Nerdlife Five: Just Here For the Catgirls

Nerdlife Five: Just Here For the Catgirls.

Sort of rushing this one but I have enough links for a post and I’m too caffeinated to sleep.

Quick fictional interlude: No idea where I’m going with this…

Zeps or (zeproru in Codteki) were difficult to describe in Terran biology terms. Seiko kept thinking of them as horse-dog-lizard-things. The nekoites had never figured out what planet the zeps came from or even if they were a natural creature at all or perhaps rather a genetically engineered animal creation of a distant alien race still completely unknown to the clans. The strange mammal-like reptiles had quickly become the low tech mount of choice on the rare niche occasions that such animals were called for. Zeps were intelligent, easily trainable and able to eat plants from a half dozen protein profiles. In addition they were tough, loyal to their handlers and had a nasty enough bite to fend off most local predators but their best trait (from the nekoite perspective) was that unlike Earth-horses, they responded well to being cryogenically frozen and could safely be put in storage aboard starships until needed planetside.

Of course getting them off the spaceship wasn’t always easy.

Come on Fluffy. Easy does it,” Seiko crooned as he tried to lead the confused creature down the offramp.


World Building: Gas giants and habitable moons

Lot of heavy geek math here but still a fun watch for us soft scifi plebs.


Yakov Merkin on why the Pulp Revolution will win.


Important piece of history

Here… fishy, fishy.



It’s big beautiful world full of wonder and surprise.


Treas… errr… Reason Magazine goes over Gary Gygax’s FBI records.


Skiltron Bagpipes of War

Starts a little slow but this one’s worth the wait.



Bradford Walker discusses the principle of simplicity in gaming. He uses WoW as his main example but then applies the same principles to tabletop gaming.

I do see some of this while say playing Aurora 4x (which is about as complicated a game as there is.) Fighters in Aurora are very effective, and extremely cost efficient but I don’t use them because it’s too much micromanagement and I’d rather focus my efforts elsewhere. Player attention span is also a resource in 4x games.


Steampunk Author and airship mechanic Jon Del Arroz on character voices and dialogue.


JimFear138 makes an compiling argument that Manowar is THE band of the Pulp Revolution.

In much the same fashion, Manowar came out with a specific mission. They were going to play HEAVY METAL, they were going to sing about whatever the fuck they wanted, they were going to play fast and loud, and anyone who had shit to say about it could get fucked.”


Electric Cars bad for the environment?



Seems legit.

Nerdlife Five: Just Here For the Catgirls

NerdLife: Rest and Retardation

NerdLife Four: Relax and Enjoy the Madness

I need a break from politics and I guess this will count. This was supposed to be my one day to relax this week and I spent most of it on social media yelling about throwing reporters out of helicopters. Therapeutic perhaps but hardly productive.

I try to cover a good spread of topics in these… things so that there is something for everybody. Still end of the day it’s whatever shiny internet thing catches my eye, and I’m not exactly the most organized individual.

Writing out the two Breyland Notes pieces seemed to have helped but yeah… the flesh is willing but the mind is sperging.

So here we go.

Black Marketing: This a ten minute long 1944 US propaganda film that is oddly well acted and compelling. I’m a big fan of these archive channels.

Very well done little film breaks down that how a typical black market scheme is run. Might be of interest to both history buffs and the Pulp Revolution crowd. A lot of fun if you like old style gangster movies.


Indie author and cosmic madman Jon Mollison breaks down the possibilities of donut shaped planets.

I’ve gone ahead and subbed to the Youtube channel in question and it looks like there’ll be plenty of materiel for future posts.


Yes once Captain America was an American.


Injustice Gamer discusses the nature of complexity in boardgames. Not much I can add but his next article is going to be about Kickstarter and how it’s effected the market. That should be a fun read. Might as well start hyping now.


Volcano of Doom (Music)

With a title like that I had to click on it.

Hmm… geothermal powered underground lair… alien jungle planet… brave adventurers on a desperate mission…



And where the hell is this videogame?


Awesome Viking discovery. Once again we see the ageless theme of a man and his dog.


The Bechtloff Presents: The Legend of Indiana Mario. A fascinating tale of a videogame urban legend. Also shitting on MovieBob is never offtopic.

Those happy meal toys rocked!



People tend to forget that Burt Reynolds was a legit action star at one point.


Gitabushi on the hard/soft science fiction debate. About a month old but I didn’t see it at the time.

and another great thought provoking article about the different views on peasants.

NerdLife: Rest and Retardation

Orcposting and Other Memes

Can’t sleep. Must do Kek’s bidding.

Other hashtags: #RideForRohan #NotAllGoblins #DrowLivesMatter #TheDwarvesWereRight #OneRingOfPeace #RemoveKnifeEars

Orcposts: Cuz dat’s why you’ze ere!


Elf-Right is all right.


Yes you’ve seen this one by now. Sadly expect to see it again in the future.


But where else will we get our ethnic restaurants?


Not too sure about Sicily… but this more or less lines up.






Seems about right.


Harry Potter: Because how else is a college student going to explain their politics?


It’s quite literately the only book an entire generation read of their own free will.




Anarchy Now: Because the whole Libertarian thing still has some appeal, despite most of us growing the fuck up and knowing better.


In memorandum for a best friend’s best friend.


Step one to understanding American politics.


On the internet no one knows you’re a Saxon dog.


Odds and Ends: Because not everything fits in a box.


Can’t remember what the context was here.

builditDSBecause if Congress doesn’t let him build The Wall the God-Emperor is going to build something else.


All proceeds will be spent on hentai and green smoothies.

Orcposting and Other Memes

Breyland Notes: Legacy of the Oinkkrieg

Feral Pigs in Breylandspace

Colonising an alien planet is far more difficult than most people realise. The colonists need to either create an entire ecosystem from scratch or very carefully incorporate terran foodcrops and livestock into an existing completely alien biosphere. Unbalances aren’t just possible they’re practically expected. The key thing is not to allow ecological unbalances to become disasters that threaten the existance of the colony. In the modern era with established interstellar trade aid can be acquired from off world. This was not the case with the earlier distant colonies and the failure rate was very high; in fact it was amazing that any of these colonies survived at all.

Breyland owes its superpower status to one main factor. They got there several centuries earlier than their near neighbors and the first colonists somehow survived. However one early event left an notable mark on Breylandic culture and folklore; all the pigs died. As it was centuries before Breyland reestablished contact was the rest of humanity, these animals could not be replaced and for this reason pork did not become part of the traditional diet. Pigs however did become highly symbolic in folklore and national myth with magical winged pigs often appearing in Golden Age children’s cartoons. By the time pork could be cheaply and easily imported from other nearby worlds pigs had become practically holy animals; far too sacred and precious to actually eat. It took several centuries to overcome this attitude.

As a result of this cultural baggage it is very difficult for the Breyland born intellectuals who make up the core of the Colonial bureaucracy to take the problem of a feral pig population explosion seriously. After all the solution to any ‘highly problematic free range unprocessed bacon surplus’ is both obvious and delicious. Even in the case that the government acts the go to solution is to import apex predators like lions, tigers, or yargis. This usually ends rather poorly for the hapless colonists. So as a result at any one time there are five or six planets in Breylandspace that are experiencing a feral pig problem.

The Oinkkrieg:

The most famous feral pig explosion occured on the planet Brandenburg (now one of the Four Worlds) and cuminated in the legendary Oinkkrieg (or oinkzkrieg) a sixty year epic struggle for survival between Man and Pig. The Brandenburgers did eventually get the pig population under control and redomesticated but there was a very real risk of humanity getting pushed off the planet. As this event happened early in the colony’s history it left a mark of the Brandenburger sense of humor. For example exclaming “for victory!” or humming a patriotic song before taking the first bite of a pork sausage.

The Situation on Mzab:

Mzab is a interesting case. The feral pig population which was once a mild annoyance to farmers and ranchers, is in recent years rapidly approaching oinkkrieg levels. As Mzab is a Muslim majority world (roughly 85%) the normal measures commonly taken to cull a feral pig explosion could not be taken without causing significant unrest. Successive governors simply ignored the problem and hoped it would go away. This put several noteworthy tribes in a bind between breaking Islamic teaching in order to deal with the pigs and the risk of angering their more fundimental and warlike neighbors. As the crisis deepened it begin harder and harder for outsiders to feel any sort of sympathy for the beleaguered locals as the workers of the nearby mining colony of Hammerfall were living on 3/4ths and sometimes even 2/3rds rations; and yes they would very much like some pork sausages.

The call thus came for the finer citizens of Mzab to put aside their hashpipes and their ridiculous barbarian customs and turn the ongoing crisis into a profit opportunity. While some Mazbians were indeed willing to shallow their pride and get their hands dirty in exchange for cold hard cash the tribal warlords and fanatical clerics of the northern provinces were not. The latter in perticular were in no mood to risk their social status and political power (only recently gained.) As social and economic pressure begin to build the Islamists, the Tribal Chieftains and the secular nationalists gathered into a strange uneasy alliance against their colonial overlords.

The pig crisis was not the leading cause of Mustafa’s Rebellion but the growing sense of unease through the colony caused by it and the disconnect between the population and the government made the ground very fertile for any seed of rebellion to take hold. The crisis would also lend a certain absurd character to the war.

As for how the pigs got there? No one knows. The Mzabians claim that the pigs are in fact an lost colony of Jews that were turned into pigs by Allah to punish them for their sins. No colonial admistrator takes such hashish fueled claims seriously, of course. Mzab is a place that lends itself to absurdity as anyone who has spent any time there can readily attest.

Related reading:

“Harvesting 66% of the total population per year is required to keep the Texas feral pig populations stable“

Thirty minute video on how to butcher a pig. Remember fam, either we eat the pigs or else the pigs will eat us.

End Note: Breyland refers to both the Capital or Homeworld and the larger political entity (The Viceroyalty of Breyland.) There are approximately eighty billion people in Breylandspace roughly one quarter of which are ethnic Breylanders.

The star and thus the system is named Hammerfel. The main planet (a Mars-like) is named Hammerfall. This state of affairs confuses the hell out of everybody, much to the amusement of the locals.

Breyland Notes: Legacy of the Oinkkrieg

Flat Earth: Seriously I Don’t Get It

So what exactly are the Flat Earth arguments? Is there a special strain of pipeweed that I need to smoke into order to find the magic shimmering doorways to wisdom and knowledge?

At least the Moon Landing Conspiracy made at least some sense. Hell even Reptilian Theory works as a perfect metaphor for explaining the actions of the world leadership caste.

Flat Earth Theory doesn’t even make perfect nonsense but it does lead to a lot of great memes.


Thus begin the legend of Fluffy the Cosmic Terror Beast.


Ok… not that this makes sense. However it would make for a great RPG setting.


Still my favorite.


So listen either the Earth is flat… that is one BIG alien mothership and we are ALL getting probed.


There’s probably some camera geek who can explain this but nobody has time to listen to a four hour lecture on optics.

So that’s all for today.

And yes Discworld is awesome.

Flat Earth: Seriously I Don’t Get It

When You Know Not Your Enemy

Propaganda is hard; particularly when you’re a smug semi-Marxist douchebag who’s trapped in a social media echo chamber and who has no day-to-day contact with average working people.

Also it seems that no-one at Ubisoft has learnt anything from GamerGate as the recent poster for Farcry 5 shows; one of the truly great double downs in recent memory.


The message here is clear: If you want to fight against men like that continue to buy an overpriced AAA title that won’t be properly patched until six months after release.

But on the other hand if you would rather fight alongside men like that…

Repent for your sins and get your kilted Heathen arse over to Men of The West

Seriously do people not understand why For Honor was such a hit? The culture as a whole is beginning to shift rightward and you see this very clearly in the lands of videogames; the last refuge of the young male outcast. What do the newest batch of annoying teen gamers want? Hmmm it turns out that they want to retake Constantinople, while singing along to the latest Sabaton song.

Brave Faithful Knights. Strong Metal as Fuck Vikings. Cool Edgy Samurai. Toxic Masculinity Everywhere! For Honor was the perfect storm to welcome a new generation of boys, searching for themselves and on the verge of becoming men. Of course this was no doubt merely a chance as no major gaming publisher would make such divinely-timed a game on purpose but God does tend to work in mysterious ways.

My main point however is the Modern Left simply does not understand the Right (and the Alt-Right in particular) they have no idea what drives us so occasionally their attempt to demoralise or mock us backfire hilariously and wind up motivating us, instead.


The ‘Basket of Deplorables’ remark being the most famous of these examples.

After all how many journalists, marketing execs and Hollywood power couples will actually talk to anyone from “flyover country?” The Right’s main advantage in the Culture War is that the Left is fighting completely blind. They simply have to idea what motivates their enemies to dare to disagree with THE MOST HOLY NARRATIVE!!!


Another example; I believe this was from a LA newspaper and was intended to mock Trump supporters. Unfortunately for Cuckbro we consider masculinity a virtue not a vice.

A third example is this.


This ad was supposed to shock the viewer with OMG! NAZIS! but instead make them hungry for 1950’s America. The ad was quickly pulled once the comrades recognized their failure.

When You Know Not Your Enemy

Courageously Covering the Catastrophic Comicbook Collapse.

I’ve stated before that I’m not really any sort of comic book fan but that I find it necessary to keep at least one eye on comic related news simply so that I can hold basic geek conversations with friends (and readers.)

Just like with Gamergate it’s the Culture War aspect between the SJW converged industry figures (usually mid to bottom level) and the common fan than I find deeply, deeply fascinating.

So it was with much joy that I stumbled upon a relatively new youtube channel Diversity and Comics that is covering comics from an anti-SJW stance while still being approachable and normie friendly.

How Captain Marvel is the perfect icon of SJW Marvel


Questioning the Narrative that 40% of comic readers are female.

What is the first rule of the SJW?

We should have asked this question earlier.

Keep in mind that some genres of gaming are 99%+ Male

Why do Marvel Creators hate the fans?

Reminds me a lot of what Brian Niemeier said a while back about Hollywood hating it’s own audience.

And the comments are worth digging around in (just wear gloves as it is still Youtube.)

The current crew at Marvel ARE awful; they’re rude, egotistical and they lack the creative juice that inspired a lot of artist back in the day. They’re all trend riders, their ‘inspiration’ only coming from what can make them seem like heroes. This isn’t what the writers and artist of years past did. They were not in it to be seen as political commentators which the current crew are and usually label themselves as. Even if the older artist and writers felt strongly in their political feelings they were always artists first.

The new crew ARE NOT. They are political and social obsessives FIRST, social media addicts second, glory riders third and at the very, very last, if at all, they’re ‘creatives’.”

Anyway I thought that was a discovery worth sharing. Marvel (and to some extent DC) has reached a state where they are completely dependant on recycling characters that were created forty or fifty years ago. This is beyond creative bankruptcy. The fear now is that the comic book medium itself will die out completely in the West… this would be a bad thing for all of Geekdom.

While I’m not a huge fan of the Alt-Hero project it’s definitely a step in the right direction and should be good for a laugh if nothing else.


They had to go back and one man decided to help them along on that journey.

Besides the idea here is to inspire others. Isn’t that what superheroes are all about?

Courageously Covering the Catastrophic Comicbook Collapse.