The East The West and The Rest

The East, the West and the Rest: Defining my terms and chewing through a few #AltRight thoughts.

So Western Civilization or White Civilization? Which is it? Logically both but the answer is only simple when you are able to ignore the fully complexity of the question.

Map of the European Diaspora


Concerning the Alt-Right: Vox Day was able to split the Alt-Right into two identifiable sub-movements; The Alt-West and the Alt-White. Others add a third group as well the Alt-Lite but that’s really just a convenience term to describe the large number of Ex-Liberals and disgruntled Centrists now in full revolt against the Establishment or Ctrl-Left as some genius dubbed it.

Now I am very clearly part of the Alt-West and on the soft fuzzy moderate edge but I make it a point to try and understand the more hardline positions. So after a few days I think I’ve figured out the defining difference. If nothing else I will need to fully understand Alt-Right and Mil-Right thought in order to properly work on the military space opera novels I have planned.

The Alt-West believes in the Nations created by White People.

The Alt-White believes in the White People who create those sorts of Nations.

So basically what we have here are two separate philosophical approaches that should ultimately lead to roughly the same conclusion. The Alt-Right is not breaking up into factions. The Alt-Right is made up of different factions to begin with. This is why I stress the Tribes of Barbarians gathering together to fight a common foe metaphor; because it fits what is actually happening. The reason nobody on the Left can figure out where the Alt-Right came from is because we all came from different places and have only recently begin marching in parallel.

Which bring us the next problem.

There are two White Civilizations: The German or partially Germanized West and the Slavic East.

No wait it gets better! The West and the East overlap and feed off of each others energy. Take Poland for example: Culturally part of the West since at least the Late Middle Ages but ethically Slavic and therefore part of the East as well. I would argue that this contradiction give Poland a great deal of its character. Why is Poland Stronk? Because they’re cheating bastards who get to be part of two civilizations at once!

Which brings us to the next point. The nations of the East are constantly seeking to join the West but never quite successfully doing so. Why? Mostly to get away from Russia which by its sheer size dominates the East. There tends to be a lot of fighting inside of a civilization as different tribes and factions struggle for control and dominance. There is one thing worse than this however; having an entire civilization under the control of a single nation state. The memory of the Iron Curtain is still very fresh in Eastern Europe and while the Slavs are all brothers they are not going to be just blindly absorbed into a New Russian Empire.


The English are a very strange people. It’s almost like they should be quarantined an island or something.

Which brings us back to The West and the fact that The West itself can be subdivided very cleanly into the Anglo-American Tradition and the Franco-Germanic or Continental Tradition. While this is mostly a political division and of great importance when discussing libertarian thought (that doesn’t involve smokeable plant materials) Western civilization is a very big, very encompassing thing to be trying to talk about. So if the Alt-Right and specifically the Alt-West are about discussing Western Civilization where does leave the East? Where does the Alt-White stand on this?

Short answer: I don’t know

The Alt-Right are the Men of the West that said it is very important that we respect the Men of the East and listen to them when they offer advice or insight.


A Champion of the East offers advice to the Men of the West.

Hopefully it won’t come to that but someone a lot more intelligent than me once said that “the smart Muslims will get out of Europe with their lives.”

Every victory the Alt-Right wins means fewer human beings die violently in the coming decades. That gives us the moral high ground. I’m going through a lot of peace advocate’s despair at the moment. I know enough history to understand that things are going to get a great deal uglier before they get better. It gets even worse when I try to imagine a world so bad that a Canadian Mil-Right forms.


The Rest: Non-Western Civilization in the Modern World.

So what about the rest of the world? Well here’s a good place to start.

I’m a reclusive bookworm who is not exactly a people person or a globe travelling gigolo so I’m very dependant on other people’s observations. I know my own country and I can make a pretty damn good guess about how things are in the next country over but… I really have no idea what the hell in happening in say Cambodia.

I once tried to list the civilizations of the 21st century and had great deal of trouble trying to group together non-western regions. Giving up completely on Africa and the Middle East was a very hard lesson to learn.

Is Islam good for Western Civilization? Well how good has it been for Persian Civilization? Or Indian Civilization?

So is India civilized? That’s an entire debate all by itself. They certainly have the history and traditions to form a civilization. They did so in the past quite nicely. Of course India is my main example of why having an entire civilization under the control of a single nation state is a bad thing. China under Mao would also fit the bill. As would the Soviet Union… the EU… Okay maybe it’s just a Marxist thing but let’s not tempt fate with a North American Union.

So anyway those are just a few thoughts I’ve been chewing on over the last few mouths. Never sure how to get them written down or organized. As always whenever I go digging for answers I wind up with a great deal more questions. I hope to Hell and back that somebody knows the answers because I really don’t like where things are going.


The East The West and The Rest

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