Damn I Missed That.

I wasn’t going to say anything about the Second Battle of Berkley (as by the time I get around to collecting my thoughts on current events all relevant points have usually been explored) but I do have to admit this was an excellent catch by Seattle4truth.

I’m sure that there are plenty of reasons to be carrying a glass bottle in the middle of a “totally peaceful protest” some sort of delicious hipster green tea for example… oh who are we kidding?

To paraphrase Stefan Molyneux “A Molotov cocktail is not an argument.”

But if we’re all going back to primitive combat then I suppose duels between champions are all well and good. Might I suggest Antifa girl and Lauren Southern wrestling in a oversized kiddy pool filled with chocolate pudding? Truly a battle for the ages. I wonder if we can get a kickstarter going for that?

RPGpundit gives his very well done summary of the story of the Battle of Berkeley. Always interesting to see these sort of things from people you wouldn’t expect it from.

I suppose I really should down sometime in the next week and expand on what I meant by The Six Stages of Civil Conflict which are for the record.

1 Protests

2 Riots

3 Street Battles

4 Paramilitary gun battles

5 De facto Civil War

6 Open Civil War

The contemporary Hard Left are strongest at Stage Two but as we can see as things start to move into Stage Three they are beginning to lose. If things get to Stage Four things are going to go very badly for the Left. Hopefully a few more Battle of Berkeley style beatdowns will be enough to push things back into Stage Two but sadly violence in more likely to escalate than de-escalate. After all SJWs always Double Down.


As things are going the Hard Left will run into the Hard Right and I don’t think too many people are going to feel sorry for them when they do.

At Stage Five things go full Tom Kratman. Thankfully that’s not something I expect but it may still happen. I’m always a pessimist when it comes to these things. Anyway those are just my thoughts for the day.


Damn I Missed That.

Respect My Culture

Because I haven’t been posting a lot of content lately here’s a meme/image dump post to make up for it. One of the side effects of being a space opera fan is that I spend a lot of time thinking about and trying to wrap my head around various cultures real and fictional. So since I do tend to save the occasional meme I figured it was worth the time to go and dig through a few of them.

We start of course with this classic Paul Joseph Watson video.



Yes, Columbus was an massive asshole (even by the standards of his day) but that’s no reason to ignore just how brutal and savage many of the native tribes were.


Mostly true; but to be absolutely sure you’d better eat three strips of bacon.


I’m actually running into the occasional problem reworking my Space Opera timeline because of this sort of thing.


Remember you’re not a real cowboy unless you’re hanging out with drunken Indians.


Kebab are happy cheerful people.


Why drone operators have such high rates of PTSD? The answer will surprise you.


A surprisingly functional household all things considered.


I’ve seen better versions of this meme but this is the only one I bothered to save.


A more and more reasonable response these days.


Canada mostly has non-edible animals on our money… and a boat.


For the future Alt-West woman in your life.


Rare Scottish Medieval tapestry depicting the invention of the kilt. 


Here’s a good response when some twatbar tells you Islam is good for diversity.


The exact moment Bob and Debra begin to suspect that cultural relativism was indeed a flawed concept after all.


Sven and Olaf really have no idea why this keeps happening, it just does. Good thing they were nearby to help out.


Just make sure you got a wingman. This bunch looks like trouble.


I seriously can’t remember where this is from… wait wasn’t there a movie like this?


Chief Booga presents his best arguments for anarcho-capitalism. A representative of the Bank of England politely disagrees.

Respect My Culture

A War Story

Progress on my military sci-fi novel is going so slowly that I’m quite embarrassed about it. I just can’t shake the feeling that I’m letting my friends down. However any progress however small is still better than no progress at all. The curse right now that of “over worldbuilding” since this is my fifth or sixth attempt of writing a novel in this universe (Martyr’s Shadow from the previous post was I believe the second.) there is a truly autistic amount of backstory and background information that I CANNOT infodump on the reader. Picking and choosing what details to put in and leave out is going to be as much of a struggle as chipping away at what on the surface is a very modest goal.

One side effect of this is that I’ve been reading a lot of WWII and Vietnam War memoirs just trying to get the feel of how men act and think under fire. Brothers in the Dust is first and foremost a test to see how well I can write common soldiers in the line of duty. The big space opera stuff can come later.

The following is transcribed from the Vietnam war memoir Chickenhawk (1983) by helicopter pilot Robert Mason (highly recommended)



Both men had been hit in the head on the last lift. One had been shot from the front and the other from the side. Both were clutching their helmets, pointing at the holes. One guy had had a bullet hit the visor knob on the forehead portion of his flight helmet. The bullter had crushed his helmet and glanced off. His scalp was bleeding.

The other lucky soul walked around holding his helmet with a finger into the holes on each side of it. Dried blood matted his hair on each side of his head. It was a magician’s illusion. The bullet had to have gone through his head, from what we could see. We wanted to know the trick.

I figured it out on the way back.” he said. “I mean after I stopped feeling for the holes on each side of my head and asking Ernie if I was still alive!” He was still pale, but he laughed. “The bullet hit while we were on short final to X-ray. Luckily Ernie was flying. It felt like somebody had hit me on the head with a bat. It blurred my vision. First I thought that a bullet had hit me on the helmet and somehow bounced off. Ernie first noticed the blood. He turned to tell me about a round going through the canopy in front when he saw it.” I could imagine the guy seeing the jagged hole in the side of his friend’s flying helmet, blood dripping down his neck. “I reached up to feel my helmet and felt the hole on the right side, but Ernie said the blood was coming from the other side. I put my left hand up and felt that hole! I pulled both hands down quickly, and they were both bloody! I felt the helmet again. Two holes all right. One on each side of my head. I couldn’t believe I was still alive1” He passed the helmet around while he continued his story.” See, it hit here.” He pointed in front of his right ear. “The bullet hit this ridge of bone and deflected up between my scalp and inside of the helmet. Then —he shook his head in disbelief— “then it circled around inside the top of the helmet and hit this ridge of bone on my left side.” He pointed. “it was deflected out here, through the helmet and on through the canopy in front of Ernie!” He beamed. I saw the path the bullet made as it tore its way through the padding on the inside of the helmet and the wounds on each side of his head. I shook my head. God again?

Hell of a story isn’t it?

That is the standard I need to be reaching for in my writing. That level of drama and amazement. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t intimidated as hell but the world really doesn’t need another werewolf Pegasus knight romance. Besides it’s better to have standards that are too high than no standards at all. Even if I can’t hit such a distant target… at least I’ll be firing in the right direction.

A War Story

Viking Metal: Music To Punch Monsters By

Hi there young man. I understand you have deep seated emotional issues but before you decide to permanently destroy your brain chemistry with anti-depressants I just thought that we should sit down and discuss an alternative treatment program.

-Do you feel completely emasculated by modern society?

-Are you suffering from lingering white guilt?

-Do you find yourself trapped in a victim mentality?

-Are you just not having enough FUN?

Well it just so happens that there is an entire musical sub-genre that addresses all four problems and fits almost perfectly into the developing Right Leaning Counterculture. Come to think of it the only music more Alt-Right than Viking metal would be… I don’t know? Crusader metal but I’m pretty sure that doesn’t exist*, (it will therefore have to be invented.)

Besides if you’re any kind of a gamer it’s just hard not to crack out laughing when you find a new Viking metal band. There’s more of them than you would think and it’s ‘toxic masculinity’ at it’s best. You find yourself first laughing at the sub-genre then intrigued by it. Finally you become inspired by it. Songs of adventure, great battles and brothers in arms standing together against mighty foes. Heroes, villains, giants, monsters and Gods of ancient past. Yes this is what you’ve been looking for. Here is what you need to strengthen your heart for the struggles ahead. Without tales of heroism to guide you can you be sure of your path? So raise your horn and drink in the glory. May we all meet in Valhalla.

If nothing else sometimes you just want to get away from the nihilism that infests so much of contemporary culture.

Manegarm- Odin owns ye all

Not too sure about the music but these guys sure got the aesthetic down perfectly. Hard to to watch this video and not crack an enormous smile. Also you will get the sudden urge to play Mount and Blade Warband. This is normal, do not be alarmed. Sudden beard growth has also been reported.

Falconer – Grimborg (English Lyrics)

This is a song about a Swedish folk hero. While I’m sure the Swedish lyrics make perfect sense I doubt they have the majesty and the sheer lulzy epicness of the English lyrics. So we’ll be going with that.

-The warriors meet on a mountain one night (taverns are for sissies.)

-Grimborg decides that tonight is the night to get a wife.

-One of Grimborg’s friends mentions offhand that her does know where to find a suitable maiden. However he dismisses the task as too difficult and dangerous to even attempt.

-Grimborg is not impressed. He convinces his friend to guide him to where the maiden can be found.

-His friend agrees as one does not argue with Grimborg.

-When they get to where the maiden is located they discover a solid iron fence topped with the severed heads of previous suitors.

-Grimborg is not impressed although we never hear about his friend again.

-Here a where a barbarian would break the locks. A thief would pick the locks but this is Grimborg he silently breaks the locks.

-The maiden is so impressed by this feat that she agrees to go with Grimborg.

-Grimborg like all Alt-Right heroes turns out to live with his mother.

-‘Maiden’ just so happens to a ‘princess’ and the King is not too pleased by this recent turn of events.

-After a night of “intense Viking romance” Grimborg is surprised and surrounded by the King’s men.

-The resulting battle is so intense that it cannot be expressed in English, Swedish or German. Only a Power metal guitar solo is suitable the mindnumbingly epic struggle that is this confrontation.

-Grimborg then rides out (alone) to challenge the King, or at least get some answers.

-When asked where the King’s men are. Grimborg just shrugs and says I killed them.

-Grimborg then wheels about to attack the King and his court. The Court scatters and cowers in terror.

-The King seeing his supporters cowering like dogs basically surrenders. He agrees to the marriage and makes Grimborg a noble.

-Grimborg rides off with his wife.

-They live happily ever after.


-Happily ever after.

Heidevolk- Winter Woade

Okay I cheating a little here as I’m sure this counts as Old Germanic Pagan Metal rather than proper Viking Metal but I mean it’s almost the same thing. Besides Heidevolk is just too awesome to leave out of any list however short.

Which brings us to this music video where our protagonist finds himself in a what appears to be some sort of fairie realm or afterlife; perhaps combination of Valhalla and Purgatory? He seems to have arrived via explosion. An IED? Did he die in battle but not bravely enough to please the Gods? Yes I am reading way to much into this but we have officially reached the point where a four minute long heavy metal video often has a more complicated and comprehensive plot than your average two hour long Hollywood blockbuster. You could definitely work this into a TV series as not only as the setting mysterious but there seems to be some sort of Robin Hood scenario going on.

Vanir- Thyrfing

I have no idea what happening here either. There’s just something about the combination of bagpipes, drums and the crazy guy screaming in Danish that makes you want to headbutt a polar bear. Definitely one of the better drinking songs I’ve encountered.

Tyr- Blood of Heroes

I mentioned that Viking Metal can be very inspiring and this is a song about a man who finds himself inspired by the tales and legends of ancient heroes and is then driven to perform his own acts of heroism. How he fares is left to the listener’s imagination.


*Update: Crusader Metal sort of exists. There are songs and at least one concept album that fits the bill. There doesn’t seem to be any bands doing the gimmick full time, though so it can’t really be considered a sub-genre until that happens. I’ll might have to do a follow up post on that once I’ve had time to dig around.

Related: An earlier semi-serious post about Viking themes working their way into popular culture and a few musing about the future implications.


Viking Metal: Music To Punch Monsters By

The Year of The Phoenix

Year of the Phoenix

Well if 2016 was the year of death then 2017 will be the year of Phoenix where that which was long declared dead rises again louder, angrier and more METAL than ever before.


Surely I’m not the only to notice that all the West’s enemies seem to infested with nihilism and act much in the matter of death cults? From the Islamist to the Marxist radical to ardent Environmentalist all these belief systems ultimately lead their most fanatical believers to embrace death and anti-humanism in all its forms. So how must The West respond to its enemies? What can we offer instead of death? Well how about life?

The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly. John 10:10

The Cult of Life versus The Cult of Death. Is that metal enough for you? Civilization versus Barbarism. Determination versus Despair. The very world vibrates with anticipation of the struggles to come. Find your place in the Army of Truth and do your part. However small, however humble let no talent go to waste. Western Civilization stands in the balance and only God himself knows what will tip the scales or seemingly petty gambit carry the day.

Why didn’t anybody tell me that these guys existed?

So go forth and with a song in your heart, build and create. There are stories to tell and songs to sing. Great deeds and dreams must not go unremembered. Epics must not go untold. Truth and beauty must be left for the children of the future. Who will stand against this darkness if not for you? I assure you that you will not stand alone.

and if the Acolytes of Death dare to sneer at us feel free to sneer right back. For no matter how dark the night no matter how late the hour there is always something that can be done. There is always that still small voice whispering in the wind. “No all is not lost. Turn and face the Enemy. There is still time for one last Crusade.”

*Big hat tip to The Didact for introducing me to about 2/3rds of the bands I’m currently listening to.

The Year of The Phoenix

So Why Vikings?


While I have my own reasons for focusing so hard on the historical Vikings and to some extent the popular myths that surround the entire Viking Age. I can’t help but notice that Viking themes are beginning to work their way more and more into popular culture, and are possibly starting to replace the horribly stale zombie fad that has outlived it’s welcome.

So why Vikings? Why would the common people of the West want to recapture the themes and history of the Viking Age? After all the Vikings started out as the most vicious and fearsome of Christendom’s enemies and the Norse only joined Western Civilization during the Middle ages after the majority had converted to the new faith.

Well let’s start with the two most obvious points:

First the Vikings were an uncompromisingly masculine culture that stands in stark contrast to our own. No only that but the Vikings were THE BAD GUYS of Late Dark Age and Early Medieval Europe and everybody loves a good villain. In a world of political correctness is it no surprise that your average officer worker would fantasize about throwing caution to the wind and seeking fame treasure and knowledge across a distant sea? An entire generation of men growing up completely emasculated might just find the idea of reaching all the way back to the founding of the nations of Europe for answers and one major advantage the Norse have over the Celtic tribes or even the German Pagans (Who had very similar beliefs) is that we have fairly decent records about how they lived and what they believed. The lost men of the West can look to them for inspiration. Those who were once the Terror of the West can now be part of our strength.


Vikings really can be pretty damn inspiring

The second reason is that learning about and embracing the Vikings is a way (sometimes a subtle and unconscious one) to tell white guilt to go and fuck right off because white people are awesome. While this doesn’t really apply to well in Europe but in Canada and America there are quite a few people who are of mixed or uncertain ‘generic white’ heritage. So very naturally this demographic finds itself drawn to stories about adventurous white people from a distant land even when their own society and media demonize white people from nearby lands. In a way embracing Norse Myth and folklore is a small petty rebellion against the Cult of Diversity. If white Christians are horrible people… hey look here are some white non-Christians and they have a cool boat.


Never forget what the Alternative Right is offering an alternative too.

I should probably stop and point out that I consider White Nationalism to be a vice rather than a virtue but at least it’s a vice I can live with. White Nationalism also does a hell of a lot less damage to young men growing up than White Guilt does. So if you have to err it’s best to err a little on that side. Besides everyone needs to vent a little once the first red pills take effect and posting Nazi frog memes doesn’t really hurt anyone. I suppose a middle position like White Pride makes the most sense but it can be hard to strike a balance. One thing is for certain if you don’t respect yourself, you can’t really be expected to respect anyone else. That’s why I think it’s important to study the history of your own nation first and then once you have that down go and reach out to other culture from a position of strength rather than one of ignorant weakness.


Okay that got a little more ranty than I originally going for.

Anyway let’s examine this from a Three Pillars of the West approach. From a western point of view one of the requirements of being an educated man (up until very recently) was having a basic knowledge of Greek mythology and a good understanding of the Bible. (Someone pointed out that the genius of Dante was his ability to seamlessly blend the two.) The enemies of the West viciously hate both of these things and have gone out of their way to remove them from our schools. So where does this leave the Student of the West? He can’t turn to a God he doesn’t believe in and no one bothered to teach him the Legacy of Rome.

Our young man of the West might be willing to reject Christianity, he might be sceptical of the classics but he is not entirely prepared to reject all of Western Civilization so what does he turn to? The third pillar, the barbarian Germanic tribes of which the Norse were the last to join the fellowship of Western Civilization. Also they’re really really white and that seems to piss off the Enemies of the West.

Also Viking Metal is just the most hilariously dorky thing ever.

A good rule of thumb I noticed that’s actually pretty funny when viewed in an Alt-Right context

Right-Authoritarians tend to become obsessed with Rome.

Right-Libertarians in contrast tend to get obsessed with the various barbarians that Rome fought.

I suppose the Future West will have Men Of God keeping the peace between the two warrior factions with words of wisdom, divine grace and non-edged weapons.


The Neoclassical Restoration (that’s probably wrong but I have to call it something) is also a very Alpha or High Beta thing and provides great benefit for those men. What about the Delta? What can Marcus Aurelius or Aristotle really do for the average man? Would he not be better off grabbing the largest axe he can find, getting on the longship and listening to Amon Amarth while he grimly sails towards his life’s next adventure? These are all questions worth asking?

Might we see a cultural split in the Future West as the elite and upper middle class turn to Greek classics while the middle and working classes use Norse mythology as the basis for their identity. Both religiously Christian but using a different ancient legacy as a cultural supplement? Probably not but it’s funny thought if not a problem for a future generation. Our generation has enough problems to deal with without overstepping our bounds.


Nations need mythology. As do the tribes of the #Alt-Right

Viking Movies:

There does seems to be a resurgence of Viking movies in recent years. Most of them aren’t very good or are at best low budget independent productions. Hollywood for some reason doesn’t want to make a big budget Viking movie. Probably would require too many white actors or something. Besides the Viking thing is just a fad and by time a Hollywood tentpole movie gets through its four year production cycle that fad will have been long gone.


The ancient tales tell us of a time when movie posters made you actually want to see a movie.

And while we’re on the subject of Viking movies this is still probably the best one I’ve seen so far. Very slim pickings in that regard. This movie might have bombed in 1999 but what if it had been released in [CURRENT YEAR] under the current zeitgeist?


A complete list and breakdown of all the Viking movies ever made. A lot of screenshots too. I’ll be grabbing most of these for later use.


Viking Diet: (Never blog while hungry)

A quick summary of the Viking diet.


A longer much more detailed article that really digs into the history. A long read but a good one if you’re a history buff.


Slightly off topic but here’s an piece on old customs concerning making bread and coffee in 1920’s Finland. Might be of interest to any Finnish nationalists who might drift through this part of the internet.



Yes you eat would this. Take your tastebuds to Valhalla!

I’d actually be very tempted to try a Viking diet if I didn’t hate fish so much.

The Hammer and the Cross: By Robert Ferguson.


I’ve quoted from it twice already on this blog and this is definitely a book I would recommend to anyone even remotely interested in the Viking era. What makes this particular work stand out is that Robert Ferguson focuses on the slow centuries long process where the Norse gradually converted from the old faith to the new Christian one. This was a much longer process the sudden conversation of the Celts and Goths over a generation or two or even the century or so it took the Germans to fully convert. While The Hammer and The Cross covers other topics in detail the religious and cultural themes are threaded through the book. Well worth a read.

International Link


Canadian Link


So anyway that’s about all I can think of to say on the subject. The Viking thing might be nothing by a fad or it might a major shift in the popular culture that will resonate for centuries. Only time will tell. Either way I’ll be having fun and doing my thing. Besides I’m sick of fucking zombies.


So Why Vikings?

A Flicker of Light in the Dark

The other night I had a fairly in-depth discussion with one of my err… “normie” friends. Turns out he was surprisingly more redpilled than I thought. I suppose it’s all some great big cosmic joke; to watch a pair of pot smoking anarchists slowly turn into gun-waving patriots. It’s a strange and interesting road this life and the journey is not done yet.

Anyway it looks like I may be in for a rough week. I’ve long been an eternal pessimist and while I do my best not to drag others down the daily grind does get to me.

I probably should take a couple of weeks off of social media entirely but Hillary Clinton may drop dead at any moment and I wouldn’t want to miss the beautiful days long autistic spasm that #AltRight twitter will have should the great God KEK smile down upon us.

The problem facing the Canadian Right is that no one has the foggiest idea what a Canadian patriot is supposed to look like. Such creatures were last spotted in the early 1960’s and before 1943 Canadian patriotism was basically just loyalty to the British empire (which was why the Quebecois weren’t particularly fond of the idea.)

I’ve never met a legitimate Canadian Nationalist who could properly express his ideas and the very idea of a Canadian Ultra-Nationalist is absolutely hilarious. What would one look like? No one knows? My best mental image of a Canadian Ultra-Nationalist is to imagine the Joker beating you to death with a hockey stick while singing the theme to Rocket Robin Hood.

The bystanders aren’t just horrified they’re laughing too hard to even try and save you.

I’m sorely tempted to put together a Canadian Nationalist Manifesto simply on the basis that we don’t really have one and that people’s reaction to a properly written, well thought out one would be absolutely hysterical. Who knows maybe Milo or Stefan Molyneux would jump on the chance to trigger all of the snowflakes, all at the same time, throughout an entire country of whiny Liberals?

Silly Marxists you wanted a culture war? Well let’s have one.

If you keep saying Canada is a Proposition nation. Why don’t we discuss the proposition?


Canada is a nation of explorers, pioneers, builders and if all Virtue has failed, a nation of soldiers as well. We are not a nation of cowards. We are a nation of fighters who must take elaborate steps and maintain rigid self-discipline to restrain ourselves. It’s time to remember that.

Seek the Truth, Explore the internet. Find the Truth and when you find it; Troll the world with it!


A Flicker of Light in the Dark