Old Comic Covers

Haven’t posted anything for a while so I figure I’ll share some of the old covers I saved on an impulse.


This was a horrible NES game but damn if that cover art isn’t beautiful. Heroic swashbuckler in fancy red hat saves hot chick from pug-uglies.



Funny how the punch a Nazi comic pros never seem to mention these Captain America isues.



Yes this one isn’t real. It should be.



Yes they actually did make a BattleTech comic miniseries.



AN image from Alex Jones’ younger days as he fends off the agents of the reptilian hordes.



From back when movie posters actually made people want to see a movie.



Back when quality war comics were a thing.



Before there was Jawbreakers… and your inner six year old just jumping up and down in excitement.



Sci-fi mystery comic? Well you have my attention.

Old Comic Covers

Aurora 4x: The Kriegmarshall’s Prayer

This one took about seven takes since I couldn’t keep myself from laughing. [1 min]


Our Father who art in Heaven.

Vengeful be thy hand.

Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done in Space is it is in Heaven.

Give us this day our daily reloads

And forgive our trespasses

as we forgive those who are not flithy xeno scum

lead us not into temptation

but deliver us from thots.

Mankind triumphant in the end

All Glory to Your Name

forever and ever


Aurora 4x: The Kriegmarshall’s Prayer

Aurora 4x: The 2040 Report to the Lords Militant.

This one’s about four minutes. Almost ready for exploration.

You can tell that I’m not very comfortable on the mic. That’s a problem I need to fix and one the main motivations for doing this series.

The whole process took much longer than I expected and I am very glad that I did not try to walk everyone through the twenty in game years it took to get to the point that I was ready to explore and risk an early war.

Aurora shines in the mid-game and as important as the early game is once you’ve see it a dozen times it’s nothing but a grind.

Besides there are enough tutorials out there. No sense wasting the viewers time.


That said I was NOT expecting to get a mention in the latest Sensor Sweep. Definitely came as a morale boost. Truly the Lords works in mysterious ways.


Link to the Crusader States of Terra Trailer Video with full script.

The Crusader States of Terra


and no I’m not currently planning any sort of Crusader States of Terra fiction. I have enough on my plate as it is.


Aurora 4x: The 2040 Report to the Lords Militant.

The Crusader States of Terra

I’ve been planning a Let’s play of Aurora 4x for years now. So naturally I needed to throw together a trailer. So here it is. It turned out to be a fairly decent piece of writing and a challenge to someone who’s never done any sort of video recording or editing.

It’s not great but it’s a first step.


The future looked bright.

We thought nothing could stop us.

We were wrong.


The Year was 2021

The year everything changed.

Humanity’s Golden Age was stolen from us.

Crushed stillborn in the womb.

The Face-Eating Giant Space Spiders had come. They were not our friends.

They attacked without warning. Without mercy.

Their technology was beyond comprehension.

We stood no chance against them.

Great swaths of humanity were mowed down.

Countless cities reduced to rubble.

Nations shattered beyond repair.

and then They moved on, perhaps to seek other prey.

The wormhole closed behind them.

By the slimmest of margins humanity had lived to see another day.


But humanity would be forever changed.

A great turning had began.

The Unification War of 2023-4 was shift and savage but ultimately necessary

Humanity would stand together against a cold cruel universe.


The year is now 2025. A new Government has formed under Emperor Donald II.

Humanity is one. At least for the moment. The Old Nations are all but destroyed.

Only the memories remain.

But those memories will be honored.

Billions have died.

Billions must still be avenged.

And for this we turn to our God and our Emperor.


With a single will Humanity shall face the terrors of the void.

And united we shall laugh in the face of death.

For we know that death is coming.

Let us greet it with a smile.

Great and terrible are our Enemies.

Vast is the cold dark expanse of the Void.

We have only a few Orion-drive ships and our technology seems pitiful in the face of the recent onslaught.

The odds are not in our favor.

Yet we must go.


For Humans are nothing if not determined.

We have crossed oceans in ships made of sticks and twine.

We went to the moon on a giant aluminum tube of liquid explosives and a prayer.

This is but one more challenge to overcome.

Long have we practised the brutal arts of war against our follow man.

But now we stand united as brothers and we shall put what we learnt to a righteous cause.

We shall rise from the ashes of our Homeworld.

We shall seize that which is rightfully ours.

We shall spread the Glory of the Infinite God across the Endless Sky.

And We shall strike down our foes with a righteous fury.

For who are we?


We are the Killer Monkeys From Planet Earth.

We are the Sons of Adam

We are the Enemies Most Relentless

We are the Emperor’s Chosen

and we shall prevail!

There can be no peace between Man and Spider.

Be we do not fear.

For if God be with us, then what can stand against us?


We are the Crusader States of Terra.

And we are going to Deus Vult the fuck out of everything!



The Kriegmarshall’s Prayer.

Aurora 4x: The Kriegmarshall’s Prayer

The Crusader States of Terra

A Short Charles Martel Documentary

Here’s a short fifteen minute documentary on Charles “The Hammer” Martel done by Real Crusades History.

As interesting as Charles himself was, the legacy of his sons only adds to his stature. Between Charles and his son Carloman we are left with the classic image of the medieval paladin king. Strong in battle, yet faithful to the church and wise in learning.

Also worthy of note was just how deep into France the Muslim invaders got. This was no mere Spanish border clash as I had once assumed. The Battle of Tours took place in the very heartland of the Frankish kingdom.

Anyway. I just figured I’d relay this for anyone wanting to catch up quickly on the inspiration for Alt-Hero’s Michael Martel.


From cheesy internet forum joke to 100% American badass in twelve easy steps.

—Wolfman Out—


A Short Charles Martel Documentary