The Man Nails it Again

Jim or Mister Metokur gives his take on the recent developments in modern political discourse.

I have no idea what’s happening 1:30-1:45 but I damn near busted a hernia laughing.


Are you ready to Deus Vult? These guys are.

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The Man Nails it Again

We Smash Commies

Another day another excuse to spam old memes all over the internets.

It seems that there was a number of incidents yesterday; including one at Huntington Beach CA where our beloved antifa friends discovered that people just aren’t going to take their shit any more.

Vox Day summing up this truly heart warming story. (the comments are hilarious as always.)

Anyway I promised memes and this is as good a time as any.


From before the dark times. Before the SOCJUS


Pretty much this.


But happily every problem has a solution.


A good question.


A good answer.


Honestly I’m really beginning to understand the helicopter thing.


Soon fam. Very very soon,


Newsflash for morons: Blocking roads is no longer an effective protest tactic.


While we may occasionally experience short periods of “less winning” remember The Winning will never stop!


Okay I’ll admit it. I’ve always been a bit of a copperhead.

Edit: I almost forgot the BEST one.



We Smash Commies

Stages of Civil Conflict and the Violent Leftist’s Dilemma

The Violent Leftist’s Dilemma

Going through a lot of peace advocate’s regret here. I suppose that’s to be expected in this day and age. Also I’ve been putting a lot of thought into the matter of civil conflict both ‘short of war’ and in the case of open civil war. Mostly for the novels I still intend to write at some point* but it seems that I’m going to get a much closer look at this topic then I ever expected to.


There seems to be six stages or levels of Civil Conflict.

1: Protests

2: Riots

3: Street battles

4: Paramilitary gun battles

5: Covert or informal civil war.

6: Open civil war

My current assessment is that The Hard Left is strongest at Stage Two: Riots (as most Trump supporters have these things called jobs and families and can’t just counter-riot) will begin to lose control at Stage Three: Street Battles and will instantly lose if things get to Stage Five.

Stage Three or street battles is probably the most romantic and interesting from a fictional point of view. After all you get to hit your opponent with a club without getting shot in the groin by a sniper five blocks away. This is actually the sort of thing every Gamma male dreams of; “honorable combat” without the real risks of a proper war. There of course of two problems with this approach.

-Most Gammas are horrible fighters

-Violence begets violence and once the deaths occur the conflict will rapidly escalate into stage four: Paramilitary gun battles.

And in America who has the guns? And for that matter the gun culture required to use them effectively. Something tells me it’s not the people you meet in Starbucks.


Stage four of a civil conflict will not end well for the Left. The Intelligent Left understands this. The problem is that there is very little intelligence remaining in the spirit of modern Left. The dancing clowns of Antifa will push their luck for as long as they can. After all is this not a chance to live out their fantasy? They will be the Commissar not just another body in the ditch.

The problem with that little fantasy is that Terror Tactics tend to backfire and increase the resolve of the targeted population. Remember that the reaction of the Alt-Right (and a few people I had thought as calm moderate Conservatives) to the Berkley Riots was to spam the March of Cambreadth everywhere.

At the very least a population targeted by terrorists will begin (however slowly in the case of Europe) to defend themselves and take countermeasures. The difference between a riot and a street battle is that there are two sides willing and prepared to fight. I’m looking forward to the absolutely hysterical reaction we’ll see when the violent left runs into a crowd of people who just aren’t going to take their shit anymore (or Kek help us all one of those Right Wing Safety Squads I keep hearing rumors about.) With any luck that will be enough to stop the escalation of violence. I just wouldn’t put any sort of money on it.


Remember Captain Texas is only The First Avenger. Expect there to be others.

Yes I’m going off on a bit of a rant here but the American elite and especially the media seem to be BADLY underestimating the level of anger in ‘flyover country.’ There is simply no way they can win a civil war. The March of the Red Hats will not be stopped. They are obsessing over Trump while completely failing to understand that Trump is riding the movement he himself is not the movement. And if they’re stupid enough to ‘Get rid of Trump’ Oh sweet Jesus! will the helicopters fly.


Oh and speaking of Gammas… the trolls at Vox Populi have been especially heavy the last few weeks so seeing this brought a smile to my face.


I’ve stated before that I’m an extreme pessimist. I hope to hell that I’m wrong about the violence escalating but the longer the current state of affairs continues the more likely deaths will occur. I’m honestly astonished that there have been so few deaths up to this point. That said it will not take much to stroke the fire. Only the promise that Grand Inquisitor Sessons will actually bring law and order back to the United States is keeping things from turning truly ugly.


A masterfully edited version of Sabaton’s Sparta.

Really seems to capture the current mood of the American Hard Right.

I’ll leave you with this because while righteous anger has a place it’s always best to walk away with a smile.


*Since I have a friend who will ask. I had to completely scrap my opening and start over. Brothers in the Dust really isn’t that ambitious a project and I should be able to pull it off. My problem has always been my inability to focus on one thing at a time. I haven’t given up I just need to take a completely different approach. For one thing I’m seriously over world building but that’s another rant for another day.

Stages of Civil Conflict and the Violent Leftist’s Dilemma

Biting Into the Network


I haven’t spoken much about Pizzagate despite the fact I have been following the scandal. Quite frankly anything dealing with this particular topic is quite painful for me to deal with and I’ve only done surface level research myself. I can only imagine the effect this whole thing is having on the primary researchers.

But the important thing is that arrests ARE happening. A great deal more arrests than I had been aware of. Right now Grand Inquisitor Jeff Sessions and the Fists of Righteous Fury are slowly attacking the International PedoNetwork from the bottom. That’s something and it may lead to further draining of the swamp.

PizzaGate is real. The question is how real? and how deep into the Network can the loyal servants of the God-Emperor strike? Can they bring the entire thing down? Will the blood of the innocent be avenged? Only time will tell.


Follow the money you fucknuggets! FOLLOW THE GODDAMNED MONEY!!!


Biting Into the Network

Get Your Pizza Cutters Ready

In His endless wisdom and complete lack of mercy God-Emperor Trump, Lion of The West and Savior of Human Civilization has appointed Jeff Sessions to the post of Grand Inquisitor.


What does this mean? It means that times are about to get a whole lot more interesting. Is PizzaGate real? YES!!! but how much of it real? How far does the corruption spread? And what else is there that we haven’t seen yet?

Rumors have been flying around the internet for weeks ever since The Day of the God-Emperor’s Ascension to the Cherry Blossom Throne. No one knows for sure which of the Trumpenreich’s many enemies will face the Grand Inquisitor’s firey wrath first. Will it be the pedos? The communist terrorists of antifa? Spies? Traitors? Those who harbor the Xeno Menace? Only the God-Emperor knows and His Will will be revealed only when the time is right.

So get your popcorn ready, everybody. The sheer amount of wailing and screaming THE ENTIRE LEFT ESTABLISHMENT is doing about Jeff Sessions proves that they are absolutely terrified of him. Which is a good sign that he’s the right man for the job.

Infowars breaking the news

Alt-Media Podcaster John Ploskina goes over recent pedophile arrests. Sure is a lot of them. Hopefully just a taste of what is to come.

Stefan Molyneux’s Untruth about Jeff Sessions

Hmm… The Grand Inquisitor also has a background investigating election fraud. I didn’t know that. Just more bad news for the Clinton camp.

Remember this?


The whole collapse of the Clinton War Machine just gets funnier and funnier in hindsight.


What on Heaven, Earth or Hell was on that laptop?

Get Your Pizza Cutters Ready

The End of the Beginning

Sorry about the delay with this but I’m actually having trouble collecting my thoughts after the Ascension of the God-Emperor and the start of The Hundred Days of Glorious Terror.


I hope this is true and I have no reason to doubt it. Trump is America’s first METAL president.

And it all started out with a bang… well a loud series of bangs.

Note here HOW QUICKLY Mattis was able to switch gears and organize this series of airstrikes. Clear evidence that Obama was holding back. Clearly the plans already existed and just needed a Commander in Chief with a single working testicle to give the go signal.

The Russian airforce added in their two cents and it is completely possible that a joint offensive could be launched in the next few days, now that overthrowing the Assad regime (in favor of what is never explained) is not a tenet of US foreign policy.

But the best part were the reports that at US military bases portraits of Obama were being taken down and replaced with Trump memes.



Kek speaks to us in mysterious ways.


And yes The Wall is coming. Just heard the news as I type this.


Just as it was foretold.


Which brings us to calm reasonable response of tolerant left.


The most important word in the English language. Use it well. Use it often. Use it when you have nothing else to say.


The Communist Armies of the 21st Century. Marshal Zhukov is not impressed.


Oh Look the Re-elect Trump 2020 ads are out.

Let’s be fair though ISIS does have better taste in music. Very interesting that they go after Alex Jones so hard and try to claim that a victory. It’s almost like the organizers are being paid by people who hate Infowars or something.


Oh daily reminder the Crazy Uncle Pol is already right and that Pol will always win in the end.


Finally I’ll end with this. Which really got me right in the feels. He claims to have a cold but I still pictured him shedding manly tears.

The End of the Beginning

Fruitless Protests

Excellent Interview by David Knight. Covers a wide variety of topics.

One thing that caught my eye here is how the protesters seem to be assigning disrupting the Deploraball with as high a priority as disrupting the actual transition of power ceremony. Which I suppose shows you the true depth of their strategic thinking.

But anyway it looks like The Great Big Hissy Fit of 2017 is still on. Should be incredibly embarrassing for everyone involved but ultimately harmless. Bikers For Trump sounds like they’ll more than happy to take out the trash if that’s what required.

Fruitless Protests