More Magnificent MAGA Madness: The Majestic Man Maintains Momentum

And it’s still not over! Another day another flurry of articles, videos and memes. So here’s what I could wrap my head around. Enjoy.


Let’s Begin with this: The Second Project Veritas video. Even more damning than the first.

This video gives a very in depth conversation about how to go about committing election fraud. This is real journalism. I almost forgot what that looked like. Massive kudos to James O’Keefe and the team who did this.

At the time I’m writing Video 1 had 3.9 million views in two days and Video 2 has 1.1 million in less than a day. (A youtube video is considered to have gone viral once 5 million views are reached.) Good luck censoring this motherfuckers! Can’t stop the signal.

And what’s this? Are the Clinton’s getting ready to bail? Or are they just funnelling money to ISIS? This really doesn’t strike as the actions of someone who thinking they are winning an election.

A Dailycaller piece on how Hillary is so unpleasant to be around that her own security detail can’t really stand her.


What’s this? DNC Black Hat Operative Bob Cramer appears to have visited the White House over 300 times in the last six years. Pure coincidence.

Now this is interesting. This article traces the ties from Democracy ‘white-ish hat’ operative Scott Foval to the notorious Correct the Record online shill SuperPAC.


And this might be of interest to anyone following the email scandal. It seems that some of the FBI’s agents are not particularly fond of their boss.

Hillary supporters shitting on America. It’s highly symbolic I suppose.


Alex Jones interviews Tracey Martin (whitehouse chef)

Part two

I still have mixed feeling about Alex Jones but the team he has around him is absolutely amazing.

More Magnificent MAGA Madness: The Majestic Man Maintains Momentum

The Whole Election Rises to a Crescendo

Okay just when you think things can’t any crazier they do. The 2016 presidential election is now moving so fast that I can’t keep up with the nuclear exchange level events that are taking place. Luckily there are people who are keeping up. Anyway I hate leaving the blog unupdated so this is just a few quick thoughts and a couple of videos I felt were worth highlighting on the off chance you missed them.

Trump is Winning: Bill Mitchell and Stefan Molyneux on biased polls and other topics

On note here is the ‘despair troll’ phenomenon which has been very strong in the last week. I have noticed that the trolls on Vox Populi are getting easier and easier to spot. This almost always results in hilarious counter-trolling. Counter-trolling never works but it’s always funny as hell to watch from the outside.

Alex Jones on Trump being ahead in internal polls by 15 points (key point is about 3 minutes in)

So going by this estimate Trump will get roughly 60-65% of the popular vote (at a minimum) That’s probably too much for the establishment to overcome with electoral fraud. Going to fun to watch the reactions of all the poor talking heads on Nov 9th. Probably going to have to put Glenn Beck on suicide watch.

The First of the Project Veritas videos

As the Pope’s plumber once said “HOLY SHIT!!! No wonder the pipes are clogged.”

A lot of ‘orbital bombardment’ levels of damage here. Oh and as I write this the view count is over 1.6 million (in about a day) Lot of nice young liberals getting a big red suppository here… of course that’s usually how the first dose has to be administered.


Anyway my first post on this blog was a reaction to the Chicago ‘BLM’ shutdown of the March 11st Trump rally. There was some hints at the time that the ‘Bernie supporters’ involved in that riot were actually Hillary supporters running a false flag. Thanks to Project Veritas we now know that was indeed the case with the peaceful protesters being organized by DNC operatives. Glad I called that one right. Got a few other things wrong mind you but hey I was just getting back into politics after years of doing my best to ignore it.

Anyway I have to call it a night. So keeping on rocking in the formerly free world. The West rises again.


The Whole Election Rises to a Crescendo

So Why Vikings?


While I have my own reasons for focusing so hard on the historical Vikings and to some extent the popular myths that surround the entire Viking Age. I can’t help but notice that Viking themes are beginning to work their way more and more into popular culture, and are possibly starting to replace the horribly stale zombie fad that has outlived it’s welcome.

So why Vikings? Why would the common people of the West want to recapture the themes and history of the Viking Age? After all the Vikings started out as the most vicious and fearsome of Christendom’s enemies and the Norse only joined Western Civilization during the Middle ages after the majority had converted to the new faith.

Well let’s start with the two most obvious points:

First the Vikings were an uncompromisingly masculine culture that stands in stark contrast to our own. No only that but the Vikings were THE BAD GUYS of Late Dark Age and Early Medieval Europe and everybody loves a good villain. In a world of political correctness is it no surprise that your average officer worker would fantasize about throwing caution to the wind and seeking fame treasure and knowledge across a distant sea? An entire generation of men growing up completely emasculated might just find the idea of reaching all the way back to the founding of the nations of Europe for answers and one major advantage the Norse have over the Celtic tribes or even the German Pagans (Who had very similar beliefs) is that we have fairly decent records about how they lived and what they believed. The lost men of the West can look to them for inspiration. Those who were once the Terror of the West can now be part of our strength.


Vikings really can be pretty damn inspiring

The second reason is that learning about and embracing the Vikings is a way (sometimes a subtle and unconscious one) to tell white guilt to go and fuck right off because white people are awesome. While this doesn’t really apply to well in Europe but in Canada and America there are quite a few people who are of mixed or uncertain ‘generic white’ heritage. So very naturally this demographic finds itself drawn to stories about adventurous white people from a distant land even when their own society and media demonize white people from nearby lands. In a way embracing Norse Myth and folklore is a small petty rebellion against the Cult of Diversity. If white Christians are horrible people… hey look here are some white non-Christians and they have a cool boat.


Never forget what the Alternative Right is offering an alternative too.

I should probably stop and point out that I consider White Nationalism to be a vice rather than a virtue but at least it’s a vice I can live with. White Nationalism also does a hell of a lot less damage to young men growing up than White Guilt does. So if you have to err it’s best to err a little on that side. Besides everyone needs to vent a little once the first red pills take effect and posting Nazi frog memes doesn’t really hurt anyone. I suppose a middle position like White Pride makes the most sense but it can be hard to strike a balance. One thing is for certain if you don’t respect yourself, you can’t really be expected to respect anyone else. That’s why I think it’s important to study the history of your own nation first and then once you have that down go and reach out to other culture from a position of strength rather than one of ignorant weakness.


Okay that got a little more ranty than I originally going for.

Anyway let’s examine this from a Three Pillars of the West approach. From a western point of view one of the requirements of being an educated man (up until very recently) was having a basic knowledge of Greek mythology and a good understanding of the Bible. (Someone pointed out that the genius of Dante was his ability to seamlessly blend the two.) The enemies of the West viciously hate both of these things and have gone out of their way to remove them from our schools. So where does this leave the Student of the West? He can’t turn to a God he doesn’t believe in and no one bothered to teach him the Legacy of Rome.

Our young man of the West might be willing to reject Christianity, he might be sceptical of the classics but he is not entirely prepared to reject all of Western Civilization so what does he turn to? The third pillar, the barbarian Germanic tribes of which the Norse were the last to join the fellowship of Western Civilization. Also they’re really really white and that seems to piss off the Enemies of the West.

Also Viking Metal is just the most hilariously dorky thing ever.

A good rule of thumb I noticed that’s actually pretty funny when viewed in an Alt-Right context

Right-Authoritarians tend to become obsessed with Rome.

Right-Libertarians in contrast tend to get obsessed with the various barbarians that Rome fought.

I suppose the Future West will have Men Of God keeping the peace between the two warrior factions with words of wisdom, divine grace and non-edged weapons.


The Neoclassical Restoration (that’s probably wrong but I have to call it something) is also a very Alpha or High Beta thing and provides great benefit for those men. What about the Delta? What can Marcus Aurelius or Aristotle really do for the average man? Would he not be better off grabbing the largest axe he can find, getting on the longship and listening to Amon Amarth while he grimly sails towards his life’s next adventure? These are all questions worth asking?

Might we see a cultural split in the Future West as the elite and upper middle class turn to Greek classics while the middle and working classes use Norse mythology as the basis for their identity. Both religiously Christian but using a different ancient legacy as a cultural supplement? Probably not but it’s funny thought if not a problem for a future generation. Our generation has enough problems to deal with without overstepping our bounds.


Nations need mythology. As do the tribes of the #Alt-Right

Viking Movies:

There does seems to be a resurgence of Viking movies in recent years. Most of them aren’t very good or are at best low budget independent productions. Hollywood for some reason doesn’t want to make a big budget Viking movie. Probably would require too many white actors or something. Besides the Viking thing is just a fad and by time a Hollywood tentpole movie gets through its four year production cycle that fad will have been long gone.


The ancient tales tell us of a time when movie posters made you actually want to see a movie.

And while we’re on the subject of Viking movies this is still probably the best one I’ve seen so far. Very slim pickings in that regard. This movie might have bombed in 1999 but what if it had been released in [CURRENT YEAR] under the current zeitgeist?

A complete list and breakdown of all the Viking movies ever made. A lot of screenshots too. I’ll be grabbing most of these for later use.

Viking Diet: (Never blog while hungry)

A quick summary of the Viking diet.

A longer much more detailed article that really digs into the history. A long read but a good one if you’re a history buff.

Slightly off topic but here’s an piece on old customs concerning making bread and coffee in 1920’s Finland. Might be of interest to any Finnish nationalists who might drift through this part of the internet.


Yes you eat would this. Take your tastebuds to Valhalla!

I’d actually be very tempted to try a Viking diet if I didn’t hate fish so much.

The Hammer and the Cross: By Robert Ferguson.


I’ve quoted from it twice already on this blog and this is definitely a book I would recommend to anyone even remotely interested in the Viking era. What makes this particular work stand out is that Robert Ferguson focuses on the slow centuries long process where the Norse gradually converted from the old faith to the new Christian one. This was a much longer process the sudden conversation of the Celts and Goths over a generation or two or even the century or so it took the Germans to fully convert. While The Hammer and The Cross covers other topics in detail the religious and cultural themes are threaded through the book. Well worth a read.

International Link

Canadian Link

So anyway that’s about all I can think of to say on the subject. The Viking thing might be nothing by a fad or it might a major shift in the popular culture that will resonate for centuries. Only time will tell. Either way I’ll be having fun and doing my thing. Besides I’m sick of fucking zombies.


So Why Vikings?

The Lion of the West: An Alt-Right Poem

The Lion of the West

There has been a change in the weather.

The balance has shifted. For something has been added.

The People have turned to face the Darkness.

The West stirs from it’s slumber, awakens to battle the nightmare.

The tides of destiny once again flows in our favor.

We stand again united as brothers and we know what we must do.

The Land of the Eagle will once again be free.

And the strongholds of the Enemy shall be purged from this world one by one.

The Lion of the West has come; stand up and join him.


Alt-Right poetry is just so metal.

Oh and one last note: This map is from May 4th I don’t remember the source but it’ll be interesting to see how close this projection comes to reality.


and remember the flags might be made in China but justice is made in America!


The Lion of the West: An Alt-Right Poem

The White Knight’s Anthem

I think I have identified what might as well be the official Anthem of the Internet White Knight.

On one hand this is pretty damn epic song! and it got me good and pumped up today. It also got a bit of creative juices flowing (which probably won’t amount to anything but you never know what the muses have in mind.)

On the other hand this is almost the perfect expression of the White Knight fantasy with our nameless hero appearing out of nowhere at the last moment and fighting to save a damsel from being burnt at the stake. I mean she has to be innocent right? Right? If they wrote a song about it she absolutely has to not be a witch!

Yes if you have been on the internet long enough that behavior will ring all sorts of bells. White knighting is the scourge of the internet and any effort you can make to supress those self-destructive urges helps reduce the cringe factor for everybody else. So please remember any True Aryan maiden worthy enough for you fine fashy gentlemen to be sticking your bratwurst into CAN WIN HER OWN DAMN INTERNET ARGUMENTS and doesn’t need your help. Besides you don’t know she might actually be a witch?

Still epic song.

Although it is a little unclear… did the Champion actually win? The song gets a lot less heroic if he didn’t.

The White Knight’s Anthem