A Few Thoughts as We Brace For the Trumpening

I’ve been getting a lot of hits on my Three Pillars of the West article lately (including quite a few from Italy for some reason) and I just wanted to point out that I really don’t think I brought up anything new or original as any honest historian will agree with the Three Pillars approach. The question is what do we do now? The reason I take such a humorous irreverent approach to everything on this blog is that I’m having a lot of trouble coming to terms with the state of the world.

Also sometimes you need to laugh in the Devil’s face as you fight him.

One of the main challenges the Alt-Right faces is resisting the temptation to simply give into despair. After all what can I do about terror attacks in Berlin? I started this blog because it was something I could do. Where maybe I could do something, maybe I could left someone’s spirits in this time of darkness and despair. Hell maybe I could even help myself.

Of course this is the typical rank and file SJW.


Pretty sure I can beat this guy. How about you?

I was never really intending this blog to become serious or heavily political and I always feel out of my depth when events compel me to comment on them. It is the scale and importance of these events that fills me with dread. The Trump / Clinton election really is THAT important to the entire West; (It’s a banana republic election for ALL the bananas.) While Trump is not the perfect Paladin he is by far an acceptable cost to pay for STOPPING CLINTON’S MAD GRASP FOR POWER. Again even if Trump only gives the West a four year breathing room it is a chance for the Men of the West to find themselves again. That may be enough. I’m just a circus freak with a gift for rhetoric and metaphor but that is an awful big tent and the Great Ringmaster in the sky is telling me the show must go on.

After the election I hopefully will be able to focus on my planned novels and this blog will mostly shift to being a writer’s blog. However with so much on the line I simply have to pay attention to world events and throw my bit of straw on a the back of whatever camel I can. I also have to be patient as the Defenders of the West have a very clear set of priorities and a logical plan.

Step One: The Trumpening

Step Two: Break the Siege of Europe

Step Three: The Great Decucking of Canada

Yes it looks like saving my country is going to require saving about thirty others first. So be it. Let’s get to work.

The War for Western Civilization: Paul Joseph Watson and Stefan Molyneux

A great discussion which brings up a lot of good topics.

Link to the mp3 for anyone who wants it.


I did attempt a follow up post to the Three Pillars article. I didn’t quite turn out the way I wanted but it still may be worth a read.


Anyway that’s a few thoughts off my chest. Keep your head up and don’t let the weight of the world bring you down.


A Few Thoughts as We Brace For the Trumpening

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