A Question of Faith

My strange awkward embrace of the Superversive SF movement.

Oddly there was no mention of religion on any of that hated paperwork. A person’s beliefs in that regard was considered a deeply private, personal or family matter. The military only kept track of religion so it could give its members proper funerals. The civilian government wasn’t even allowed to ask and was expressly forbidden to write down a person’s religious beliefs. The separation between church and state was ironclad; a baffling window of freedom in what was for all it’s flourishes, ruffles and thick velvet gloves an erratic, unpredictable but damn nasty police state.

-Except from Cult of Life, a short story work in progress.

I have been failing to write speculative fiction off and on for about twenty years now. I have written an awful lot of chapter ones but rarely have I finished a chapter two. I build worlds but do nothing with them. Still if I were to put my failures behind me if I were to tell stories what sort of stories would they be?

They would not be stories about gay dinosaurs coming down from the stars to save humanity from the evils of racism and lack of environmental awareness, that much is for sure.

In a world where being anti-Christian is the height of politically correct fashionable trendiness simply being an agnostic thinker who understands the Christian faith, respects it and refuses to mock it is a serious thoughtcrime. I have made a lot of close Christian friends lately and to them I say.

I will not insult your honor, disparage your faith or belittle our friendship by rejecting a prayer said on my behalf.

I’m a very secular, very private person and when I change my mind on an important subject I do not always do so with a great thundering parade. The fake Pagan thing I do online is a mask I wear mostly to troll people but also to repel morlocks. The militant evangelical atheist wants to argue and annoy Christians but everybody leaves the crazy Pagan guy alone. I probably should tone down the crazy part but it’s an excuse to talk to myself.

I read a lot of fantasy and history. One era I find fascinating is the Dark Age centuries where the Christian church was spreading throughout Europe and there was real struggle and turmoil in all aspects of human life. For example the Viking raids were in many ways a heathen counter-crusade pushing back against the new faith. The Hammer and the Cross by Robert Ferguson is an excellent book on this and tells the story of the slow centuries long conversion of the Scandinavian people.

So moving on, I have been following the Superversive SF movement for well over a year now. Mostly as an interested observer but again I have made friends. So where do I fit in? I don’t know but if I am writing again I have worlds to bring to life and characters to be true to. Some of those characters will be a people of faith and I must honor that character’s faith in order to be true to the character. Prior to my enlistment in the Evil Legion of Evil I would have been solely tempted to write some sort of crappy message fiction but now I understand that it is best to simply bring the world to life and let the chips fall where they may. Readers can make up their own mind. Just tell the damn story.

Complex stories involving human beings will involve religion in some shape or form. To try to deny that is to deny humanity and embrace the murderous slow poison of anti-humanism. I will not stand for such madness.

You have my axe. Just don’t worry too much about the fur underwear.

A Question of Faith

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