Gun Trucks and Technicals


Just been doing a little lazy research for what might turn into a military sci-fi novel. I don’t want to say anymore (until I actually get some work done.) Still there’s no reason not to share some of the articles I’ve been reading.

For purposes of argument a technical is a light truck armed with a single weapon and used in the manner of light cavalry. A gun truck is a medium or heavy truck with multiple weapons used mostly for convoy escort or airfield protection.

Combat footage of a door gunner.

Very interesting to watch his reaction to a weapon that is repeatedly jamming.

Gun Trucks of Vietnam:

Note the WWII bomber crew vibe these pictures give off.

Footage shot from a Gun Truck in Afghanistan.

No shooting but a lot of haunting images of the countryside and traffic problems

Helicopter door gunner in Iraq takes out an ISIS technical.

2016 Combat footage from Iraq

An awful lot of ammo gets shot off in this video. Presumably they were shooting at something. Interesting to see the blend of American and Russian weapons. Also a lot of ad hoc fighting vehicles.

And posting this because Fuck ISIS

… seriously are RPGs that hard to use?


Good article of the use of light trucks in third world conflicts.

A second article on the use of technicals.

A couple of interesting comments as well.

Article on Armadillo trucks “mobile pillboxes” used for airfield defence.

Article on caseless ammunition from a sci-fi perspective.

Article on the gun trucks of the Vietnam War

with some excellent photographs

And lastly a website dedicated to the Vietnam War Gun trucks and the crews who served on them.

Kurdish Technicals in action


Gun Trucks and Technicals

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