A Few Thoughts as We Brace For the Trumpening

I’ve been getting a lot of hits on my Three Pillars of the West article lately (including quite a few from Italy for some reason) and I just wanted to point out that I really don’t think I brought up anything new or original as any honest historian will agree with the Three Pillars approach. The question is what do we do now? The reason I take such a humorous irreverent approach to everything on this blog is that I’m having a lot of trouble coming to terms with the state of the world.

Also sometimes you need to laugh in the Devil’s face as you fight him.

One of the main challenges the Alt-Right faces is resisting the temptation to simply give into despair. After all what can I do about terror attacks in Berlin? I started this blog because it was something I could do. Where maybe I could do something, maybe I could left someone’s spirits in this time of darkness and despair. Hell maybe I could even help myself.

Of course this is the typical rank and file SJW.


Pretty sure I can beat this guy. How about you?

I was never really intending this blog to become serious or heavily political and I always feel out of my depth when events compel me to comment on them. It is the scale and importance of these events that fills me with dread. The Trump / Clinton election really is THAT important to the entire West; (It’s a banana republic election for ALL the bananas.) While Trump is not the perfect Paladin he is by far an acceptable cost to pay for STOPPING CLINTON’S MAD GRASP FOR POWER. Again even if Trump only gives the West a four year breathing room it is a chance for the Men of the West to find themselves again. That may be enough. I’m just a circus freak with a gift for rhetoric and metaphor but that is an awful big tent and the Great Ringmaster in the sky is telling me the show must go on.

After the election I hopefully will be able to focus on my planned novels and this blog will mostly shift to being a writer’s blog. However with so much on the line I simply have to pay attention to world events and throw my bit of straw on a the back of whatever camel I can. I also have to be patient as the Defenders of the West have a very clear set of priorities and a logical plan.

Step One: The Trumpening

Step Two: Break the Siege of Europe

Step Three: The Great Decucking of Canada

Yes it looks like saving my country is going to require saving about thirty others first. So be it. Let’s get to work.

The War for Western Civilization: Paul Joseph Watson and Stefan Molyneux

A great discussion which brings up a lot of good topics.

Link to the mp3 for anyone who wants it.


I did attempt a follow up post to the Three Pillars article. I didn’t quite turn out the way I wanted but it still may be worth a read.


Anyway that’s a few thoughts off my chest. Keep your head up and don’t let the weight of the world bring you down.


A Few Thoughts as We Brace For the Trumpening

Debate One: Reactions

Okay looks like I didn’t get the decisive battle I was expecting. I really did not expect this one to go the distance. It seems that I have seriously underestimated the power of modern pharmacology. The Lizard Queen’s superdrugs were indeed powerful enough to fend off the meme magick and Hillary Clinton (The unliving avatar of the corruption which manifests on this Earth) did not collapse on live television as many of Kek’s faithful were so feverishly expecting.

Neither did God Emperor Trump, The Lion of the West and the Champion of the People falter before the test given him. He walked boldly and bravely into the Lizard Queen’s lair and faced down her Champion of Deceit Lester Holt with the courage and presence worthy of Saint Cecil de Leon (He Who Came Before) and the raw Alpha presence of Saint Harambe.

And yes Lester Holt was diversity hire. No surprise there.

FLASHBACK: How Debate Moderator @LesterHoltNBC Got His Career Going Thru Affirmative Action & Jesse Jackson

I listened to the debate rather than watched it (to save myself the horror of looking at the Lizard Queen and to protect myself from her hypnotic powers.) Instead I joined the GabFam on Gab.ai and had a wonderful night of shitposting and cheerleading.

Gab is like Mars and you really should get your ass to it.


Right now Gab is a magical place full of happy fashy people. Nothing but Anonymous anarcho-hacker types, military veterans, home schooling moms, fine southern gentlemen and loyal servants of the Supreme Dark Lord. #AltRight echo chamber? Yes and it’s fucking awesome! Not sure how long this magic will last especially since Twitter seems to be dying even faster than anyone expected but I do intend to enjoy myself  while it lasts.

Back to the topic at hand. Trump didn’t really land any major blows in this debate and that was somewhat disappointing to me. However Trump is clearly feeling his opponent out and bidding his time. The focus last night was to avoid the traps that were set for him which for the most part he did. There’s two more of these things to come and Clinton is such a horrible candidate I once again have to ask why did the Establishment go all in on such a terrible hand?

—Wolfman out

Still rocking in the once free world.

Update: What the Hell?

Looks like this thing was even more rigged than I thought.

MEDIA BUST: Exact Script of Lester Holt’s Plan to Rig Presidential Debate for Hillary Clinton Leaked 28 Days Ago to True Pundit


Debate One: Reactions

Get Pumped

It’s all going down tonight! In a few hours the Lion of the West and the Lizard Queen will meet in the first presidential debate. It will be the power of meme magick versus the mad science of cutting edge pharmacology. The real question is will Undead Hillary even last the full ninety minutes? Will her earpiece give out? Will God come down from the heavens and smite her dead? Who knows? The only thing we can expect is the unexpected. So be prepared and have an adult beverage handy. YOU WILL NEED IT


The general mood of the internet right now.


Remember they thought this was an anti-Trump cartoon. The entire Left is fighting blind. Praise Kek!


He comes! Let the Evil doers flee in terror!

Get Pumped

Now on Gab.AI

Quick social media update:

I just finished setting up a Gab.AI account


I’m still on Twitter at @Wolfman977 although I’ve hit the point where I can’t easily follow everyone back.

but Twitter is probably going to be mostly shitposting and making an ass of myself.

Twitter is kind of how I relax. Very stream of conscious stuff and since I’m completely insane well… I jump from topic to topic a lot.

It looks like Gab isn’t the straight up Twitter substitute I was expecting it’s going to be less of a place for yelling at idiots and more useful for holding actual conversations. Still going to be very nice to have once Twitter (which is partially Saudi owned) finally brings down the full weight of the  NOFUN Banhammer down upon the glorious thing that is twitterchan.

As for Youtube? Yeah the Youtube Inquisition is about to begin. All BADTHINK will soon be purged by Fire and Autism! Oh well we knew it couldn’t last forever.

So anyway stay strong and make sure you’re getting enough metal in your diet

Now on Gab.AI

Gravitas, Absurdity and Kek

One of the main advantages of speculative fiction is that it gives people an easy way to discuss important yet uncomfortable topics without everyone running away screaming about how offended they are. Of course in the current year that seems to be happening anyway and the state of mainstream science fiction does make a man want to scream.

I’m sorry Ambassador! The Face-Eating Giant Space Spiders are NOT here to negotiate!”

Some of you may have noticed that I changed the blog’s sideline from “The Pseudo Intellectual Ramblings of a TransViking Shitlord” to “Gravitas and Absurdity since [CURRENT YEAR]” That was a response to what amounted to a insight into what made my more successful pieces of comedic writing work. The key to absurd humor is to maintain a sense of seriousness through the entire piece and to resist the urge to laugh at your own jokes before you have even finished telling the joke in it’s entirety.

The audience is supposed to be laughing not the performer. A lot of modern comedy seems to miss that point.

Intelligent satire is extremely difficult to do but there is just something about this whole Cult of Kek meme that is just bringing out the genius in people. Almost like it’s divinely inspired.


The question of course is which God is divinely inspiring you.

For the first of two examples I wish to share today we must turn to DANGEROUS INFIDEL Philosopher Davis Aurini. Who dares to even question the very nature of the Church of Kek!

To be fair this is probably the least insane explanation for what is happening in the world right now.

Come to think of it Davis’ point made in passing about how the European Pagan religions were notably different than the Eastern and Southern ones might be something worth looking into a bit deeper.

For the second example and to bleach out the painful Pepe-hating heresy of the first I give to you Templar, Pundit and Maximum Strength Shitposter Lawrence Murray reaching deep into the Holy Books and giving the full Theological and Political Scientific explanation which proves once and for all that Kek is indeed a religion of peace. (A Must Read)


Those new to the faith may need to read Mr Murray’s earlier post on esoteric kekism.



Anyway that’s all my sides can handle for one day. Goodbye for now and Kek Vult.

Gravitas, Absurdity and Kek

The Kek Offensive Begins

While worshipping an Ancient Egyptian Chaos God Frog Demon is quite likely to end badly for humanity the Grand Strategos of the Lion’s Guard could think of no better way to destroy the forces of NonChaos and free us all from the tyrannies of the Crtl-Left.

So under his benevolent leadership We the Blessed Children of Kek have launched The Kek Offensive  #thekekoffensive to bring the power of meme magick to the masses of hopelessly confused normies. By spamming Pepes in all directions we will bring the message of Kek to the people. We are a Religion of Peace… er well relative peace and the Kek Offensive will forcefully bring that peace to our enemies. We’ve already won; now we are simply holding a victory parade inside our enemies heads.


So yes the MemeWar is on! By all means have at it! Unleash your rarest Pepes and my Kek have mercy on the hindmost.


Kek is an international church. Suitable for even our slanty eyed azn brothers


Dr. Pepe the secret elixir that brings forth the most powerful of meme magick


I hear you like H.P. Lovecraft novels. Well guess what? You’re living in one.


It’s all there in the Holy Books.


Pure coincidence!


A closer look at the Four Frogmen of the kekpocalypse


Even Norse Mythology tells of the coming New Age of Chaos and Light





Even more ancient writing forewarning of the perils of our current times.


A rare glimpse of Saint Harambe in full dress uniform.


Get Swole Fam.




New Memewarriors join our Crusade every day.


Now go forth an unleash the full power of Meme Magick!!!

The Kek Offensive Begins

The East The West and The Rest

The East, the West and the Rest: Defining my terms and chewing through a few #AltRight thoughts.

So Western Civilization or White Civilization? Which is it? Logically both but the answer is only simple when you are able to ignore the fully complexity of the question.

Map of the European Diaspora


Concerning the Alt-Right: Vox Day was able to split the Alt-Right into two identifiable sub-movements; The Alt-West and the Alt-White. Others add a third group as well the Alt-Lite but that’s really just a convenience term to describe the large number of Ex-Liberals and disgruntled Centrists now in full revolt against the Establishment or Ctrl-Left as some genius dubbed it.


Now I am very clearly part of the Alt-West and on the soft fuzzy moderate edge but I make it a point to try and understand the more hardline positions. So after a few days I think I’ve figured out the defining difference. If nothing else I will need to fully understand Alt-Right and Mil-Right thought in order to properly work on the military space opera novels I have planned.

The Alt-West believes in the Nations created by White People.

The Alt-White believes in the White People who create those sorts of Nations.

So basically what we have here are two separate philosophical approaches that should ultimately lead to roughly the same conclusion. The Alt-Right is not breaking up into factions. The Alt-Right is made up of different factions to begin with. This is why I stress the Tribes of Barbarians gathering together to fight a common foe metaphor; because it fits what is actually happening. The reason nobody on the Left can figure out where the Alt-Right came from is because we all came from different places and have only recently begin marching in parallel.

Which bring us the next problem.

There are two White Civilizations: The German or partially Germanized West and the Slavic East.

No wait it gets better! The West and the East overlap and feed off of each others energy. Take Poland for example: Culturally part of the West since at least the Late Middle Ages but ethically Slavic and therefore part of the East as well. I would argue that this contradiction give Poland a great deal of its character. Why is Poland Stronk? Because they’re cheating bastards who get to be part of two civilizations at once!

Which brings us to the next point. The nations of the East are constantly seeking to join the West but never quite successfully doing so. Why? Mostly to get away from Russia which by its sheer size dominates the East. There tends to be a lot of fighting inside of a civilization as different tribes and factions struggle for control and dominance. There is one thing worse than this however; having an entire civilization under the control of a single nation state. The memory of the Iron Curtain is still very fresh in Eastern Europe and while the Slavs are all brothers they are not going to be just blindly absorbed into a New Russian Empire.


The English are a very strange people. It’s almost like they should be quarantined an island or something.

Which brings us back to The West and the fact that The West itself can be subdivided very cleanly into the Anglo-American Tradition and the Franco-Germanic or Continental Tradition. While this is mostly a political division and of great importance when discussing libertarian thought (that doesn’t involve smokeable plant materials) Western civilization is a very big, very encompassing thing to be trying to talk about. So if the Alt-Right and specifically the Alt-West are about discussing Western Civilization where does leave the East? Where does the Alt-White stand on this?

Short answer: I don’t know

The Alt-Right are the Men of the West that said it is very important that we respect the Men of the East and listen to them when they offer advice or insight.


A Champion of the East offers advice to the Men of the West.

Hopefully it won’t come to that but someone a lot more intelligent than me once said that “the smart Muslims will get out of Europe with their lives.”

Every victory the Alt-Right wins means fewer human beings die violently in the coming decades. That gives us the moral high ground. I’m going through a lot of peace advocate’s despair at the moment. I know enough history to understand that things are going to get a great deal uglier before they get better. It gets even worse when I try to imagine a world so bad that a Canadian Mil-Right forms.


The Rest: Non-Western Civilization in the Modern World.

So what about the rest of the world? Well here’s a good place to start.


I’m a reclusive bookworm who is not exactly a people person or a globe travelling gigolo so I’m very dependant on other people’s observations. I know my own country and I can make a pretty damn good guess about how things are in the next country over but… I really have no idea what the hell in happening in say Cambodia.

I once tried to list the civilizations of the 21st century and had great deal of trouble trying to group together non-western regions. Giving up completely on Africa and the Middle East was a very hard lesson to learn.

Is Islam good for Western Civilization? Well how good has it been for Persian Civilization? Or Indian Civilization?

So is India civilized? That’s an entire debate all by itself. They certainly have the history and traditions to form a civilization. They did so in the past quite nicely. Of course India is my main example of why having an entire civilization under the control of a single nation state is a bad thing. China under Mao would also fit the bill. As would the Soviet Union… the EU… Okay maybe it’s just a Marxist thing but let’s not tempt fate with a North American Union.

So anyway those are just a few thoughts I’ve been chewing on over the last few mouths. Never sure how to get them written down or organized. As always whenever I go digging for answers I wind up with a great deal more questions. I hope to Hell and back that somebody knows the answers because I really don’t like where things are going.


The East The West and The Rest