The Groyper War: Point of Turning

I haven’t done a political theory post in a while but the craziness going on as Turning Point USA gets burnt to the ground by a plague of angry Jew hating amphibians has me cackling with glee. Wolfie does love him some schadenfreude.


The key event? Charlie Kirk getting booed off the stage at his own event.

The Groyper Bomb: A short clip highlighting these happenings. [2 mins]

So who is funding this Turning Point USA organization that came out of nowhere and employs mostly 2015 and 2016 never-Trumpers?


Vince from The Red Elephants on the state of Conservative Inc. [15mins]

A quick take I threw out there… but I’m going to have to explain the whole third wave thing.

So what is a groyper? Are they simply alt-retards that have had a chance to grow up slightly? That was my initial thoughts but upon further reflection there’s quite a bit going on here.

To start off I’m going to have to explain why the term Dissident Right is so useful here. Dissident Right is the term preferred by the blogger Zman

and it’s useful it this context because it’s a blanket term that covers anyone who isn’t part of the controlled right wing establishment.

The Three Waves:

If we go by the premise that the mainstream Right has been co-opted and destroyed by the enemies of Western Civilization sometime in the post WWII era, then it becomes possible to describe or at least point out the existence of three distinct waves of unauthorized right.

The First Wave: Those who did not kneel.

The first wave is simply anyone on the Right who did not go along with the co-opting of the Right and the rise of the ‘American conservative’ movement. I can’t really name any examples here as I’m not that familiar with the politics of the time. But they formed the remnant that kept otherwise outlawed ideas alive.

The Second Wave: The Libertarian to Alt-Right pipeline.

The next group of Dissident Right seems to have begun in the 90’s and didn’t really gather stream until about 2010. One thing stands out about this crowd. They are almost universally ex-libertarians, many (including myself) having been very serious Ron Paul supporters in 2005ish. Important to note here that not everyone in category joined the Alt-Right during 2015-16 but everyone took at least one or two steps down that pipeline, so much so that it a universal experience among the dissident right subculture.

The Third Wave: Born to HONK!!! Eager to Bonk.

The newest group which is just starting to emerge can be separated from the second wave but the simple fact that they never went through the pipeline experience. They were either too young or held no previous ideology. These are the middle school kids who got excited about Trump, the jaded zoomer or late millennial who has grown up in clownworld and who has personally seen the horrors caused by the mainstream Right abandoning battlefield after battlefield in the Culture War all the while gatekeeping and suppressing anyone who would dare find the courage to fight back effectively. They’ve been watching, they’ve been learning and their creed is. Shoot the Traitors First!


Cue Sabaton [any song will do]


Notes on Fan Drama and petty infighting:

This generational shift can also explain a lot of the pointless infighting and petty bickering between fans of Owen Benjamin and Nick Fuentes. Owen’s fans are universally 2nd wave Dissident Righters while Nick’s fans are mainly 3rd wavers. And there really is no real disagreement here THE FANS SIMPLY WANT TO FIGHT.

If Nick and Owen are really smart they could (and probably are) run a pro wrestling style feud just to keep everyone excited and high energy.


Ben Shapiru Bonus Section: Because the Cookie Math still doesn’t add up.


An excellent breakdown of Ben Shapiru’s strange self-destructive screed. [49 mins]

A couple issues with Steve’s comments here and there but overall this is a brutal and hilarious take down that shows just how petty and gremlin-like Little Benny really is. Goes off on a rant at the end but that first 30mins is highly popcorn worthy.


Dan Crenshaw Bonus Section:

Not saying he’s a glownigga

but he ain’t messin’ with no woke niggas



Anyway that’s all for now.


Gott-Kaiser Mit Uns!

—Wolfman Out—

The Groyper War: Point of Turning

America F*ck Yeah! Freedom is Not Negotiable.

Something I did for my American friends and readers. I apologise for the boomer music but it was what I had to work with.

A lot of fun to make and you can clearly see the improvement as I become more comfortable making this sort of content.

Bitchute link (which I actually prefer people use) 

In terms of meme videos that’s probably all the low hanging fruit picked off the tree. Other possible topics are a Scotish/Irish Celt Pride video, a Royal Navy tribute or possibly even a Clown World meme video.

A Canada F*ck Eh! video probably needs to be done at some point but it’s going to be a daunting task as I’m not even sure what songs I would use.

America F*ck Yeah! Freedom is Not Negotiable.

Crosshammer Memes

This is a crosshammer.


It’s a piece of jewelry that was worn during the period where the Scandinavians were (very slowly) converting from the Norse faith to the new Christian one.

The key thing is that this icon can be interpreted as either a cross or as Thor’s hammer; depending on what the person viewing it wants to see.

A peacekeeping gesture that no doubt saved many a man from getting hit in the face with an axe.

Plausibly deniability 11th century Norwegian style.


The crosshammer also has a lot of meme potential.

Allow me to demonstrate.





Crosshammer Memes

Hello Sir, Do You Have a Moment To Meme About Jesus Christ?

In the wake of the Paradox Crusader Kings III Deus Vult scandal and after some relentless bullying from Brian Niemeier I was compelled to sit down and compile a video of crusader memes and other related imagery and set it to a pair of the wildest craziest metal songs I could find.

This is the result. For your amusement and for the Glory of the Lord!


Here’s a Bitchute link for those who prefer. Also a lot less likely to get taken down. 


Interestingly so far the ONLY negative feedback that I’ve gotten is a vaguely Shareblue-ish character who reeks of soy and was angry about me not using this opportunity to attack the Synagogue of Satan.


Ok then… I guess that’s a data point for our post-battle analysis.

Here’s some of my favorites.


Pretty sweet! Note the 2011 date in the watermark.


This one shows up right at the perfect time for an epic guitar riff.


Take a closer look at the hat, if you missed it the first time.


Again perfect timed for an epic guitar riff. (Something I did NOT plan.)

Here’s a few I didn’t find until after the video had already been posted:


Very nice stained glass window.


Saint Paulo Miki Japanese Jesuit Martyr.


The Recapturing Lisbon in 1147.

Infogalactic Article 

The Siege of Lisbon, from July 1 to October 25, 1147, was the military action that brought the city of Lisbon under definitive Portuguese control and expelled its Moorish overlords. The Siege of Lisbon was one of the few Christian victories of the Second Crusade—it was “the only success of the universal operation undertaken by the pilgrim army,” i.e. the Second Crusade, according to the near contemporary historian Helmold,[1] though others have questioned whether it was really part of that crusade.[2] It is seen as a pivotal battle of the wider Reconquista.


Anyway that’s it for now, Next up will be a Viking themed one. After that I’ll put some real effort into learning actual video editing but right now I’m a lot of fun just doing basic bitch stuff.

—Wolfman Out—


Hello Sir, Do You Have a Moment To Meme About Jesus Christ?

Do It Again But Bigger and Louder.

So I got bored and decided to try to learn some basic editing skills, like how to put music over video.

and this is the result… basically a repeat of the last post but cranked all the way up to eleven.


Also I have set up a Bitchute account just as an backup. Although I have noticed that book reviews seem to do very well on there for some reason.

Do It Again But Bigger and Louder.