The Kek Offensive Begins

While worshipping an Ancient Egyptian Chaos God Frog Demon is quite likely to end badly for humanity the Grand Strategos of the Lion’s Guard could think of no better way to destroy the forces of NonChaos and free us all from the tyrannies of the Crtl-Left.

So under his benevolent leadership We the Blessed Children of Kek have launched The Kek Offensive  #thekekoffensive to bring the power of meme magick to the masses of hopelessly confused normies. By spamming Pepes in all directions we will bring the message of Kek to the people. We are a Religion of Peace… er well relative peace and the Kek Offensive will forcefully bring that peace to our enemies. We’ve already won; now we are simply holding a victory parade inside our enemies heads.


So yes the MemeWar is on! By all means have at it! Unleash your rarest Pepes and my Kek have mercy on the hindmost.


Kek is an international church. Suitable for even our slanty eyed azn brothers


Dr. Pepe the secret elixir that brings forth the most powerful of meme magick


I hear you like H.P. Lovecraft novels. Well guess what? You’re living in one.


It’s all there in the Holy Books.


Pure coincidence!


A closer look at the Four Frogmen of the kekpocalypse


Even Norse Mythology tells of the coming New Age of Chaos and Light





Even more ancient writing forewarning of the perils of our current times.


A rare glimpse of Saint Harambe in full dress uniform.


Get Swole Fam.




New Memewarriors join our Crusade every day.


Now go forth an unleash the full power of Meme Magick!!!

The Kek Offensive Begins

2 thoughts on “The Kek Offensive Begins

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