my surge protectors are up to snuff.


First you laugh and then you think about it.

*Trump is assumed to be too busy to be posting Pepes on the interwebz.

Update: Truly legendary levels of flak and bot activity on Twitter right now attacking Qanon and Roseanne Barr (of all people.) Somebody, somewhere is directly over a very big target.



Trump declares April National Child Abuse Prevention Month.


Quick Point About QAnon

Bombard’s Body Language on the Trump Budget.

Absolutely worth nine minutes of your time.


Bitchute link for when the above video gets banned.



A lot of people are angry right now.

Good! There is such a thing as righteous anger.

Stay righteous! Stay angry!

Let it flow throughout your body and cleanse the soy from your system.


Trump is going to make the Establishment pay for this victory.

Unless he did actually pull a fast one on them… but that’s 5D chess

We’ll find out Monday when construction on The Wall is said to begin.

Volunteers might even show up with their own shovels and hardhats.


Bombard’s Body Language on the Trump Budget.

“Defensive Wall”


Now that is some clever word play.

and people are just now digging into this spending bill.

Little bombs buried here and there.

The Swamp may have just funded its own draining.


Let the hunt begin.


Update: May have jumped the gun on the wall thing. I can’t even find where the discussion was taking place. People are still reading this thing. Sessions just got one hell of a war chest including a lot of money earmarked for witness protection.

Update two: Some mention of military construction on Page 1065, vaguely worded but no mention of a wall. Could see how the anon in question might have jumped to that conclusion… no smoking gun.

Update Three: A very crazy Q theory… which is completely believable at this point.


“Defensive Wall”