Stupid Meme Dump

Just another quick meme dump (apparently that’s what people like), mostly DNC related but I’ll throw a few older ones in there as well.


DNC Related: (Serious Business First


Well I guess this explains the choice Tim Kaine for VP


The peasants expressing their mild disapproval at the state of affairs.


Actually there were a lot of protests that never made the mainstream media.


Okay this one was pretty clever.



Hillary Related: (Semi Serious)






Trump Related: (Fair and Balanced I tells ya!)


At least she doesn’t have blue hair and go on three hour rants about the patriarchy.



Alex Jones vs The Young Turks


Bernie Sanders

Old meme: Still Funny


Question of the day: Was this made by a legit Alt Right Sergeant at Memes or by a Clinton shill? Does it matter? Probably not. Still damn funny.



Black Lives Matter

Need to find one of these in a confederate flag paint job.


Free Speech


And in conclusion…


Stupid Meme Dump

Quick Hit: On the DNCLeaks

DNCLeaks: A quick response and image dump.

This is going to be a fairly half-assed article but the devil on my shoulder won’t stop calling me a cuck until I get something out on what is possibly one of the biggest news stories of the last few years.


I’m referring of course to the twenty thousand DNC emails recently released by wikileaks (apparently with more come.)

Mike Cernovich goes over the five most important stories revealed in the emails.

I’m not politically savvy enough to really get much out the emails myself and I certainly am going to miss a lot the local or state level politics at play here. Still even a hack like me can point and laugh and the sheer amount of egg on smug New York hipster faces. So did save a few images of some of the more interesting highlights. I wasn’t planning to write a post but the Twitter censorship and tomfoolery combined with the media’s attempts to “take the fifth” on this whole affair pissed me off to the point that I’m willing to throw my straw on the camel’s back.

Most of my readers are Americans and are simply going to be better informed than myself on this topic. I accept that… still I do love me some schadenfreude.

Keep the People Ignorant

I have to admit they’re doing a pretty good job on this one.



Reporter Outreach




Paying for Young Supporters

One the mysteries for me this election cycle was why were all the notable Anti-GamerGate personalities die hard Clinton supporters? Was it simply another sign that they are all horrible people Or did they simply know where the gravy train was?


Also this hilarious response from a typical rank and file SJW.


Good Gays



How the Party Leadership views Hispanic Voters



Taco Bowl Engagement”

I’d normally right this off as an unfunny meme attempt but these are top people in the Democratic Party.


I remember /pol/ started digging into the Clinton Foundation. Were any of those Anons ever seen again? What did they find?


I’ll end with this. Something to keep in mind with all politicians not just American ones who look like vampires.


Quick Hit: On the DNCLeaks

Viking Thought

Paradoxically, the Vikings sometimes contributed to the development of cities. Often their plunder came to more than they could carry home, and they sold the surplus. A town strong enough to resist attack might thereby profit from the misfortune of its less prepared neighbors. The Vikings even founded cities. Where the looting was good, they built base camps to use as depots for trading. One such was Dublin. And they gave a helpful stimulus to York by making it their headquarters, though the original inhabitants might not have appreciated the favor.”

From Life in a Medieval City by Frances Gies and Joseph Gies


Just a brief passage that spoke to me while I was doing some bathroom reading (the modern equivalent of a monk’s cell.)

Viking Thought

The Paradox of GamerGate

A sleep deprived twitter rant slightly expanded.


Original Rant in Bold, Comments in Italics

The Paradox of GamerGate was that the last desperate stand of Western Masculinity boiled down to, “Bitch, get away from my videogames!”

-What I meant here was that simultaneously the stakes were both absurdly low (it’s just videogames) and absurdly high (it’s about 100 Billion in future US government education grants and about the very fabric of Western Civilization.)

The Long March of cultural Marxism through the fabric of Western Civilization was halted by a bunch of fans of Japanese videogames.

-One of the more  common jokes during GamerGate was comparing the whole situation to a group a friends who set out on a seemingly harmless errand and then find themselves fighting to save the world from an unspeakable evil. This sort of story is typical of Japanese style RPGs

The line in the sand meant nothing. Yet the fact that the line had been drawn meant everything.

It was not the Great Men of the West who faced the madness and declared, “We hold THIS line! They go no farther!

It was the weakest and most vulnerable men who carried the day. The cripples, the freaks, the outcasts.

There was nothing that they could take from us. We had already lost everything but when they finally came to finish us off we found each other.

Thus the Enemies of the West found themselves fighting autistic bronymen and getting their smug hipster asses kicked.

They set out to bully teenager boys who played Halo and found themselves in a Fourth Generational War against wargamers and history buffs.

-Welcome to CURRENT YEAR cupcakes. From this point forward you fuck with one Gamer you fuck with us all.

Like the Alamo GamerGate’s desperate stand against impossible odds inspired others. New life was bred into SadPuppies.

-The fight against the Spanish Armada would have been a better analogy but I seriously needed to go to bed and the Alamo was the first thing that came to mind.

And then Rabidpuppies was launched not as a defence against SOCJUS but as a direct assault into territory long since conquered and occupied by the Enemy.

Now everywhere you look the tide is turning. The War for the Heart of Geekdom still rages but now the Enemy are panicked and confused.

What I refer to as The War for the Heart of Geekdom is of course part of the larger cultural war but because geek fandoms are so small and specialized it’s very easy to see what is going on and what trends are happening. Since 99% of Male SJWs are gammas geek spaces are forever infested with SJWs or confused aimless men who are vulnerable to female SJW manipulation. Non-SJW geeks must forever be on the alert for such dangers and be prepared to fight the great culture war on a extremely small and often petty scale.

I’ll end with this.


Quick end note: To any readers who weren’t involved in GamerGate. Imagine two great armies of sweaty nerdmen, furries, otherkin and that guy Tom who does your taxes; fighting tooth and claw with everything they got, no where to retreat and no mercy for the vanquished.

Now imagine the fate of Western Civilization hanging in the balance.

That was GamerGate! I was not heavily involved but I more or less watched the whole thing from the beginning. Every step of the way it was absolutely absurd and absolutely the most hilarious thing ever witnessed on the planet Earth; especially those first six months. I lost 20lbs in Sept 2014 because I was glued to my computer screen watching the glorious insanity, (actually forgetting to eat.)

Those events also introduced me to a lot of the figures who would later form the emerging core of the Alt-Right and eventually gave me the nerve to start blogging.

The Paradox of GamerGate

Gun vs Antigun Cultures

Gun Cultures versus Anti-Gun Cultures: A thought exercise.

I originally sat down to write an article about gun control/personal armaments restrictions in speculative fiction. This turned out to be a much more daunting task than I originally imagined. So instead I’m going to compare the idea of gun cultures versus the idea of anti-gun culture. Note that I’m not discussing whether or not guns are banned I’m only talking about how the culture views firearms.

For the purposes of this article cultures can be split into five categories.



Gun Neutral


Cult of the Gun

I’m going to describe in each turn and having a bit of fun at the extremes.



Hoplophobia is the fear of guns and the hoplophobic culture views guns as the root cause of all that is evil in their society. Guns are inherently corrupting and dangerous. Guns are unholy, cursed and spread their blight onto anyone who uses one. The gun itself takes control and overpowers the user destroying their socially indoctrinated moral center. The gun is to blame for the crime not the criminal. Of course the criminal will have to deposed of; having been tainted by the gun but it is the gun itself that bears responsibility, not the person or any person; especially the persons in power.

The common people are completely unfamiliar with guns and for the most part know them only from the hysterical stories and myths told about them in the media. People upon seeing a gun are afraid to touch it less they be harmed by the black magic lingering within the monster.

In a hoplophobic culture all weapons legal or otherwise are kept out of sight in order to avoid causing alarm and panic. Only the holy sanctified guns of law enforcement are tolerated and they are to be used as sparingly as possible.


Anti-Gun Culture:

Stepping back from the madness we come to the anti-gun culture; where guns are still unwelcome and regarded with suspicion but are not accorded any supernatural powers. Guns and gun users are looked down upon by the more respectable parts of society. Guns are demonized in the media and if the common people understand that these gun stories are exaggerated they lack actual hands on experience with guns themselves. Simply seeing a gun makes people nervous and unsure how to react.

In an anti-gun culture open carry is considered an affront to the entire society. Concealed carry is the norm if still considered highly suspicious. After all you wouldn’t want your neighbors to see you with a gun or they might think badly of you..

Gun Neutral Culture:

In a gun neutral culture the general population is familiar with firearms but not completely comfortable with them. The rate of firearm ownership is considerable or even fairly high but the level of skill and training is low. Guns are not discussed in polite company but they are silently acknowledged as part of the society and one of its tools.

Open carry is noteworthy in gun neutral culture and considered slightly rude but it does not in and of itself cause alarm or panic. Concealed carry is regarded as suspicious or paranoid but people are entitled to their delusions.

Pro-Gun Culture:

In a pro-gun culture guns and gun users are respected and admired. There is a high level of firearms knowledge throughout the society. Firearm metaphors and terminology are found throughout popular sayings and folklore. An honest man is a “straight shooter” an intelligent man is “quick on the draw.” Guns are celebrated throughout the media and popular entertainment. Heroes have shiny guns, villains have black guns or dirty and rusted ones.

There is no fear of guns in a pro-gun culture. If a gun is drawn in anger people do not stare at the gun but instead quickly look and evaluate the person who is holding the gun because that is what matters not the inanimate object.

In a pro-gun culture open carry is normalized and frequently done as a sign of status. Concealed carry is also taken for granted and it is generally assumed that everyone has a gun or can get one on short notice.


Extreme Gun Culture: (Cult of the Gun)

For this one we’ll have to use our imaginations a little. So what would an extreme gun culture look like? Say one that might arise in 22nd century France after the Second Reconquista? Or perhaps at a Larry Correia fan meet up at a NRA convention in North Texas two days after another Obama gungrabber speech.

In an extreme gun culture the gun is a central part of society. Considered highly symbolic and almost religious in nature. Guns aren’t just tools or even weapons they are a man’s pride and honor. Great care in taken is cleaning and maintaining firearms; in acquiring skill in using them and in passing on that skill and experience on to others. A man without a gun is not a complete member of society and such outcasts will go to great efforts to acquire a suitable firearm. Even old wore out guns are treated with respect.

Paradoxically guns are so common in everyday life that media and storytelling can’t rely on gun stories to provide cheap easy drama. Storytelling instead focuses on great sweeping virtues and questions of morality. Firearms are merely props and the stars of the show are the men and women who must decide whether and when to use their guns. Does the hero pull the trigger? Can he make a difficult shot? Is it best to walk away from this fight or must he make a stand here and now?

Open carry is normal and some cases it’s part of the dress code. Concealed carry is considered sneaky, underhanded and dishonorable if somewhat more practical. Some men compromise and carry two guns.

Gun ownership is near universal and no one in under any delusion that guns are magical. It is the role of gun in this culture that is important not merely as a tool but as a uniting factor and a symbol of who they are. After all does not all power come from the barrel of a gun and the will to aim and fire? It is not gun that matters so much as it is the people who have the guns. In a extreme gun culture it is the people who have the guns, who have the skill to use them effectively and more importantly who have the will to use them… and no-one can take that away from them.

The gun is not their god. However God made Man and men in turn made guns. A turn of events that God no doubt had in mind from the moment of creation.

Gun vs Antigun Cultures