Alt-Hero #2: Rebel’s Cell Is Out

Arkhaven Comics has just released the second issue of Alt*Hero; this time following the American vigilante story and featuring the Rebel and Hammer characters that were central in the original trailer video.

This one definitely went in a different direction than I was expecting. While a certain level of dark grittiness was inevitable, shit got real very fast here.

It was also good to see that Rebel and Mike Hammer are actual multi-dimensional characters here when it would have been so easy to turn them into lazy stereotypes.

Overall while I liked Alt*Hero #1 Crackdown I couldn’t really get excited for it. I could see the European Storyline being set up for future issues and the comic was overall surprisingly funnier than I expected. In baseball terms issue #1 was a lead off single.

Issue #2 however was a RBI double, bringing home the baserunner and the bacon. Much faster pace and higher immediate stakes for the viewpoint characters. An element of humor remains however, as seen in the offhand some of the rebel superheroes are introduced to us.

Overall a clear step forward for Arkhaven and a bit of fun for the rest of us.


Looking forward to seeing the online hatescreeches… which just makes the whole fan experience ever better.


—Wolfman Out—

Alt-Hero #2: Rebel’s Cell Is Out

New Model Comics vs Atomic Cringe

A few quick thoughts about developments in the comic industry, new emerging business models and some resulting trends.

Again a quick disclaimer: I’m not normally someone who buys comics but this is where the culture war is burning hottest right now and I simply can’t look away from the dumpster fire that raging all over the internet. I find the whole culture war deeply fascinating; even if I do take a much more holistic approach than most people. In the end it’s all one big Nerdwar and we must defend our hobbies, if not for our sakes then at least for the next generation. I vow to respect your hobbies and I ask only that you in turn respect mine. Comics is where things are happening now, I simply have to talk about it but I don’t do so lightly and I well take the time to listen to experts and long time fans when I come across them.

Also I DO NOT have any sort of insider information. I’d like to think that I’m paying attention and good at guessing what other people are doing.


As the mainstream comics industry begins to shake itself apart people are naturally going to begin looking at other models producing and more importantly distributing comics.

The recent wave of crowdfunded indie comics certainly comes to mind including not only Diversity and Comics’ Jawbreakers, EVS’ Cyberfrog reboot, pair of Chuck Dixon related projects (Ravage: Kill All Men and Jungle Comics)

There’s also smaller projects like

Cirsova’s Wild Stars 35th Anniversary Edition


Jack Iron: Steel Cowboy #2 by Cody Fernandez

You can read Issue 1 for free here.


and Silvio Spotti’s Ruby and Warriors of Dion

It does not hurt that the main character is a hot redhead.


While this model is not going to be enough to fully feed the huddled masses starving for soy-free entertainment; it does produce comics that hardcore fans want and gives creators a great deal of freedom in doing so.


A second model would seem to be what Alterna Comics is doing. Keeping things cheap by printing on newsprint and focusing on having fun stories. They also seem to making at least passable all ages comics which are quite important from a cultural point of view as such books are how a lot of children learn to enjoy reading.

I have heard nothing but good things about Alterna Comics and I really should be paying more attention to them. Again distribution is a major problem; these comics really should be in toy stores and 7-11s.


A third model involves a focus on digital content. Arkhaven/Dark Legion is doing some of this but they really have more of a blended model mixing cheap digital content while promising high quality physical copies for fans who really want them.

However for a focus on digital content to work best if helps if the company owns the delivery platform.

And this is exactly what Amazon has in mind. There just be be a few catches with their approach or at least the type of content that they are promoting.


I meant to get to this earlier but a few days ago Amazon announced a new series of in house original comics for their digital distribution platform Comixology.

For the lack of better term I’m going to call it Corporately Subsidized Tumblr Cringe. Sadly we should expect to see a lot more of this going forward.


Comicsgater Mim Headroom on the new Amazon originals [13 mins]

Bit of rumbling video but he makes a lot of good points here.

-All the comics in question seems to be going for “LOL so random.”

-This new line is a direct competitor to SJW Marvel; as it is targeting the same audience.

-Younger comic readers have no brand loyalty towards Marvel.

-Amazon is talking about print on demand; which will bypass Diamond.

-This whole line of comics could be a loss leader which Amazon eating the cost in order to promote Comixology as a platform.

His advice to a comic shop around 9min mark actually makes a lot of sense and would be good way to build up a customer base.


And in other news the DC Vertigo relaunch looks like very good news for Alt-Comics. That is some serious cringe there folks.


Picture unrelated but too awesome to not share.

— Wolfman Out—

New Model Comics vs Atomic Cringe

Things are Starting to Get Froggy

Going to make this a quick post just to get something up on this but it seems that Ethan Van Sciver is beginning to really draw out the crazies. The SJW Comic Mafia is starting to get truly desperate to shut down the rise of Artisanal comics.* So desperate in fact a number of them set up a phony mirror copy of Ethan’s Indie Go Go campaign on Kickstarter in order to mess with the already successful campaign… in a manner that could very well be considered as criminal fraud.

I guess Mark Waid isn’t the only one willing to commit crimes in order to rearguard the ongoing collapse of the mainstream comics industry.

Capt Cummins on this whole incident [8 mins]

It’s funny because four days in and it seems like the hysteria has already started.”

-25 points for the Limp Biskit reference. Lame then, even lamer now.



Nanofrog! He’s like Antman but a frog! We’ll make a fortune!


And for those of you who don’t like rambling videos, Bounding Into Comics did an excellent write up.


Yes I know these feels.

*While I do think that there are long-term flaws with this crowdfunded bunch production model, is it a 2018 solution to a 2018 problem. Short term? Keep Winning! Drive your enemies before you and hear the lamentations of the cucks!


Here’s Ethan’s version of events [16mins]

There appears to be much more to this story.

Things are Starting to Get Froggy

ComicsGate: Make the Rubble Bounce

There’s an awful lot of people in Comicsgate who almost get the Culture War (1). So I do have to admit that there’s a certain ironic humor in seeing a number of people who were quite critical of Vox Day’s Alt-Hero project having to nut up and do the exact same thing six months later. (2)

The main (if usually unstated) goal of ComicsGate has always been to force a reform on the existing comics industry, truly a worthy goal. People want the old Marvel and DC comics back. However it increasingly looks like this noble goal is impossible. The old rotten institutions are simply too corrupt and converged.

The solution then is to build anew.

Mark Waid and his jibbering lackeys may have unwittingly forced Diversity and Comics (3) to do just that. By lashing out, bullying and harassing indie publisher Antarctic Press into not publishing Jawbreakers: Lost Souls the Jawbreakers team has been forced to go with what was very clearly a pre-established plan B. They will take the money that they have raised and start their own publisher. Splatto Comics. (4)


QuQu’s excellent article on all this.


Personally I’m trying not to be giddy about this brand new opportunity to burn shit down even harder and faster. One of the stated goals of Alt-Hero was to inspire imitators as the more non-SJW comics being made the faster the industry can be freed from their cancer.

If D&C can pull this off the Alt-Comics movement becomes a true joint offensive.


But it’s noteworthy that Splatto Comics and Arkhaven Comics are going to be taking different approaches, particularly when it comes to digital comics.

This is fine. An ally is by definition is somebody who is not you... which reminds me of something. During WWII the Allies took two completely different doctrinal approaches to strategic bombing (5); with British preferring night bombing to reduce aircraft losses and the Americans preferring daytime operations to increase bombing accuracy. While there was a lot of angry debate at first with each party trying get the other to change their doctrine it eventually dawned on high command that by splitting their bombing effort like this the Allies would be bombing the Axis “around the clock.”

I’d like to think that’s a metaphor for what going to be happening to mainstream comics industry in 2019. Bombs raining drop upon their heads constantly… and the SJWs know that it is coming… and that they are powerless to stop it. Fun times ahead.


Short-ish videos:

Diversity and Comics gives his account about what happened with Antarctic Press and his plans for moving forward. [24 mins]

Again (8:00) the mention of Diamond as the chokepoint. We still don’t have complete details on how Arkhaven is doing distribution but it’s become clear that Vox was right to focus on setting up an alternative method. Again, once this second distributor is set up and running it would not be too hard for other indy publishers to join in.


Raging Golden Eagle gives us the quick version [12 mins]

What these SJW comic pros are doing with Jawbreakers and Antarctic Press. This is a last ditch desperate attempt to keep their jobs. They cannot allow Jawbreakers to succeed.”

At least I’m not the only one who’s giddy about all of this.


Capn Cummings gives his take and focuses on Mark Waid’s spearheading of this unethical and possibly illegal harassment campaign. [16 mins]

Mark Waid lying.

Mark Waid projecting.

Mark Waid doubling down. (6)

Strictly formula, SJWs are down right mechanical once you understand what you’re dealing.


Longer videos: For people looking for them.

Live Stream discussion with Douglas Ernst and Timothy Lim. [1 Hr 17 Mins]

A very good discussion. Timothy Lim going over his history and relationship to Antarctic press definitely adds a little spice to the meatball.


A Jon Del Arroz Periscope covering the topic. [50mins]

This is a fairly slow paced livestream but Jon covers a lot of key points here. One thing he brings up how Antarctic caving like this sets a very bad precedent; especially for smaller projects that don’t have a large rabid fanbase to stand up for them in the event that their publisher comes under attack. A large project like Jawbreakers can weather such a storm and even grow as a result but anything less than a superstar project is going to be vulnerable to the ‘normal SJW attack pattern.’


End Notes:

1: To be fair a lot them do get it but I get very frustrated with the ones who keep making excuses for what is happening right in front of them.

2: If Vox was right about this. What else is he right about?

3: We’re on the internet. Respect the handle. Use the handle. Besides that’s what everybody knows him by.

4: Also something about a cat. Sadly the only Spanish I know is what I picked up at Taco Bell.

5: Yes WarNerd is going to talk about WWII. Also sky is blue and water is wet. Don’t tone police me, bro.

6: How do you double down on THIS??? I hope he tries.



A short piece about the collusion to keep Jawbreakers out of stores. I did not think this was a major story at the time.

Not This Shit Again


An older piece where I try to think about the longer term implications of what Vox Day is attempting to do with Arkhaven. Remember he’s approaching this problem mostly as a publisher first.

Comics, Culture War and the Arkhaven Experiments


A comic related worldbuilding article that people really seem to like.

Gotham and Metropolis

ComicsGate: Make the Rubble Bounce

Not This Shit Again

Diversity and Comics gives a quick update on his recent highly successful indiegogo campaign. [15mins]

However he brings up the very alarming way the comic SJWs are attacking the project. It seems that the gatekeepers and the Circus of Sadness are trying to intimidate retailers to not carry the completed comic.

This I suppose is why Vox Day always preaches the importance of building infrastructure and why the Alt-Hero has slowly evolved into the much larger and comprehensive Arkhaven comics label.


It remains to be seen just how effective this recent attack will be; thankfully the Comic SJWs have failed at so much that I fully expect them to fail at this too.

—-Wolfman Out—

Until then keep winning,




We haz screenshots.




Update Two: This Guy gets it.

Not This Shit Again

Comics, Broken Jaws and Culture Wars.

Just need to stop and give credit where credit is due. The Jawbreaker Lost Souls indiegogo campaign has been a massive success. What makes this especially funny is the shocked frantic denials coming from the comic SJWs as their “designated Hitler” Richard C. Meyer (better know as Diversity and Comics) and blacklisted artist Jon Malin continue to win.

Douglas Ernst breaks down the big picture [9 mins]


Just over 130K at this point.

Diversity and Comics gives a great pep talk here. [19 mins.]


Well on one hand this is just another indie comic, on the other hand that is also the first major blow to the self appointed gatekeepers of the comic industry to come entirely from within the comics community… and I doubt it will be the last.

The War For the Heart of Geekdom continues. We will take back our hobbies.

—Wolfman Out—



Comics, Broken Jaws and Culture Wars.