Nation in Distress

I was pretty mad at Q for trolling me into watching an hour of Fox news but it turns out there was something I was supposed to see.


Feel kind of silly for missing something like that.

Could not have been that easy to arrange.

Nation in Distress

The First Trickle of the Red Wave

Beginning to see clear signs of election fraud and even a few arrests.


Also God-Emperor Trump has this to say.

So what exactly is going on in Broward county?

So much crazy coming out of that one place.




/pol/ has way too much time on their hands.

and wait what’s this?

Update: Dave of the X22 Report gives his analysis of the voting fraud discoveries. [24 mins]

The First Trickle of the Red Wave

Someone Set Us Up The Bomb

Styxhexenhammer666 covers all the obvious points. [6mins]


Yeah not impressed here





Were these bombs hand planted? It sure seems that way. Also make sure you have an intern take the bomb out the package just in case it’s rigged to explode.


The prop department must have had fun with this one


Yeah this is looking more and more like a hastily planned last minute stunt.

and there would have to be at least a half dozen people involved to get this many fake bombs all sent to so many different locations at the same time.


One bomb might have been believable.

A series of bombs send out one at time over the course of two or three weeks would get a maybe.

But this multiple fake bombs apparently hand planted in locations miles apart all within a day or two of each other.

Nope this whole event is faker than a stripper’s new tiddies.


and the God-Emperor might have foreseen these machinations of chaos.


but with that remember to stay vigilant patriots.

If you see something say something.


There was also this cryptic warning posts to the chans about a week ago.


Which might still be in play… or the plan might have changed (Again this MAGABomber thing looks like a very rushed and desperate operation.) However everything is just speculation at this point, The only thing we know at the moment is that MSM Narrative CANNOT BE TRUE


Update: The clock on the bomb has been identified.


Okay I take it back. This can’t be an intelligence operation. No professional clown would be this embarrassingly bad at his job.

Someone Set Us Up The Bomb

Truth, Lies, More Truth and Insanity

Part Two of the Squeaker War

Part One Here The Mechanics of Creation


The usual bunch of protesters were gathered outside the Whitehouse. Although their signs and chants had changed from “Punch all Nazis!” and “Mothers against madmen.” to “Spacerats go home!” “Earth for Earthlings” And the General’s personal favourite “Hell no! Xenos go!” Considering that the Jubi contact team had left the star system several days ago just added to the absurd humor of the situation.

The Jubi’s naive insistence on publicly declaring their arrival and intentions had not gone over too well with the general public. Washington in particular had gone into what amounted to one enormous brain spasm; which Lewis had to admit made him like the strange little aliens even more.

He was just taking an evening stroll and trying to get the taste of Pentagon coffee out of his mouth when his smartphone rang.

Lewis grabbed the phone he normally used for his day to day business. Only to realize that it was his other more private phone that was ringing. The general muttered to himself but with the small chance that the President or one of the Joint Chiefs was calling he really did have to take this call.

“Lewis here, who’s calling?”

“General Lewis, this is Jake Osborne with Cyberpatriot News. Is there any chance you’d be willing to do an interview about our new surprisingly fuzzy alien overlords?”

“No Jake and fuck you for asking,” The general answered instinctively while he wondered how the infamous conspiracy nut radio host had gotten this number.

“What do you say about the rumors that the Jubi are just here to steal our water?” Osborne asked, clearly not getting the hint.

“Water is one of the most common chemicals in the universe, Jake,” Lewis sputtered stunned by the sheer stupidity of the question. “If your listeners are worried about aliens coming to Earth and stealing our water I’d suggest that you double check the ingredient list on those brainpower pills you keep selling.”

“So they’re not after our natural resources,” Osborne stated.

“Earth has no unique resources…” Lewis replied.

“Except us and our children,” Osborne shot back hysterically. “The aliens want our children!”

“You’re jumping to conclusions, Jake.” Lewis growled.

“So human resources or…”

“Strategic geographic location like a canal or a strait.” Lewis answered. “But that’s pure speculation. The Jubi are offering us very good terms to join their proposed alliance.”

“Alliance against who?” Osborne asked. It was a logical question. Crazy or not Jake Osborne hadn’t gotten where he had without being a very smart man.

“They haven’t told us,” Lewis conceded.

“So they want something on or near Earth?” Osborne said following the logic. Again for all his faults Osborne was a very smart man.

“They seemed very interested in the gas giants and their orbital resonances…” Lewis answered puzzling over the question himself.

Ah, yes Saturn! The source of the Reptilian transmissions.” Osborne said as if the idea has just snapped into his mind, solving a great mystery.

“There are no goddamned Reptilians!” Lewis bellowed loud enough to cause a jogger to stop, stare and decide to start jogging in the other direction. This was why he hated Osborne and his ilk. One moment you were having an intelligent conversation and the next people started ranting about bankers and dentists committing child sacrifice and collecting dark energy to power their crystal pyramids.

“What if there were Reptilians?” Osborne said as if this was great revelation.

“Then we’d better damn well take the Jubi’s offer Jake,” Lewis snarled. “Because if Earth really is controlled by trans-dimensional shapeshifting aliens who eat children’s souls we’re gonna need all the help we can get to kick those scaly bastards the fuck off our planet!”

“Thanks for your time General and as one patriot to another God bless you.” The radio host said with at least a sliver of sincerity. Then he ended the call.

Lewis stood motionless for a moment and then stared aimlessly at his phone. Then he realized that he had just let that snake oil salesman Osborne trick him into giving an interview… and one with several very juicy mimetic soundbites perfect for tonight’s feature broadcast.

Patrick Lewis had long treated profanity as an artform. For next several minutes he gave the pigeons and bureaucrats of Washington DC. a virtuoso performance that only a true master of the art could unleash.


Part Three Here Eyes of the Emperor

Truth, Lies, More Truth and Insanity

Worst Lawsuit Ever!

The DNC decision to sue Trump, the Russian government, WikiLeaks and several small furry animals strikes is quite literally the WORST possible thing that they could have done. I’m actually wondering if Trump has a deep cover man fucking up the DNC from the inside.

Razorfist with the Normie friendly version. [8 Mins]


Dave of the X22 Report with a heavier tinfoil version. [23 mins]

He goes into quite bit of detail here.

Take this one with a grain of salt but these guys do seem to have their house in order.

Worst Lawsuit Ever!

Very Interesting Anon Theory

Did the loyal legions of the God-Emperor raid the Golden Island of El Diddlerado?

Was the recent Rachel Chandler Instagram blitz used as a misdirection?

This anon has a theory and it does fit with some of the more cryptic recent Q posts.


Seriously if Trump pulled this off… I joked about making him a Western Orthodox saint in the Breylandverse. That might not be good enough anymore.


We’ll know in a few days.

In the meantime remind the boys what we’re fighting for.


—Wolfman out—

Deus Vult

Very Interesting Anon Theory