Here Be Monsters

Good news: America is a proposition nation.

Bad news: The proposition is Satanism.

-John Rivers on

This will be my reaction post to the Spirit Cooking scandal that has most of the younger members of the Alt-Right rolling on the floor, foaming at the month and speaking in tongues (usually a mix of old Prussian and Navaho, by my sources.)

Yes Timmy! This is some Weird shit. I WARNED YOU NOT TO WATCH THAT VIDEO!!!

You’ll be fine don’t worry… just don’t drink any vanilla protein shakes for a few days.

And by all reports having people associated with the Clinton campaign getting caught in occultist black magic rituals has NOT helped her with the black and latino voters. They know bad juju when they see it.

I’m almost speechless… but with the Clinton’s all things are at least slightly believable. John Podesta’s maximum strength pedoface doesn’t help their claims of innocence either.


Ahoy matey! Thar be some fucked up shit.

Stefan Molyneux with Vox Day and Mike Cernovich on the whole spirit cooking scandal.

A 50min conversation with three our favourite people discussing a very strange topic. Well worth the watch. Rational discussion about a very irrational topic.

Vox Day’s summarizing /pol/ ‘s latest and very strange discovery.

This is some very weird creepy shit. It is the AGGRESSIVE trolling and shilling in the comments however that raises the alarm. Considering the nature of the topics usually covered on VP it was incredible to see that much effort being spent on a post about a pizza parlour. Here be monsters indeed.

So far no fire but there sure does seem to be a great deal of smoke surrounding key members of the Obama government and Hillary Clinton’s associates.


Remember to check your friends and coworkers’ fingers for scars left by repeated Occult rituals. Especially that new chick you just started dating who’s one or two points above what you can normally pull.

I’m still convinced that Clinton goes down for corruption or possibly espionage. The Anonymous FBI agent on 4chan was repeatedly telling people to focus on the Clinton Foundation. While the sex trafficking and occultist rumors are damning and may take down many of her associates the dirty money and emails are what might finally stick to Clinton. Remember Al Capone went down for tax evasion. Still I think your average FBI agent is going to react to the idea of spirit cooking with just a little bit of righteous anger. That’ll keep them working that much harder to bring down the Clinton crime family.


Okay she probably isn’t a High Priestess of Satan like Alex Jones says she is… but at this point I don’t think petty distinctions like that really matter.

Davis Aurini on Righteous Anger (Slightly off topic)

I bookmarked this video months ago and just remembered it yesterday. So I sat down to watch it tonight. Definitely struck a chord with me after the events of the last few weeks.

I’ve stated previously that I have an Evangelical background and quite frankly recent events have me very close to rejoining the Church out of spite. Those Crusader memes I found funny as hell months ago are beginning to call out to me.


And so we find that there is Evil in the world. What now?

I’ll end with this quote from Shake Hands with the Devil.

After one of my many presentations following my return from Rwanda, Canadian Forces padre asked me how, after all I seen and experienced, I could still believe in God. I answered that I know there is a God because in Rwanda I shook hands with the devil, I have seen him and I have touched him. I know the devil exists, and therefore I know there is a God. Peux ce que veux.”

—LGen. Romeo Dallaire

Wolfman out.

Tell your kids you love them.

And then dip your bullets in holy water… just in case.

Here Be Monsters

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