NerdLife: Rest and Retardation

NerdLife Four: Relax and Enjoy the Madness

I need a break from politics and I guess this will count. This was supposed to be my one day to relax this week and I spent most of it on social media yelling about throwing reporters out of helicopters. Therapeutic perhaps but hardly productive.

I try to cover a good spread of topics in these… things so that there is something for everybody. Still end of the day it’s whatever shiny internet thing catches my eye, and I’m not exactly the most organized individual.

Writing out the two Breyland Notes pieces seemed to have helped but yeah… the flesh is willing but the mind is sperging.

So here we go.

Black Marketing: This a ten minute long 1944 US propaganda film that is oddly well acted and compelling. I’m a big fan of these archive channels.

Very well done little film breaks down that how a typical black market scheme is run. Might be of interest to both history buffs and the Pulp Revolution crowd. A lot of fun if you like old style gangster movies.


Indie author and cosmic madman Jon Mollison breaks down the possibilities of donut shaped planets.

I’ve gone ahead and subbed to the Youtube channel in question and it looks like there’ll be plenty of materiel for future posts.


Yes once Captain America was an American.


Injustice Gamer discusses the nature of complexity in boardgames. Not much I can add but his next article is going to be about Kickstarter and how it’s effected the market. That should be a fun read. Might as well start hyping now.


Volcano of Doom (Music)

With a title like that I had to click on it.

Hmm… geothermal powered underground lair… alien jungle planet… brave adventurers on a desperate mission…



And where the hell is this videogame?


Awesome Viking discovery. Once again we see the ageless theme of a man and his dog.


The Bechtloff Presents: The Legend of Indiana Mario. A fascinating tale of a videogame urban legend. Also shitting on MovieBob is never offtopic.

Those happy meal toys rocked!



People tend to forget that Burt Reynolds was a legit action star at one point.


Gitabushi on the hard/soft science fiction debate. About a month old but I didn’t see it at the time.

and another great thought provoking article about the different views on peasants.

NerdLife: Rest and Retardation

Courageously Covering the Catastrophic Comicbook Collapse.

I’ve stated before that I’m not really any sort of comic book fan but that I find it necessary to keep at least one eye on comic related news simply so that I can hold basic geek conversations with friends (and readers.)

Just like with Gamergate it’s the Culture War aspect between the SJW converged industry figures (usually mid to bottom level) and the common fan than I find deeply, deeply fascinating.

So it was with much joy that I stumbled upon a relatively new youtube channel Diversity and Comics that is covering comics from an anti-SJW stance while still being approachable and normie friendly.

How Captain Marvel is the perfect icon of SJW Marvel


Questioning the Narrative that 40% of comic readers are female.

What is the first rule of the SJW?

We should have asked this question earlier.

Keep in mind that some genres of gaming are 99%+ Male

Why do Marvel Creators hate the fans?

Reminds me a lot of what Brian Niemeier said a while back about Hollywood hating it’s own audience.

And the comments are worth digging around in (just wear gloves as it is still Youtube.)

The current crew at Marvel ARE awful; they’re rude, egotistical and they lack the creative juice that inspired a lot of artist back in the day. They’re all trend riders, their ‘inspiration’ only coming from what can make them seem like heroes. This isn’t what the writers and artist of years past did. They were not in it to be seen as political commentators which the current crew are and usually label themselves as. Even if the older artist and writers felt strongly in their political feelings they were always artists first.

The new crew ARE NOT. They are political and social obsessives FIRST, social media addicts second, glory riders third and at the very, very last, if at all, they’re ‘creatives’.”

Anyway I thought that was a discovery worth sharing. Marvel (and to some extent DC) has reached a state where they are completely dependant on recycling characters that were created forty or fifty years ago. This is beyond creative bankruptcy. The fear now is that the comic book medium itself will die out completely in the West… this would be a bad thing for all of Geekdom.

While I’m not a huge fan of the Alt-Hero project it’s definitely a step in the right direction and should be good for a laugh if nothing else.


They had to go back and one man decided to help them along on that journey.

Besides the idea here is to inspire others. Isn’t that what superheroes are all about?

Courageously Covering the Catastrophic Comicbook Collapse.

Gotham and Metropolis

This is stupid but I need to get this off my chest.

If I was a DC writer how would I handle the depiction of Gotham City and Metropolis?

Well in short I would make them two different rival cities battling for the cultural heart of America. Also I wouldn’t put them across the harbour from each other like in Batman Versus Superman because that is just goddamned stupid. While it should be practical to move between the two cities it shouldn’t be something that can be done without effort or care. A character from one city should also be noticeably uncomfortable in the other; having to change their clothing styles even their speech and mannerisms in order to fit in or to maintain a disguise. A crossover, even a minor villain crossover should be a big deal, not a cheap gimmick. Superman and Batman teaming up on anything should be an apocalyptic event similar to Churchill and Stalin teaming up to battle Hitler.

Also Metropolis is a city that needs Superman and Gotham is a city that needs Batman. Since these are two very different heroes it follows logically that the environments where these heroes live and form the centerpiece are vastly different.

Metropolis: The city of the American Dream

Metropolis is a city of the future. It is cosmopolitan, high tech, outward looking and highly optimistic. Metropolis is the city where the world meets. Sadly for the inhabitants of this fair city Metropolis is also arrogant, elitist and prone to utopian thinking. When criminal or terrorist elements strike it comes as an enormous shock to both the city’s elite and the man on the street. The police are well equipped with many high tech gizmos but poorly trained and inexperienced when dealing with violent crime. With the eyes of the world on Metropolis a bank robbery is international news. In contrast the Joker robbing a bank with a Sherman tank is just a Wednesday afternoon in Gotham City. Most crime in Metropolis is fraud, embezzlement or corporate espionage. Most of the murders in the city are the results of such crimes or their aftermath.

The gangs that eat away at Metropolis are shadowy, sophisticated, have international ties and hide themselves in a veneer of plausible deniability. They also to the dismay of the police have easy access to high powered weaponry; cutting edge technical support and can dance circles around law enforcement. There’s also an awful lot of lawyers running around making the waters even muddier.

Metropolis is also not a very second amendment friendly city leaving the population feeling helpless in the face of a crime wave. They know the gangs are out there but what can they do?

This is the world in which Superman finds himself. He can deal with a direct obvious threat quite easily but most of the threats he will face are subtle, indirect ones he might not see coming. Can he bring the people of Metropolis hope? Can he stop the evil doers with the eyes of the entire world upon him?

Tune in next episode to find out…

Gotham: The City of the American Spirit

Gotham is the city of America’s past. The sleeping giant having nightmares while freaks and clowns cause mayhem in the shadows. Gotham was once America’s pride but in recent times has become America’s shame. Gotham City had its glory days first in the era of Prohibition and then second in the darkest days of the second world war. In America’s darkest hour Gotham City with its great steel mills and chemical factories became the heart of the war effort and quite literally the arsenal of democracy. A lot of the those weapons and explosive factories closed after the war and were never truly replaced but the mark left on the city never went away… and many were abandoned in place with their tools and machinery simply left to rust. Which brings us to one of the more interesting aspects of that legacy.

In Gotham City there is a great deal of WWII and Korean War era weapons floating around the black market and yes you can buy a bazooka if you know the right people. There is also at least one operating factory that is producing Thompson sub machine guns. These are the preferred and most prestigious weapon in Gotham organized crime circles. Gotham is a city that looks to its past and after all if you’re going to shoot someone why not do it in style? Gotham Pride runs deep. Why use a crappy foreign gun? That’s an insult to the man you’re shooting! What are you a communist or something?


Gotham made with good American steel.”

The police and common citizens of Gotham are not helpless. They are however badly over matched against an endless tide of violent, audacious, highly skilled criminals. Hiding behind the circus of costumed freaks and supervillians hides a deep embedded subculture of organized crime layered throughout the city in elaborate networks. While mostly made up of the old mafia dating back the prohibition days these crime gangs have evolved under intense Darwinian pressure into flexible, anti-fragile, self repairing organizations.

Gotham City gangs also have a very strong “mid-level leadership caste” made up of very talented criminals who are bound together by the old mafia codes and Gotham Pride. Unlike in other cities simply throwing the boss into Arkham Asylum does not break up a gang. In fact the Joker Gang actually thrives when “Mr. J. is in the joint” and the Lieutenants can focus on the business side of the gang instead of inflicting chaos and mayhem. The Joker of course finds this state of affairs incredibly amusing.

Batman is generally too busy dealing with the latest crisis to deal completely with these mid level criminals much less ordinary street crime. All he can do really is give the police and common man a fighting chance and in Gotham everyone is expected to fight. One way or another in Gotham City life will punch you in the face, you’re just expected to not go down too easily.

The steel mills of Gotham lay empty, the docks are mostly abandoned or used for smuggling.. Gotham is dying but not yet buried. The old factories may rust but the city’s pride remains. If the need was great enough the steel mills could be put back into production, new workers trained and the docks reclaimed from the gangs. People of Gotham don’t need hope. Gotham just needs a chance, a tiny break in darkness and gloom and the city will claw its way back into the light. Can Batman give the people that chance or will the darkness win in the end?

Gotham and Metropolis