Gravitas, Absurdity and Kek

One of the main advantages of speculative fiction is that it gives people an easy way to discuss important yet uncomfortable topics without everyone running away screaming about how offended they are. Of course in the current year that seems to be happening anyway and the state of mainstream science fiction does make a man want to scream.

I’m sorry Ambassador! The Face-Eating Giant Space Spiders are NOT here to negotiate!”

Some of you may have noticed that I changed the blog’s sideline from “The Pseudo Intellectual Ramblings of a TransViking Shitlord” to “Gravitas and Absurdity since [CURRENT YEAR]” That was a response to what amounted to a insight into what made my more successful pieces of comedic writing work. The key to absurd humor is to maintain a sense of seriousness through the entire piece and to resist the urge to laugh at your own jokes before you have even finished telling the joke in it’s entirety.

The audience is supposed to be laughing not the performer. A lot of modern comedy seems to miss that point.

Intelligent satire is extremely difficult to do but there is just something about this whole Cult of Kek meme that is just bringing out the genius in people. Almost like it’s divinely inspired.


The question of course is which God is divinely inspiring you.

For the first of two examples I wish to share today we must turn to DANGEROUS INFIDEL Philosopher Davis Aurini. Who dares to even question the very nature of the Church of Kek!

To be fair this is probably the least insane explanation for what is happening in the world right now.

Come to think of it Davis’ point made in passing about how the European Pagan religions were notably different than the Eastern and Southern ones might be something worth looking into a bit deeper.

For the second example and to bleach out the painful Pepe-hating heresy of the first I give to you Templar, Pundit and Maximum Strength Shitposter Lawrence Murray reaching deep into the Holy Books and giving the full Theological and Political Scientific explanation which proves once and for all that Kek is indeed a religion of peace. (A Must Read)

Those new to the faith may need to read Mr Murray’s earlier post on esoteric kekism.


Anyway that’s all my sides can handle for one day. Goodbye for now and Kek Vult.

Gravitas, Absurdity and Kek

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