Now on Gab.AI

Quick social media update:

I just finished setting up a Gab.AI account

I’m still on Twitter at @Wolfman977 although I’ve hit the point where I can’t easily follow everyone back.

but Twitter is probably going to be mostly shitposting and making an ass of myself.

Twitter is kind of how I relax. Very stream of conscious stuff and since I’m completely insane well… I jump from topic to topic a lot.

It looks like Gab isn’t the straight up Twitter substitute I was expecting it’s going to be less of a place for yelling at idiots and more useful for holding actual conversations. Still going to be very nice to have once Twitter (which is partially Saudi owned) finally brings down the full weight of the  NOFUN Banhammer down upon the glorious thing that is twitterchan.

As for Youtube? Yeah the Youtube Inquisition is about to begin. All BADTHINK will soon be purged by Fire and Autism! Oh well we knew it couldn’t last forever.

So anyway stay strong and make sure you’re getting enough metal in your diet

Now on Gab.AI

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