The Stranger

The stranger walked into the comic shop. His eyes dark and mysterious.

He moved to the counter without so much as a glance at any of the product on the shelf.

“Can I help you?” the clerk said with a nervous stutter.

The stranger slapped down a $20 bill on the counter and grinned, “I need two good comics and one really shitty one that I can make fun of on Youtube. Can you help me?”

The clerk understood at once. “Yes! Yes I can.” He said with the confidence of a grizzled veteran.

The stranger laughed, “Mister I think we’re gonna be friends.”

The Stranger

A Psychotic Rambling Mess

Sergeant Bats Reviews DC Vertigo’s Goddess Mode written by Zoe “Yes Her Again” Quinn and artist Robbi “Behold the Butthole” Rodriguez.

Spoiler Alert! he is not a fan. [21 mins]

So much neon dog vomit I had to start wearing sunglasses at night.

A Psychotic Rambling Mess

The Marvel Graveyard Has Been Found

Clownfish TV has struck gold!

A quarter million graphic novels being dumped in the discount bins?

That seems like a fairly serious sign that Marvel is in major trouble. [5 mins]


He then follows up by actually going to Ollies and doing some proper citizen journalism. [7mins]

and notice all the Star Wars crap he shows off at the end of the video.

Remember this is happening at a time when superheroes have never been more popular with the general public.

Also what is ‘soul spice’ seasoning. Sounds delicious, I might want to cultural appropriate that.

The Marvel Graveyard Has Been Found

Quickpost: Vox Day Versus ComicsGate

This the 420 Anime-Right interpretation of events but well worth sharing. [18 mins]


I might still need to do my own piece of this whole incident but I’m still holding an awful lot of bitterness about the way Jon Del Arroz (a friend of this blog) was treated and I want to wait until more of that dissipates.

What I suspected earlier and which has become crystal clear is that what became ComicsGate and what I guess we’ll be calling Alt-Comics (for lack of an accepted term) are two separate movements that were happening simultaneously.

ComicsGate seeks to force Marvel and DC to reform and desperately wants the 1990’s era comics back. They are not opposed to SJWs per se but rather the damage that SJWs cause.

Alt-Comics writes off the entire mainstream comics industry as a loss and seeks to build anew. SJWs are actively recognised as the threat that they are ands no quarter will be given should they be encountered.

A third movement seems to be forming around the indie company Alterna Comics and their way of doing things. However Alterna is less about politics and more about seeking gaps in the market.

Jon’s role was to act as a diplomat between the two/three groups and try to bring everyone to together. Attacking a diplomat is a serious taboo which is why the attacks on him caused so much outrage among people who were on the outskirts of this whole thing.

I’m going to hold my tongue on saying anything more here.

Thankfully things have calmed down enough that we all can at least focus on moving forward.

—Wolfman Out—


An older post were I muse about the interrelations between the two movements.

AltHero Vs ComicsGate

A discussion about the possible future models for the comics industry.

New Model Comics vs Atomic Cringe

Quickpost: Vox Day Versus ComicsGate

You Can’t Even Make This Shit Up

[IVAN THRONE-like laughter]


Picture unrelated but too awesome not to share.


They did it! Somebody actually did it! They tried to crowdfund a comic about ‘punching Nazis.’


That Umbrella Guy has the details [14mins]

While this campaign appears to already have been taken down, we should expect a second attempt any time now. There are certainly plenty of youtube comic types would be happy to fund this simply so they could make reviews highlighting the finer points of this atomic dumpster fire.


Also in completely unrelated news; sadly it appears that “Offering a genetically modified organism as a reward.” is against kickstarter’s terms of service. This is going to make crowd funding the breeding of genetically stable catgirls far more difficult than it would otherwise be. For the sake of SCIENCE and the benefit of weebs everywhere Kickstarter needs to change this ridiculous rule.


You Can’t Even Make This Shit Up