Alt-Hero #2: Rebel’s Cell Is Out

Arkhaven Comics has just released the second issue of Alt*Hero; this time following the American vigilante story and featuring the Rebel and Hammer characters that were central in the original trailer video.

This one definitely went in a different direction than I was expecting. While a certain level of dark grittiness was inevitable, shit got real very fast here.

It was also good to see that Rebel and Mike Hammer are actual multi-dimensional characters here when it would have been so easy to turn them into lazy stereotypes.

Overall while I liked Alt*Hero #1 Crackdown I couldn’t really get excited for it. I could see the European Storyline being set up for future issues and the comic was overall surprisingly funnier than I expected. In baseball terms issue #1 was a lead off single.

Issue #2 however was a RBI double, bringing home the baserunner and the bacon. Much faster pace and higher immediate stakes for the viewpoint characters. An element of humor remains however, as seen in the offhand some of the rebel superheroes are introduced to us.

Overall a clear step forward for Arkhaven and a bit of fun for the rest of us.


Looking forward to seeing the online hatescreeches… which just makes the whole fan experience ever better.


—Wolfman Out—

Alt-Hero #2: Rebel’s Cell Is Out

The Blue Wave Is Happening… In Canada

The great cosmic joke is that in Canada the colors of the major parties are reversed.


Quick explain this to someone from 2008.


The election of Doug Ford to the Premiership of Canada’s largest province Ontario is a major blow to the Canadian Left. I was expecting Ford to win but I wasn’t expecting him to damn near wipe out the opposition. This a big deal. Soy Minister Justin Trudeau is already behind in the next election. If the Liberals lose any more of their support in Ontario or Quebec the Conservatives are going to be unstoppable.


Stefan Molyneux’s Somewhat Philosophical Take on the Ontario Election [6 Mins]


Rebel Media on How This Election Is A Rebuke To The Media [6 Mins]

People are paying less and less attention to Fake News.


Ghost ranting about the Ontario Election. [9 mins]

Election talk start around the four minute mark. He’s an acquired taste but one hell of a showman. Also did I hear that right? 56% of eligible voters? For a provincial election? That’s a big deal!



This 2019 election is going to be so hilarious.

Let the Great Decucking begin.


Edit: Replaced a lackluster StyxHexenHammer video with a better, more topical one from Rebel Media.

The Blue Wave Is Happening… In Canada

New Model Comics vs Atomic Cringe

A few quick thoughts about developments in the comic industry, new emerging business models and some resulting trends.

Again a quick disclaimer: I’m not normally someone who buys comics but this is where the culture war is burning hottest right now and I simply can’t look away from the dumpster fire that raging all over the internet. I find the whole culture war deeply fascinating; even if I do take a much more holistic approach than most people. In the end it’s all one big Nerdwar and we must defend our hobbies, if not for our sakes then at least for the next generation. I vow to respect your hobbies and I ask only that you in turn respect mine. Comics is where things are happening now, I simply have to talk about it but I don’t do so lightly and I well take the time to listen to experts and long time fans when I come across them.

Also I DO NOT have any sort of insider information. I’d like to think that I’m paying attention and good at guessing what other people are doing.


As the mainstream comics industry begins to shake itself apart people are naturally going to begin looking at other models producing and more importantly distributing comics.

The recent wave of crowdfunded indie comics certainly comes to mind including not only Diversity and Comics’ Jawbreakers, EVS’ Cyberfrog reboot, pair of Chuck Dixon related projects (Ravage: Kill All Men and Jungle Comics)

There’s also smaller projects like

Cirsova’s Wild Stars 35th Anniversary Edition


Jack Iron: Steel Cowboy #2 by Cody Fernandez

You can read Issue 1 for free here.


and Silvio Spotti’s Ruby and Warriors of Dion

It does not hurt that the main character is a hot redhead.


While this model is not going to be enough to fully feed the huddled masses starving for soy-free entertainment; it does produce comics that hardcore fans want and gives creators a great deal of freedom in doing so.


A second model would seem to be what Alterna Comics is doing. Keeping things cheap by printing on newsprint and focusing on having fun stories. They also seem to making at least passable all ages comics which are quite important from a cultural point of view as such books are how a lot of children learn to enjoy reading.

I have heard nothing but good things about Alterna Comics and I really should be paying more attention to them. Again distribution is a major problem; these comics really should be in toy stores and 7-11s.


A third model involves a focus on digital content. Arkhaven/Dark Legion is doing some of this but they really have more of a blended model mixing cheap digital content while promising high quality physical copies for fans who really want them.

However for a focus on digital content to work best if helps if the company owns the delivery platform.

And this is exactly what Amazon has in mind. There just be be a few catches with their approach or at least the type of content that they are promoting.


I meant to get to this earlier but a few days ago Amazon announced a new series of in house original comics for their digital distribution platform Comixology.

For the lack of better term I’m going to call it Corporately Subsidized Tumblr Cringe. Sadly we should expect to see a lot more of this going forward.


Comicsgater Mim Headroom on the new Amazon originals [13 mins]

Bit of rumbling video but he makes a lot of good points here.

-All the comics in question seems to be going for “LOL so random.”

-This new line is a direct competitor to SJW Marvel; as it is targeting the same audience.

-Younger comic readers have no brand loyalty towards Marvel.

-Amazon is talking about print on demand; which will bypass Diamond.

-This whole line of comics could be a loss leader which Amazon eating the cost in order to promote Comixology as a platform.

His advice to a comic shop around 9min mark actually makes a lot of sense and would be good way to build up a customer base.


And in other news the DC Vertigo relaunch looks like very good news for Alt-Comics. That is some serious cringe there folks.


Picture unrelated but too awesome to not share.

— Wolfman Out—

New Model Comics vs Atomic Cringe

Alt-Hero and The Culture War

Alt*Hero: The Boulder is Beginning to Squish Things.

The Alt*Hero Freestartr has reached its second stretch goal and currently stands at $56k.


Meanwhile the Great Ocean of Salty Tears and the unceasing REEEEEEs continue. Wolfie does indeed love him some schadenfreude. Although the constant shrieks as every wandering SJW first discovers Alt*Hero does make it hard to sleep.

Alt*Hero is the kind of book we would have rejected at Previews. Man Kickstarter is the best & worst thing to happen to comics publishing.” — @Williambwest

Questionable content never had painful body horror anatomy like this alt hero crap does” —@comixthomas

If you’re donating to this Alt hero train wreck headed by Theodore Beale. I’m at a loss for words.” — @Jenniferjmedina

Just found out the “Alt Hero” altright wank job comic is being written by Vox “A very sad puppy” Day. And I’m fuckin losing it.” — @DaiZDark

Alt Hero is a racist wonder woman comic with a kickstarter. Onme of the stretch goals is they hire an artist who can draw hands.” — @EggerTWS

Because remember folks: ‘Alt Hero’ can only be hero if the evil commies won. But at least the art sucks so, yanno perks!” —@RabbitThoughts



Why look even the cucks are joining in.

Micah Curtis not a fan of Vox Day. Not sold on Alt*Hero [10min]

To be fair here, Micah is more sceptical and confused than anything. I suppose he has every right to be. To the absolute shock of Vox Populi’s regular readers it actually does seem possible to completely miss the entire point of Alt*Hero.

Alt*Hero is not just about the sweet salty tears of the butthurt Marvel soyboys

Alt*Hero is not just about the glorious “Fuck You” dance for the ages.

Alt*Hero is not just about raising T-Levels throughout an notoriously Low-T hobby.

Alt*Hero is not just about Gen X completely bypassing the Millennials and handing down a uniquely American artform to Generation Z.

Alt*Hero is not just about providing raw material for the legendary dwarven meme-smiths to forge into adamantium weapons of concentrated dankness.

But these are all very good things.

Alt*Hero is first and foremost a proof of concept.

We are going to make whatever we want. We are going to show everyone that the self-appointed gatekeepers are completely powerless to stop us. Then we are going to dance in the streets to the sound of their heads exploding. Then other people are going to follow behind us. Alt*Hero is also about the enormous wave of innovation and creative productivity that will follow in its wake.

This the culture war. We’re taking back our hobbies, we’re revitalizing Western Civilization. We’re bringing Truth and Beauty back to a world that desperately needs it.

The SJWs have fucked up the entire comic industry.

We’re just gonna have to un-fuck it, one thrust at a time.

While they watch us…

Good times ahead everyone.

—Wolfman Out—

Deus Vult!

Alt-Hero and The Culture War

Alt Hero Funded

and it happened so fast I’m REEEEEing myself.


That timestamp does seem suspiciously dank.


Still absorbing the news and reaction and my first thoughts are that I did not see the alternate World War II history part coming. Very interesting indeed. I wonder if there was a failed Japanese invasion of the West Coast? and if so did they use giant robots?


Update: Orbital REEEEEEs confirmed.


And the catgirls at the secret moonbase are acting very strange.

Alt Hero Funded

I Have No Mouth and I Must Virtue Signal

I do hope everybody is following the twitter spasm surrounding Alt-Hero.

So much SNARK, so much projection, so many transgender bugchasing Marxist furries.

A fascinating character study if nothing else.

Truly REEEEEEE powered marketing is the wave of the future.

Just look at Vox Day’s enemies spread the word for him!



“You overestimate the number of people buying comics.”

And you underestimate the number of people who bought comics for decades and have only recently stopped because they couldn’t put up with the bullshit anymore.

Come to think of it awful lot of those old angry white comic fans (who have been shit upon for years now) would be just about the right age to have teenage sons.

That’s who Alt-Hero is for. Not plebs like me who are going to be quite content with a just a digital copy. The hardcore jaded ex-comic reader who’s old enough to remember when comics were actually good and want to relive some of that glory while sticking it to the rotting corpse of the current mainstream comic industry.

and then there is going to be the Weaponized Autists who are going to be EXTREMELY HAPPY to physically hold three hundred dollars of “FUCK YOU MARVEL!!!” in their hands. There will be at least a couple guys like that… and God bless them for it.

Alt-Hero is going to happen in one form or another. The question is whether or not the current plans are workable. Chewing on the numbers myself I don’t see any way the Alt-Hero project falls flat on its ass unless mission creep sets in. Again Castalia House already has enough of distribution system to deliver the promised product without working with the normal comic industry channels.

“But Castalia House doesn’t know anything about publishing comic books!”

Well guess what? Neither does 2017 Marvel Comics. So let’s see what happens. The timing of this whole project really not have been better due to the baffling events of Marvel Milkshake Madness and ComicsGate trickling along in bursts and spurts.

So let the games begin.

—Wolfman out—


I Have No Mouth and I Must Virtue Signal

The Ongoing Collapse of Rebel Media

There has been a lot of drama, rumors and behind the scenes trouble at Rebel Media. The ongoing ‘Blackmail Scandal’ is front and centre of course.

Voat Conspiracy Thread that makes of couple of interesting points.

I know nothing about any of these people, but I watched the video you linked and the video by the effeminate British kid. I would not trust ANYONE involved with ANY of the players in this after watching these videos. I wouldn’t watch Rebel Media, and I wouldn’t watch or trust whatever channel the effeminate British kid creates. Here’s what it seems like to me: YES there was something funny going on at Rebel Media with crowdfunding, and YES there was absolutely an attempt by the gay British kids to extort and BLACKMAIL the company. They not only took payment after payment of hush money, they actually surreptitiously recorded the blackmail negotiations so they could ask for MORE blackmail. None of the these people are trustworthy, and there are far too many alternatives in independent journalism out there for anyone to bother with these fighting snakes. “


At the very least there has been some serious mismanagement going on at The Rebel Media and at worst? The words Controlled Opposition come to mind. Either way the self-destruction of Rebel Media is a huge blow to any effort to rebuild the Canadian Right. Without a functional Alt-Media outlet things are going to be a lot harder going forward.

Not there weren’t warning signs. Time and time again Rebel Media would show up at a story do an excellent initial report and then fail to do any sort of in depth follow up. The story the Rebel is the story of what could have been.

There was also the very irritating problem that Ezra Levant seemed to have difficulty understanding that Canadians would have liked to see a Pro-Canada media organization and not necessarily a Pro-Israel one. America wasn’t the only country burnt by the Neocons and their foul stench continues to cling to the clothes of anyone still calling themselves Conservative in this country. Besides the paradigm has shifted. Canada might be one (or maybe two) election cycles behind the rest of Western Civilization but even these dark times will not endure forever. If France can survive the Reign of Terror, Canada can survive the Reign of Tumblr.


The problem of course is that no one knows what a Canadian Nationalist is supposed to look like. Much less how to be one. We’ll just have to figure that out together won’t we?


The Rebel Media denounces the Alt-Right [6 mins]

This message brought to you by everyone’s favourite useless diversity hire. What exactly do you do around here, Jay? You have no charisma, no in-depth political or historical knowledge and seem like you’re reading off a cue card with no idea what half of the words mean. So what purpose do you serve in the Rebel Media? As an audience member I’ve given you every chance to prove yourself and all you’ve done is prove your haters right. I’m sorry Mr. Fayza but you need to go back too.

This very shallow attack piece does highlight one very useful thing though, Richard Spencer has a truly magically punchable face.


So apparently Faith Goldy was fired for going on a Daily Stormer podcast. [5 mins]

Something fishy that way swims.”

Everyone who supported Rebel Media understood that they were and we going to be very Pro-Israel and accepted that as the cost of doing business. That said this seems like a very cowardly way to be treating your people while proclaiming to be fighting for free speech. While there is undoubtedly more going on behind the scenes this is Gamma Leadership in action and Ezra is making a complete fool of himself here (and that’s discounting everything else that is going on.)


Friendly neighbourhood conspiracy theorist Titus Frost gives his HOT take. [10 mins]

He definitely brings the fire with this one. Highly entertaining on multiple levels. Plenty of notes in the video description.


As a counterpoint Mike Cernovich offers a defence and some much needed constructive criticism. [17 mins]

Relevant section is from 1:15 to 6:00. Using the Openmind archive channel link as it is less likely to be deleted than Mike’s official channels.


Final Thoughts: I’m not quite ready to abandon ship but the captain is drunk, we’re on an oil tanker, there’s a lot of icebergs this time of year and we’re coming up on Baby Seal Beach.

The ship hasn’t sunk yet. There’s still a chance we’ll make it to port but I hope to hell you can swim because the odds aren’t looking too good.

To Victory

Plenty of work to do and the next few years are going to suck… not that anyone is looking too surprised. If Rebel does completely collapse if will just leave a large gap in the market for a genuine Opposition Media to form. A battle has been lost but the war continues and the Men of the West must rise up and meet it. Canada stands with the West, even if many of our brothers are slow to get to their feet we must not despair. There will be plenty of Deus Vult for everyone. God is with us. The question is are we with God?

—Wolfman Out—


The Ongoing Collapse of Rebel Media