Interesting Concept

One of the US Army’s experimental amphibious vehicles from 1963. [3 mins]

This would be a very fun sportsman vehicle.

Interesting Concept

Jim Fear was Right

Manowar are simply the pulp-est metal that ever existed and worthy of blasting in the background while you hold a candle-lit vigil to mark the last days of his twitter ban.

Stay strong Jim. Harambe watches over us all.


But yes Manowar is awesome.

And just like that Talidor the Axe* might just have a theme song.


And here a song that has thinking about getting all Crusady**.


* Still too early to make any promises but I do need to learn how to write action scenes and Talidor doesn’t have time to for plot or backstory he mostly just shows up and starts kicking ass.

** Actually reminding me of another character Talidor meets in a tavern…. I really need to stop overworldbuilding.

Jim Fear was Right

80’s Cartoon Intros Were Awesome

Yes I watch a lot of youtube… most of you have figured that out by now. 

Ring Raiders? Don’t think I’ve seen that one, before.

Still it’s all a little depressing to look back at these 30 minute toy commercials and ponder just how much care and attention went into them.

There was a certain craftsmanship and pride in one’s work that shows through especially when you contrast it to what is being produced for children’s’ entertainment in the modern West.

You need us sell toys? Well Goddamn It the boys in creative are just going to have to roll up their sleeves and show you marketing people how to sell some motherfuckin’ toys!

and come to think about it those toys were actually meant to be played with and would stand up to normal wear and tear long enough that a boy had to go out of his way to break them. And that was a lesson all by itself.


Update: Okay I hadn’t heard of Spiral Zone either but I do have to say it looks pretty pulpish.

Okay you had me at Commander Dirk Courage.

80’s Cartoon Intros Were Awesome

Three Quick Videos

Just a quick Youtube selection since I needed to step back a little from current events. Also I’m sure some of you are getting a little sick of the tinfoily stuff.


Skallagrim shows off a very nasty piece of #PulpRev worthy kit. [8 mins]

Kind of gives you a warm fuzzy feeling inside doesn’t it?

Note that this isn’t really a battlefield weapon as it is a little too heavy and overbuilt. This is a gladiator weapon, most likely a crowd favorite. Or perhaps the weapon of a wandering barbarian champion? Does the hero carry a weapon like this? Or is this the tool of a black hooded adversary?


Weaponized Nerdrage on how China did not like the newest Star Wars. [12 min]

He makes a lot of good points here. Also you’re gonna want to stick around for the anti-Michael Bay rant around the ten minute mark.


I honestly didn’t know Brian Blessed was Boss Nass [7 mins]

I always made sure that my noises never interfered with my dialogue because I had a lot of plot…”

The video ends with Brian Blessed reading lines from Braveheart in his Boss Nass voice.

Three Quick Videos

Catgirls Needs Claws

Catgirls need claws: The standard weapons of the Nekoite militia.

Armies need equipment but what do you when you need to fight an interstellar guerrilla war and your army consists mostly of ninety pound catgirls?

What if resources are desperately scarce and you need to focus all of your high tech industry towards building up your space navy and keeping as many starfighters operational as near-humanly possible?

Well then one possible solution would be to mass produce low technology weapons copied from history and use those to equip your ground forces. Not an ideal solution but at least it’s a solution and the Nekoite Clans just so happen to have excellent records, blueprints and databases of a lot of Old Terra technology.


Lightweight, reliable and significantly better than nothing; the standard weapon of the nekoite militia is a folding stock copy of the M1 carbine.

The M1 carbine was also one of the most cost effective weapons used by the United States Military during World War II. At the beginning of World War II the average production cost for an M1 carbine was approximately $45, about half the cost of an M1 rifle at approximately $85 and about a fifth of the cost of a Thompson submachine gun at approximately $225. The .30 Carbine ammunition was also far cheaper to produce than the standard .30-06 ammunition; used less resources, was smaller, lighter, faster and easier to make. These were major factors in the United States Military decision to adopt the M1 carbine, especially when considering the vast numbers of weapons and ammunition manufactured and transported by the United States during World War II.”

Again the Nekoite clans are very lightly equipped and need weapons that can be mass produced while conserving high tech alloys and rare minerals. A 1940’s tech rifle requiring only a few basic computer assisted machine tools and some medium grade steel is for all practical purposes free. The only real cost is getting sufficient ammunition produced and distributed.

Officers and better equipped “Ranger units” are occasionally equipped with P90s or late model M-4s although that does complicate the ammunition situation. Ranger units are also going to have at least handful of laser or plasma weapons which can come as rather nasty surprise to an opponent who gets a little too dismissive of mere catgirls.


The next weapon is the M-79 grenade launcher. Why? Because why not? It also happens to be a very flexible weapon. Standard HE rounds are all fun and games but the nekoites have also developed a hollow charge HEAT “crackerjack” grenade that is just powerful enough to punch through a typical armored spacesuit. Again cost-effectiveness is the key. That said commando units can get their paws on some pretty exotic ammo of the mission is important enough.


And then we have the panzerfaust. Yes it’s a direct copy of the WWII weapon. Well usually a direct copy… sometimes you get a special snowflake panzerfaust with a plasma core warhead but that’s strictly for fighting giant robots. Again the panzerfaust was chosen as a low tech weapon that could be ridiculously mass produced and handed out to anyone who needed one.


Nyan! Desu! Banzai!!!

Well? What else would an army of catgirls carry as a sidearm? Besides if you’ll going to die for Holy Mother Terra you need to die with style as you take as many Face-Eating Giant Space Spiders with you as you can.


—Wolfman Out—

“I regret that I have but nine lives to give for my county. We’ll meet again in Meowhalla.” —Seiko

“Don’t be so negative, Bro. You got this.” — Ky’s response.

Catgirls Needs Claws

A Quick Checklist

The PulpRev crowd has been a very bad influence on me.

This is mostly at the brainstorm stage but I’ve been thinking about how cram all of the following into a single battle. Definitely keeping Rawle Nyanzi’s recent articles about romantic weapons in mind here.


-Swords (Katanas included)




-Interstellar cruise missiles

-Giant Fucking Robots!!!

Super Heavy Combat Walker: Callsign “Big Stompy”


-Powered Armor

-Combat Hovercraft

-Kaiju “Bio-Titans”


-Submarines In Space “Subphase ships”


Optional: These are in the maybe section.



Cyborg Alien Bear Gangster*


Deus Vult



*Not sure if this character will be present. I’d have a hard time justifying him getting stuck in the middle of a planetary invasion. He’s usually pretty good at avoiding those sorts of sticky situations.

A Quick Checklist