Trump Magic: Pick a Card

I was going to wait a bit on this until we had much clearer information but Trump does appear to have pulled some sort of magician’s trick when it comes to the Syrian missile strikes.

The tomahawk missiles used in the strike were all older ones; three decades old and approaching the end of their best blow up by date. Some accounts even suggest that the missiles had their warheads removed turning them into little more than decoys or live action targets for the Syrian air defences. A possible way for the Syrians and Russians to save face, maybe. Either way it is beginning to look like this was another ‘pulled punch’ attack just like the one last year.

However the nineteen missiles launched by the B-1 Bombers appears to be an entirely different story. As these were likely state of the art weapons. 


Note that what the bomber launched missiles were shot at is not mentioned. This is a somewhat glaring omission.

So what did the nineteen missiles hit?

Right now the best guess is that a series of Iran and Hezbollah related targets were struck. This could be a move to weaken Iran as a prelude to either overthrowing the regime or forcing them to bargaining table (in the same manner as North Korea.)

Q Anon has stated the Iran is next on Trump’s target list.

How will it be done? Well we’ll just have to watch the rest of the show.

In the meantime pray.



Trump Magic: Pick a Card

Halfassed Thoughts

Just a quick thought. As far as I can tell the primary advantage of a half-track over a fully tracked vehicle is that no special training is required to drive one and that troops already familiar with civilian trucks can adapt to the new vehicles very quickly.

These are still a compromise design more difficult to maintain than a wheeled vehicle while only gaining part of the benefits of having tracks. Still if you need say an APC specifically for reserve or militia forces a halftrack design might still be a viable choice. Conscript armies might also benefit.

1943 video on Halftrack tank Destroyers [8:30 mins]

Infogalactic article on the M3 Halftrack.

Video on German Halftracks [17 mins]

Halfassed Thoughts

More Random Gun and Tank Videos

Might as well enjoy these before YouTube gets around to banning them.

An overview of a Canadian made APC. Sure it’s just a converted tank but for 1944 this was top notch. [7 mins]


10 gauge shotguns! Perfect for the zombie watermelon apocalypse. [8 mins]


This looks like something a Larry Correia character might keep under their pillow. [10mins]


Did the Pope actually ban crossbows? [7 mins]


More Random Gun and Tank Videos

1960’s US Army Artillery

This one’s for the grognards. Definitely a big fan of these historical archive channels, even if they are not always copyright friendly.


1965 US Army training film that covers the cannons and artillery of the time, [38 mins]

Note that this is right before the Vietnam War truly kicks off. The cannon part was interesting enough but the second half of film which covers rocket artillery and guided missiles of that era is where this video shines. ‘Tactical nukes’ were taken very seriously during this part of the Cold War.


1960’s US Army Artillery

An Exceptional WWII History Channel

Yes I watch a lot of Youtube (when I should be doing other things) and I’d just like to highlight an channel that may be of interest to grognards and Hearts of Iron players. Much better than anything on the History Channel.


Why Germany lost WWII The importance of Oil [46 mins]


An overview of the Soviet purges and putting them in context [41 mins]

An Exceptional WWII History Channel

Heavy Weapon Fails

Just another lazy night so I figured I’ll post a few videos that might bring a smile to your face.



Actually mortars seem to be much harder to use than I expected.


Warning video contains horrible techno-music but also pirates getting their asses kicked.

and finally here are some terrorists blowing themselves up.


One commenter brought up the idea of sabotaged munitions which may explain some of the ISIS fail videos.

Heavy Weapon Fails

Rocket Boy and Nuclear Chicken

Well it looks like I was wrong about my prediction that Trump was going to make a major move on Dec 7th, using the Pearl Harbor anniversary to send a symbolic message. Well at least I got a laugh out of it.

Remember predict early. Predict often.

Anyway things to seem to be heating up in East Asia as there is a major wargame taking place in Korea with a large number of American servicemen taking part.

The God-Emperor and Rocket Boy are in effect playing a game of nuclear chicken. However a very nasty thought occurred to me today. North Korea has no Second Strike Capability. This means that a First Strike by US forces is not entirely out of the question.

Oh and China wants to get rid of Rocket Boy too. So it becomes a race between the God-Emperor laying waste to North Korea and China organizing a coup to replace Rocket Boy. A combination of those two is also a possibility.

I think the actual risk of a war is quite low but we are playing for very high stakes here. North Korea wouldn’t last very long without Chinese support. They might still be able to do a lot of damage in that time but everyone is running out of patience. Rocket Boy will soon be forced to choose between a golden parachute or a free helicopter ride.

Sliver or lead? I think it’s fairly obvious which choice he’ll make.

Atomic Weapons Effects: USAF Instructional film from 1959 [14 mins]

Posting this for educational or PulpRev purposes only.

—Wolfman Out—

Rocket Boy and Nuclear Chicken