Life Is a One Way Journey

Haven’t been too productive lately and I really need to take a step back from all the internet crazy going on 24/7. Also it looks like I’m going to have a fairly heavy schedule for the next three weeks or so. Considering that I’m barely sane on a good day that means I need to back off of the conspiracy theories and autistic screeching that I find so enjoyable and just freaking relax for a bit.

Anyway this is just a few things I thought worth sharing. Trying to do the whole post something every day thing. We’ll see how that goes.

A short ten min documentary that might be of interest to some.


Pictured: A typical Alt-Right meet up. Fashy Waifus not included.



We all know this feeling, Hell 90% of any Pulprev, AltRight or SuperversiveSF podcasts devolve into this.



More or less true.



Royalist battle flag from the English Civil War.



I choose to believe this is photoshopped. My head knows better but my heart refuses to accept any other interpretation.


Skiltron: One Way Journey and since there’s no official video I’ll just link this one.

Very interesting band. Seem to be a little anti-Christian but it’s metal and we have to expect that.


—Wolfman out—

Don’t worry I’ve set my alarm.


Life Is a One Way Journey

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