Old Comic Covers

Haven’t posted anything for a while so I figure I’ll share some of the old covers I saved on an impulse.


This was a horrible NES game but damn if that cover art isn’t beautiful. Heroic swashbuckler in fancy red hat saves hot chick from pug-uglies.



Funny how the punch a Nazi comic pros never seem to mention these Captain America isues.



Yes this one isn’t real. It should be.



Yes they actually did make a BattleTech comic miniseries.



AN image from Alex Jones’ younger days as he fends off the agents of the reptilian hordes.



From back when movie posters actually made people want to see a movie.



Back when quality war comics were a thing.



Before there was Jawbreakers… and your inner six year old just jumping up and down in excitement.



Sci-fi mystery comic? Well you have my attention.

Old Comic Covers

Aurora 4x: The Kriegmarshall’s Prayer

This one took about seven takes since I couldn’t keep myself from laughing. [1 min]


Our Father who art in Heaven.

Vengeful be thy hand.

Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done in Space is it is in Heaven.

Give us this day our daily reloads

And forgive our trespasses

as we forgive those who are not flithy xeno scum

lead us not into temptation

but deliver us from thots.

Mankind triumphant in the end

All Glory to Your Name

forever and ever


Aurora 4x: The Kriegmarshall’s Prayer

Aurora 4x: The 2040 Report to the Lords Militant.

This one’s about four minutes. Almost ready for exploration.

You can tell that I’m not very comfortable on the mic. That’s a problem I need to fix and one the main motivations for doing this series.

The whole process took much longer than I expected and I am very glad that I did not try to walk everyone through the twenty in game years it took to get to the point that I was ready to explore and risk an early war.

Aurora shines in the mid-game and as important as the early game is once you’ve see it a dozen times it’s nothing but a grind.

Besides there are enough tutorials out there. No sense wasting the viewers time.


That said I was NOT expecting to get a mention in the latest Sensor Sweep. Definitely came as a morale boost. Truly the Lords works in mysterious ways.


Link to the Crusader States of Terra Trailer Video with full script.

The Crusader States of Terra


and no I’m not currently planning any sort of Crusader States of Terra fiction. I have enough on my plate as it is.


Aurora 4x: The 2040 Report to the Lords Militant.

The Crusader States of Terra

I’ve been planning a Let’s play of Aurora 4x for years now. So naturally I needed to throw together a trailer. So here it is. It turned out to be a fairly decent piece of writing and a challenge to someone who’s never done any sort of video recording or editing.

It’s not great but it’s a first step.


The future looked bright.

We thought nothing could stop us.

We were wrong.


The Year was 2021

The year everything changed.

Humanity’s Golden Age was stolen from us.

Crushed stillborn in the womb.

The Face-Eating Giant Space Spiders had come. They were not our friends.

They attacked without warning. Without mercy.

Their technology was beyond comprehension.

We stood no chance against them.

Great swaths of humanity were mowed down.

Countless cities reduced to rubble.

Nations shattered beyond repair.

and then They moved on, perhaps to seek other prey.

The wormhole closed behind them.

By the slimmest of margins humanity had lived to see another day.


But humanity would be forever changed.

A great turning had began.

The Unification War of 2023-4 was shift and savage but ultimately necessary

Humanity would stand together against a cold cruel universe.


The year is now 2025. A new Government has formed under Emperor Donald II.

Humanity is one. At least for the moment. The Old Nations are all but destroyed.

Only the memories remain.

But those memories will be honored.

Billions have died.

Billions must still be avenged.

And for this we turn to our God and our Emperor.


With a single will Humanity shall face the terrors of the void.

And united we shall laugh in the face of death.

For we know that death is coming.

Let us greet it with a smile.

Great and terrible are our Enemies.

Vast is the cold dark expanse of the Void.

We have only a few Orion-drive ships and our technology seems pitiful in the face of the recent onslaught.

The odds are not in our favor.

Yet we must go.


For Humans are nothing if not determined.

We have crossed oceans in ships made of sticks and twine.

We went to the moon on a giant aluminum tube of liquid explosives and a prayer.

This is but one more challenge to overcome.

Long have we practised the brutal arts of war against our follow man.

But now we stand united as brothers and we shall put what we learnt to a righteous cause.

We shall rise from the ashes of our Homeworld.

We shall seize that which is rightfully ours.

We shall spread the Glory of the Infinite God across the Endless Sky.

And We shall strike down our foes with a righteous fury.

For who are we?


We are the Killer Monkeys From Planet Earth.

We are the Sons of Adam

We are the Enemies Most Relentless

We are the Emperor’s Chosen

and we shall prevail!

There can be no peace between Man and Spider.

Be we do not fear.

For if God be with us, then what can stand against us?


We are the Crusader States of Terra.

And we are going to Deus Vult the fuck out of everything!



The Kriegmarshall’s Prayer.

Aurora 4x: The Kriegmarshall’s Prayer

The Crusader States of Terra

Nerdlife 13: Never Tell Me the Odds

Sorry about the delay on this one but I got sucked into a wormhole and spent most of the last couple evening messing around with MegaMek and trying (er… failing) to get the hang of it. That campaign editor is just taunting me at this point. Sadly I’m not that familiar with the Battletech Tabletop rules.

Anyway let’s begin.

How to make Warhammer Adventures NOT suck [11 mins]

Arch Warhammer outlines his modest proposal for hoe to go about writing a children’s story in the Warhammer 40k universe while still staying faithful to established lore.


Cody Fernandez on the Punisher, antiheroes and how the character effected him as teenager.


An excellent take on vigilantes and the contrast between heroes who wear white hat and those who feel they must wear the grey hat.




Edible six pack holders? This is actually a good idea.



How the Crusades begin in Spain [22 mins]

The video is a little dry but this might be interesting to anyone who plays Crusader Kings or is interested in medieval history. Of note is how Pope Urban II seemed to consider the Reconquista of Spain to be equal in importance to retaking the Holy Land. Also a castle actually named “Deus Vult.”


Tim Simon on how Byzantium and Gondor from LotR are connected.


and yes this was Tolkien’s intention.



Strangely this would make for some pretty exciting comics. The character interaction between Knighty Knight and Detective Horse would no doubt by memorable.


J. D. Cohen Declares the Short Story dead and begins a murder investigation.


One thing I’m going to add it that it has proven to quite difficult to start writing short stories when you’ve grown up not reading them.


Mecha Warriors [song]

I just love the little stories this guy comes up with for his songs.


A quick note on worldbuilding.


Food, art and music. Food is the easiest but only becomes a concern when the characters don’t have a steady reliable supply of it. Or if they are moving between multiple cultures. Art and music are best left for the slower parts of the story and again would only be noticed if the character is operating outside his usual culture.



A typical day on any internet gaming forum.


Anthony M. On the nature of parody and what makes a good one.


The old maxim is that the best parodies are done out of a love for the source material. Which is why so much of the modern subversive comedy of recent years falls flat.



Where’s my tactical buzzbombs?


The Rocket Robin Hood opening and theme song.


This was a horrible cartoon but damn if that theme song didn’t inspire young boys. Also you do have to respect the sheer pulpiness of the premise.



Well okay when you look at it this way…


Amanda S, Green critiques the internal economics of Star Trek.



Military History Visualized on German Flak Towers in WWII [8 mins]

So basically a form of Nazi castle. These flak towers might also work transferred over to a sci-fi setting as spaceport cities would need to be defended against pirates and Marine raiders.



I case you we’re wondering just how ridiculous Disney Star Wars is.


Cameron Mount goes over the history of The Green Hornet and what made the character popular.


Quick note if you dig around on Youtube it is possible to find the old movie serials. Sometimes even edited together into a single movie.


1933 US Army Cavalry Training Film [10 mins]

A very interesting look at how interwar cavalry units operated. The horse handling procedures are also a great deal more involved than I would have envisioned. Each platoon also has two light machine guns organized into a weapons squad that breaks apart into fireteams to support the rifle platoons. This is logically the only way to do things but actually seeing how it was done is strangely satisfying.


An article covering the flaws in more contemporary vampire stories, while giving a few suggestions.


“The most common complaint I hear about Twilight (other than Kristen Stewart’s acting) is the vampire as a romantic figure. I wholeheartedly agree; casting a vampire character as a romantic figure is akin to putting a mosquito on the cover of People magazine.“




Jim Fear on how Realism destroys Sci-fi, Fantasy and Horror Stories.


These genres are fundamentally based on wonder and fantastic elements. Even Low Fantasy which uses supernatural elements very sparingly needs to sell those elements when they are encountered. Besides if I wanted reality I’d look out the window.




Battletech Lore: Origin of the Battlemech [14 mins]

Strangely topically at the moment. As there does seem to be a BattleTech revival of sorts in the works.



A neat piece of history.






J. D. Cohen Declares the Short Story dead and begins a murder investigation.


One thing I’m going to add it that it has proven to quite difficult to start writing short stories when you’ve grown up not reading them.








Jon Mollison on how the new wave of Independent Crowd-funded comics are rekindling his love for the medium.


Seriously – those of us following a policy of, “Don’t Give Money To People Who Hate You” are being boxed into ever tighter corners. Can’t watch TV. Can’t go to the movies. Can’t even enjoy vast swathes of tabletop gaming.”


— Wolfman out—

The womp rats died for nothing,

Nerdlife 13: Never Tell Me the Odds

Colonizing What Now?

Newest episode of Issac Arthur’s Outward Bound has been released and it discusses a planet mostly discounted in science fiction.

Colonizing Mercury [27 mins]

There’s a couple of interesting ideas thrown around here. Nomadic cities or mobile mining bases (very similar to the Nomad City mining operation ran by Lando Calrissian in Heir to the Empire.)

Mushroom Colonies: Which are interesting from an artistic or architectural stand point.

and then there’s building a planetary scale sterling engine.

Colonizing What Now?

Where the Krunkalo Roam

I hate leaving the blog quiet like this so here’s another story fragment. Partially inspired by a random gun picture someone posted on Twitter.

357magnumLooks like something you hunt werewolves with.


Ky looked nervously at his friend. “Seiko, we gotta lift soon. Last chance to take a hand blaster or something with you.”

Seiko ears flickered slightly. “Mission parameters.” He said coldly. “No high tech or anything that could draw attention to me.”

“Yeah., yeah John Wayne not Bruce Wayne but dude?” Ky protested.

“Do I tell you how to fix a hyperdrive?” Seiko said harshly. “Don’t tell me how to ranger.”

Ky didn’t have an answer for that. He’d made his opinion on this mission quite clear the night before and he hadn’t been the only one completely baffled by Seiko’s choice of weapon.

This was first and foremost a reconnaissance mission. Although Seiko had been given authority to attempt a solo rescue if he saw an opening his first objective was to locate the hostage. This meant he was going to have to think more like a spy, than a soldier.

He’d settled on the revolver carbine mostly because it was the sort of weapon a down on his luck dinosaur-riding desperado would be carrying. However there were a number of other advantages.

First and foremost the primitive firearm wouldn’t stand out as an obvious military weapon. Some computerized security systems might not even recognize a ‘wheel gun’ as a firearm. Seiko had only the vaguest idea what sort of scanners or surveillance aircraft he might be facing and not looking important enough to shoot had proved to be a useful strategy in the past.

The second point was that a revolver type weapon would not jam even in a full strength “gremlin field.” Even in the event of misfire all Seiko would have to do was keep pulling the trigger. Not a huge deal but noone who had ever survived a gremlin field ambush forgot the experience.

The final point was that .357 magnum was very popular among the Fenririan mercenaries known to be operating on this world. So if things truly went to shit Seiko would at least have chance to resupply from captured ammo, before he went off in a blaze of glory.

Well if he was going to dress up like a space cowboy, he might as well act the part.

Where the Krunkalo Roam