Gun Ghoul Gets A Yes From Me.

Yeah happy I picked this one up. The villain in the third issue was especially intriguing and seeing any comic with Christian elements blended into the mythology is a rare sight and noteworthy in this dark age of [Current-est Year Ever]


Gun Ghoul Gets A Yes From Me.

Space Farming

Another episode of Isaac Arthur’s Upward Bound [30 mins]

Also will chickens be able to fly on Mars? We need to know.



A 2013 NASA article with a video


A recent article about lettuce grown in space.




A second article with a few good thoughts about farming on Mars


A very interesting and detailed think piece that goes into a lot of detail.


Space Farming

They’re Going To Call You A Nazi Anyway

“But they’re going to call you a Nazi anyway!”

True but does that mean that you should wear a pair of swastika panties and prance around in a fursuit while screaming about Jews beaming microwaves into your head*?

No my friend that is not a good idea. Although you would breathe a little life into an otherwise boring business meeting.

Does being called a Nazi get you immediate license to act like an asshole. No it doesn’t. While you are no obligation to be the least bit polite to your accuser you still need to carry yourself with a certain measure of self-respect and professionalism.

What being called a Nazi in [current year] does do however is give you complete license to speak the truth and to say what you were going to say in the first place. As your adversary has already shot their rhetorical bolt and doesn’t have any thing else to hit you with.

Besides what are they going to do call you a double Nazi? Fuck them! Speak the truth!


*Save that sort of thing for Gab.

They’re Going To Call You A Nazi Anyway

So Much Woke, Will Lead To Broke

I seem to be doing a lot of YouTube curation lately so I guess I’ll go ahead and continue along those lines for a bit. There sure does seem to be a lot of spectacular examples of super powered cringe going on in multiple geek hobbies. Sadly I never did find where SJW’s were talking about removing ‘race’ from tabletop RPGs (in the rant video from the previous post.)

Anyway a lot poz and pandering to SJWs going on.

And you’ll notice that it’s all coming from companies that are failing, or could be easily replaced by the fam community. I wonder if that’s a pattern.


Weaponized Nerd Rage goes over recent events in the tabletop scene.

Paizo gets WOKE!!! [15 mins]

I was always told that Pathfinder was becoming cancerous but I didn’t really believe that things could get any worse.


Scratchpoint on the upcoming extra pozzed Crunchyroll original series. [5 mins]

This is particularly ill-advised move on Crunchyroll’s part as their core audience is already on edge and is tech savvy enough to easily pirate any content. In fact piracy is the norm in the western anime industry and the only way a streamer company can make money is by legitly offering better service than the pirate sites and NOT PISSING OFF the hardcore fans who would like to support the creators but have very limited options when doing so.


Indy sci-fi author Brian Niemeier gives his take on this.


Yellow Flash reviews Injustice vs Masters of the Universe. [7 mins]

Remember fam, everything is about Trump!!! Everything!!! Also when you’re stuck for ideas just add Batman. Or if you’ll really stuck go ahead and add a second Batman.

So Much Woke, Will Lead To Broke