A Few Lazy Harmless Memes

Spent a hour or two messing around with a meme generator. This was the result.

By the way most of the images here I got from the 70’s Scifiart account of Twitter which it well worth a follow.



Captain Jones suddenly comes to conclusion that he has explored far enough.



We need to go rescue a space princess!


I think I speak for all the fans here.


This one’s meh. Too wordy.


Good times.


Typical fun police arguments.


Damn straight.


Because Sword Rabbit is frickin’ awesome.


Well they are clearly the superior lifeform.


and this story is still developing. NRAcat is not amused.

A Few Lazy Harmless Memes

Flashback Trump Posting

because patriots never sleep… and image folders aren’t going to sort themselves.


Still a hilarious video. Always worth a watch.



Flashback MSNBC Predicts a Clinton Landslide. Great if you need a laugh.

The poor goblin-man he just wants to believe so hard. Watch his body language.


A fun watch if you have popcorn handy.

Look at those eyes at the 50 second mark. He knew… in 2011.




Flashback Trump Posting

More Flat Earth Memes

Because these never truly get old.


Which do you choose to believe?


Spherecucks just aren’t ready to face the truth. We are but mere fleas upon the Great Cat Goddess.


This logic makes perfect sense to a five year old.


A reasonable and delicious compromise .


This is a good one. Might take you a while chew on it.


Mirror Moon theory: For when the weed is extra dank and you feel the need to try WAAAAAAYYY too hard. [5 mins]


—Wolfman Out—

While NASA is no doubt lying about a bunch of shit, it’s probably safe to stick with the whole ‘Columbus was onto something’ theory.

…and yes the Electric Universe stuff does need to be considered…

but you can have that without being a Flatty.

More Flat Earth Memes

Daily Incoherent Rant

Over-hyped midlist Soy-Fi author John Scalzi often blames his inability to keep up with his publishing schedule on the Trump admiration… and he might actually have a point there.

This Qanon thing is distracting as all hell.


Make no mistake children Wolfie does love him some conspiracy theories but is no way did I expect ALL OF THEM TO BE CORRECT.

Hell even David Icke’s reptilian thing turned out to be a genius metaphor for explaining how the power elite think and act.


at this point no one will be surprised if Seth Rich is able to testify at his own murder trial.


So yes I am watching the Q posts and related discussion quite closely. Between that and the constant Twitter gun control debate it’s pretty hard to keep focused on any one thing,


American Gun Politics in one picture.

—Wolfman Out—


Fire and Fury Motherclucker!!!

The BOOMs may just be beginning.

Daily Incoherent Rant

Pondering Catchier Catch Phrases

I’ve been thinking about switching my sign off from Deus Vult to GottĀ  Mit Uns.


There’s a couple of reasons to do this.

-It’s German and therefore more likely to piss off random people on the internet. (Especially Germans.)

-More of a common soldier’s proclamation than Deus Vult.

-The phrase is associated with Richard Fox’s awesome The Ember War series.

-Sabaton (a reason all by itself.)


Deus Vult something you scream before taking action. Usually violent or decisive action (Broadswords and hand grenades optional.)

Gott Mit Uns is a group of guys gritting their teeth, looking at each other nervously, before going ‘hey we got this.’

Anyway it’s a useful phrase to add to your online banter and memetic warfare.

Pondering Catchier Catch Phrases