Canada Day Special

Canada Day Special: Peace and Love Edition.

A wrote this up last year but never sent it in to Ralph. Still the whole thing holds up pretty well and there’s no real reason not to post it.


Hockey fight escalation:

1: Staredown or cheap shot

2: Shoving match

3: One on one fight

4: Line brawl (5 on 5)

4.5: Goalie fight (6 on 6)

5: Benching clearing brawl


Okay this one starts out as line brawl, there’s a bit of ground and pound action, a few players come off the bench and then things escalate from there. The second half of the video consists of the coaches and the (clearly not very bright) officials trying to restore order all the while angry parents yell some not very nice things. I still have only the vaguest idea what happened. Junior hockey at it’s finest.

Sometimes you just want to get straight to the point. So here’s a very entertaining series of knockouts set to a well known song. Best watched with a beer in one hand, or possibly both hands.

This next fight appears to be from an American minor league but the Gods of Hockey care not which nation offers them sacrifices of blood and teeth. Besides anything that makes me want to watch Slapshot again has to be considered a good thing.

Bit of a slow pace on this one but WOW does the play-by-play announcer SELL it. Lot of raw talent there and he should definitely should be getting a call from the WWE. There’s a second flare up around the seven minute mark which is okayish but doesn’t stand up to the earlier fight. The last half of the video contains no fighting but does offer a few glimpses and chance remarks of minor hockey life.

Fairly standard NHL line brawl.

A much more exciting line brawl. This one’s a good example of hockey fight escalation with a cheap shot turning into a fight and then that fight becoming a line brawl as teammates jump in.

Now here’s an interesting fight or rather a series of fights. It starts off with two players in a one on one fight. This is a ‘fair’ fight but it quickly clear that one of the players is out matched by his opponent. The underdog puts on a good fight but goes down hard and hits his head on the ice. This causes enough bad blood between the teams to trigger a line brawl on the next play. As the line brawl starts to die down the two goaltenders decide to confront each other and put on a show for the fans.

One of the more interesting events in the history of international hockey.

The Spirit of Hockey invades other sports! Actual fight is from 2:00-5:00 but the first two minutes add the context to the story. Good reminder that bench clearing brawls are more common in baseball and even football than in hockey as most hockey fight rarely escalate past the line brawl level.

Non-hockey Canada Stuff:

Competitive eater Furious Pete attempts to commit suicide by shotgunning twenty of this author’s favourite off brand energy drinks.

I’m told this is a common problem.

I’ll end with this moment in Canadian history. This was a lot less funny than I remember it but one of the youtube comments caught my eye.

Best part, the punk was the son of a millionaire and had his life handed to him on a silver platter. Hypocritical shitface.”

Now I can’t really fact check that sort of thing too easily twenty years after the fact but it sure does ring a bell or two, don’t it?


So in closing keep your head up, your stick on the ice and remember

If France can survive the Reign of Terror.

Canada can survive the Reign of Tumblr.

-Wolfman out.

Canada Day Special

Beta Gamma and Antifa

Analyzing the Sacramento Attack from an SSH perspective.

The Sacramento brawl between a group of nationalist and a violent band of leftist agitators claiming to be antifascists has been on my mind all day.

Last night I made several snarky remarks before I fully grasped the seriousness of the event or the gravitas of the situation. Again those who know me well know that I have a very black sense of humor, (which I try to confine to the internet.) Do somewhat regret making those comments but that’s life on the internet.

Having to come to terms with the concept of violent protests led and organized by paid professional agitators has not been easy for someone who lives in a fairly peaceful part of the world and who had been completely withdrawn from politics for a decade. The spectacle of so called ‘anarchists’ protesting against the Brexit and cheerfully doing the bidding of the international bankers and bigger government, left me practically speechless. The mind-numbing doublethink and lack of self-awareness involved in these leftist protests is simply alien and beyond my capacity to understand, (even as a recovering Gamma.)

However it was a post on Vox Day’s blog that set the stage for a rather amusing day of mediation as I grappled with a lot of the questions raised by recent events and battled through anger and despair. This post is the end result of all this.

As always with anything on this blog Social-Sexual Hierarchy related treat this article as an essay presented before the class rather than any sort of textbook.

Vox’s blog post in question. Warning of further Leftist violence in the coming months.

Please note that I’m responding not necessarily to the article itself but rather to a pair of insightful comments which will be quoted in full. I suppose this is a rather petty thing to do but I want to recreate a chain of thought I had this afternoon and those comments are what sparked it.

Comment 23 by Alynn 71

Little game action going on there. The chicks are the ones pushing for the fight and the most militant from what I can tell.

Getting some serious tingles.”

This is what got my attention. After all at least 99% of all male SJWs are textbook Gammas. Sadly Gammas are not very good fighters. So who is doing the fighting in these sorts of groups?

Comment 25 by praetorian

Anti-fa == Antifascist

Didn’t expect to see it in the US, let alone my back yard, outside of some Berkeley LARP’ers. Turns out we’re gonna have a race war after all, I guess.

In Europe, my understanding is that antifa is often state-subsidized, and much more violent. Willing to go to houses, etc. Not an expert, just read about it online.

I do notice that in most antifa fights I’ve seen, long sticks are a standard weapon. The fighters are commonly long, skinny types with reach but not much power, the more effective guys look like ex-skaters.”

In my observations tall, handsome but slender men almost always have some form of the Beta mindset. I jokingly call this Beta subtype the Elf Prince. Oddly this matches the description given by Praetorian. Could it be that the only effective fighters in antifa are mid-low Betas?

Tall, skinny and ugly men tend to be Gammas. (Gammas are always all bone or all fat, never any meat.)

On the flip side I’ve also noticed that short, muscular men tend to be High to Mid Deltas. These also happen to be the sort of men that Game and NeoMasculinity tend to produce in numbers.

Therefore a hypothetical street battle between the Militant Right and Antifa would bear a ironic and hilarious resemblance to a fantasy battle between Dwarfs and Elves.

This errr… revelation absolutely cracked me up. That said what are the martial arts implications when a group of mostly tall slender men are fighting a group of mostly short muscular determined men? I don’t have an answer for that but I’m sure that somebody else has thought long and hard about it.

Sidetrack: Beta Leadership

A group of men led by a Beta will do just fine.

A mixed group of men and women led by a Beta is in deep shit.

Betas tend to have no problem gaining the respect and trust of other men. Of all the SSH ranks Betas are the fastest to make friends and the slowest to make enemies. They do however have difficulty keeping the respect of women and most Betas will have a great deal of trouble dealing with an aggressive or scheming woman or worse a High Gamma Secret King who sees the lack of a group Alpha as his chance to seize the Crown and win the favour on his Fine Lady.

Needless to say a Beta led organization that consists of both sexes is living on borrowed time. Sooner or later an ambitious woman will use her charms to turn the Deltas and Gammas against the leadership or a rare talented High Gamma will weasel his way into power via indirect conflict. At that point if the organizational isn’t already SJW converged, it will be shortly after.

This is more or less what I expect to happen to any Antifa groups. The Beta leadership controlling the money will either lose control of the Alpha and Delta Thugs they are using as rent-a-chimps or the Gammas and special snowflakes will corrupt the fragile organization and destroy it’s effectiveness.

In Conclusion:

In a street battle with a group of antifas or similar organization try to pick out the tall handsome but slender men. They are the Betas are therefore most likely the leadership or at least the most useful members of the core organization. Any Alphas or Deltas present are probably just hired thugs; while dangerous taking them out does not harm the parent organization. Gammas are useful idiots and will break quickly once they realize that things are not going their way. Punching as Gamma is an incredibly enjoyable and uplifting life experience but Gammas really don’t matter in the long run and are easily replaceable in leftist movements. So go for the Betas, find the pretty boys and make them a little less pretty. That way you’re not only dealing with a dangerous opponent but doing some lasting damage to the enemy movement.


Sigma leadership is possible but unlikely in a collectivist movement besides if you’re kicking the crap of out of anyone who looks like a Beta or High Delta you’ll almost certainly going to get the Sigma as well.


Omegas have back episodes of anime to watch and will not be present for street battles of any kind.


Nobody has any ideas what hell the Lambdas are doing while this whole thing is going… in fact it’s best if we don’t ask.

Beta Gamma and Antifa

Hail Britannia

Brexit thoughts: All Hail Britannia


The British have done it! The first real solid blow to the globalist establishment in living memory has landed and it caught everybody completely by surprise. Hell this might be the first real victory for Western Civilization since the days of Napoleon.

The Eurocrats had 100% control of the media, the full support of the international financiers and an endless horde of hack celebrities parroting fear and platitudes… and they STILL lost!

Why? Because staying in the European Union was THAT BAD of an idea.

Now I’m just a filthy colonial but at no point did I hear a Remain argument that wasn’t fear, terror or complete bullshit. In fact I’m actually a little confused as to why the establishment Left committed so hard to the Remain campaign?

Make no mistake Britain’s fight for freedom is just beginning but the stunning victory of the opening battle has left the Elites completely stunned and humiliated. The West stirs and there is life in the giant still.


Paul Joseph Watson on the Brexit victory

Take 5 minutes and watch this.

Of note here is that Mr. Watson predicts the next moves the EU supporters will make.

-Blame the next terror attack on Brexit ‘destabilizing Europe.’

-Blame the popping of the financial bubble.

-Propose a New Deal to stay in the EU

-A second referendum on the issue. Followed by more and more until the silly plebs get it right.

Note the last of these is already happening.


Britain chooses Freedom Over Fear (17 mins)

Sargon of Akkad’s Take

I like Sargon when he’s defiant and full of righteous anger but he takes a very calm rational tone with this video. At least at the beginning…

Milo’s Article on the Brexit

Firstly, it’s a total rebuke to the normal tactics used by media and cultural elites to crush popular uprisings. They must really be panicking. How could so many people not do what the media and their political leaders told them to do?  Could it be that branding voters you don’t like racist, bigoted, or “low-information” simply doesn’t work anymore?”


Yes my friends it’s CURRENT YEAR and the Stone Age tactics of 2014 are no longer effective. We saw this early in GamerGate (of all things) people are simply adapting to the standard operation procedures of the Left. The groupthink of SJWs in particular is almost mechanical and extremely predictable once you’ve encountered it two of three times. With more and more leftwing organizations getting co-opted by or decaying into fully converged institutions this complete predictability will become more and more of a weakness to the rising Alt-Right or quite frankly anyone who is sick of this insanity.

2016 will be a good year. We’ll get to watch to both The Wicked Witch of the West (Hillary Clinton) and the Wicked Witch of the East (Angela Merkel) melt away in horrible screeching defeat. I have my popcorn ready, how about you?

Typical anti-Brexit article. (So much salty goodness.)

Hits up all the fear mongering talking points.

Typical twitter conversation following the Brexit.


Sadly I didn’t save too many of these but any doubt in my mind that supporting the Brexit (in an internet slackivist manner) has been completely erased by the sheer outrage and pettiness of Remain supporters wailing and gnashing their teeth all over social media!


And we shall end this article with this masterpiece of rhetoric.

Who says art can’t inspire?

Thank you based Japan.

Somehow you knew this day would come.

Hail Britannia

AR-15 Facts and Secret History

Evil Looking Gun Thought to be an AR-15


AR-15 Facts

-Zeus no longer strikes down mortals with lightning these days since an AR-15 does the job just as well.

-The only thing that can stop a man with an AR-15 is a man with two AR-15s.

-AR-15s will asexually reproduce if left to their own devices.

-Any animal killed by an AR-15 will be reincarnated as a higher form of life.

-The South lost the Civil War because they didn’t have any AR-15s.

-The South insists that they will be ready next time.

-AR-15s have been found growing on trees in parts of Alabama.

-You can leave an AR-15 laying in mud for twenty years. Dig it up covered in rust and still piss off a liberal with it.

-AR-15s can disguise themselves as other guns. As a result no journalist is entirely sure what an AR-15 actually looks like.

-The militaries of the world will not ban nuclear weapons but they have all agreed never to shoot AR-15s at each other.

-An AR-15 was sent back in time by MIT scientists. That AR-15 is believed to be responsible for the Armenian genocide.

-AR-15 can be converted into an M-60 Patton main battle tank. This is about a six hour process for your average gunsmith.

-In a survival situation you can eat your AR-15 as an emergency protein ration. Just remember to spit out the firing pin.

-The AR-15 will shoot three bullets for every one you load into the magazine.

-Dual wielding AR-15s is encouraged.

-One in ten Americans are born with an AR-15. The rifle then has to be carefully pried out of their hands by hospital staff and then thoroughly cleaned.

-AR-15s will become fully automatic if the user screams “dakka dakka dakka!”

-For best results please clean your AR-15 using the tears of your enemies.


Things you can shoot out of an AR-15 when you get tired of boring old bullets.

Armor piecing incendiary buckshot

Groin seeking microgrenades

Charles Bronson

Tomahawk cruise missiles

Overdue library books

Other AR-15s

Scottish claymores

Fully loaded baked potatoes

Chaff canisters (to jam police radar guns)

Poison arrow tree frogs

Half ton pickup trucks


History of the AR-15:

The AR-15; more properly known as the Armstrong Lunar Combat Rifle was developed by NASA in 1969 in response to the need for a weapon that could punch through the heavily armored spacesuits worn by Moon Nazis. Previous engagements had proven that the standard issue space glock could only kill a Moon Nazi at what amounted to point blank range.

The resulting weapon was reliable, accurate and easily enchanted with magical abilities. The AR-15 was the mainstay weapon used in the Operation Apollo raids and many Moon Marines became deeply attached to their weapon often smuggling them home. After the First Lunar War surplus stocks of AR-15s were quietly sold off on the civilian market in a failed attempt to balance the budget.

The Second Lunar War of 1979-1983 allowed the AR-15 to show it’s worth again. Proving more reliable and easier to use in a spacesuit than the Soviet gyrojet rifle the AR-15 allowed the outnumbered Americans to stand their ground against the relentless waves of Soviet Space Commandos.

NASA and the US Moon Marines now longer use the AR-15 in frontline service, however the rifle is still preferred over the new AR-17Ns for use in martian conditions. More importantly any citizen who is familiar with the AR-15 can quickly learn to use the AR-17N and serve as a Moon Marine in the event of an alien invasion. This is main reason the AR-15 in legal in US and that the US military is covertly pressuring peaceful gun hating countries like Canada to legalize the AR-15. More shooters means more Moon Marines. Which means more problems for those horrible green things from Sirius VI – Moon 8.

AR-15 Facts and Secret History

Reacting to the Orlando Attack

A Quick Reaction To the Orlando Nightclub Shooting

First of all I apologize to anyone still reading this blog for the lack of recent content. I’ve been going through a crisis of confidence lately. In additional I’m sure unsure whether this is supposed to be just another geek blog or an alt-right political commentary. I’ll probably be jumping back and forth from topic to topic as various whims take my fancy. Bear with me I’m basically operating out of a hat here.

So what brings me here tonight? Politics and current events. Two things I’m not comfortable covering but sadly the only things I’ve ever written that anyone ever cared about were ridiculous platitudes like “I believe that children should be educated, not indoctrinated or used as sex toys by a ruling elite.”

I writing this on June 13th 2016 the day after Orlando nightclub shooting and it is with great anger and difficulty that I am trying to wrap my head around what has happened and more importantly how insane and baffling the media reaction to this event has been. Those who know me well know I have a tendency towards gallows humor. I am in no way making light of the death of forty-nine people but I am simply trying to cope with the tragedy, in the way that works best for me. Besides if you’re easily offended you’re probably reading the wrong blog.

This post is just my quick reaction to the tragedy and the initial media spin. I’ll reserve the right to do a more comprehensive rant once the victims have been buried and the full story has come to light.

The quick version: by Paul Joseph Watson

The LONG version: by Stefen Molyneux

Seriously if have the time watch this video or listen to the podcast.

In short this was an act of terrorism. An undeniable act of terrorism where Islamic teaching was undeniably a major factor if not the sole cause. So what was the immediate reaction of the mainstream media? To blame everything but Islam and to immediately call for stricter gun control. Oddly the exact same reaction to the terrorist attack in California six months earlier.

This was a not a shooting.

This was not a hate crime!



Now the known suspect Omar Mateen does give off a bit of a ‘patsy’ vibe (which doesn’t change the fact he’s a fucking terrorist and can burn in hell!) People are also VERY suspicious about the official story so far. Still this is another attack on The West and still the media elite bend over backwards in order to deny that there is any sort of a problem.

This was not a ‘lone wolf’ attack as the shooter had at least one accomplice.

Report that the shooter was gay.

Definitely a little wary of the tabloid nature of that article but if it’s true the story above paints an entirely different picture of the one known suspect.

So in summary Omar Mateen;

-A second generation immigrant. (Second generation immigrants always have issues with identity, but that’s another blogpost.)

-Had a failed marriage that was likely abusive

-Poor relationship with father

-Possible closeted gay

-Showed clear signs of mental illness

-Became radicalized (likely searching for a identity.)

-Those warning signs were ignored out of political correctness

-Had already been investigated by the FBI

Yes, this whole thing was a clusterfuck just waiting to happen but that’s not what has me pissed off.

The virtue signalling!


I stayed off twitter most of yesterday (watching Hearts of Iron IV let’s plays instead; which you have to admit is a better use of my time.) However I did catch quite a few sickening examples of leftist virtue signalling and calls for gun control, rants about white supremacy, toxic masculinity and other flavors of the week.


Including this… the Anti-GamerGate crowd trying to tie the shooting to violent videogames.


Okay… I’m still trying to figure the logic behind that one. Have to be deep, deep into the gamma bubble for any of that to make sense. Sad to think I was once a fan of MovieBob Chipman.

Now compare all of that to how islamists reacted to the nightclub shooting.


Why that’s not problematic at all. Truly the religion of peace.

Islamists and the Progressive Left: The Anti-Humanist Alliance

So why do social justice warriors and the extreme support Islam when most, if not all Muslims are violently against every single one of their trendy causes like gay rights and animal cruelty? Is it because Islam and SOCJUS are both enemies of The West? Well partially but another aspect of this most unlikely of bedfellows is that both parties are anti-humanist in nature. As in both groups would deny human nature and hold that human beings have an inherently negative value.

I really need to finish the half-written article I have on this subject but I’ll leave you with a trailing thought.

Is the amoral familism found in Arab culture a defensive evolution in order to allow a family to survive in an anti-humanist society? Well it’s something to think about, anyway.

Anyway that’s all I have to say for the time being. Now if you’ll excuse me I need to go wash the taste of pompous media asshatery out of my mouth.

End Notes/ Bonus Links

Mike Cernovich’s Article on there likely being more than one shooter.

Ethan “The Ralph” Ralph’s editorial on the attack.

Janet “Judgybitch” Bloomfield’s rantastic blogpost on the leftist reaction to the attack.

Matt Forney’s response to all the people he pissed off on Twitter the day of the shooting.

I was wondering what had happened; he keep retweeting death threats and butthurt idiots but I couldn’t figure out what he had said to piss them off so much. Good work Matt. That was some high tier shitlording.

R.S. McCain on the blameshifting going on in the media.

Story about the shooter’s father being a long time CIA asset.

Unsure about the source here but it certainly would fill in a lot of the background. Also exactly the sort of man the CIA would keep around “just in case.”

Reacting to the Orlando Attack