The Whole Election Rises to a Crescendo

Okay just when you think things can’t any crazier they do. The 2016 presidential election is now moving so fast that I can’t keep up with the nuclear exchange level events that are taking place. Luckily there are people who are keeping up. Anyway I hate leaving the blog unupdated so this is just a few quick thoughts and a couple of videos I felt were worth highlighting on the off chance you missed them.

Trump is Winning: Bill Mitchell and Stefan Molyneux on biased polls and other topics

On note here is the ‘despair troll’ phenomenon which has been very strong in the last week. I have noticed that the trolls on Vox Populi are getting easier and easier to spot. This almost always results in hilarious counter-trolling. Counter-trolling never works but it’s always funny as hell to watch from the outside.

Alex Jones on Trump being ahead in internal polls by 15 points (key point is about 3 minutes in)

So going by this estimate Trump will get roughly 60-65% of the popular vote (at a minimum) That’s probably too much for the establishment to overcome with electoral fraud. Going to fun to watch the reactions of all the poor talking heads on Nov 9th. Probably going to have to put Glenn Beck on suicide watch.

The First of the Project Veritas videos

As the Pope’s plumber once said “HOLY SHIT!!! No wonder the pipes are clogged.”

A lot of ‘orbital bombardment’ levels of damage here. Oh and as I write this the view count is over 1.6 million (in about a day) Lot of nice young liberals getting a big red suppository here… of course that’s usually how the first dose has to be administered.


Anyway my first post on this blog was a reaction to the Chicago ‘BLM’ shutdown of the March 11st Trump rally. There was some hints at the time that the ‘Bernie supporters’ involved in that riot were actually Hillary supporters running a false flag. Thanks to Project Veritas we now know that was indeed the case with the peaceful protesters being organized by DNC operatives. Glad I called that one right. Got a few other things wrong mind you but hey I was just getting back into politics after years of doing my best to ignore it.

Anyway I have to call it a night. So keeping on rocking in the formerly free world. The West rises again.


The Whole Election Rises to a Crescendo

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