Quick Hit: On the DNCLeaks

DNCLeaks: A quick response and image dump.

This is going to be a fairly half-assed article but the devil on my shoulder won’t stop calling me a cuck until I get something out on what is possibly one of the biggest news stories of the last few years.


I’m referring of course to the twenty thousand DNC emails recently released by wikileaks (apparently with more come.)


Mike Cernovich goes over the five most important stories revealed in the emails.


I’m not politically savvy enough to really get much out the emails myself and I certainly am going to miss a lot the local or state level politics at play here. Still even a hack like me can point and laugh and the sheer amount of egg on smug New York hipster faces. So did save a few images of some of the more interesting highlights. I wasn’t planning to write a post but the Twitter censorship and tomfoolery combined with the media’s attempts to “take the fifth” on this whole affair pissed me off to the point that I’m willing to throw my straw on the camel’s back.

Most of my readers are Americans and are simply going to be better informed than myself on this topic. I accept that… still I do love me some schadenfreude.

Keep the People Ignorant

I have to admit they’re doing a pretty good job on this one.



Reporter Outreach




Paying for Young Supporters

One the mysteries for me this election cycle was why were all the notable Anti-GamerGate personalities die hard Clinton supporters? Was it simply another sign that they are all horrible people Or did they simply know where the gravy train was?


Also this hilarious response from a typical rank and file SJW.


Good Gays



How the Party Leadership views Hispanic Voters



Taco Bowl Engagement”

I’d normally right this off as an unfunny meme attempt but these are top people in the Democratic Party.


I remember /pol/ started digging into the Clinton Foundation. Were any of those Anons ever seen again? What did they find?


I’ll end with this. Something to keep in mind with all politicians not just American ones who look like vampires.


Quick Hit: On the DNCLeaks

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