Many Sorrows, Drowning a Few

Okay well as far as I can tell the post election bullshit is starting to die down a little. So I’m going to take a social media break for at least a few days (I’ll try for a week but that’s pushing it.) Not in a good state of mind right now and if I need to blow off a little steam it’s best to do so offline.



Author’s poison of choice. Hey! I never said I was a classy drinker.


Side effects may include; brawling, looting, pillaging, unexpected beard growth and/or running off into the forest to battle monsters with an axe.



Old school #GamerGate memories.

If you’ve read this far don’t worry about me I’ll be fine after the weekend. Besides it’s time to stop talking about writing and actually write.


Also I need to start working out again.

Many Sorrows, Drowning a Few

Post Trumpmatic Triggered Syndrome

Someday I’m hoping to convert this into just another geek writer blog but sadly today is not that day. The aftermath of the Trumpening has brought forth great tidal waves of salty tears and it would be sin in the eyes of Kek not to rejoice in them as we listen the screeches of feminist disbelief and the lamentations of the cucks.


Lately there has been an incredible outbreak of what I’m calling Post-Trumpmatic Triggered Syndrome a new emerging mental disorder that has spread rapidly over social media and rendered most internet communications too funny to be read with a straight face. PTTS is most likely a mutated viral form of the common everyday Twitter PTSD often suffered by internet feminists. Although other theories suggest that the disorder is related to Cyber-Rape Associated Psychosis (CRAP) or even Self Hypnotic Internet Trauma (SHIT.) While feminists appear to be the most vulnerable to Post-Trumpmatic Triggered Syndrome any form of Social Justice Warrior or non self-aware Liberal can fall pray to it.


Paul Joseph Watson on the Clinton Riots (Best place to start)



Typical Protestor: Idiot yes; possibly useful?

Short video of some very sad faces (with music)

Rebel Media’s Ezra Levant on Trump’s response to a Saudi Prince.

and yes under the God-Emperor the House of Saud are pretty fucked.

A nice little meltdown complication.

Infowars interview on how the Dems did attempt to rig the election.

They tried but there were just too many deplorables in the basket. This is why it’s probably not too good of an idea for anyone in the Hillary Campaign to question whether of not Trump won the popular vote. The real numbers are going to much more Trump friendly than the current official ones and with so many widespread report of election fraud President Trump might start by draining this part of the swamp first.


Yes Timmy the protests are astroturfed like a motherfucker.


Oh and look the media is staging it’s own protests.

Oops seems that the Clinton News Network should have let Don Lemon in on the script.


The God-Emperor speaks the Truth. Let the heretics tremble.

A CNN international correspondent completely losing her shit.


Speaking of shit. This is modern Leftist political discourse.

The CEO of Grubhub caving into PTTS and demanding that any of his employees who supported Trump resign.

There’s just a slight problem with that.


Two reports on a made up story of a female student being attacked by Trump supporters.

The Daily Caller gloating about how one of their editors struck a massive vein of mine-able salt with but a single offhand tweet. High level shitlording indeed.

This incident supports my theory that Post-Trumpmatic Triggered Syndrome is most likely a mutated strain of the more common Twitter PTSD.

Yale students seem to be extra triggered by the Don.

Actually that seems to be a real problem with colleges in general. A ‘cry in?’ Seriously? And you’re going how deep in debt for this?

Glorious Milo has a field mocking cancelled classes and exams.\


Satire: Well I think this is a parody. If I’m wrong Bubba and Jimbo know where to find me. Anything to keep Lena Dunhem away.


Oh look the Green Energy Industry is nervous about President Trump. Can’t imagine why.

Bradford Walker on the swift collapse of Gamers4her. One of the most pathetic shilling attempts in recent internet memory.

Lastly Author/publisher Russell Newquist gives a quick overview of the Democratic party; explains the different groups that support the party and then details how it is beginning to break up. A completely offhand blog post but one I found helpful.


Post Trumpmatic Triggered Syndrome

Grand Finale

Okay barring a stolen election, (followed by a decade long slow burn civil war) THIS will be my last post on the 2016 US presidential election. By Kek! What a roller coaster ride. I’m wondering if there’s a limit to how big a democracy can be and remain stable (probably around 50 million people). This was a banana republic election but due to the current Crisis of the West it was banana republic election FOR ALL THE BANANAS!!! No wonder us poor hairless monkeys went completely insane.


I’m still convinced the Trump vote is large enough to overwhelm any Clinton machine attempt to rig the vote. Trump has to have at least 60% of the popular vote Maybe as high as 70% at this point after the Spirit Cooking scandal.


That said this election will indeed be the biggest fuck you moment in human history. The Lion of the West has come. He may not be our saviour but Trump will at least give us a fighting chance and that’s really all the Men of the West were asking for.

Trump stalls the Enemy and gives our lost and broken nations a chance to find ourselves and at least four years to prepare and push back the darkness. The West is in rout no longer. We shall stand! And at the first chance move to the counterattack.

Yes it’s been a strange journey but we’ve only hit the first waypoint.

The Trumpenreich is here!


Send out the clowns and send in the memes.


And then go get your gator hunting boots on because there’s a great big swamp to drain. Gators, leechs and lobbyists oh my!


This song just fits so well right now.

Congratulations to my American readers. The spirit of 1776 lives and the Second Revolution begins. The American Dream now fights the American Nightmare. I’m sure you know which side your Founding Fathers would have picked up their muskets for.

Grand Finale

Here Be Monsters

Good news: America is a proposition nation.

Bad news: The proposition is Satanism.

-John Rivers on

This will be my reaction post to the Spirit Cooking scandal that has most of the younger members of the Alt-Right rolling on the floor, foaming at the month and speaking in tongues (usually a mix of old Prussian and Navaho, by my sources.)

Yes Timmy! This is some Weird shit. I WARNED YOU NOT TO WATCH THAT VIDEO!!!

You’ll be fine don’t worry… just don’t drink any vanilla protein shakes for a few days.

And by all reports having people associated with the Clinton campaign getting caught in occultist black magic rituals has NOT helped her with the black and latino voters. They know bad juju when they see it.

I’m almost speechless… but with the Clinton’s all things are at least slightly believable. John Podesta’s maximum strength pedoface doesn’t help their claims of innocence either.


Ahoy matey! Thar be some fucked up shit.

Stefan Molyneux with Vox Day and Mike Cernovich on the whole spirit cooking scandal.

A 50min conversation with three our favourite people discussing a very strange topic. Well worth the watch. Rational discussion about a very irrational topic.

Vox Day’s summarizing /pol/ ‘s latest and very strange discovery.

This is some very weird creepy shit. It is the AGGRESSIVE trolling and shilling in the comments however that raises the alarm. Considering the nature of the topics usually covered on VP it was incredible to see that much effort being spent on a post about a pizza parlour. Here be monsters indeed.

So far no fire but there sure does seem to be a great deal of smoke surrounding key members of the Obama government and Hillary Clinton’s associates.


Remember to check your friends and coworkers’ fingers for scars left by repeated Occult rituals. Especially that new chick you just started dating who’s one or two points above what you can normally pull.

I’m still convinced that Clinton goes down for corruption or possibly espionage. The Anonymous FBI agent on 4chan was repeatedly telling people to focus on the Clinton Foundation. While the sex trafficking and occultist rumors are damning and may take down many of her associates the dirty money and emails are what might finally stick to Clinton. Remember Al Capone went down for tax evasion. Still I think your average FBI agent is going to react to the idea of spirit cooking with just a little bit of righteous anger. That’ll keep them working that much harder to bring down the Clinton crime family.


Okay she probably isn’t a High Priestess of Satan like Alex Jones says she is… but at this point I don’t think petty distinctions like that really matter.

Davis Aurini on Righteous Anger (Slightly off topic)

I bookmarked this video months ago and just remembered it yesterday. So I sat down to watch it tonight. Definitely struck a chord with me after the events of the last few weeks.

I’ve stated previously that I have an Evangelical background and quite frankly recent events have me very close to rejoining the Church out of spite. Those Crusader memes I found funny as hell months ago are beginning to call out to me.


And so we find that there is Evil in the world. What now?

I’ll end with this quote from Shake Hands with the Devil.

After one of my many presentations following my return from Rwanda, Canadian Forces padre asked me how, after all I seen and experienced, I could still believe in God. I answered that I know there is a God because in Rwanda I shook hands with the devil, I have seen him and I have touched him. I know the devil exists, and therefore I know there is a God. Peux ce que veux.”

—LGen. Romeo Dallaire

Wolfman out.

Tell your kids you love them.

And then dip your bullets in holy water… just in case.

Here Be Monsters

The Mother of All Happenings

More election related scandals and stories. I really should move on with my life but there’s just so much crap to dig through I can’t look away from this trainwreck. The Mother of all Happenings is upon us and all the spergs of the world are being drawn into it like moths to a flame. So yeah let’s be about it.

Hmm… no real surprises here. Note that both Clinton and Trudeau are under investigation for “Pay to Play.”

An eyewitness account about how the voting machines have the manufacturer’s logo obscured.

A month old Anonymous video that makes a great deal more sense in light of current events.

And yes I will remember… and get my popcorn ready.

Infowars giving a complete breakdown on the recent scandal. While the sex ring accusations are absolutely outrageous. Clinton will most likely be going down for money laundering or treason.

A Daily Caller article outlining some of the rank and file revolt going on in the FBI.

In other news the IRS is looking into the Clinton Foundation. Good luck boys. Remember to bring plenty of flame throwers!

This is pretty frightening reddit thread. Linking a convicted child trafficker to the Clintons and their ‘efforts’ in Haiti.

Yeah so all those fake Trump accusers… Got News has done an amazing job of shooting them down one by one.

The Podesta Code: How many pedos are we dealing with here?


Anyway a great number of anons have been doing their best to break this code. So far what they’ve come up with is absolutely damning (and disturbing.)

VERY suspicious email.

I think Obama spent about $65,000 of the tax-payers money flying in
pizza/dogs from Chicago for a private party at the White House not long
ago, assume we are using the same channels?”

Pizza = Girl. Hotdog = Boy. Private party = Orgy. I’ll let you translate from there. They don’t seem to be using any of the clever codewords for children so this looks like a fairly normal (by some standards) prostitution ring being run out of Chicago. Obama has long been rumored to be gay (or at least has an abnormal Lambda sexuality.) He question is how involved is he in this whole trafficking ring? Probably just a paying customer.

That’s another reason I’m concerned about Trudeau’s almost instant bonding with Obama. Men of equal SSH status tend to quickly become friends as they understand each other on a subconscious level. There were also very strong Justin Trudeau gay rumors at one point. So does The Clown Prince of Canada enjoy himself the occasional Chicago-style hotdog? Or worse does the international sex trafficking ring reach up into Canada? So far we’ve (thankfully) seen no evidence but the possibility is not zero.

And I’m not going to sleep too well tonight thinking about it.

Unhappy side thoughts I didn’t want to think about:

PS: I’ve come to the conclusion that the only way to a work a legit pedophile into Vox Day’s Social-Sexual Hierarchy is to combine a Lambda abnormal sexuality with a strong Gamma delusion bubble. I think you need both in order to get someone who will commit these sort of acts. However this is really not a train of thought I want to be riding any further along than I have to.

PPS: Trudeau looks like a Low Beta/Lambda hybrid. Low risk of him being a pedophile but an interesting observation. He’s weak but he’s not a straight Gamma. He’s gotten by on his looks for too long though. Probably low initiative, minimal energy and easy to control. A really great puppet I imagine. Straight out of central casting.

The Mother of All Happenings

The Conspiracy Fact Election

Bring the tinfoil Timmy! Like ALL the tinfoil! Cuz we’re gonna need it! This stupid election! Who made Alex Jones the voice of the People?


Well after watching Dr. Piezenik’s more complete explanation of what he means by “Second American Revolution” I’ve calmed down considerably. I’m still of the opinion that Trump has too much of the popular vote for rigging the election to be successful but that doesn’t mean that the Democrat machine might not try it.

Still not sure completely sure how legit this all is. It is however clear that the rank and file, up to at least the mid-level management of the FBI are in full revolt against the Obama regime. As for the NYPD rumors? I’m just going to quote one of the commenters from Vox Populi.

They wouldn’t be the first in history to use children that way as a means to power. Imagine what you could do with pictures of a few hundred politicians and famous people diddling kids. You could probably get promoted far beyond what your training and abilities deserved, and get people to cover for you when you screw up. You could get everyone to ignore the fact that your second-in-command looks like a spy. You could get an entire political party to fix its primary system for you. You could even get prominent members of the other party to torch their own careers by opposing their own nominee and declaring that they’d be happier to see you win.” -Cail Corishev

Yeah think that over and apply a little game theory. Maybe it’s true, maybe it’s not but something spooked Comey into restarting the investigation.

Truepundit story on the scandal. (Not a site I’m familiar with but this seems to be the article everyone is quoting.)

My understanding is that there are basically three things the Clintons could go down for.

1: The deleted emails and mishandling classified information.

This is the least damaging of the bunch yet at the same time almost 100% guaranteed to be true.

2: Treason, corruption or foreign espionage.

Much more damning but more difficult to prove. Definitely something that would anger the intelligence community however and long suspected by some of the more ‘woke’ internet people.

3: Being involved (or possibly running) an international child sex trafficking and blackmail ring.

This is the motherload. We have to wait to see how true it is but this is the Mother of all Scandals long foretold by the priests of Kek. Hopefully the NYPD actually holds a press conference and clears things up. Well the story might be false… the sad part is that it is completely believable. Going to be a very tense few days.

I used to think that Bill Clinton is a Rapist memes were a little on the mean side but now? I guess I just have to admit that Alex Jones is right a lot more often than people give him credit for. Also to be fair we have better evidence that Bill is a rapist than we do that America landed on the moon.


Now if you’ll excuse me I think I need a drink… maybe two drinks.

One more week…

UPDATE: This looks important and may explain a few things.


The Conspiracy Fact Election

What the hell? Amerika!

Okay it increasingly looks like there is seriously bad mojo going down.

Coup? Counter-coup? I don’t like the sound of that. So far there aren’t that many sources on this. Definitely have to keep your eyes open the next few days.

Ok yeah. Those NYPD rumors might be real.

Whatever is happening in the US intelligence community so far it appears that the patriots are winning. Still when combined with all the cases of voting fraud and the shady behavior revealed in the #Project Veritas videos this whole thing might not be over.

Hopefully people are just being paranoid.


And just to make thing weirder guess what just leaked? It’s the complete fraudulent election numbers! It looks like they were going to rig it after all.


Yeah I’m pretty freaked out by all of this.




What the hell? Amerika!