More Magnificent MAGA Madness: The Majestic Man Maintains Momentum

And it’s still not over! Another day another flurry of articles, videos and memes. So here’s what I could wrap my head around. Enjoy.


Let’s Begin with this: The Second Project Veritas video. Even more damning than the first.

This video gives a very in depth conversation about how to go about committing election fraud. This is real journalism. I almost forgot what that looked like. Massive kudos to James O’Keefe and the team who did this.

At the time I’m writing Video 1 had 3.9 million views in two days and Video 2 has 1.1 million in less than a day. (A youtube video is considered to have gone viral once 5 million views are reached.) Good luck censoring this motherfuckers! Can’t stop the signal.

And what’s this? Are the Clinton’s getting ready to bail? Or are they just funnelling money to ISIS? This really doesn’t strike as the actions of someone who thinking they are winning an election.

A Dailycaller piece on how Hillary is so unpleasant to be around that her own security detail can’t really stand her.


What’s this? DNC Black Hat Operative Bob Cramer appears to have visited the White House over 300 times in the last six years. Pure coincidence.

Now this is interesting. This article traces the ties from Democracy ‘white-ish hat’ operative Scott Foval to the notorious Correct the Record online shill SuperPAC.


And this might be of interest to anyone following the email scandal. It seems that some of the FBI’s agents are not particularly fond of their boss.

Hillary supporters shitting on America. It’s highly symbolic I suppose.


Alex Jones interviews Tracey Martin (whitehouse chef)

Part two

I still have mixed feeling about Alex Jones but the team he has around him is absolutely amazing.

More Magnificent MAGA Madness: The Majestic Man Maintains Momentum

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