Well Fuck You Youtube.

Ye shall know the Truth and the truth shall pisseth ye off.

Here is the fourth video in the Investigating Youtube #PedoTube series. Most of you should have a fairly good idea how strictly Youtube enforces copyright on smaller creators often to the point of blatant abuse. So…

and again it is very suspicious that Disney or Sony aren’t even attempting to crack down on this…but they’ll go after podcasts who show a movie trailer while they review the movie in question.

Many of these video are simply copycat content farming or a lazy cynical cash grab others are not. There seems to be a psychological or occult formula being followed designed to either groom or condition children to accept abuse or to otherwise damage them.

Whoever is doing these videos needs to be stopped and they need to be stopped by whatever calibre rounds good Christian men deem appropriate.

Well Fuck You Youtube.

When You Know Not Your Enemy

Propaganda is hard; particularly when you’re a smug semi-Marxist douchebag who’s trapped in a social media echo chamber and who has no day-to-day contact with average working people.

Also it seems that no-one at Ubisoft has learnt anything from GamerGate as the recent poster for Farcry 5 shows; one of the truly great double downs in recent memory.


The message here is clear: If you want to fight against men like that continue to buy an overpriced AAA title that won’t be properly patched until six months after release.

But on the other hand if you would rather fight alongside men like that…

Repent for your sins and get your kilted Heathen arse over to Men of The West

Seriously do people not understand why For Honor was such a hit? The culture as a whole is beginning to shift rightward and you see this very clearly in the lands of videogames; the last refuge of the young male outcast. What do the newest batch of annoying teen gamers want? Hmmm it turns out that they want to retake Constantinople, while singing along to the latest Sabaton song.

Brave Faithful Knights. Strong Metal as Fuck Vikings. Cool Edgy Samurai. Toxic Masculinity Everywhere! For Honor was the perfect storm to welcome a new generation of boys, searching for themselves and on the verge of becoming men. Of course this was no doubt merely a chance as no major gaming publisher would make such divinely-timed a game on purpose but God does tend to work in mysterious ways.

My main point however is the Modern Left simply does not understand the Right (and the Alt-Right in particular) they have no idea what drives us so occasionally their attempt to demoralise or mock us backfire hilariously and wind up motivating us, instead.


The ‘Basket of Deplorables’ remark being the most famous of these examples.

After all how many journalists, marketing execs and Hollywood power couples will actually talk to anyone from “flyover country?” The Right’s main advantage in the Culture War is that the Left is fighting completely blind. They simply have to idea what motivates their enemies to dare to disagree with THE MOST HOLY NARRATIVE!!!


Another example; I believe this was from a LA newspaper and was intended to mock Trump supporters. Unfortunately for Cuckbro we consider masculinity a virtue not a vice.

A third example is this.


This ad was supposed to shock the viewer with OMG! NAZIS! but instead make them hungry for 1950’s America. The ad was quickly pulled once the comrades recognized their failure.

When You Know Not Your Enemy

Excuse of the Day

I’m currently nursing a rather embarrassing “lower body injury” which unfortunately has me in just enough pain to break my concentration. So once again there will be no writing on this here “writers blog.” Honestly I’m started to get rather frustrated and discouraged.

And then to add insult to injury some Random Torling declared this Space Opera Week. Space Opera Week was then IMMEDIATELY co-opted by friends of this blog (ie people who actually LIKE space opera.)

So for a least a few days I’m going to have to sit here and not write space opera during Space Opera Week. Hurrah!

The proposed battle anthem of the Viceroyal Breylandic Navy


Which bring me to another point I’ve identified a rather glaring flaw in the Breylandverse; the stories don’t seem to be very fun (too much serious business, like saving Breylandic civilization) and there really isn’t that much room for fun pulp Traveller-type adventures as the smallest civilian starship is a roughly eight hundred thousand ton tramp freighter with a crew of about three hundred.

So while I have no intention of abandoning my ridiculous collection of world building notes (I might start sharing a few here and there) I’ve also started playing around with something that for lack of a better term I’m calling the Nekoverse designed around TIE Fighter/Wing Commander dogfighting; MechWarrior style ground combat and genetically engineered catgirls fighting to liberate an enslaved humanity from evil pink space bunnies.


It’s an idea so stupid it might actually work. Or at least it will be fun break from time to time.

So anyway I’ll get back to you guys once I can think straight and have stopped feeling sorry for myself.

Until the end. For Breyland and for Glory. Wolfman out.

Excuse of the Day

The Year of The Phoenix

Year of the Phoenix

Well if 2016 was the year of death then 2017 will be the year of Phoenix where that which was long declared dead rises again louder, angrier and more METAL than ever before.


Surely I’m not the only to notice that all the West’s enemies seem to infested with nihilism and act much in the matter of death cults? From the Islamist to the Marxist radical to ardent Environmentalist all these belief systems ultimately lead their most fanatical believers to embrace death and anti-humanism in all its forms. So how must The West respond to its enemies? What can we offer instead of death? Well how about life?

The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly. John 10:10

The Cult of Life versus The Cult of Death. Is that metal enough for you? Civilization versus Barbarism. Determination versus Despair. The very world vibrates with anticipation of the struggles to come. Find your place in the Army of Truth and do your part. However small, however humble let no talent go to waste. Western Civilization stands in the balance and only God himself knows what will tip the scales or seemingly petty gambit carry the day.

Why didn’t anybody tell me that these guys existed?

So go forth and with a song in your heart, build and create. There are stories to tell and songs to sing. Great deeds and dreams must not go unremembered. Epics must not go untold. Truth and beauty must be left for the children of the future. Who will stand against this darkness if not for you? I assure you that you will not stand alone.

and if the Acolytes of Death dare to sneer at us feel free to sneer right back. For no matter how dark the night no matter how late the hour there is always something that can be done. There is always that still small voice whispering in the wind. “No all is not lost. Turn and face the Enemy. There is still time for one last Crusade.”

*Big hat tip to The Didact for introducing me to about 2/3rds of the bands I’m currently listening to.

The Year of The Phoenix

Gotham and Metropolis

This is stupid but I need to get this off my chest.

If I was a DC writer how would I handle the depiction of Gotham City and Metropolis?

Well in short I would make them two different rival cities battling for the cultural heart of America. Also I wouldn’t put them across the harbour from each other like in Batman Versus Superman because that is just goddamned stupid. While it should be practical to move between the two cities it shouldn’t be something that can be done without effort or care. A character from one city should also be noticeably uncomfortable in the other; having to change their clothing styles even their speech and mannerisms in order to fit in or to maintain a disguise. A crossover, even a minor villain crossover should be a big deal, not a cheap gimmick. Superman and Batman teaming up on anything should be an apocalyptic event similar to Churchill and Stalin teaming up to battle Hitler.

Also Metropolis is a city that needs Superman and Gotham is a city that needs Batman. Since these are two very different heroes it follows logically that the environments where these heroes live and form the centerpiece are vastly different.

Metropolis: The city of the American Dream

Metropolis is a city of the future. It is cosmopolitan, high tech, outward looking and highly optimistic. Metropolis is the city where the world meets. Sadly for the inhabitants of this fair city Metropolis is also arrogant, elitist and prone to utopian thinking. When criminal or terrorist elements strike it comes as an enormous shock to both the city’s elite and the man on the street. The police are well equipped with many high tech gizmos but poorly trained and inexperienced when dealing with violent crime. With the eyes of the world on Metropolis a bank robbery is international news. In contrast the Joker robbing a bank with a Sherman tank is just a Wednesday afternoon in Gotham City. Most crime in Metropolis is fraud, embezzlement or corporate espionage. Most of the murders in the city are the results of such crimes or their aftermath.

The gangs that eat away at Metropolis are shadowy, sophisticated, have international ties and hide themselves in a veneer of plausible deniability. They also to the dismay of the police have easy access to high powered weaponry; cutting edge technical support and can dance circles around law enforcement. There’s also an awful lot of lawyers running around making the waters even muddier.

Metropolis is also not a very second amendment friendly city leaving the population feeling helpless in the face of a crime wave. They know the gangs are out there but what can they do?

This is the world in which Superman finds himself. He can deal with a direct obvious threat quite easily but most of the threats he will face are subtle, indirect ones he might not see coming. Can he bring the people of Metropolis hope? Can he stop the evil doers with the eyes of the entire world upon him?

Tune in next episode to find out…

Gotham: The City of the American Spirit

Gotham is the city of America’s past. The sleeping giant having nightmares while freaks and clowns cause mayhem in the shadows. Gotham was once America’s pride but in recent times has become America’s shame. Gotham City had its glory days first in the era of Prohibition and then second in the darkest days of the second world war. In America’s darkest hour Gotham City with its great steel mills and chemical factories became the heart of the war effort and quite literally the arsenal of democracy. A lot of the those weapons and explosive factories closed after the war and were never truly replaced but the mark left on the city never went away… and many were abandoned in place with their tools and machinery simply left to rust. Which brings us to one of the more interesting aspects of that legacy.

In Gotham City there is a great deal of WWII and Korean War era weapons floating around the black market and yes you can buy a bazooka if you know the right people. There is also at least one operating factory that is producing Thompson sub machine guns. These are the preferred and most prestigious weapon in Gotham organized crime circles. Gotham is a city that looks to its past and after all if you’re going to shoot someone why not do it in style? Gotham Pride runs deep. Why use a crappy foreign gun? That’s an insult to the man you’re shooting! What are you a communist or something?


Gotham made with good American steel.”

The police and common citizens of Gotham are not helpless. They are however badly over matched against an endless tide of violent, audacious, highly skilled criminals. Hiding behind the circus of costumed freaks and supervillians hides a deep embedded subculture of organized crime layered throughout the city in elaborate networks. While mostly made up of the old mafia dating back the prohibition days these crime gangs have evolved under intense Darwinian pressure into flexible, anti-fragile, self repairing organizations.

Gotham City gangs also have a very strong “mid-level leadership caste” made up of very talented criminals who are bound together by the old mafia codes and Gotham Pride. Unlike in other cities simply throwing the boss into Arkham Asylum does not break up a gang. In fact the Joker Gang actually thrives when “Mr. J. is in the joint” and the Lieutenants can focus on the business side of the gang instead of inflicting chaos and mayhem. The Joker of course finds this state of affairs incredibly amusing.

Batman is generally too busy dealing with the latest crisis to deal completely with these mid level criminals much less ordinary street crime. All he can do really is give the police and common man a fighting chance and in Gotham everyone is expected to fight. One way or another in Gotham City life will punch you in the face, you’re just expected to not go down too easily.

The steel mills of Gotham lay empty, the docks are mostly abandoned or used for smuggling.. Gotham is dying but not yet buried. The old factories may rust but the city’s pride remains. If the need was great enough the steel mills could be put back into production, new workers trained and the docks reclaimed from the gangs. People of Gotham don’t need hope. Gotham just needs a chance, a tiny break in darkness and gloom and the city will claw its way back into the light. Can Batman give the people that chance or will the darkness win in the end?

Gotham and Metropolis