Debate One: Reactions

Okay looks like I didn’t get the decisive battle I was expecting. I really did not expect this one to go the distance. It seems that I have seriously underestimated the power of modern pharmacology. The Lizard Queen’s superdrugs were indeed powerful enough to fend off the meme magick and Hillary Clinton (The unliving avatar of the corruption which manifests on this Earth) did not collapse on live television as many of Kek’s faithful were so feverishly expecting.

Neither did God Emperor Trump, The Lion of the West and the Champion of the People falter before the test given him. He walked boldly and bravely into the Lizard Queen’s lair and faced down her Champion of Deceit Lester Holt with the courage and presence worthy of Saint Cecil de Leon (He Who Came Before) and the raw Alpha presence of Saint Harambe.

And yes Lester Holt was diversity hire. No surprise there.

FLASHBACK: How Debate Moderator @LesterHoltNBC Got His Career Going Thru Affirmative Action & Jesse Jackson

I listened to the debate rather than watched it (to save myself the horror of looking at the Lizard Queen and to protect myself from her hypnotic powers.) Instead I joined the GabFam on and had a wonderful night of shitposting and cheerleading.

Gab is like Mars and you really should get your ass to it.


Right now Gab is a magical place full of happy fashy people. Nothing but Anonymous anarcho-hacker types, military veterans, home schooling moms, fine southern gentlemen and loyal servants of the Supreme Dark Lord. #AltRight echo chamber? Yes and it’s fucking awesome! Not sure how long this magic will last especially since Twitter seems to be dying even faster than anyone expected but I do intend to enjoy myself  while it lasts.

Back to the topic at hand. Trump didn’t really land any major blows in this debate and that was somewhat disappointing to me. However Trump is clearly feeling his opponent out and bidding his time. The focus last night was to avoid the traps that were set for him which for the most part he did. There’s two more of these things to come and Clinton is such a horrible candidate I once again have to ask why did the Establishment go all in on such a terrible hand?

—Wolfman out

Still rocking in the once free world.

Update: What the Hell?

Looks like this thing was even more rigged than I thought.

MEDIA BUST: Exact Script of Lester Holt’s Plan to Rig Presidential Debate for Hillary Clinton Leaked 28 Days Ago to True Pundit


Debate One: Reactions

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