Um? Greetings to the Ilk!

So apparently I now have an audience…

I had a rather unexpected shock tonight. I’ve been a weekly if not a daily reader of Vox Day for slightly over a year now and it was with a sense of utter disbelief that I glanced over to the Alpha Game blog and saw that Mr. Day had not only read “Three Pillars of The West” but actually bothered to respond (and link to) to a bottom tier blog with maybe a dozen readers.

Needless to say I’m absolutely stunned to the overall positive response to the Three Pillars article. I don’t believe I’ve written anything unique or that original. The only thing that might have been my original contribution was that idea of the pillars as opposing social forces keeping each other in check and preventing any one from becoming too dominant but that’s probably just the failed fantasy writer in me being overly romantic and trying to set up something metaphysical.

One of my goals with this blog is to speak the Truth as best I understand it and that Three Pillars article was mostly me trying to get my thoughts collected and put down on a screen in front of me. I was something that I needed to do; something lingering in the back of my head and a prerequisite to a lot of conversations I plan to have the future. In order to defend The West I first needed to define it. I don’t pretend to have any special knowledge or insight and as an eternal student I reserve the right to be wrong and to change my mind as I learn more.

If you ever think I’m wrong about something; please tell me I’m wrong as I would rather be corrected than continue my life’s journey in error.

And on that note I did write a few articles for The Ralph Retort under this current pseudoname; so I’ll take this opportunity to drudge them up from the backpages.

My involvement with GamerGate was fairly marginal and I was never able to get into the day-to-day activism but I was there (at least as a confused witness) since about two or three days after the Mundane Matt DMCA (so about Aug 20th 2014) and I met a lot of interesting people as result. I don’t regret linking up with Ralph one bit but his website is based on breaking news and I can’t really contribute in that regard.

So anyway.

The Method the SJWs Madness: July 26th 2015

Credit to Ralph for the headline. He also did an excellent job with hyperlinks.

Two part series on GamerGate Nov 1st 2015

A little ranty but here I go into the nature GamerGate and tie GG into a larger culture war. I also explain the term War for the Heart of Geekdom. Also the respawn effect scenario is kind of funny.

A quick pass through the archives Jan 27th 2015:

Ok this is the one thing I sort of regret writing for Ralph. You can almost taste the Gamma at points. Still I’m sort of happy with it and it was a learning experience.

Um? Greetings to the Ilk!

2 thoughts on “Um? Greetings to the Ilk!

  1. CarpeOro says:

    You deserved the plug. It is a worthwhile read pulling together ideas that for most were completely undermined or ignored in school for most. Being a bit older and a voracious reader of history when I was young, I had much of this information at a younger age (I read enough that I had a negative view on much of the “Enlightenment” a long time ago but was so immersed in it in school that I generally would have parroted the idea that it was a net positive) and have leaned in the same direction as your post, but never brought it together as you did. Well done. VFM105

    Liked by 1 person

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