A Faint Hope

There are some very interesting rumors going around the smoking ruins of Star Wars land. Up to an including the possibility of Disney and Lucasfilm straight up writing off the Disney sequels as non-canon or fading them out of existence.

Midnight’s Edge has the details.


The internal fighting and politics within Lucasfilm seems like a very interesting topic. Personally my hopes aren’t too high but fans will never forget between what we got and what we could have had.


A Faint Hope

A Long Road Back

Just a quick update.

Recovery from the err… [Colony Drop] is very slowly happening.

The problem is that I have a very long way to go and I’m so used to not asking for help that I have no idea what I should be asking for or where I should be focusing my efforts.

At least my physical health seems to have recovered.

The battle now mental and spiritual.

I want to thank whoever’s been praying for me. It’s made a difference.

A Long Road Back

Back Home.

I’m alive and very confused.

Still not too sure what has happened but there was definitely a spiritual aspect to whatever it was that hit me.

I hope to recover soon and one way or another I’m coming out of this a much wiser more mature man.

Back Home.

Opening Moves?

It’s World War III

You are Trump

What is your first move?

Grab Trudeau

Shove in a locker.

Maybe rough him up a little.

Then cut a deal.

Go to Gitmo as a witness and not defendant.

Probably knows all kinds of things

Justin just wants to be a pothead snowboarder again

Not his fault, He didn’t know what he was doing.

Canada switches sides.


Opening Moves?