Life Is a One Way Journey

Haven’t been too productive lately and I really need to take a step back from all the internet crazy going on 24/7. Also it looks like I’m going to have a fairly heavy schedule for the next three weeks or so. Considering that I’m barely sane on a good day that means I need to back off of the conspiracy theories and autistic screeching that I find so enjoyable and just freaking relax for a bit.

Anyway this is just a few things I thought worth sharing. Trying to do the whole post something every day thing. We’ll see how that goes.

A short ten min documentary that might be of interest to some.


Pictured: A typical Alt-Right meet up. Fashy Waifus not included.



We all know this feeling, Hell 90% of any Pulprev, AltRight or SuperversiveSF podcasts devolve into this.



More or less true.



Royalist battle flag from the English Civil War.



I choose to believe this is photoshopped. My head knows better but my heart refuses to accept any other interpretation.


Skiltron: One Way Journey and since there’s no official video I’ll just link this one.

Very interesting band. Seem to be a little anti-Christian but it’s metal and we have to expect that.


—Wolfman out—

Don’t worry I’ve set my alarm.


Life Is a One Way Journey

Deeper Into The Rabbithole.

and still no fucking rabbits…

The newest and believe sixth Investigating Youtube video dropped today. A little tame but it covers the topic of separating children’s and adult entertainment (and goes into a bit of history there.) Well worth watching on its own merits even if you think this whole PedoTube thing is nothing but tinfoil and autism.


Anyway the rabbit hole here just keeps getting deeper and more messed up.

This Anon does a great job of summing it all up.


Interesting point about the money laundering angle as that’s not something I would have thought of.


Seriously how the fuck did we not notice this shit earlier?


They even got to the original Leeroy Jenkins guy… He sold his channel. Is nothing sacred anymore?


Well Fuck You Youtube. I react to the fourth video and revelations about how much ad revenue is involved.

Bad Mojo In Youtubeland My initial reaction to the #PedoTube scandal

Here Be Monsters Older Post: This was my response to realizing that there might actually be something to what would later be dubbed Pizzagate.

Deeper Into The Rabbithole.

Britain is Awake

There was an English Defence League march today and there appears to be a media blackout (because of course there is.) So I just figured I’d spam something off as one more fuck you to the enemies of The West

Important to remind people that Tommy Robinson is the voice of reason and peace (much like Stefan Molyneux in a way.) His actual politics are not right-wing; however because HE DARES to resist the invasion and destruction of his homeland the media calls him every dirty name they can think of.



Meanwhile what are the Police doing?

You know the Norsefire party from V for Vendetta is starting to look better and better every year. Less dystopian anyway.


Also Harassing Tommy Robinson’s Family…

This was hard to watch but the SHEER JOY on that man’s face as he walked into the building to serve them papers. The officers in that video also look completely demoralized and had a dead defeated look in their eyes. Is a police revolt in the cards?


And Yes Timmy, London is still on fire.


Also this…

I was joking earlier about cricket bats with nails in them, which in hindsight I’m really starting to regret. Eventually things will get to a point where the population will begin to ignore weapon laws and arm themselves anyway (already happening in Sweden and Germany.) Or when the police stop protecting the criminals and rioters from the citizen vigilantes that are prepared to take matters into their own hands.

Britain I think will be more of the latter.

Anyway those are just my thoughts.

—Wolfman out—

England Prevails.

Britain is Awake

We Who Shall Not Submit

A repost of an earlier piece. Definitely something that sums up the AltWest and it’s been on my mind lately.



We have the Blood of the Nations

We have the wisdom of the Greeks

We have the discipline of Rome

and we stand here united under the Grace and Mercy of God

The Alpha and the Omega will show the Enemy what little mercy they deserve.

Us mere mortals need not concern ourselves with mercy at all.

The black hounds of Hell bay in the distance.

Let them come… for we are hungry too.

Come what may we will not go quietly into the night.


Mood music as always.


Morning Motivational Rhetoric Original post written after a sleepless night of fear and trembling.

For Death or Glory Another attempt at altright poetry. Mixed feelings about this one, not what I sat down to write but still very pulp revolution-ish. Very much it’s own thing.

We Who Shall Not Submit

When It Comes It Will Come Like Thunder

Not a Faith Goldy fan but this had me digging around in the attic looking for my sword.

Dat clickbait title…

I figure we have about five to ten years before Europe explodes… and then all bets are off. Alarmist? Yes but continent wide ethnic cleansing wars are the sort of thing that people should get alarmed about. That what we’re heading towards, unless we can stop this madness.


Is that supposed to be some sort of Jew rat goblin dragon? Not too sure about this meme. Also there must be some chemicals in the water because this Pepe is looking super gay.

Crusade? No. Not at the start. It will begin as separate nationalist counterpushes in each Western country. All will be different as nationalists from different nations will naturally take on the character of the nation that spawned them. As momentum builds and the conflict takes on an increasingly religious nature these separate movements will unite somewhat awkwardly into one big angry ball of Deus Vult.

and God help anyone in its way because only He knows where it will end.

When It Comes It Will Come Like Thunder

Nerdlife Five: Just Here For the Catgirls

Nerdlife Five: Just Here For the Catgirls.

Sort of rushing this one but I have enough links for a post and I’m too caffeinated to sleep.

Quick fictional interlude: No idea where I’m going with this…

Zeps or (zeproru in Codteki) were difficult to describe in Terran biology terms. Seiko kept thinking of them as horse-dog-lizard-things. The nekoites had never figured out what planet the zeps came from or even if they were a natural creature at all or perhaps rather a genetically engineered animal creation of a distant alien race still completely unknown to the clans. The strange mammal-like reptiles had quickly become the low tech mount of choice on the rare niche occasions that such animals were called for. Zeps were intelligent, easily trainable and able to eat plants from a half dozen protein profiles. In addition they were tough, loyal to their handlers and had a nasty enough bite to fend off most local predators but their best trait (from the nekoite perspective) was that unlike Earth-horses, they responded well to being cryogenically frozen and could safely be put in storage aboard starships until needed planetside.

Of course getting them off the spaceship wasn’t always easy.

Come on Fluffy. Easy does it,” Seiko crooned as he tried to lead the confused creature down the offramp.


World Building: Gas giants and habitable moons

Lot of heavy geek math here but still a fun watch for us soft scifi plebs.


Yakov Merkin on why the Pulp Revolution will win.


Important piece of history

Here… fishy, fishy.



It’s big beautiful world full of wonder and surprise.


Treas… errr… Reason Magazine goes over Gary Gygax’s FBI records.


Skiltron Bagpipes of War

Starts a little slow but this one’s worth the wait.



Bradford Walker discusses the principle of simplicity in gaming. He uses WoW as his main example but then applies the same principles to tabletop gaming.

I do see some of this while say playing Aurora 4x (which is about as complicated a game as there is.) Fighters in Aurora are very effective, and extremely cost efficient but I don’t use them because it’s too much micromanagement and I’d rather focus my efforts elsewhere. Player attention span is also a resource in 4x games.


Steampunk Author and airship mechanic Jon Del Arroz on character voices and dialogue.


JimFear138 makes an compiling argument that Manowar is THE band of the Pulp Revolution.

In much the same fashion, Manowar came out with a specific mission. They were going to play HEAVY METAL, they were going to sing about whatever the fuck they wanted, they were going to play fast and loud, and anyone who had shit to say about it could get fucked.”


Electric Cars bad for the environment?



Seems legit.

Nerdlife Five: Just Here For the Catgirls