A Question of Faith

My strange awkward embrace of the Superversive SF movement.

Oddly there was no mention of religion on any of that hated paperwork. A person’s beliefs in that regard was considered a deeply private, personal or family matter. The military only kept track of religion so it could give its members proper funerals. The civilian government wasn’t even allowed to ask and was expressly forbidden to write down a person’s religious beliefs. The separation between church and state was ironclad; a baffling window of freedom in what was for all it’s flourishes, ruffles and thick velvet gloves an erratic, unpredictable but damn nasty police state.

-Except from Cult of Life, a short story work in progress.

I have been failing to write speculative fiction off and on for about twenty years now. I have written an awful lot of chapter ones but rarely have I finished a chapter two. I build worlds but do nothing with them. Still if I were to put my failures behind me if I were to tell stories what sort of stories would they be?

They would not be stories about gay dinosaurs coming down from the stars to save humanity from the evils of racism and lack of environmental awareness, that much is for sure.

In a world where being anti-Christian is the height of politically correct fashionable trendiness simply being an agnostic thinker who understands the Christian faith, respects it and refuses to mock it is a serious thoughtcrime. I have made a lot of close Christian friends lately and to them I say.

I will not insult your honor, disparage your faith or belittle our friendship by rejecting a prayer said on my behalf.

I’m a very secular, very private person and when I change my mind on an important subject I do not always do so with a great thundering parade. The fake Pagan thing I do online is a mask I wear mostly to troll people but also to repel morlocks. The militant evangelical atheist wants to argue and annoy Christians but everybody leaves the crazy Pagan guy alone. I probably should tone down the crazy part but it’s an excuse to talk to myself.

I read a lot of fantasy and history. One era I find fascinating is the Dark Age centuries where the Christian church was spreading throughout Europe and there was real struggle and turmoil in all aspects of human life. For example the Viking raids were in many ways a heathen counter-crusade pushing back against the new faith. The Hammer and the Cross by Robert Ferguson is an excellent book on this and tells the story of the slow centuries long conversion of the Scandinavian people.

So moving on, I have been following the Superversive SF movement for well over a year now. Mostly as an interested observer but again I have made friends. So where do I fit in? I don’t know but if I am writing again I have worlds to bring to life and characters to be true to. Some of those characters will be a people of faith and I must honor that character’s faith in order to be true to the character. Prior to my enlistment in the Evil Legion of Evil I would have been solely tempted to write some sort of crappy message fiction but now I understand that it is best to simply bring the world to life and let the chips fall where they may. Readers can make up their own mind. Just tell the damn story.

Complex stories involving human beings will involve religion in some shape or form. To try to deny that is to deny humanity and embrace the murderous slow poison of anti-humanism. I will not stand for such madness.

You have my axe. Just don’t worry too much about the fur underwear.

A Question of Faith

Write What You Want

A short story dedicated to those who brought about April 26th 2016 which shall forever be known as The Glorious Day of the Space Raptor Butt Invasion.

“Screw it, write what you like.” The Vile Faceless One said bluntly to the trembling Ilk before him.

Other Ilk watched the exchange from a safe distance which considering one of the Vile Faceless Ones was involved was quite a distance indeed. This Ilk had not been doing his evil duties to full efficiency and one of the Supreme Dark Lord’s Personal Enforcers had dropped by to investigate.

“But they’ll call me racist,” The Ilk squeaked.

“So ask them why they are ashamed to be white, when white people are so awesome?” The VFM declared as if this was the obvious answer. Which it was.

“They’ll call me sexist,” The Ilk continued

“So laugh in their faces! Why listen to the screeching harpies and wobbling butter golems.” The Vile One answered. “The modern feminist state offers you nothing. So give them nothing in return.”

The Ilk was confused by that answer and clearly under the influence of some lingering blue pills. “They’ll call me transmisogynistic.”

“That’s not a real word.” The VFM declared. “And even if it was it’s still better than being a self-hating gay man who hated being gay so much that he cut off his dick and became a female indie game developer.”

The Ilk was knocked to the ground by the psychic power of that most evil truth but was able to draw himself slowly to his feet, trembling.

The Faceless One stood there brooding his facial features shifting frantically as he thought and small wisps of sulphurous smoke rose from his fingertips. Then he burst into a thunderous laughter both terrible and beautiful.

“I know what your problem is,” He declared to the Ilk cowering before him. “You still care.”

The disgraced Ilk squealed an wordless protest but to no avail. This got the other Ilk watching in the shadows to begin cackling with evil glee just as they had been taught in basic minion training.

“Why do you CARE what your ENEMY thinks?” The VFM asked with a cold elemental fury. “The SJW is your ENEMY! It doesn’t matter what they think. They are your ENEMY!”

“But they hurt my feelings,” The lesser minion squeaked out.

“Fuck your feelings!” The Vile Faceless One declared with a force that shook the ground. “Your feelings don’t matter only the Will of the Supreme Dark Lord!”

There was an audible gasp from the watching Ilk at the mere mention of He Who Should Not Be Questioned.

“What part of the Evil Legion of EVIL did you not understand when they dragged your worthless ass out of the spawning pits?” The Vile One said slowly back towards the cowering minion.

“No mercy! The VFM screamed at full terrible force as he was now speaking not only to this Ilk but to all the others gathered around lurking in the shadows. “No weakness! And none of that strange human emotion known only as love!”

The gathered Ilk cackled among themselves but did not leave the shadows.

“We are the Evil Legion of Evil! WE DON’T CARE!!!” The Vile Faceless One bellowed the battle cry of the Legion. “We drink the blood of SJWs. We gnaw on their delicious bones We dance on the smoking ashes of their shattered dreams! WE DON’T CARE what our enemies think!”

A great hurrah rose from the watching Ilk and some of the Dread Ilk who had quietly joined them without being noticed. Still none left the shadows.

The Vile One walked over to the cowering Ilk and picked him up by the throat. ”Repeat after me.” He ordered. “I… don’t… care.”

The disgraced Ilk replied with a pathetic gasping squeak. Which was the best he could do since the VFM was choking the life out of him.

“Good enough,” The Vile One declared before tossing the lesser minion to the ground like a rag doll. “I’d torture you more but I have other business of the Supreme Dark Lord to see to.” the VFM said as he dusted his hands off to remove the lingering stench of mercy before giving out a piercing scream known only as the Dread Whistle.

Summoned by a superior one of the Dread Ilk pranced out of the shadows. The Dreadful One moved with an uncanny grace and agility despite the heavy weight of his many weapons. He stopped before the Vile One with a bow.

“Break every bone in his body except three chosen at random and then throw him in the Pit of Woe for four days. If he survives he may return to his evil duties,” The Vile Faceless One ordered passing his Judgement. It was a remarkable light sentence but the Evil Legion of Evil would be going into battle soon and there was no reason to thin out the ranks more than was absolutely necessary to enforce discipline. Besides recruiting new minions was such a bothersome chore.

“As the Dark Lord wishes,” The Dreadful One answered with a sharp salute.

“The Legion Marches Onwards,” The Vile Faceless One declared to the watching crowd before teleporting away to see to other more important business.

Write What You Want

Reflections, an Explanation and Pressing Forward

When failure is a habit following up on a success is a confusing, alien experience.

Unexpected victory or even the first signs that things are not completely hopeless can rattle an Omega just as much as an unexplainable loss can stagger and enrage an Alpha.

The last couple of weeks have been an interesting time in my life. While nothing big has happened, a whole bunch of little things have happened at the same time. So I’ve been under an unaccustomed to amount of stress and emotional turmoil and I haven’t been handling it properly.

My failure to get a proper article up following the completely unforeseen success of the Three Pillars article has been eating at me very badly. I did put up two quick articles in an attempt to get something, anything up but I pulled them down and so I feel I owe my readers an explanation.

The first article was written as a quick reaction to news from the Manitoba provincial election where the Progressive Conservatives threw the Socialist NDP out of power. I feel that article was poorly done and below the minimal standards I must set for myself from now on. I always blunder or make a fool of myself when I attempt to cover current events (although people did like the Trump article.)

I dropped out of all political discussion a decade ago, so getting started again is very uncomfortable and unwieldy. I might redo the article in the future if time and energy permits. Trust me there will be plenty to say about Canada’s bachi baazi dancing puppet Prime Minister.

Seriously though the Justin Trudeau gay rumors are reaching Marco Rubio levels. Which might explain why him and Obama get along so well. Men of equal SSH rank bond very quickly because they understand each other on a subconscious level. That would also apply to secret Lambdas. Of course this is all just rumors at the moment. Maybe Milo should send some of his black friends to investigate?

The second article which I’m going to refer to as the ‘damaged product blog’ is embarrassing in light of the fact that the next morning I did decide to return the product to the retailer and let them know about what had happened, since this was a quality control issue and they needed to know. So I pulled the article very quickly and almost nobody saw it.

I do not live in a major city however and an incident that unique (and hilarious) could be used as an identifying marker. That’s probably just paranoia though but sometimes it’s better to be decisive and wrong than wishy-washy and right. The ‘damaged product post’ may go back up. Very mixed feelings on that. Still not sure exactly how much truth I want to speak to power and I have no reason to drop this pseudo-name. Still haven’t explained anything to my family.

“Hi Dad. Yeah I’m writing again. No it’s not about gay elves this time.”

I just wanted to play videogames. Hell I just wanted other people to be able to play videogames and not get yelled at by a bunch talentless anti-gamer hacks. I had effective been out of the hardcore gaming culture for about five or six years when GamerGate happened. I got involved (for what little good I may have done) on sheer principle.

FUCK YOU! People like you DO NOT get to tell me or anyone else! What videogames to play!

Oh and when I learnt about Sadpuppies and finally got a full explanation about what was happened in sci-fi and fantasy publishing I got madder about that than about anything in the endless internet freakshow that is #GamerGate.

My first full strength exposure to Pink SF left SCARS!!!

This shit is deeply personal to me.

Anyway I just wanted to explain what’s going on. Long term things will be fine. In the short term I’m a jittery idiot however with a lot of work to do.

I make no real secret that I’m trying to scrape my ass off of the very bottom of the loser barrel and having to fight the remains of what was once a John Scalzi strength self-delusion field in the process.

Every time the field falters another red pill takes effect and I fall to the ground screaming in pain and pass out.

But when I wake up I’m just a little stronger and a little more free.



Reflections, an Explanation and Pressing Forward

The Things You Find in a Box of Cracker-Chips

Life is just full of surprises. I got one today.


Wait what the hell is that thing? Well it’s not something you’d expect to find in a box of cracker chips.


Is cracker-chips supposed to be hyphenated or is two separate words? I don’t know. I don’t even know who to ask.

It’s a splinter from a wooden shipping pallet and it was inside the box of chips. In fact I only found while I was pouring myself a second bowl of chips, having already eaten the first.

Nice and pointy too.


I measured this baby at 11 cm long. Which would make it about four and half inches in ‘Murican. That’s a fairly large piece of wood that’s somewhere it’s not supposed to be. So how did it get there?


I hindsight I shouldn’t have grabbed that box as there was obvious damage but I figured

-That’s just the outer packaging box. They get dented all the time. Looking at that hole showed the inner bag was fine.

-I was in a hurry. (Nobody brings their A-game to a grocery store.)

-I wanted that flavor and only that flavor, so I didn’t even look for another undamaged box.


Here’s what I missed. A second smaller hole that did go through the inner bag.

Inside the bag

Well shit? So what must have happened during either the shipping to the store or more likely at the distribution warehouse is that two pallets must have been brushed against each other hard enough for a piece of one pallet to break off and be driven into the food on the other pallet.

Basically the guy driving the forklift fucked up. Which happens more than you think.

Now the company should still have spotted the damaged product but they didn’t or and so it got shipped to the retailer. The retailer didn’t spot the damage where the product was put on the shelf, probably by a part employee. The employee for all we know might have spotted the damaged box but didn’t have the authority to toss product and wasn’t going to bother his manager over something that was just a hunch.

That entry wound is very small and I understand how everybody could have missed it. Just a little twist of fate, some logistical fiction and I got myself a happy new souvenir.

So anyway I’ll be hanging to my little friend just in case Hillary Clinton comes to town and I need an oak stake in a hurry.


And yes I’m eating the chips. I’m no alpha male but I’ve watched enough Survivorman to not be a complete goddamn pussy when it comes to food.

But can you imagine what finding a four and half inch piece of wood inside a box of their favourite hip trendy snack food would do the emotional well being of a typical social justice warrior? I can. I know the gamma delusion bubble very well. The nightmares would last for weeks. I’m sitting here cackling about it as I type this.

That’s why I’m eating the chips and doing so with a tremendous joy. A small personal proof that I can take small setbacks or disappointments in stride and not completely lose my shit over things that mean nothing. I mean I could go back to the store Monday and raise a stink about it but it’s a box of chips and I got shit to do. Besides if Les Stroud saw me wasting perfectly good food he’d probably kick my ass.


I pulled this post down almost immediately after posting since I decided after a few hours of sleep that returning the box of chips and telling the retailer what had happened was the correct thing to do since this was a quality control issue. The retailer handled the incident very smoothly. Well I was initially embarrassed about this whole thing I have decided to restore the post as this was a personal growth moment and the icing on the cake of what was a fairly stressful week.

The Things You Find in a Box of Cracker-Chips

Um? Greetings to the Ilk!

So apparently I now have an audience…

I had a rather unexpected shock tonight. I’ve been a weekly if not a daily reader of Vox Day for slightly over a year now and it was with a sense of utter disbelief that I glanced over to the Alpha Game blog and saw that Mr. Day had not only read “Three Pillars of The West” but actually bothered to respond (and link to) to a bottom tier blog with maybe a dozen readers.

Needless to say I’m absolutely stunned to the overall positive response to the Three Pillars article. I don’t believe I’ve written anything unique or that original. The only thing that might have been my original contribution was that idea of the pillars as opposing social forces keeping each other in check and preventing any one from becoming too dominant but that’s probably just the failed fantasy writer in me being overly romantic and trying to set up something metaphysical.

One of my goals with this blog is to speak the Truth as best I understand it and that Three Pillars article was mostly me trying to get my thoughts collected and put down on a screen in front of me. I was something that I needed to do; something lingering in the back of my head and a prerequisite to a lot of conversations I plan to have the future. In order to defend The West I first needed to define it. I don’t pretend to have any special knowledge or insight and as an eternal student I reserve the right to be wrong and to change my mind as I learn more.

If you ever think I’m wrong about something; please tell me I’m wrong as I would rather be corrected than continue my life’s journey in error.

And on that note I did write a few articles for The Ralph Retort under this current pseudoname; so I’ll take this opportunity to drudge them up from the backpages.

My involvement with GamerGate was fairly marginal and I was never able to get into the day-to-day activism but I was there (at least as a confused witness) since about two or three days after the Mundane Matt DMCA (so about Aug 20th 2014) and I met a lot of interesting people as result. I don’t regret linking up with Ralph one bit but his website is based on breaking news and I can’t really contribute in that regard.

So anyway.

The Method the SJWs Madness: July 26th 2015


Credit to Ralph for the headline. He also did an excellent job with hyperlinks.

Two part series on GamerGate Nov 1st 2015



A little ranty but here I go into the nature GamerGate and tie GG into a larger culture war. I also explain the term War for the Heart of Geekdom. Also the respawn effect scenario is kind of funny.

A quick pass through the archives Jan 27th 2015:


Ok this is the one thing I sort of regret writing for Ralph. You can almost taste the Gamma at points. Still I’m sort of happy with it and it was a learning experience.

Um? Greetings to the Ilk!

The Three Pillars of The West

Since I’m going to be talking about The West a lot on this blog. I suppose I’d better stop and define what I mean when I’m doing so.

So what is western civilization? And when did it begin? And why was The West unique?

Western civilization developed in western and central Europe during the Middle Ages and was recognizable as a civilization as early as 900 AD. This civilization then prospered and eventually broke through the Malthusian trap and experienced long term per capita economic growth for the first time in human history; The European Miracle.

So what created The West? How do we define it? This is where things get interesting. The facts of the origin of The West are well understood and not in dispute. What is in dispute and open for discussion is the interpretation of those facts and the relative importance of each of those influences.

The West was created by the convergence of three cultural and historical phenomenons which not only act as foundation stones but also as social forces keeping each other in check. In a great paradox these three forces are in superficial opposition to each other but in combination support the weight of western civilization.

The Three Pillars of The West

1:) The Greek and Roman Legacy

2:) Christianity; Specifically the Medieval Catholic Church

3:) The Customs of the Germanic Barbarians

Note that you are under no obligation to like any of these three things but an educated man of The West should have a at least a basic understanding of each. Even men who openly despise two of the three pillars can still be useful defenders of The West if they believe strongly enough in their pillar of choice.

Let’s examine each in turn.

The Greek and Roman Legacy


The great advantage that The West had as it rose as a civilization was the ability to go through the history and writings of a previous great civilization.

Some people try very hard to draw a direct line from Ancient Greece to the modern West. I really don’t think you can do that and instead believe that it’s best to consider The West as a new civilization formed by the barbarians that conquered Rome and who then used Rome’s legacy as a blueprint for bringing themselves out of the Dark Ages.

It’s hard to overstate just how much of a benefit having access to Roman historians and the Classical Greek writers was to the West. The main result was to provide a deep and widely understood intellectual tradition that was not directly tied to the Church or the State or to any one nation within the greater sphere of western civilization.

I’ve been rather anti-Roman in the past and I personally remain convinced that the Roman Empire did just as much to set back human process as anything they did to advance it. However the Romans left excellent records and we can learn a great deal from them. Improving my understanding of the Classical Era is definitely a weakness I need to shore up in my self-education.

Christianity and the Catholic Church


If the growth of The West and The European Miracle began in the Middle Ages then something in the Middle Ages must have caused that. So what about western Europe was unique enough to merit attention? The existence of the Catholic Church; a powerful international church that had it’s own interests which were often contrary to the interests of the secular rulers. This state of affairs acted as a check and balance against tyrannical rulers.

During the rise of Europe there was actual separation and Church and State as in that the two were not one in the same. This was in direct contrast to virtually every other human civilization and even the Late Roman Empire, where the Emperors themselves were gods.

The monasteries also preserved a lot of the old knowledge and writing of the Classical world and would later found the first universities.

I’m not going to go too deep into Christian theology here because mostly I don’t have to. Aspects of the Christian faith are found through Western society, cultures and thought. Why even modern secular atheism is nothing but Christianity heresy if you stop to think about it.

I do find it somewhat interesting that a small but noticeable number of Alt-Right men have converted to Catholicism. Food for thought if nothing else.

The Customs of the Germanic Barbarians


The third pillar of The West and the one that is most difficult to precisely draw a picture of are the customs of the Germanic Tribes; who had very different customs than the conquered and subjugated peoples of the former Roman Empire. Sadly these tribes did not always leave good records (they were barbarians) and trying to study them is often an exercise in frustration.

Still tribes such a the Franks, the Lombards and the Saxons gave their traditions and national character to the emerging Europe and their names to geographic regions. Subtly some of these ridiculous customs linger even until today.

The right to bare arms for example comes from the barbarian custom that owning arms was the sign of a freeman and that at a tribal meeting the men of the tribe would signal their agreement with the chieftain or speaker by clashing their arms together. This became a settled right among the Anglo-Saxon people.

Were they Pagans? Vicious blood thirsty Heathens. Of course! At least at the start of Europe’s formation. The process of creating The West involved slowly converting those tribes into the Christian faith and into the growing civilization spreading across the continent.

The Celts (who weren’t really Germanic) converted very quickly to Catholicism since the new faith almost perfectly fit their cultural needs. Other tribes and barbarians however needed a great deal of persuading; usually of the sharp pointy metal variety before entering into the communion of Rome. Charlemagne was an especially good persuader, in that regard.

What about the Norse? Where do they fit in? Well the Norse were just another set of Germanic tribes, among the last to convert to Christianity. They simply put up one hell of a fight before they did so. We also have better accounts of the Norse customs and beliefs because they were among the last of the Pagans and therefore there was a more developed Europe to chronicle their deeds, or rather their misdeeds. The Viking Age ended once the overwhelm majority of Scandinavians considered themselves Christians but it did make for a couple of exciting centuries.


Besides the Norse are just fun to study since they were an uncompromisingly masculine culture.

(Come to think of it, so were the Romans at the height of their power.)

Quick reaction to that Reason article and Vox’s Day’s response.

I was about halfway done writing this article (yes I’m a very slow writer) when I run across a Reason.com article on how Donald Trump is against western civilization and also Vox Day’s rather scalding response. Since I’m writing this article from a right-libertarian point of view, I suppose throwing in my two cents on this is a worthwhile endeavour.

Reason Article on how Trump is against Western Civilization by Robby Soave


Vox Day’s Response:


Classical Liberalism is an end result of western civilization not a root cause of it.

As Vox points out there is a matter of centuries between the establishment of western civilization and the rise of Classical Liberalism. I count six or seven centuries between the founding of The West and the first serious writings in the Classical Liberal school of thought. Now I’m a huge fan of Libertarian thinking but I consider liberty to be a universal human value so the questions remains. Why Europe? Why only Europe? Again it was the conditions in western and central Europe that allowed commerce and liberty to flourish.

Western Civilization has at least a 1100 year history; if you only take into account the last two of three centuries (like Mr Soave is) you’re missing out on an enormous part of that history and legacy.

The importance of the Renaissance and the Enlightenment gets vastly overblown by people like Mr. Soave who cannot grasp that the Middle Ages were not the Dark Ages and therefore find themselves having to completely disregard all human history before Adam Smith.

Besides any fan of science fiction author David Weber knows that the industrial revolution actually began in the Middle Ages using waterwheels.

To recap

-The West was fully formed by about 900-950 AD.

-The European Miracle of long term economic growth begins in the Late Middle Ages. Roughly 1300 AD (Long before the timeline suggested by Mr. Soave.)

-The Renaissance was not that interesting (unless you like paintings.)

-Continued economic growth over the centuries lead to the formation of a tax paying middle class.

-That middle class began to demand their political rights.

-Therefore the Enlightenment and rise of Classical Liberalism was a direct result of the Middle Ages.

Horse first, then cart.

Thoughts on Trump

I am not a cheerful supporter of Donald Trump. However the night is dark, the hour is late and it is important to consider all options.

War is the health of the State. Therefore the primary concern of the libertarian activist is to avoid, prevent, or deescalate violent conflict. Intentionally losing a conflict however is not a requirement of Classical Liberal thought. Donald Trump’s ‘isolationist’ policies buys America time to recover from the disasters of the War on Terrorism and gets The West a reprieve, a chance to rediscover itself and push back the cultural Marxist hordes.

There is no true antiwar candidate in the current US presidential race but Donald Trump is the ‘less war” candidate. He is the least likely candidate to get America into another series of wars of choice or push Russia and China into a permanent anti-American Alliance. That ALONE should get him the libertarian vote!

If Walter “Freaking” Block is willing to support Donald Trump then I’m a little confused as to how anyone at Reason could oppose Trump on purely libertarian grounds.

History and The Struggle for Liberty: Part One


This is part one of a ten part audio lecture by historian Ralph Raico (From 2004.) This lecture series appears to be where I got many of the concepts that form the core of this article. While the enjoyment of the whole series may be subject to taste I highly recommend part one.

Update: In reaction to the Apr 6th Robby Soave article I would definitely recommend the listening to at least first two parts of this lecture series if you can find or make time do so.

The Three Pillars of The West

Youtube Gleanings

I watch a lot of Youtube videos. Mostly because there’s nothing worthwhile on TV but partly because it’s fun to find new interesting channels that cover niche topics. So here’s eight videos that caught my attention.

A plan to be doing one of these articles every month or so. It’s easy content and it will provoke me to cover topics that I might normally avoid. Besides there should be a least one video for everybody’s tastes.


Denmark Fights for Freedom (1944) [10:04]


Tags: WWII, The West, Inspirational

Classic World War II Allied propaganda telling the story of the Danish resistance. It’s a fairly gripping tale of defiance and courage in the face of overwhelming odds. Very interesting that the Nazi terror campaign targeted cultural building in order to punish the resistance. This is also a good example of how white propaganda (based on truth) is superior to black propaganda (based on lies) as it holds up better under examination. With black propaganda you need to shallow the lie whole but with white propaganda you can break off little pieces and find nuggets of truth.

Vegfems: A Primer [17:24]


Tags: SJW, Vegan, Feminist, The Abyss

This video is hilarious, highly educational yet at the same time down right terrifying. To be perfectly honest I needed to have a couple of beers before I could watch it a second time. Harmful Opinions (Mr. Harmful? No idea what his preferred handle is) tackles the topic of intersectional vegans an unholy combination of veganism and feminism. This was actually my full introduction to the concept of intersectionalism and was done in a sarcastic yet comprehensive way.

The real meat of this video (pun intended) however is the footage of vegfems making their nonsense arguments. By Odin’s left nut do these people look unhealthy! Also try not to stare into their eyes too much or you might be dragged into the void. The brainwashed child about ten minutes is just heart breaking to see. This whole video makes me want to eat a pound of bacon.

#Authentic Coffee [2:32]


Tags: Comedy, Awakening, Zen

So many people are sleepwalking through life. Hipster Dave teaches you the correct way to get in touch with the true spirit of the coffee and wake up; WAKE ALL THE WAY UP. It’s so fucking REAL. Man!

The Most Powerful Fire Truck in the World [2:11]


Tags: Cool Stuff, Post Apocalyptic

Not much to say about this one. It’s a tank with jet engines on it that puts out fires. Would be great for breaking up protests.

The Viking Way of Making Fire [3:30]


Tags: Survival, History, Transviking

Short video but hey it’s Viking fire. Always neat when old techniques are rediscovered.

1969 Food Packet, Survival, Abandon Aircraft Ration. [30:54]


Tags: Survival, Post Apocalyptic, Anti-Foodie

Did you know that there’s an entire community on Youtube dedicated to reviewing military rations? Why? Because of course there is! Steve our host goes over parts of a very rare USAF ration.

The star of the show is the 46 year old Meat Bar; Dehydrated… which Steve then proceeds to eat! Turns out that freeze-dried food really does last a long time.

Also the fruitcake bar was perfect. Proving that after the zombie apocalypse humanity will indeed be living on ancient reserves of fruitcake prepared by Those from before the Fall.

Baking Historical Mixed Grain Bread [9:57]


Tags: History, Foodie, America, Fantasy

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a boring person and that I spend way to much time talking about food. However digging around in history and looking for ways to relate to past requires looking for common denominators and food is about as basic a human need as there is. The channel here is dedicated to recreating recipes from the American colonial era and usually contains useful background information or historical discussion that is worth listening to even without the foodie stuff.

This video is about bread a subject simple enough that most people simply take it for granted by very important to the daily lives of most people throughout history. In this video the host shows us how a loaf of mixed grain bread (wheat, rye and barley) would have been baked in the eighteenth century.

This is essentially the same bread they would be eating in the Middle Ages or a typical fantasy novel; so that process might be of interest to anyone who enjoys that sort of thing. Maybe bring some to your next LARP?

Vulgaris Magistralis- Heidevolk [3:58]


Tags: Metal, Epic, Fantasy, DnD

There’s just something awesome about this song. Combined with what is a very well done set of fan visuals and you got pretty much the perfect drinking song. Also there’s probably a DnD campaign in here somewhere. Life is better with metal.

Youtube Gleanings