We Who Shall Not Submit

A repost of an earlier piece. Definitely something that sums up the AltWest and it’s been on my mind lately.



We have the Blood of the Nations

We have the wisdom of the Greeks

We have the discipline of Rome

and we stand here united under the Grace and Mercy of God

The Alpha and the Omega will show the Enemy what little mercy they deserve.

Us mere mortals need not concern ourselves with mercy at all.

The black hounds of Hell bay in the distance.

Let them come… for we are hungry too.

Come what may we will not go quietly into the night.


Mood music as always.


Morning Motivational Rhetoric Original post written after a sleepless night of fear and trembling.

For Death or Glory Another attempt at altright poetry. Mixed feelings about this one, not what I sat down to write but still very pulp revolution-ish. Very much it’s own thing.

We Who Shall Not Submit

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