Praise Kek!

Lying infidel! Kek is a religion of peace.


It’s hard to me to admit this but there are things in this world that cannot be fully explained. Pepe the Frog being discussed on CNN, MSNBC and declared to be a white nationalist symbol by the Clinton campaign is something that cannot be fully explained. I can believe it. I think I can understand it but I really cannot explain it.

Archive of Hillary’s Pepe Explainer

Right now the leading theory is that as Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign collapses like an old women with Parkinson’s disease her increasingly butthurt staffers are hysterically lashing out in directions which explains their desperate attacks on the phantom alt-right.


Now I’ll admit I’m not the most internet savvy person (generally about 3-5 years out of date) but how the fuck do you mess up this badly?


No sorry crack doesn’t do this to people.

This whole election really has gone too far. While the Trumpslide now appears unstoppable watching the complete destruction of mainstream media as they frantically obey the Three Laws of SJW behavior just leaves one awestuck by the spectacle of the beautiful carnage.


Geez maybe the ENTIRE ESTABLISHMENT shouldn’t have gone all in on an extremely ill proven war criminal.

Now I understand why Clinton is doing this. Either she wins the presidency or she and pretty much everyone she’s associated with goes to jail for a very long time. However if the collapse of her Bataan death march to white house had happened a month or two earlier the democrats might have been able to replace her with a viable candidate; as it is it looks like her Big Pharma sponsors were able to keep Zombie Clinton going just long enough to completely screw over the rest of the party as well.


Truly a Kodak moment. Maybe Hillary’s more there than I’ve been giving her credit for?

You know I’m really looking forward to this whole thing being over. Hopefully I’ll be able to tone down the Alt-Right stuff from DEFCON 2: Racewar Imminent to DEFCON 3: Mildly Concerned About JQ or even DEFCON 4: Don’t Care Watching Sportsball.

I should also have a full year, maybe a year and a half to relax, play videogames and chip away at my reading backlog before I have to start gearing up for the next Canadian Election. Oh it’s gonna be a fun one.


Kek help us all.

Praise Kek!

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