When It Comes It Will Come Like Thunder

Not a Faith Goldy fan but this had me digging around in the attic looking for my sword.

Dat clickbait title…

I figure we have about five to ten years before Europe explodes… and then all bets are off. Alarmist? Yes but continent wide ethnic cleansing wars are the sort of thing that people should get alarmed about. That what we’re heading towards, unless we can stop this madness.


Is that supposed to be some sort of Jew rat goblin dragon? Not too sure about this meme. Also there must be some chemicals in the water because this Pepe is looking super gay.

Crusade? No. Not at the start. It will begin as separate nationalist counterpushes in each Western country. All will be different as nationalists from different nations will naturally take on the character of the nation that spawned them. As momentum builds and the conflict takes on an increasingly religious nature these separate movements will unite somewhat awkwardly into one big angry ball of Deus Vult.

and God help anyone in its way because only He knows where it will end.

When It Comes It Will Come Like Thunder

And Shit Almost Gets Real

Well this was a lovely thing to wake up to.

Very few details available at the moment.

Someone one told me that the two most common forms of terrorism were Islamic terror and Communist terror. This looks like the latter. However he doesn’t seem to have been a very accurate shooter.

Styx makes an excellent point here as this was a major lapse in security. Thankfully BernieBro marksmanship standards prevented this from being a MAJOR incident.

Still the Media has blood on its hands here and America continues to limp closer and closer to Civil War.


Archives of the shooter’s deleted Facebook page (via Mike Cernovich)



This answers the question ‘Who is watching this cancerous MSM crap TV?”

Update Two:

It looks like someone archived the whole thing in PDF form.

Archive in PDF form

It occurs to me that the Alt-Right may need to form some sort of rapid response teams in order to make sure that critical clues needs for citizen journalism aren’t just wiped out of existence.

And Shit Almost Gets Real

Trump Flips Off Eco-Death Cult. Patriots Rejoice.

The God-Emperor has stunned the Enemy with His announcement that He will withdraw from the Paris Climate Accords. This is causing truly glorious weeping and lamenting among the Libtards and Berniebros of the world.

Alex Jones interviewing Lord Monckton on recent developments. OT: I’ve been listening to a lot of Sherlock Holmes audio books lately, so I’m getting a special kick out of the way Lord Monckton speaks.

and yes ‘carbon taxes’ are about CONTROL

This too shall pass.


The green areas show increased plant growth. Remember plants are our friends.


Especially certain plants.

This is an older show but if you have a spare hour and a half here’s Lord Monckton being interviewed by someone WHO DOESN’T CONSTANTLY INTERRUPT HIM.

The Alex Epstein episodes are also excellent.

Trump Flips Off Eco-Death Cult. Patriots Rejoice.

Courageously Covering the Catastrophic Comicbook Collapse.

I’ve stated before that I’m not really any sort of comic book fan but that I find it necessary to keep at least one eye on comic related news simply so that I can hold basic geek conversations with friends (and readers.)

Just like with Gamergate it’s the Culture War aspect between the SJW converged industry figures (usually mid to bottom level) and the common fan than I find deeply, deeply fascinating.

So it was with much joy that I stumbled upon a relatively new youtube channel Diversity and Comics that is covering comics from an anti-SJW stance while still being approachable and normie friendly.

How Captain Marvel is the perfect icon of SJW Marvel


Questioning the Narrative that 40% of comic readers are female.

What is the first rule of the SJW?

We should have asked this question earlier.

Keep in mind that some genres of gaming are 99%+ Male

Why do Marvel Creators hate the fans?

Reminds me a lot of what Brian Niemeier said a while back about Hollywood hating it’s own audience.


And the comments are worth digging around in (just wear gloves as it is still Youtube.)

The current crew at Marvel ARE awful; they’re rude, egotistical and they lack the creative juice that inspired a lot of artist back in the day. They’re all trend riders, their ‘inspiration’ only coming from what can make them seem like heroes. This isn’t what the writers and artist of years past did. They were not in it to be seen as political commentators which the current crew are and usually label themselves as. Even if the older artist and writers felt strongly in their political feelings they were always artists first.

The new crew ARE NOT. They are political and social obsessives FIRST, social media addicts second, glory riders third and at the very, very last, if at all, they’re ‘creatives’.”

Anyway I thought that was a discovery worth sharing. Marvel (and to some extent DC) has reached a state where they are completely dependant on recycling characters that were created forty or fifty years ago. This is beyond creative bankruptcy. The fear now is that the comic book medium itself will die out completely in the West… this would be a bad thing for all of Geekdom.

While I’m not a huge fan of the Alt-Hero project it’s definitely a step in the right direction and should be good for a laugh if nothing else.


They had to go back and one man decided to help them along on that journey.

Besides the idea here is to inspire others. Isn’t that what superheroes are all about?

Courageously Covering the Catastrophic Comicbook Collapse.

God Bless Rebel Media

Any answers? Nope. But it seems we keep finding new questions.

Pay especially close attention to Alexandre Bissonnette’s body language in the youtube video that was shown. Everything points to Low Gamma or Omega status and probably the latter*. This is not a man of action, this is a man in pain. This is also a man who was also left leaning (if not a semi-Marxist) and virtue signalling very hard at least a few years ago. Funny how this all fits into the pattern we keep seeing with these mass shooters.

Again no answers just more questions.

For example why would a “Trump supporter” launch what was basically a suicidal attack during the middle of the Trumpzkrieg? The glorious days when the winning never stops? Why was his last social media message on Jan 20th the day of The Ascension to The Cherry Blossom Throne?

The low IQ rhetoric of Alt-Retard is very easy for outsiders to imitate. This makes the swastika panty group very vulnerable to infiltration. After all any idiot can send a picture of an oven to a Jewish journalist and then gloat about it to get more social media followers.

Now does that matter in this case? Maybe? But if more of these false flags are planned it’s probably not a good idea to give the Enemy any more ammunition. LARPing for Hitler might be really funny for a week or two but now that the tides of history has changed it’s time to take off the jackboots and get some shit done.

Fear? panic? despair? After all things look hopeless in Canada don’t they?

No dipshit! We simply have not yet begun to win.

By my estimation Canada is a full election cycle (maybe two) behind the rest of The West. We have another two and half years of Whiteface Obama and then things get interesting.

So it’s time to Stop Whining and Start Winning.

How? Well one the keys to the God-Emperor’s victory was the existence of an alternative media. Canada however has very little to chose from at this point. This is unacceptable and efforts will need to be made to rectify this situation. That’s for the future in the meantime Rebel Media does exist and flawed as they are getting real work done. Support them if you can. There will be other alt-media in the future. Support them when you can find them.

The challenges facing the Restored Canadian Right are enormous but they does not mean they are insurmountable.

Wolfman out

May the God-Emperor watch over you all.


* Honestly his body language reminds me a co-worker I really to sit down and have a beer with. Dude might need a shoulder to cry on.


God Bless Rebel Media