Gonna Need More Tinfoil

I haven’t really been following the Imran Awan investigation too closely but damn if things aren’t heating up. Possible links to Seth Rich murder,… a strange youtube channel that might be linked to Elsagate… and the near certainty that Mr. Awan was a foreign intelligence agent of some kind.

The swamp is seems is even deeper than we thought.


Big if true.



An excellent breakdown discussing a plausible (intelligence agent) explanation for some of the stranger videos found on Awan’s channel.



Amazing work by pol



A quick Infowars piece [5mins]


Not only does the ride never end my friends, it seems to be speeding up along the way.

Gonna Need More Tinfoil

Deeper Into The Rabbithole.

and still no fucking rabbits…

The newest and believe sixth Investigating Youtube video dropped today. A little tame but it covers the topic of separating children’s and adult entertainment (and goes into a bit of history there.) Well worth watching on its own merits even if you think this whole PedoTube thing is nothing but tinfoil and autism.


Anyway the rabbit hole here just keeps getting deeper and more messed up.

This Anon does a great job of summing it all up.


Interesting point about the money laundering angle as that’s not something I would have thought of.


Seriously how the fuck did we not notice this shit earlier?


They even got to the original Leeroy Jenkins guy… He sold his channel. Is nothing sacred anymore?


Well Fuck You Youtube. I react to the fourth video and revelations about how much ad revenue is involved.

Bad Mojo In Youtubeland My initial reaction to the #PedoTube scandal

Here Be Monsters Older Post: This was my response to realizing that there might actually be something to what would later be dubbed Pizzagate.

Deeper Into The Rabbithole.

Well Fuck You Youtube.

Ye shall know the Truth and the truth shall pisseth ye off.

Here is the fourth video in the Investigating Youtube #PedoTube series. Most of you should have a fairly good idea how strictly Youtube enforces copyright on smaller creators often to the point of blatant abuse. So…

and again it is very suspicious that Disney or Sony aren’t even attempting to crack down on this…but they’ll go after podcasts who show a movie trailer while they review the movie in question.

Many of these video are simply copycat content farming or a lazy cynical cash grab others are not. There seems to be a psychological or occult formula being followed designed to either groom or condition children to accept abuse or to otherwise damage them.

Whoever is doing these videos needs to be stopped and they need to be stopped by whatever calibre rounds good Christian men deem appropriate.

Well Fuck You Youtube.

Bad Mojo In Youtubeland

I didn’t want to believe but there really are hundreds if not thousands of disturbingly similar youtube videos that may be pedophile grooming or some attempt at psychological manipulation.

Yes it’s a two hour conspiracy-themed Alt-White podcast (with plenty of Alt-Retard moments) but they do seem to be onto something. The key section is from 6:50 to about 40 minutes in. Very disturbing stuff. Fashy Goys or not raising the alarm here was a damn good call.

Then go look for yourself:


Go to Youtube

Search for “Bad Baby Colors

Note how all the videos seem to be following the same themes like a checklist.

Note how many different channels are doing this.

Note how many of the videos have millions of views.

Note how practically all the videos are monetized.

Wonder why Disney isn’t taking down these videos to protect their copyright.



Some researchers have wound up viewing child pornography after chasing two or three links.


Bad mojo. Bad mojo indeed.

Bad Mojo In Youtubeland

And Shit Almost Gets Real

Well this was a lovely thing to wake up to.

Very few details available at the moment.

Someone one told me that the two most common forms of terrorism were Islamic terror and Communist terror. This looks like the latter. However he doesn’t seem to have been a very accurate shooter.

Styx makes an excellent point here as this was a major lapse in security. Thankfully BernieBro marksmanship standards prevented this from being a MAJOR incident.

Still the Media has blood on its hands here and America continues to limp closer and closer to Civil War.


Archives of the shooter’s deleted Facebook page (via Mike Cernovich)



This answers the question ‘Who is watching this cancerous MSM crap TV?”

Update Two:

It looks like someone archived the whole thing in PDF form.

Archive in PDF form

It occurs to me that the Alt-Right may need to form some sort of rapid response teams in order to make sure that critical clues needs for citizen journalism aren’t just wiped out of existence.

And Shit Almost Gets Real

Flat Earth: Seriously I Don’t Get It

So what exactly are the Flat Earth arguments? Is there a special strain of pipeweed that I need to smoke into order to find the magic shimmering doorways to wisdom and knowledge?

At least the Moon Landing Conspiracy made at least some sense. Hell even Reptilian Theory works as a perfect metaphor for explaining the actions of the world leadership caste.

Flat Earth Theory doesn’t even make perfect nonsense but it does lead to a lot of great memes.


Thus begin the legend of Fluffy the Cosmic Terror Beast.


Ok… not that this makes sense. However it would make for a great RPG setting.


Still my favorite.


So listen either the Earth is flat… that is one BIG alien mothership and we are ALL getting probed.


There’s probably some camera geek who can explain this but nobody has time to listen to a four hour lecture on optics.

So that’s all for today.

And yes Discworld is awesome.

Flat Earth: Seriously I Don’t Get It

Waiting for the Smoke to Clear

Not the best cover image but I was in a bit of a rush to post this and I didn’t want the bachibaazi meme to be the image in the thumbnail.

These are not happy times up here in The Great Barren Wasteland. While I would like to take time to honor and mourn the dead it doesn’t seem that the media will give me that luxury.

Everything about the recent Quebec city attack seems suspicious and timing alone has me reaching for the tinfoil. So one day after our Bachi Baazi Dancing Puppet Prime Minister makes great virtue signalling gestures about refugees and opposing The God-Emperor’s Will some random Alt-Retard troll launches an attack on a Muslim mosque and guns down  twenty people? Yeah I find that a little hard to believe. So tinfoil in hand let’s check in with Infowars maybe they have a story that makes coherent sense?

The time here is from 8:45 to about 17:20. Listen to that version of events closely and remember that all the early reports had two (or three) suspects one with a Quebecois accent and the other an Arab possibly of Moroccan origin. There’s a lot to be skeptical about here. The important thing right now is that we get Mr. Alexandre Bissonnette to TALK.

What’s that?  You don’t like Alex Jones and think I’m a fucking crackpot for even bringing Infowars up? Well don’t worry because the Rebel Media is on the scene and they’ll be looking for answers (because there sure the fuck are a lot of questions remaining.)

Yeah keep an eye on this story, because either way there’ll be plenty to talk about.



Sidenote: To be fair Bachi Baazi seems to be an Pashtun tribal custom rather than a Muslim thing but the analogy fits and I stand by it.




Waiting for the Smoke to Clear