Hello Sir, Do You Have a Moment To Meme About Jesus Christ?

In the wake of the Paradox Crusader Kings III Deus Vult scandal and after some relentless bullying from Brian Niemeier I was compelled to sit down and compile a video of crusader memes and other related imagery and set it to a pair of the wildest craziest metal songs I could find.

This is the result. For your amusement and for the Glory of the Lord!


Here’s a Bitchute link for those who prefer. Also a lot less likely to get taken down.



Interestingly so far the ONLY negative feedback that I’ve gotten is a vaguely Shareblue-ish character who reeks of soy and was angry about me not using this opportunity to attack the Synagogue of Satan.


Ok then… I guess that’s a data point for our post-battle analysis.

Here’s some of my favorites.


Pretty sweet! Note the 2011 date in the watermark.


This one shows up right at the perfect time for an epic guitar riff.


Take a closer look at the hat, if you missed it the first time.


Again perfect timed for an epic guitar riff. (Something I did NOT plan.)

Here’s a few I didn’t find until after the video had already been posted:


Very nice stained glass window.


Saint Paulo Miki Japanese Jesuit Martyr.


The Recapturing Lisbon in 1147.

Infogalactic Article


The Siege of Lisbon, from July 1 to October 25, 1147, was the military action that brought the city of Lisbon under definitive Portuguese control and expelled its Moorish overlords. The Siege of Lisbon was one of the few Christian victories of the Second Crusade—it was “the only success of the universal operation undertaken by the pilgrim army,” i.e. the Second Crusade, according to the near contemporary historian Helmold,[1] though others have questioned whether it was really part of that crusade.[2] It is seen as a pivotal battle of the wider Reconquista.


Anyway that’s it for now, Next up will be a Viking themed one. After that I’ll put some real effort into learning actual video editing but right now I’m a lot of fun just doing basic bitch stuff.

—Wolfman Out—


Hello Sir, Do You Have a Moment To Meme About Jesus Christ?

They’re Going To Call You A Nazi Anyway

“But they’re going to call you a Nazi anyway!”

True but does that mean that you should wear a pair of swastika panties and prance around in a fursuit while screaming about Jews beaming microwaves into your head*?

No my friend that is not a good idea. Although you would breathe a little life into an otherwise boring business meeting.

Does being called a Nazi get you immediate license to act like an asshole. No it doesn’t. While you are no obligation to be the least bit polite to your accuser you still need to carry yourself with a certain measure of self-respect and professionalism.

What being called a Nazi in [current year] does do however is give you complete license to speak the truth and to say what you were going to say in the first place. As your adversary has already shot their rhetorical bolt and doesn’t have any thing else to hit you with.

Besides what are they going to do call you a double Nazi? Fuck them! Speak the truth!


*Save that sort of thing for Gab.


They’re Going To Call You A Nazi Anyway

A Short Charles Martel Documentary

Here’s a short fifteen minute documentary on Charles “The Hammer” Martel done by Real Crusades History.

As interesting as Charles himself was, the legacy of his sons only adds to his stature. Between Charles and his son Carloman we are left with the classic image of the medieval paladin king. Strong in battle, yet faithful to the church and wise in learning.

Also worthy of note was just how deep into France the Muslim invaders got. This was no mere Spanish border clash as I had once assumed. The Battle of Tours took place in the very heartland of the Frankish kingdom.

Anyway. I just figured I’d relay this for anyone wanting to catch up quickly on the inspiration for Alt-Hero’s Michael Martel.


From cheesy internet forum joke to 100% American badass in twelve easy steps.

—Wolfman Out—


A Short Charles Martel Documentary

Alt-Hero #2: Rebel’s Cell Is Out

Arkhaven Comics has just released the second issue of Alt*Hero; this time following the American vigilante story and featuring the Rebel and Hammer characters that were central in the original trailer video.

This one definitely went in a different direction than I was expecting. While a certain level of dark grittiness was inevitable, shit got real very fast here.

It was also good to see that Rebel and Mike Hammer are actual multi-dimensional characters here when it would have been so easy to turn them into lazy stereotypes.

Overall while I liked Alt*Hero #1 Crackdown I couldn’t really get excited for it. I could see the European Storyline being set up for future issues and the comic was overall surprisingly funnier than I expected. In baseball terms issue #1 was a lead off single.

Issue #2 however was a RBI double, bringing home the baserunner and the bacon. Much faster pace and higher immediate stakes for the viewpoint characters. An element of humor remains however, as seen in the offhand some of the rebel superheroes are introduced to us.

Overall a clear step forward for Arkhaven and a bit of fun for the rest of us.


Looking forward to seeing the online hatescreeches… which just makes the whole fan experience ever better.


—Wolfman Out—

Alt-Hero #2: Rebel’s Cell Is Out

Bombard’s Body Language on the Trump Budget.

Absolutely worth nine minutes of your time.


Bitchute link for when the above video gets banned.



A lot of people are angry right now.

Good! There is such a thing as righteous anger.

Stay righteous! Stay angry!

Let it flow throughout your body and cleanse the soy from your system.


Trump is going to make the Establishment pay for this victory.

Unless he did actually pull a fast one on them… but that’s 5D chess

We’ll find out Monday when construction on The Wall is said to begin.

Volunteers might even show up with their own shovels and hardhats.


Bombard’s Body Language on the Trump Budget.

Pondering Catchier Catch Phrases

I’ve been thinking about switching my sign off from Deus Vult to Gott  Mit Uns.


There’s a couple of reasons to do this.

-It’s German and therefore more likely to piss off random people on the internet. (Especially Germans.)

-More of a common soldier’s proclamation than Deus Vult.

-The phrase is associated with Richard Fox’s awesome The Ember War series.

-Sabaton (a reason all by itself.)


Deus Vult something you scream before taking action. Usually violent or decisive action (Broadswords and hand grenades optional.)

Gott Mit Uns is a group of guys gritting their teeth, looking at each other nervously, before going ‘hey we got this.’

Anyway it’s a useful phrase to add to your online banter and memetic warfare.

Pondering Catchier Catch Phrases

Comics, Culture War and the Arkhaven Experiments

I was torn on whether or not to write this piece. I’ve increasingly found myself doing a great deal of Culture War commentary. Right now the culture war is raging hottest among the comic stands and racks upon racks of zombie eyed funko pops.

While I find the culture war aspect deeply interesting and since I do make it a point to have at least basic understanding of what is going on in the rest of geekdom, I am not a comics guy.

Seriously people I own two comics (and one of those I impulse bought last week, just to see how much of a story can you tell in a hundred panels.) Most of what I knew about comics before 2015 was learnt against my will.

This gives me a bit of a detached view of ComicsGate and related topics. On one hand because comics is such small concentrated aspect of the War for the Heart of Geekdom it’s very easy for me to pick out elements of the wider culture war without getting personally and emotionally involved. On the other hand many of my friends (and readers) do enjoy comics and I don’t like to see my friends in pain. And there is plenty of pain in the modern comics world. We are beginning to see the first signs of the SJWs being driven out of territory that once thought secure, truly a beautiful sight. The SJWs of course are lashing out frantically but that’s more funny than threatening.

The recent attacks on Ethan van Sciver and Jon Malin are in part an act of desperation as the SJWs lodged in the comics industry are beginning to sense just how vulnerable they are.


The entire comic industry is in very bad shape and it becoming increasingly obvious to everyone just who is to blame. The books simply aren’t selling at a time when America hasn’t been so enamoured with superheroes since GI’s were reading Captain America in the trenches. How could this be? Only the dark magic of SJW convergence can explain this state of affairs. Luckily brave heroes are rising to the occasion to do something about it.


Diversity and Comics reviewing the latest death spasms in the Comic twittersphere. [12mins]

He gets to the to point around the six minute mark. Also there’s a lot of cringe here.



I didn’t feel the need to talk about the Will Calligan incident as others in my internet friendosphere already had the bases covered but truly that was a perfect storm event and the anti-SJW forces spotted a target of opportunity and then PROCEEDED TO NUKE IT FROM ORBIT


It is very difficult to overstate just how much of a win the Will Calligan kickstarter was for Arkhaven. Possibly even a bigger win the initial Alt*Hero one. Again the suspicions of Divine timing begins to arise. The SJWs couldn’t be doing more to boost Arkhaven’s chances of success if they were directly on the Supreme Dark Lord’s payroll.

Okay a quick glossary for people who aren’t daily readers of Vox Day’s blog like I am.

Alt*Hero: That kickstarter comic thing that pissed in everyone’s cornflakes and got this whole thing going. Intended to be the main showcase series for Arkhaven comics. Note that by it’s very nature Alt*Hero will be by necessity highly political.

Arkhaven Comics: This is the imprint that Castilia House is going to use for comics that they are going to make themselves in house.

Avalon: A Chuck Dixon lead series that is going to set in the same universe as Alt*Hero. Avalon will be focused on street level crime fighting on noticeably less political than the flagship series.

Dark Legion: A secondary imprint for comics Castilia House is ‘indirectly’ publishing. Basically an indie comic that is using CH is a publishing outlet while retaining creative control.


Vox Day giving an update (Jan 28th) on various Arkhaven projects [16 mins]

More importantly he shows off an example of the 24 page ‘single issue’ comic with a trade paperback cover that had me so confused.

Vox also discusses briefly how all Arkhaven/Dark Legion comics will be available in Kindle unlimited and that this is a key part of their distribution plan.

The other part of the plan is far more intriguing (if at the moment very secretive) those $2.99 single issue comics are going to be available to local comic stores through a currently unnamed distribution company (Distributor X?) in effect breaking the current monopoly that be been in force since 1997.


Alt*Hero will not ‘save the comics industry’ but it is the second and third order side effects that are happening around the Alt*Hero project that are going to breathe new life into a nearly dead industry.

First of all if Arkhaven can delivery on even half of what has been promised how are the other independent comic creators going to react? Are they going to curl up in a ball and crawl into the nearest safe space, or are they going to get “high energy” and increase their output and creativity. It doesn’t even matter whether they are mad at Vox Day for invading their turf. Energy is energy and the Arkhaven disruption will breathe new life into the fringe creators. Culture war after all requires culture and the more non-SJW comics being made the better.

The second aspect depends on the combination of Distributor X and the Dark Legion imprint opening up the comic industry and making it easier for physical books to get to market. Once local comic store owners get used to ordering from a second distributor, things should begin to snowball. Diamond will respond to the new competition (by all accounts they are a very smart company,) and they will probably be forced to start treating the store owners better.

And if more and more small indy publishers start switching to Distributor X or pressing Diamond for better deals… well again things will snowball quickly.

Of course this all depends on there still being local comic stores around in 2019.

But don’t mind me… you all know what a pessimist I am.

—Wolfman Out–


AltHero Vs ComicsGate : A quick overview of the difference in philosophy between the two approaches.

Comics, Culture War and the Arkhaven Experiments