When It Comes It Will Come Like Thunder

Not a Faith Goldy fan but this had me digging around in the attic looking for my sword.

Dat clickbait title…

I figure we have about five to ten years before Europe explodes… and then all bets are off. Alarmist? Yes but continent wide ethnic cleansing wars are the sort of thing that people should get alarmed about. That what we’re heading towards, unless we can stop this madness.


Is that supposed to be some sort of Jew rat goblin dragon? Not too sure about this meme. Also there must be some chemicals in the water because this Pepe is looking super gay.

Crusade? No. Not at the start. It will begin as separate nationalist counterpushes in each Western country. All will be different as nationalists from different nations will naturally take on the character of the nation that spawned them. As momentum builds and the conflict takes on an increasingly religious nature these separate movements will unite somewhat awkwardly into one big angry ball of Deus Vult.

and God help anyone in its way because only He knows where it will end.

When It Comes It Will Come Like Thunder

Breyland Notes: Ultra-Christianity the Final Temptation

Ultra-Christianity the Final Temptation

Remove the Traitor, Bleed the Cuck, Free the Nations. Vengeance is the Lord’s we are but his instruments.

Motto of the Holy Order of St. Brevik.


I’m clearly overthinking this but I’ve run into a rather hilarious writer’s problem. One of the core elements of the Breyland stories is going to be the constant struggle between the Celtic Pagan majority and the large Christian majority for the cultural and philosophical soul of the nation. The single greatest fear of the Breyland patriot is that of a religious civil war tearing apart the Homeworld just as their colonies and allies abandon them. While such a war is unlikely, it could happen and lingers over the political landscape like the sword of Damocles.

This means the religious landscape is going to be far more important then I had originally imagined. The vague handwaved notions of Energetic New Age-y Celtic Pagans and Stoic Steady Determined Christians I had five years ago simply aren’t going to cut the mustard. I need to actually sit down and work out what are the major sects? and how do they interact?

Somewhere around this time I learnt that the Saxons around the time of the migration viewed Christ as a warrior god who had conquered Death. Which I suppose is definitely one way to look at it. So I incorporated that idea into a vaguely defined “Church of the Warrior” a militant sect of Christianity popular among the military. Since this was about the time I was losing my own faith I sort of left it at that and didn’t think any further on the idea.

Several years and many, many red pills later I’m picking the idea back up and finding the Church of the Warrior to be actually rather tame and not anything I can get a reader to be alarmed about. What I need is a church so outrageous, so hardcore and unforgiving as to be a legitimate threat to the status quo; with centuries long history and absolutely no doubt to the righteousness of their cause. A group so hardcore that they border on heresy but without going into cartoony supervillan strawman territory like the Masadans in David Weber’s Honor Harrington series. The Church Militant and Unrepentant needs to be both a hyper-competent threat to the heroes and a moral temptation. The temptation of course is to join them, for is not their cause righteous? Do we not seek the salvation of the nations? Must the works of Satan not be opposed? Did we not save Western Civilization once before?

The looming tidal wave of Reconquista 2.0 is causing a great deal of havoc with my original timeline. Predicting the future is always tricky but the problem is that while I know something is going to happen I don’t know the scale of the event or how much it will alter the fictional plans. A maximum scale Reconquista 2.0 event would leave a huge mark on human history (continent sized ethnic cleansing wars will tend to do that.) The rapid growth and entrenchment of a church like the CMU and the Templar style orders that would be created during such a conflict would simply not go away afterwards. So it makes perfect sense to keep an element or two around a couple millennium later. If we’re still talking about the Romans, there’s a good chance the Breylanders might still be talking about us.

The Church Militant and Unrepentant is going to be a special challenge to flesh out as no matter what I do to make them extreme and “they go too far” I can’t help shake the feeling that most of my internet friends and potential reader base would immediately join such a church if it existed. For the lulz as much as for salvation.

Assassin-monks calling themselves the Order of St. Brevik?

Hey it could happen? And isn’t speculative fiction supposed to be about speculation?


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Breyland Notes: Legacy of the Oinkkrieg

Breyland Notes: Ultra-Christianity the Final Temptation

They Have To Go Back.


They Have To Go Back.

About the Wolf Thing

Just want to clear up a logical but erroneous misconception that anyone blindly stumbling upon this blog might pick up.

When I was drawn back to the internet during the earliest days of Gamergate I had been effectively withdrawn from all internet communities for about three years or so. I therefore needed a new handle.

I went with Wolfman as

1:) I thought it was funny

2:) I’d used that handle in the distant past but never for anything important.

3:) It was uncomplimentary nickname I’d picked up in highschool and I wished to culturally appropriate it for great justice.

4:) I was thinking about starting a Let’s Play channel at the time (something that may still happen.)

5:) It let me use this as avatar.

Younger readers may not have seen this masterpiece of the claymation music video medium.

After about six months I settled with the Twitter handle Person of Wolfness as a mockery of the term Person of Color which I found an insulting and ridiculous euphemism.

I was not aware of r/K selection theory at the time. I was certainly not expecting to be drawn into any sort of serious politics.

I wrote a few pieces for the The Ralph Retort first with the handle of Richard C. Wolfman and then simply as Wolfman. Well Ralph and I have gone our separate ways. We parted as friends and I have no regrets about our strange and baffling friendship.

The main effect of Gamergate was to keep a normally reclusive man on the internet and reading things that I previously would have outright dismissed. This included the remnants of the Manosphere and a few bloggers who would eventually join the Alt-Right. Davis Aurini and Chris Bechtloff* among them.

Side note: The complete failure of The Sarkessian Effect hurt me in a deeply personal way as I come to think of Jordan Owen as almost a kindred spirit. I have since found other spirits to guide me. It took me a while to forgive Skullmaster Aurini for that but those ill feelings are well in the past and the man has been a consistent reference point when trying to define and understand my own beliefs.


Eventually I was goaded into starting my own blog by a fellow follower of Vox Day. So I chose the title Of Wolves and Men as a form of word play (hey it’s what I do) and because of a Metallic song.

Yes the name of this blog is based on a Metallic Song.

The unexpected early success of the Three Pillars of The West piece actually rattled me badly. It also gave me a small amount of Alt-Right intellectual cred that I don’t feel I’ve completely earned. I’m by nature a very negative, pessimistic person and accepting that some people actually like my writing and found it useful from time to time is not a pill that goes down easy. The great irony here is that my instinctive role in first GamerGate and now the emerging Dissident Right is to encourage other people, steady the line and calm down some the spergier members. Truly this is the strangest timeline.

Anyway I expect that most of the people who wind up reading this will be Christians and I just want to reassure everyone not to get too alarmed about me exploring the Old Pagan religions of Europe or humoring the Hitlerfags from time to time. This is first and foremost supposed to be a writer’s blog and I do like to explore an idea very thoroughly before completely reject it in my own life.

I am not Odinist.

I am not a White Nationalist

I am not a furry!!!

The fact that I have to even stop and state this shows just how far The West has gone into decline. While I have very reluctantly come back to Christ (I just couldn’t let the Fedoras win) I hold to the belief that Christianity doesn’t fundamentally change a nation. It rather adapts to the local culture and strengthens the virtues a people already possess. Therefore a strong knowledge of what your people believed before converting to Christ should logically tell you a great deal about what sort of nation you are. To a generation in search for its past and to nations struggling to define themselves and rediscover the strength needed to face the difficult times ahead, there’s a lot of appeal there.

Wolf Age: Part One

I’ll be keeping an eye on this. Partially as a curious historian and partially as a failed fantasy writer.

And Breyland, its colonies and subject worlds would definitely be struggling with such questions. Ultimately the reason I was able to cross over to the Alt-Right from the smokey dank clouds of Libertarianland was that I was already thinking about questions like what does it mean to be nation? The State, Society? And what of The Sacred? How does it all fit together?

This has been one strange journey and we’re just getting started. The wolf thing started as a joke but many truth is said in jest and I’ve come to accept that such is my lot in life. So cry ‘Awoo’ and let slip the wolfgirls of war.

Wolfman out.

*And for the record I have roughly the same political beliefs as Chris Bechtloff except that I’m soft on the Amish question.


The Three Pillars of The West The post everybody likes. I suppose this marked my conversion from Right-Libertarian to Alt-West.

Write What You Want Yes it’s Evil Legion of Evil fan fiction but this marked another important moment for me.

A Question of Faith In hindsight this a little painful to read. I had to stop LARPing for a moment and figure out where I actually stood. Churchianity did a lot of damage in my life okay.

Conversation in the Twilight Chewing on the difference between the Alt-Right and the theoretical Mil-Right. It’s a fun little piece of dialogue.

So Why Vikings? I go over some of the possible reasons for the current Viking fad.

Viking Metal: Music To Punch Monsters By This is just plain stupid fun and I regret nothing.


About the Wolf Thing

Reconquista Report: April 2nd 2017

The Reconquista Report for April 2nd 2017.

Getting just a little tired of all the defeatism going around lately.

Powerwolf – In the Name of God.

Reconquista 2.0 will have it’s own soundtrack.



French scientist predicts a Le Pen victory. Which would dramatically accurate the timeline of Reconquista 2.0 (and save a lot of lives.)



Ban assault bacon!


Peter Sweden fully explains the story.

Swedes are arming themselves with gangster weapons like nunchuks and stiletto daggers. No word on whether or not they are wrapping said weapons in deadly assault bacon.




Two mosques in Germany bombed. Probably factional infighting but the Germans are cheering on social media none-the-less.



Terror plot foiled. Interesting target choice.



So why are there Kurds and Turks in Belgium again?


United Kingdom:

The Brexit continues. The UK can now legally deport without going through the EU. Should make Kebab removal that much smoother.





Ted Nugent (of all people) points out how many products including explosives and bullets are made with pork products or glycerin from pork fat.




Reconquista Report: April 2nd 2017

Morning Motivational Rhetoric


Where the Supreme Dark Lord puts them all.

We have the Blood of the Nations

We have the wisdom of the Greeks

We have the discipline of Rome

and we stand here united under the Grace and Mercy of God

The Alpha and the Omega will show the Enemy what little mercy they deserve.

Us mere mortals need not concern ourselves with mercy at all.

The black hounds of Hell bay in the distance.

Let them come… for we are hungry too.

Come what may we will not go quietly into the night.


Morning Motivational Rhetoric

The Three Pillars of The West

Since I’m going to be talking about The West a lot on this blog. I suppose I’d better stop and define what I mean when I’m doing so.

So what is western civilization? And when did it begin? And why was The West unique?

Western civilization developed in western and central Europe during the Middle Ages and was recognizable as a civilization as early as 900 AD. This civilization then prospered and eventually broke through the Malthusian trap and experienced long term per capita economic growth for the first time in human history; The European Miracle.

So what created The West? How do we define it? This is where things get interesting. The facts of the origin of The West are well understood and not in dispute. What is in dispute and open for discussion is the interpretation of those facts and the relative importance of each of those influences.

The West was created by the convergence of three cultural and historical phenomenons which not only act as foundation stones but also as social forces keeping each other in check. In a great paradox these three forces are in superficial opposition to each other but in combination support the weight of western civilization.

The Three Pillars of The West

1:) The Greek and Roman Legacy

2:) Christianity; Specifically the Medieval Catholic Church

3:) The Customs of the Germanic Barbarians

Note that you are under no obligation to like any of these three things but an educated man of The West should have a at least a basic understanding of each. Even men who openly despise two of the three pillars can still be useful defenders of The West if they believe strongly enough in their pillar of choice.

Let’s examine each in turn.

The Greek and Roman Legacy


The great advantage that The West had as it rose as a civilization was the ability to go through the history and writings of a previous great civilization.

Some people try very hard to draw a direct line from Ancient Greece to the modern West. I really don’t think you can do that and instead believe that it’s best to consider The West as a new civilization formed by the barbarians that conquered Rome and who then used Rome’s legacy as a blueprint for bringing themselves out of the Dark Ages.

It’s hard to overstate just how much of a benefit having access to Roman historians and the Classical Greek writers was to the West. The main result was to provide a deep and widely understood intellectual tradition that was not directly tied to the Church or the State or to any one nation within the greater sphere of western civilization.

I’ve been rather anti-Roman in the past and I personally remain convinced that the Roman Empire did just as much to set back human process as anything they did to advance it. However the Romans left excellent records and we can learn a great deal from them. Improving my understanding of the Classical Era is definitely a weakness I need to shore up in my self-education.

Christianity and the Catholic Church


If the growth of The West and The European Miracle began in the Middle Ages then something in the Middle Ages must have caused that. So what about western Europe was unique enough to merit attention? The existence of the Catholic Church; a powerful international church that had it’s own interests which were often contrary to the interests of the secular rulers. This state of affairs acted as a check and balance against tyrannical rulers.

During the rise of Europe there was actual separation and Church and State as in that the two were not one in the same. This was in direct contrast to virtually every other human civilization and even the Late Roman Empire, where the Emperors themselves were gods.

The monasteries also preserved a lot of the old knowledge and writing of the Classical world and would later found the first universities.

I’m not going to go too deep into Christian theology here because mostly I don’t have to. Aspects of the Christian faith are found through Western society, cultures and thought. Why even modern secular atheism is nothing but Christianity heresy if you stop to think about it.

I do find it somewhat interesting that a small but noticeable number of Alt-Right men have converted to Catholicism. Food for thought if nothing else.

The Customs of the Germanic Barbarians


The third pillar of The West and the one that is most difficult to precisely draw a picture of are the customs of the Germanic Tribes; who had very different customs than the conquered and subjugated peoples of the former Roman Empire. Sadly these tribes did not always leave good records (they were barbarians) and trying to study them is often an exercise in frustration.

Still tribes such a the Franks, the Lombards and the Saxons gave their traditions and national character to the emerging Europe and their names to geographic regions. Subtly some of these ridiculous customs linger even until today.

The right to bare arms for example comes from the barbarian custom that owning arms was the sign of a freeman and that at a tribal meeting the men of the tribe would signal their agreement with the chieftain or speaker by clashing their arms together. This became a settled right among the Anglo-Saxon people.

Were they Pagans? Vicious blood thirsty Heathens. Of course! At least at the start of Europe’s formation. The process of creating The West involved slowly converting those tribes into the Christian faith and into the growing civilization spreading across the continent.

The Celts (who weren’t really Germanic) converted very quickly to Catholicism since the new faith almost perfectly fit their cultural needs. Other tribes and barbarians however needed a great deal of persuading; usually of the sharp pointy metal variety before entering into the communion of Rome. Charlemagne was an especially good persuader, in that regard.

What about the Norse? Where do they fit in? Well the Norse were just another set of Germanic tribes, among the last to convert to Christianity. They simply put up one hell of a fight before they did so. We also have better accounts of the Norse customs and beliefs because they were among the last of the Pagans and therefore there was a more developed Europe to chronicle their deeds, or rather their misdeeds. The Viking Age ended once the overwhelm majority of Scandinavians considered themselves Christians but it did make for a couple of exciting centuries.


Besides the Norse are just fun to study since they were an uncompromisingly masculine culture.

(Come to think of it, so were the Romans at the height of their power.)

Quick reaction to that Reason article and Vox’s Day’s response.

I was about halfway done writing this article (yes I’m a very slow writer) when I run across a Reason.com article on how Donald Trump is against western civilization and also Vox Day’s rather scalding response. Since I’m writing this article from a right-libertarian point of view, I suppose throwing in my two cents on this is a worthwhile endeavour.

Reason Article on how Trump is against Western Civilization by Robby Soave


Vox Day’s Response:


Classical Liberalism is an end result of western civilization not a root cause of it.

As Vox points out there is a matter of centuries between the establishment of western civilization and the rise of Classical Liberalism. I count six or seven centuries between the founding of The West and the first serious writings in the Classical Liberal school of thought. Now I’m a huge fan of Libertarian thinking but I consider liberty to be a universal human value so the questions remains. Why Europe? Why only Europe? Again it was the conditions in western and central Europe that allowed commerce and liberty to flourish.

Western Civilization has at least a 1100 year history; if you only take into account the last two of three centuries (like Mr Soave is) you’re missing out on an enormous part of that history and legacy.

The importance of the Renaissance and the Enlightenment gets vastly overblown by people like Mr. Soave who cannot grasp that the Middle Ages were not the Dark Ages and therefore find themselves having to completely disregard all human history before Adam Smith.

Besides any fan of science fiction author David Weber knows that the industrial revolution actually began in the Middle Ages using waterwheels.

To recap

-The West was fully formed by about 900-950 AD.

-The European Miracle of long term economic growth begins in the Late Middle Ages. Roughly 1300 AD (Long before the timeline suggested by Mr. Soave.)

-The Renaissance was not that interesting (unless you like paintings.)

-Continued economic growth over the centuries lead to the formation of a tax paying middle class.

-That middle class began to demand their political rights.

-Therefore the Enlightenment and rise of Classical Liberalism was a direct result of the Middle Ages.

Horse first, then cart.

Thoughts on Trump

I am not a cheerful supporter of Donald Trump. However the night is dark, the hour is late and it is important to consider all options.

War is the health of the State. Therefore the primary concern of the libertarian activist is to avoid, prevent, or deescalate violent conflict. Intentionally losing a conflict however is not a requirement of Classical Liberal thought. Donald Trump’s ‘isolationist’ policies buys America time to recover from the disasters of the War on Terrorism and gets The West a reprieve, a chance to rediscover itself and push back the cultural Marxist hordes.

There is no true antiwar candidate in the current US presidential race but Donald Trump is the ‘less war” candidate. He is the least likely candidate to get America into another series of wars of choice or push Russia and China into a permanent anti-American Alliance. That ALONE should get him the libertarian vote!

If Walter “Freaking” Block is willing to support Donald Trump then I’m a little confused as to how anyone at Reason could oppose Trump on purely libertarian grounds.

History and The Struggle for Liberty: Part One


This is part one of a ten part audio lecture by historian Ralph Raico (From 2004.) This lecture series appears to be where I got many of the concepts that form the core of this article. While the enjoyment of the whole series may be subject to taste I highly recommend part one.

Update: In reaction to the Apr 6th Robby Soave article I would definitely recommend the listening to at least first two parts of this lecture series if you can find or make time do so.

The Three Pillars of The West