Deeper Into The Rabbithole.

and still no fucking rabbits…

The newest and believe sixth Investigating Youtube video dropped today. A little tame but it covers the topic of separating children’s and adult entertainment (and goes into a bit of history there.) Well worth watching on its own merits even if you think this whole PedoTube thing is nothing but tinfoil and autism.


Anyway the rabbit hole here just keeps getting deeper and more messed up.

This Anon does a great job of summing it all up.


Interesting point about the money laundering angle as that’s not something I would have thought of.


Seriously how the fuck did we not notice this shit earlier?


They even got to the original Leeroy Jenkins guy… He sold his channel. Is nothing sacred anymore?


Well Fuck You Youtube. I react to the fourth video and revelations about how much ad revenue is involved.

Bad Mojo In Youtubeland My initial reaction to the #PedoTube scandal

Here Be Monsters Older Post: This was my response to realizing that there might actually be something to what would later be dubbed Pizzagate.

Deeper Into The Rabbithole.

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