A Rant For the Ages

Tom from Midnights Edge tells you EXACTLY what he thinks about Solo: A Star Wars Story, [6mins]

It looks like the force is weak with this one.

and no I won’t be seeing it. There were TWO perfectly good Han Solo origin stories in the EU EITHER of which would have made for a decent non-soy based movie product.

Star Wars is dead. Maybe we should stop trying to dig up the corpse?

A Rant For the Ages

Can’t Sleep Thinking About Weird Stuff


Look closely at the above picture. It’s a rabbit army on a crusade.

But wait? The litter is being carried by a pair of dogs.

These dogs are clearly a separate race.

Are they slaves? Prisoners? Or merely allies serving in the rabbit crusade army?

Is there a joint Rabbitperson-Dogman Kingdom?

and who are they crusading against?

So many questions…

Can’t Sleep Thinking About Weird Stuff

ComicsGate: Make the Rubble Bounce

There’s an awful lot of people in Comicsgate who almost get the Culture War (1). So I do have to admit that there’s a certain ironic humor in seeing a number of people who were quite critical of Vox Day’s Alt-Hero project having to nut up and do the exact same thing six months later. (2)

The main (if usually unstated) goal of ComicsGate has always been to force a reform on the existing comics industry, truly a worthy goal. People want the old Marvel and DC comics back. However it increasingly looks like this noble goal is impossible. The old rotten institutions are simply too corrupt and converged.

The solution then is to build anew.

Mark Waid and his jibbering lackeys may have unwittingly forced Diversity and Comics (3) to do just that. By lashing out, bullying and harassing indie publisher Antarctic Press into not publishing Jawbreakers: Lost Souls the Jawbreakers team has been forced to go with what was very clearly a pre-established plan B. They will take the money that they have raised and start their own publisher. Splatto Comics. (4)


QuQu’s excellent article on all this.



Personally I’m trying not to be giddy about this brand new opportunity to burn shit down even harder and faster. One of the stated goals of Alt-Hero was to inspire imitators as the more non-SJW comics being made the faster the industry can be freed from their cancer.

If D&C can pull this off the Alt-Comics movement becomes a true joint offensive.


But it’s noteworthy that Splatto Comics and Arkhaven Comics are going to be taking different approaches, particularly when it comes to digital comics.

This is fine. An ally is by definition is somebody who is not you... which reminds me of something. During WWII the Allies took two completely different doctrinal approaches to strategic bombing (5); with British preferring night bombing to reduce aircraft losses and the Americans preferring daytime operations to increase bombing accuracy. While there was a lot of angry debate at first with each party trying get the other to change their doctrine it eventually dawned on high command that by splitting their bombing effort like this the Allies would be bombing the Axis “around the clock.”

I’d like to think that’s a metaphor for what going to be happening to mainstream comics industry in 2019. Bombs raining drop upon their heads constantly… and the SJWs know that it is coming… and that they are powerless to stop it. Fun times ahead.


Short-ish videos:

Diversity and Comics gives his account about what happened with Antarctic Press and his plans for moving forward. [24 mins]

Again (8:00) the mention of Diamond as the chokepoint. We still don’t have complete details on how Arkhaven is doing distribution but it’s become clear that Vox was right to focus on setting up an alternative method. Again, once this second distributor is set up and running it would not be too hard for other indy publishers to join in.


Raging Golden Eagle gives us the quick version [12 mins]

What these SJW comic pros are doing with Jawbreakers and Antarctic Press. This is a last ditch desperate attempt to keep their jobs. They cannot allow Jawbreakers to succeed.”

At least I’m not the only one who’s giddy about all of this.


Capn Cummings gives his take and focuses on Mark Waid’s spearheading of this unethical and possibly illegal harassment campaign. [16 mins]

Mark Waid lying.

Mark Waid projecting.

Mark Waid doubling down. (6)

Strictly formula, SJWs are down right mechanical once you understand what you’re dealing.


Longer videos: For people looking for them.

Live Stream discussion with Douglas Ernst and Timothy Lim. [1 Hr 17 Mins]

A very good discussion. Timothy Lim going over his history and relationship to Antarctic press definitely adds a little spice to the meatball.


A Jon Del Arroz Periscope covering the topic. [50mins]


This is a fairly slow paced livestream but Jon covers a lot of key points here. One thing he brings up how Antarctic caving like this sets a very bad precedent; especially for smaller projects that don’t have a large rabid fanbase to stand up for them in the event that their publisher comes under attack. A large project like Jawbreakers can weather such a storm and even grow as a result but anything less than a superstar project is going to be vulnerable to the ‘normal SJW attack pattern.’


End Notes:

1: To be fair a lot them do get it but I get very frustrated with the ones who keep making excuses for what is happening right in front of them.

2: If Vox was right about this. What else is he right about?

3: We’re on the internet. Respect the handle. Use the handle. Besides that’s what everybody knows him by.

4: Also something about a cat. Sadly the only Spanish I know is what I picked up at Taco Bell.

5: Yes WarNerd is going to talk about WWII. Also sky is blue and water is wet. Don’t tone police me, bro.

6: How do you double down on THIS??? I hope he tries.



A short piece about the collusion to keep Jawbreakers out of stores. I did not think this was a major story at the time.

Not This Shit Again


An older piece where I try to think about the longer term implications of what Vox Day is attempting to do with Arkhaven. Remember he’s approaching this problem mostly as a publisher first.

Comics, Culture War and the Arkhaven Experiments


A comic related worldbuilding article that people really seem to like.

Gotham and Metropolis

ComicsGate: Make the Rubble Bounce

The Magician’s Left Hand or Blunder of Year?

Bombard’s Body Language of Trump’s announcement of Syrian Airstrikes. [5 mins]

Quick takeaway here: Trump is confident in this speech and it was practiced beforehand. However this is clearly scripted and does not appear to be Trump’s own words.

Something odd is happening in Syria. That much we know. Trump’s actions don’t seem to be making any sense. 4D chess remains on the menu but a lot of people are wondering about what’s going on behind the scenes. The most recent gas attack (very likely the previous ones) were clearly staged events. Trump HAS to know that. So what is he doing? Or rather WHAT ELSE is he doing?

Trump uses twitter as a distraction. The previous tomahawk strike was a feint. Hell Stormy Daniels might even have been working for Trump this whole time. Everyone is watching the wizard’s left hand. What is he doing with his right? Will there be magic or has he been subtly jerking off this entire time?

The Magician’s Left Hand or Blunder of Year?

Oh Look They Did It Again

This is supposed to be a science fiction blog so I’m going to resist at least for the moment the urge to unleash the Sperg concerning the recent Austin Freedom Fireworks Fiesta.

But I did notice one thing.


is it just me or did they ‘whiten’ the suspects picture? Now why would they do that?


Oh! Right!

For contrast here’s a picture taken under normal lighting conditions.


Makes you think doesn’t it.

but on the bright side…


Okay I noticed two things. Anonymous Conservative has been giving me a lot of nightmares lately.




—Wolfman Out–

Before I do something drastic.

Oh Look They Did It Again

Daily Incoherent Rant

Over-hyped midlist Soy-Fi author John Scalzi often blames his inability to keep up with his publishing schedule on the Trump admiration… and he might actually have a point there.

This Qanon thing is distracting as all hell.


Make no mistake children Wolfie does love him some conspiracy theories but is no way did I expect ALL OF THEM TO BE CORRECT.

Hell even David Icke’s reptilian thing turned out to be a genius metaphor for explaining how the power elite think and act.


at this point no one will be surprised if Seth Rich is able to testify at his own murder trial.


So yes I am watching the Q posts and related discussion quite closely. Between that and the constant Twitter gun control debate it’s pretty hard to keep focused on any one thing,


American Gun Politics in one picture.

—Wolfman Out—


Fire and Fury Motherclucker!!!

The BOOMs may just be beginning.

Daily Incoherent Rant

Quality Nerd Raging

I felt this was worth sharing.


Weaponized Nerd Rage lived up to his name and delivered a quality rant taking a certain quivering shitweasel to task. [9 mins]


Honestly Ethan van Sciver has won me over as fan in the recent weeks and for much the same reasons that Jon Del Arroz did. He’s simply so honest, passionate and friendly that any sane person walks away from the conversation with a smile on their face.


Quality Nerd Raging