Heavy Tinfoil

It goes without saying that I’m just a little bit sceptical but you might want to grab some popcorn because this was a fun ride.

40min interview with Robert David Steele.

This covers a LOT of interesting topics. The man is clearly half-crazy and half-genius but which topics is he right about and when is he simply pulling silk handkerchiefs out of his ass?

There’s really no way for us to tell. We just have to wait and see. That what makes this tinfoil stuff so much fun. At least Mr. Steele is a cheerful optimist and not just another internet prophet of doom.

Heavy Tinfoil

Not Even Surprised

Well this definitely says a lot about everyone’s favorite tentacle porn enthusiast. [3 min]

Actually if this is true it would explain a great deal of Mr. Eichenwald’s recent behavior. Whenever someone is virtue signalling like there’s no tomorrow that’s a sign that something is very, very wrong.

On the flip side it turns out that turning to hentai is actually a step towards normalcy for Mr. Eichenwald and I wish him well on that journey.

Because God help his gooney bearded soul if he ever goes to prison.


Not Even Surprised

Well Fuck You Youtube.

Ye shall know the Truth and the truth shall pisseth ye off.

Here is the fourth video in the Investigating Youtube #PedoTube series. Most of you should have a fairly good idea how strictly Youtube enforces copyright on smaller creators often to the point of blatant abuse. So…

and again it is very suspicious that Disney or Sony aren’t even attempting to crack down on this…but they’ll go after podcasts who show a movie trailer while they review the movie in question.

Many of these video are simply copycat content farming or a lazy cynical cash grab others are not. There seems to be a psychological or occult formula being followed designed to either groom or condition children to accept abuse or to otherwise damage them.

Whoever is doing these videos needs to be stopped and they need to be stopped by whatever calibre rounds good Christian men deem appropriate.

Well Fuck You Youtube.

Bad Mojo In Youtubeland

I didn’t want to believe but there really are hundreds if not thousands of disturbingly similar youtube videos that may be pedophile grooming or some attempt at psychological manipulation.

Yes it’s a two hour conspiracy-themed Alt-White podcast (with plenty of Alt-Retard moments) but they do seem to be onto something. The key section is from 6:50 to about 40 minutes in. Very disturbing stuff. Fashy Goys or not raising the alarm here was a damn good call.

Then go look for yourself:


Go to Youtube

Search for “Bad Baby Colors

Note how all the videos seem to be following the same themes like a checklist.

Note how many different channels are doing this.

Note how many of the videos have millions of views.

Note how practically all the videos are monetized.

Wonder why Disney isn’t taking down these videos to protect their copyright.



Some researchers have wound up viewing child pornography after chasing two or three links.


Bad mojo. Bad mojo indeed.

Bad Mojo In Youtubeland