A Completely Hypothetical Scenario

Humor me for a second. Let’s say that there was a planet that was experiencing a covert civil war. By this I mean that most of the fighting was being done cloak and dagger, by various factions within intelligence agencies and the corporate bureaucracies. Of course the occasional open skirmish between paramilitaries erupts from time to time but for the most part there is a gentleman’s agreement to keep things as quiet as possible and not alarm the public.

Now assume for a moment that one of the two major factions had control of the planetary weather control system. On one hand this is a powerful weapon but they need to be very careful not to push their luck too far. After all they are trying to conquer the planet, not destroy it and all major factions have access to WMDs. There is also the problem that if they keep messing with the weather too much the general population is going to notice something’s up and the last thing any of the elites want is the average citizen pulling his grandfather’s rifle out of the closet and getting involved.

Therefore use of the planetary weather control system is limited not so much by capability but political factors and the need to avoid escalating the conflict into open warfare.

So now that we have the basic parameters let’s ask the real question. What advantages would causing a continent-wide cold snap around the time of the major winter holidays confer?

Interestingly is not the northern cities that suffer. As a population that is prepared for -35C winters at least know what to do in -45C weather even if they are not particularly fans of it. Plus even the poorest citizen of a northern city is going to own a proper winter coat.

The southern cities also are barely effected. While snow in unexpected places can cause panic and a few traffic accidents, there will be no real damage to infrastructure.

It is the temperate cities in the middle of the continent that are most effected. A population that does not normally experience harsh winters is unlikely to own heavy winter clothing and infrastructure may fail if suddenly subjects to unexpected stresses.

Now what if the major political centers on this hypothetical continent were moderate temperate cities near a coastline. Well not only would we have cold weather in a city where the general population is unprepared for severe winter weather but there would also be much heavier snowfall than usual.

And this of course is during the major winter holidays, the time of year where air travel is highest. A northern airport is going to have a great of snow removal capacity, a temperate city airport is not. Therefore causing a cold snap is going to have the effect of shutting down or restricting air travel near the politically important coastal cities. Why do this?

Perhaps it’s a measure to make moving key personnel very difficult for the opposing faction.

A Completely Hypothetical Scenario

Fire, Fury and Autism

Roy Potter is Pissed!! ! [9 mins]

Not too sure what is happening with The Storm and related topics. As a general rule I’m always going to be a few days behind on current events but this could be something big.

LTC Potter (ret) tends to be a very calm and collected man (even when he’s doing secret agent podcasts from random food courts) so seeing him just let loose like this instantly got my attention.

Twitter and Gab also gone completely insane in the last few hours… but that’s not always an indication of something.


Update:  A much calmer Roy Potter follows up. [29 mins]

The take away here is that the use of DefCon 1 by Q was poorly chosen allegory. Q intended to remind people to be on the highest alert. The use of the military term however rattled a lot of cages.


Fire, Fury and Autism

Interesting Day

Well it’s hard to tell what counts as ‘a major event’ when so much is happening but it sure looks like Jan 4th has lived up to the hype.


Informed Texas Voter goes over some recent events. [12mins]

-The Clinton fire

-The DOJ reopening the Clinton Email server investigation.

-Julian Assange being released.

-and a few other things.


also it looks like somebody had a very bad day. [2 mins]

A man being arrested in broad daylight (very close to Washington DC) by what appears to be military or private security contractors. Definitely something to take note of.


Notice the bullet holes in th4e windshield. This man did not go quietly.


Probably just some mid-level actor whose name we’ll never hear. However this is very clearly not an ordinary traffic stop or business as usual.

Interesting Day

Predict Early, Predict Often

Ok heavy tinfoil here.
but if Roy Potter is right about his reading of a certain Q post we’ll see major events on the 4th, the 10th and the 20th.

also 9800+ sealed indictments at least count.
They needed extra guards at Gitmo for SOME reason.

The 20th sounds about right for the timing of releasing the sealed indictment (and matched what Whitehouse anon was saying.)

The other two events… well your guess is as good as mine. A military raid too large to keep completely covert might be in the works… but I’m just some kook on the internet.

Fun times ahead.
Drain the Swamp. Cleanse with fire. Repeat if necessary.


Predict Early, Predict Often

An Interesting Turn Of Events

Roy Potter on the recent character assassination attack on Q Anon [15 mins]

Note that the main effect of this is to confirm that “Q” is indeed legit… or at least legit enough to have seriously pissed in somebody’s cornflakes.

Say is this a bad time to remind everybody that PizzaGate was never debunked? and was in fact the least crazy explanation that people could come up with to explain the Podesta emails?

I mean why was a wealthy and EXTREMELY BUSY man like John Podesta taking time out from running a presidential campaign to talk about pizza and hotdogs in internal party emails? Do you have an answer? because I sure the fuck don’t.

Anyway that’s it for tonight.

Keep on rocking in the memory of the Free World.

—Wolfman out–

An Interesting Turn Of Events

The Storm: Clouds Gathering

Okay getting just a little bit concerned here.

I have been at least trying to keep up on the events of The Storm and the Qanon posts but there’s a lot to go through and everybody has a slightly different take on each event. This I guess is where the two or three witnesses thing comes in.

Finding this site http://dystopiausa.com/ to be particularly useful.


Roy Potter on the conflict between the Military Intelligence (pro Trump) and the FBI/CIA/NSA [20mins]

Talking mostly about Qanon and related topics. As far as I can tell Roy Potter is genuine even if he is not the greatest presenter. One take away here is that a declaration of martial law or even an actually shooting war is a very real possibility. Not a pleasant thought to say the least. Which bring me to the question. What was the plan if Trump had lost the election? There must have been one… and I’m very thankful that we’ll never know the answer to that question.



Steve Motley being a crazy, hardcore motherfucker [15mins]

An attempt to put everything into perspective here. Very passionate and a lot of points that need to be considered very seriously. Again the idea that Trump was asked to run for president by the marines and military intelligence, comes up. I’m not completely sold on Motley but he’s making a lot of sense here and isn’t contradicting established facts.


Has Sessions been a complete failure? Or has he been following orders and simply lying in wait all this time?


Marines on Yellow Alert and other news [18mins]

Little iffy on this channel as the host strikes me as a little too herbally enhanced. Also the flat earth stuff is a big red flag in my book. Still I felt it was worth including.


A quick note on Thomas Wictor before I call it a night. I think he’s wrong about outright dismissing the err…non-official explanations of the Las Vegas Shooting. However it should be noted that the whole elaborate /pol/ version of events does not actually contradict Mr. Wictor when it comes to events in the Middle East and the Saudi Reformers (where he is pretty much is the established gold standard expert at this point.) Thomas might be missing a few points on the domestic side but that’s not why anyone follows him. The man’s forced me to completely rethink my understanding of the Middle East and the likely events in the coming decades and for that I salute him.

A Fully Functioning LV Shooting Theory

Anyway that’s enough for now. Hopefully I’m just being paranoid and pessimistic.

Actually that’s another point. All the reliable people who would have some inside knowledge seem to be extremely optimistic. That’s a good sign.

To quote Qanon “We are winning bigly.”

The Storm: Clouds Gathering

A Fully Functioning LV Shooting Theory

This livestream goes completely off the rails at around the 25min mark but for the first 15mins or so Davis Aurini presents the entire version of what /pol/ has pieced together about the events surrounding the Las Vegas Shooting.

Nobody believed the official story but the stakes appear to have been a great deal higher than anyone thought… and yes the Saudis are connected.

Worth a listen if you have 15-20mins.

The swamp is getting drained… but damn those are some big gators we’re going to have to wrestle.

A Fully Functioning LV Shooting Theory