Youtube Gleanings

I watch a lot of Youtube videos. Mostly because there’s nothing worthwhile on TV but partly because it’s fun to find new interesting channels that cover niche topics. So here’s eight videos that caught my attention.

A plan to be doing one of these articles every month or so. It’s easy content and it will provoke me to cover topics that I might normally avoid. Besides there should be a least one video for everybody’s tastes.


Denmark Fights for Freedom (1944) [10:04]

Tags: WWII, The West, Inspirational

Classic World War II Allied propaganda telling the story of the Danish resistance. It’s a fairly gripping tale of defiance and courage in the face of overwhelming odds. Very interesting that the Nazi terror campaign targeted cultural building in order to punish the resistance. This is also a good example of how white propaganda (based on truth) is superior to black propaganda (based on lies) as it holds up better under examination. With black propaganda you need to shallow the lie whole but with white propaganda you can break off little pieces and find nuggets of truth.

Vegfems: A Primer [17:24]

Tags: SJW, Vegan, Feminist, The Abyss

This video is hilarious, highly educational yet at the same time down right terrifying. To be perfectly honest I needed to have a couple of beers before I could watch it a second time. Harmful Opinions (Mr. Harmful? No idea what his preferred handle is) tackles the topic of intersectional vegans an unholy combination of veganism and feminism. This was actually my full introduction to the concept of intersectionalism and was done in a sarcastic yet comprehensive way.

The real meat of this video (pun intended) however is the footage of vegfems making their nonsense arguments. By Odin’s left nut do these people look unhealthy! Also try not to stare into their eyes too much or you might be dragged into the void. The brainwashed child about ten minutes is just heart breaking to see. This whole video makes me want to eat a pound of bacon.

#Authentic Coffee [2:32]

Tags: Comedy, Awakening, Zen

So many people are sleepwalking through life. Hipster Dave teaches you the correct way to get in touch with the true spirit of the coffee and wake up; WAKE ALL THE WAY UP. It’s so fucking REAL. Man!

The Most Powerful Fire Truck in the World [2:11]

Tags: Cool Stuff, Post Apocalyptic

Not much to say about this one. It’s a tank with jet engines on it that puts out fires. Would be great for breaking up protests.

The Viking Way of Making Fire [3:30]

Tags: Survival, History, Transviking

Short video but hey it’s Viking fire. Always neat when old techniques are rediscovered.

1969 Food Packet, Survival, Abandon Aircraft Ration. [30:54]

Tags: Survival, Post Apocalyptic, Anti-Foodie

Did you know that there’s an entire community on Youtube dedicated to reviewing military rations? Why? Because of course there is! Steve our host goes over parts of a very rare USAF ration.

The star of the show is the 46 year old Meat Bar; Dehydrated… which Steve then proceeds to eat! Turns out that freeze-dried food really does last a long time.

Also the fruitcake bar was perfect. Proving that after the zombie apocalypse humanity will indeed be living on ancient reserves of fruitcake prepared by Those from before the Fall.

Baking Historical Mixed Grain Bread [9:57]

Tags: History, Foodie, America, Fantasy

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a boring person and that I spend way to much time talking about food. However digging around in history and looking for ways to relate to past requires looking for common denominators and food is about as basic a human need as there is. The channel here is dedicated to recreating recipes from the American colonial era and usually contains useful background information or historical discussion that is worth listening to even without the foodie stuff.

This video is about bread a subject simple enough that most people simply take it for granted by very important to the daily lives of most people throughout history. In this video the host shows us how a loaf of mixed grain bread (wheat, rye and barley) would have been baked in the eighteenth century.

This is essentially the same bread they would be eating in the Middle Ages or a typical fantasy novel; so that process might be of interest to anyone who enjoys that sort of thing. Maybe bring some to your next LARP?

Vulgaris Magistralis- Heidevolk [3:58]

Tags: Metal, Epic, Fantasy, DnD

There’s just something awesome about this song. Combined with what is a very well done set of fan visuals and you got pretty much the perfect drinking song. Also there’s probably a DnD campaign in here somewhere. Life is better with metal.

Youtube Gleanings

3 thoughts on “Youtube Gleanings

    1. It seems to me that Viking metal can be divided into two categories; Music you listen to walking home from the liquor store in the middle of a snowstorm and music you listen once you get home and crack the bottle open. Heidevolk seems to work best as the latter.


  1. John B says:

    Ok, now I want to prep by baking a bunch of fruitcakes. And it makes some sense- I live in a hurricane zone, and hurricane season is essentially over in November. So I’m not some crazy prepper storing mounds of food, I’m cooking and aging a bunch of holiday fruitcakes!

    Now to find a tasty recipe, that doesn’t depend on weird “candied” fruit.


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