Heinlein’s Curse: Redheads and Geekdom

Workplace romances are always a bad idea and I do my best to avoid them.

Which is why I am absolutely NOT interested in that cute, adorable, geeky redhead girl; (half my age), who thinks I’m physically attractive and is clearly looking to make a mistake.

No interest whatsoever…

May lightning strike me down if I’m lying.

Yes, yes Man cannot live by bread alone but we all know how these stories end.


That’s right, dear readers, I have indeed fallen under the influence of Heinlein’s Curse.


Heinlein’s Curse:

The possession of red hair gives any female +2 SMV (sexual market value) in the eyes of any male who has ever read a piece of science fiction. Spell resist does not negate.




Search your heart. You know it to be true.

But wait how is this a curse? Shouldn’t it be called Heinlein’s Law or Heinlein’s Blessing? Why it is a curse? Well two reasons.

First of all…

It also applies to women like THIS



Sorry but I had to get my point across.

and second of all Heinlein’s Curse does a tremendous amount of damage to any geek community foolhardy enough to ignore it’s existence.

I mean just think of how thirsty your typical geek is? Now add two points of SMV to an average semi-geek woman. On a ten point scale the effect is dramatic! Our thirsty geek friend is suddenly willing to completely humiliate himself in order to get the attention of a woman he considers a seven. Even worse he is humiliating himself over a woman that outside non-geek observers correctly see as a five, making the geek look even more awkward and ridiculous then he normally would.

The red hair effect gets even more dangerous when you take already attractive or charming woman and give her red hair. Geeks are willing to humiliate themselves over a average woman with red hair, when a hot redheaded chick appears they quickly turn into drooling fedora-clad zombies. Muttering to themselves, longing for the embrace of their Goddess and completely ignoring non-redheaded women who are actually interested in them.

Heinlein’s Curse destroys normal male-female geek relations which are always badly strained at the best of times. The unnatural preference geek culture gives to red-haired women is grossly unfair to blondes and brunettes. Especially to brunettes since blonds can fall to the dark side and dye their hair red.

But the real damage to Geek Culture, comes from the Geek Celebrities. Here is where the Curse works its dark magic.


To be bluntly factual; Felicia Day’s usurperous claim to the title Queen of the Geeks and for that matter pretty much her entire career is based SOLELY on the fact she has red hair.

I would wager that if Ms. Day ever dyed her hair black that she would lose control of her powerful beta orbiters and that tens of thousands of adoring white knights and internet cuckmandos would lose interest in her Worshipfulness and drift away in pursuit of some other fair maiden . Never underestimate the power of Heinlein’s Curse you will encounter it throughout all parts of geekdom.

There was definitely some Heinlein’s Curse going on inside the GamerGate community. I’ll tell you that for damn sure. I don’t want to bring up old drama but there were at least two clear cases of a barely above average woman dying her hair red and then suddenly attracting hordes of thirsty geeks. You could almost scientifically measure the Curse. It got even worse when you added in one women who had natural red hair and was actually attractive. Damn near had white knight crusade at one point! Hell I would have been right there tipping fedoras and hacking off limbs. Luckily M’Lady had enough integrity to back off and get everybody to calm down.

So in summary; we don’t know where Heinlein’s Curse came from (although one theory believes the Curse is the result of Mr. Heinlein’s publisher cheating him out of royalties) and we have no idea how to break this most wicked and evil curse but every geek should be aware of the Curse’s existence and try to account for it in his life.

Lastly be especially careful around unattractive overweight women who have dyed their hair red… or for that matter any bright colour. Just because you’re thirsty doesn’t mean you should drink from poisoned wells.

And about my situation… Please send your prayers. I’m not sure how much longer I can hold out.

Heinlein’s Curse: Redheads and Geekdom

Canada, America and Central Values

I really would like to talk about less serious topics like books about spaceships or semi-naked elf chicks but I seem to be on roll with the serious business stuff so I might as well keep going…

One of the problems I’m going to face with my political or philosophical writings is that I’m not formally trained in either discipline and therefore do not always know the proper terminology for concepts I wish to discuss. This means that I have no choice but to speak in plain English and to define my terms as clearly as I can. I invite readers to correct me but in the meantime let’s get down to business.

So let’s start with a question?

Why are the Toronto media elite such miserable soulless vapid pretentious douchebags? Is it because they are desperately trying to be the New York media elite? Canada and America are brother nations so close culturally that this shouldn’t matter right?

If there is a difference between the two nations it would have to be subtle and difficult to find. So where do we even look?

Central Values:

America’s Central Value is Liberty: Liberty is a self evident Truth. This is America’s great advantage; the one thing that makes them Americans is a Universal Human Truth that anyone who does enough soul searching has to eventually discover; whether or not they choose to embrace that Truth is another thing entirely.


Canadians like Liberty but is it a Central Value? No we can’t really say that but something related to Liberty is.

Canada’s Central Value is Humanism: Fish tend not to notice water. Canadians tend not to notice Humanism but the philosophy is absolutely everywhere and it permeates all aspects of Canadian society. Americans are polite because the other guy might have a .44 magnum in his trunk and pissing him off for no good reason in not a long term survival strategy. Canadians are polite… but why? Is it that the belief that human being have positive value such a unspoken maxim that to do otherwise is unthinkable?

Understanding that Humanism is THE CENTRAL VALUE to the Canadian nation is the key to rebuilding the Canadian Right and answering the decades long rise of The Left. Blindly importing American Right arguments will not work as Canada is not America. The difference is subtle but it is there and that difference must be respected. If multiculturalism is a lie; Canadian values DO exist and can be discovered. It will not be easy but we are a nation of explorers.

Liberty and Humanism are closely related values and strong enough belief in one will eventually lead to belief in the other. This is why it’s so easy for an American immigrant to become Canadian and vice versa. Still we are brother nations not Siamese twins.


National Struggle:

Accepting the concept that a nation can have a Central Value. We then come to the idea of a National Struggle. This a internal cultural struggle within the nation that develops early in a nations history and continues as long as the nation is recognizable as itself. A National Struggle is typically between the nations Central Value or leading virtue and the related but opposite vice.

America’s national struggle is Liberty vs Tyranny:

Most of my handful of readers are Americans and I don’t really need to explain this one too much. America is the nation of Liberty yet at same time forever fighting the creeping spectre of Tyranny.

Canada’s national struggle is Humanism vs Anti-Humanism:

Determining that humanism is Canada’s central value explains so much of the cultural struggle going on within my nation. From the infestation of social justice warriors to the environmentalist loons forever preaching to the masses the most grievous cancer threaded through the Canadian Left have one thing in common; they are anti-humanists who believe that humans being have negative value. They might say otherwise but their actions speak for themselves. Besides SJWs always lie.

Poland’s national struggle is The West vs The East:

A very interesting case; Poland is culturally part of Western Europe since the Middle ages yet ethnically Slavic and therefore part of Eastern Europe. This gives Poland a very unique character as the national struggle comes not a central value versus an opposing vice but rather from the fact that Poland is simultaneously part of two different civilizations.

Russia’s national struggle is The Dream of the Future vs The Nightmare of the Past:

Russians seem to be prone to utopian thinking but at the same time they as a nation are absolutely haunted by their dark bloody past. Seventy years later and the Russian people still have not completely recovered from the losses they took during the second world war. Let’s be honest if you were Russian you’d drink too.


South Africa? My best guess would be something along the lines of The Builders vs the Looters. Although I have to admit I know only the bare basics of South African history.

Funny now that I think about but it seems The Right supports a nations central value while The Left supports that nations opposing vice. Maybe that’s pattern? Who knows but it’s would looking into.

Canada, America and Central Values

Humanism and the Political Spectrum

Humanism (as I define it) is the radical notion that human beings have value and that said value however small is nonetheless a positive one. This is (as far as I can tell) a Christian value and is central to the faith. There may be other instances of humanist thought throughout history but I haven’t found any that didn’t start from Christian teaching.

So what happens when we take the idea of humanism and cross examine it against various political ideologies?

It’s an interesting if somewhat frightening chain of thought.

Communist: Value is a evil capitalist concept. To the Gulag to anyone who says otherwise. Humans have no value. Only the New Socialist Man has true value and as many valueless humans as necessary must be sacrificed in order to pave the way for the New Socialist Man.

Progressive: All humans have a negative value but some humans are less negative than others. We should strive to reform society until all humans have a value of zero. That is the way to make everyone ‘equal‘. Anyone who disagrees that all humans should have zero value is a sexist, racist, fascist, homophobic monster.

Liberal: Humans have value but since we can’t measure that value we’re just going to treat every one as completely equal. We don’t have to do math this way.

Conservative: Humans have value but different humans have a different value. Still we don’t want to do any math or heavy thinking so let’s just round things off and treat everyone more or less equally.

Libertarian: Humans have value and we know that value is subjective. Also we recognize that different societies value various types of humans differently. Therefore in global free market people will logically move to the society where they have the highest relative value and thus maximize the total worldwide value of humanity.

Alternate-Right: If humans have value and each society has different values shouldn’t we discuss what makes a human valuable to our society or how a person can make themselves more valuable to that society?

Militant Right: If humans have a value and each human has a different value and different societies value different humans differently. Then is it not possible for some people have a negative value in our society and that we should remove them into order to raise the total value of that society?

Humanism and the Political Spectrum

Be Warned, Dear Reader!

A Mission Statement of Sorts


Be warned readers, this blog sails through troubled waters and the black flag may be hoisted at a moments notice.

I appear to have been pressganged into the Alt-Right. Fair enough, I suppose that’s what I get for hanging out with Rapid Puppies in the bad part of the internet. Well sooner or later I was going to have to start a blog of my own. No time like the present.

I’ve always believed that it is best to argue from the extreme point of view while acting in moderation. The Alt-Right is pretty much perfect for arguing from the extreme. So expect plenty of that. Besides attacking The Left’s sacred cows is just so much more fun than trying to reason with the unreasonable mainstream. That said any Alt-Right reader will need to keep in mind that I spend just as much time talking and listen to the Antiwar Left as I do talking to the Alt-Right. I just don’t do it on twitter in front of everybody. Now, because of the topics I wish to discuss (history, war, civilization and economics) I expect to draw a mostly right leaning audience. Liberal readers are still welcome but are advised to stay out of the comment section as



Keep your cutlasses sharp and your powder dry.

This is mostly going to be another geek blog and I’m not really that interesting a man. The world we live in is far more interesting and there should be plenty to talk about. Still I suppose I should get a basic introduction out of the way. So four quick things about who I am.

I am a Libertarian:

Yes I believe in Liberty. I believe in Freedom and I believe in freedom of speech. How the hell is this controversial? These are not “American Inventions” these are universal human truths. America simply had a good long taste of Freedom and decided that it was to their liking.

I’m a big fan of the Mises Institute, particularity historian Ralph Raico and make absolutely no apologies for being so.

As an advocate of free speech I often find myself being far more offensive and vulgar than I normally would be but hey this is the internet. Being sane and moderate on the internet? Well that’s just plain boring and wouldn’t make for a entertaining blog now, would it?

Once again I believe in arguing from the extreme position and I know Libertarian Theory well enough that I can argue VERY EXTREME. So seriously “fuck your roads.”

After all Anarchy begins with eh?

I am a Humanist:

I believe in humanity. That’s a hard thing for me to say considering how pessimistic am I. Still human beings have value and are at least worth trying to save. This is very Western point of view but consider myself to be a Defender of the West, however feeble my efforts.

As a counterpoint I’m also a race realist, (white guilt-free since 2015) and willing to concede that the bearded man waving the scimitar might not have my best interests in mind. I’m a humanist, I’m not a moron.

I am a Nationalist:

Libertarianism and Humanism are ideologies that are luxuries of the strong. So in order to hold myself to those values I must focus on being stronger. Strength starts with self respect. Self respect starts with having a clear identity. How do we do that in the modern world? I think having a clear knowledge of history is a good starting point. Take time to study the history of your own nation and make sure you go beyond the surface level stuff they teach you in high school, Learn the virtues of your country and not just the vices.

I believe in my country. I may not be terribly fond of the State that controls it but as a Libertarian I understand that the State and Society are two separate things. In other words; I’m loyal to the Crown not to the inbred twit wearing it.

Canada is a nation of pioneers, explorers and builders. We are a young nation, young enough that we know the names of our founding fathers and have written, provable records of their deeds. Samuel de Champlain in particular is a man you can use as a role model. My renewed focus on Humanism comes mostly from reading a biography on Champlain.

We explore, we pioneer and build; (then we get drunk and play hockey.) Those are real Canadian values, not the wishy-washy crap the CBC preaches. Canada is a country that was forged at great cost and it will not be as easy to destroy as the globalists and traitors think.

Every nation has its own core values, its own founding fathers or legendary heroes and most of all its own history. I can only speak for my nation but I will take time to listen about yours.

(Sidenote: Canadian history makes a LOT more sense once you’ve learned American history as well.)

I am just one more enemy that The Left has MADE for itself:

I am the loser, the broken, the dejected, the forsaken. I completely dropped out of politics a decade ago. I gave up on my dreams, I abandoned my mission. I fled to what I thought was a refuge, only to find the intellectually bullies and ideologues of the Left pursuing me. I was broken, depressed, suicidal. They could have ignored me. I was completely destroyed, why bother me? They could have savoured their victory, enjoyed their snobbish superiority but no they had to come after me, to arrogantly piss on the ashes; they had to kick the old beaten dog just one more time.

They forgot one thing however; even an old beaten dog has teeth.

I abandoned my mission but I have a new mission now and it’s going to be a whole lot of fun.


Quick End Note: When I say ‘Liberal’ I’m using it in the Canadian way meaning “moderate-left.” You guys are fine, if just a little mentally ill. I can at least hold a conversation with you. Progressives and Socialists however can go eat a buffalo dick (or a long English cucumber if your one of those vegan hipster fuckwads.)

Also I do have a twitter account (@Wolfman977) but it’s mostly for #GamerGate #SadPuppies and other weird, nerdy shit. Follow at own risk.

Be Warned, Dear Reader!

It’s Time to Face Reality Trump Will Win

That’s it folks! The establishment has failed. The progressive nutjobs have failed so hard it’s actually funny. Donald Trump will be the next president of the United States. I can think of no scenario where he does not win. To think anything else is to be in denial. So what now? I guess it’s time we all cracked open a beer.

Now don’t get me wrong. If you need to start crying in your beer, I understand. After all with the state of the world I think we’re shedding a few tears now and then. Trump is by no means a great candidate but at least he’s not as terrible as any of the other remaining candidates and after the events of March 11th 2016 Trump is the only possible choice for the sane American voter. When every other choice leads to certain disaster the one path that might lead to safety become the only choice. How did this devil’s bargain come about?

The American Establishment (especially the Republic establishment) does NOT understand the concept of blowback.

Seriously what part of “No Bushes! No Clintons!” did these think tank retards not understand? There was no way the American people were going to accept another president from one of those two royal families. Hell last time they were willing to settle on Obama in order to keep The Wicked Witch of the West out of office. So when Trump offered the rightfully disgruntled Republican base a way out of a soul crushing Hillary Clinton vs Jeb Bush match up why is anybody surprised they jumped at the chance?

But Trump is a rrrrrrracistttt!!!

So what! Better a racist than Clinton! How many blacks did Clinton get killed in Libya?

We need to STOP TRUMP!!! (because reasons)

America had a chance to stop Trump. His name was Ron Paul but that was the past and we need to consider the future.

Trump is a FASCIST!!! (Also a meanie)

Okay let’s stop there. I don’t consider Trump a fascist but he might be the last chance to stop the radical left short of second wave fascism. How historically did the fascists get into power. In every case (certainly in Italy) the fascists got into power because the common people were afraid of a communist takeover.

Now there are no real communists left in world but instead we have the radical feminists, cultural Marxists and other forms of inter-sectional filth. Who is their champion? Hillary Clinton. Why? I have no idea! No seriously I’m completely baffled by this. None the less every pretentious, utopia nutjob is rallying the Team Clinton or her semi-controlled opposition Bernie Sanders and quite frankly their making complete asses of themselves.

Onward to Chicago, Democrat stronghold and the events of the eleventh. Thousands of “protestors” including an unknown number of professional agitators disrupted a Trump rally in a violent aggressive manner and then were stupid enough to brag about all over the internet.


Truly some fine outstanding gentlemen. Not Marxists at all.


Most of the “perfectly peaceful peoples’ power protesters” were associated with the never ending fail that is Black Lives Matters and the most vocal claimed to be Bernie Sanders supports. I say claimed because there are credible claims that this event was part of a Clinton operation but who knows maybe the BernieBros really are that stupid to let themselves be used that way?


Naturally the mainstream media began making excuses for the Trump Rally being broken up by rent-a-thugs. That was expected. What was not expected was Ted “Cloak and Dagger” Cruz taking the side of left wing nut job agitators!


Thousands of former supporters vocally abandoned the Cruz camp and who knows how many do so silently. It’s almost as if Mr. Cruz was throwing the fight! No maybe not of course just a case of pride coming before the fall.


And so it begins. Hillary Goddamn Clinton with all the power and prestige of the American establishment and the full support of the corporate media versus Donald Trump and the average American. This is a battle the Establishment thinks it can win, there’s just one tiny problem with this plan.

Trump NUKES Clinton OUT OF THE WATER in a general election!!!

How? Well now that the geniuses of Black Lives Matter and Move On.org have rallied the Right around Trump, Trump can draw in the disgrunted left by attacking Clinton as a rightwing warmonger. This is something Cruz or Rubio couldn’t do. If Ted Cruz leaves a trail of slime behind him where ever he goes. Clinton leaves a trail of scandals and crimes behind her. There is so much blood on her hands that her enemies simply don’t know where to begin exhuming corpses.

Okay let’s start with the most obvious; Libya. Hilary Clinton was the driving force behind the Libyan War. A war of choice where America supported the veterans of Al Queda in Iraq in overthrowing Qaddafi. Why? So that Italy and France could get at Libya’s oil? Okay… maybe that makes sense? However the blowback from the Libyan War has been enormous leading to a chain of events that dramatically strengthened what would later become ISIS and indirectly led to the migrant crisis that is crippling Europe. All of which can be laid at the feet of Hillary Clinton. Seriously who were the mouth-breathing idiots who decided that this women was ‘electable.’

This is just one issue! Trump will find more! What about the email scandals? Hell Trump can probably just ask Putin for copies of the deleted emails. Why not get a little diplomacy in while he’s on the campaign trail. This woman is so haunted by corruption and incompetence that she might as well be radioactive to the general public. No Trump has this. This election is decided. The Wall will be built. It will still be a horrible long slog of a struggle but in the end the Establishment (and the radical forming at the mouth left) is going to suffer an absolutely humiliating lose at the hands of the American people.

And the entire rest of the world will be cheering them on.

End Notes/Further Reading:

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It’s Time to Face Reality Trump Will Win