Canada, America and Central Values

I really would like to talk about less serious topics like books about spaceships or semi-naked elf chicks but I seem to be on roll with the serious business stuff so I might as well keep going…

One of the problems I’m going to face with my political or philosophical writings is that I’m not formally trained in either discipline and therefore do not always know the proper terminology for concepts I wish to discuss. This means that I have no choice but to speak in plain English and to define my terms as clearly as I can. I invite readers to correct me but in the meantime let’s get down to business.

So let’s start with a question?

Why are the Toronto media elite such miserable soulless vapid pretentious douchebags? Is it because they are desperately trying to be the New York media elite? Canada and America are brother nations so close culturally that this shouldn’t matter right?

If there is a difference between the two nations it would have to be subtle and difficult to find. So where do we even look?

Central Values:

America’s Central Value is Liberty: Liberty is a self evident Truth. This is America’s great advantage; the one thing that makes them Americans is a Universal Human Truth that anyone who does enough soul searching has to eventually discover; whether or not they choose to embrace that Truth is another thing entirely.


Canadians like Liberty but is it a Central Value? No we can’t really say that but something related to Liberty is.

Canada’s Central Value is Humanism: Fish tend not to notice water. Canadians tend not to notice Humanism but the philosophy is absolutely everywhere and it permeates all aspects of Canadian society. Americans are polite because the other guy might have a .44 magnum in his trunk and pissing him off for no good reason in not a long term survival strategy. Canadians are polite… but why? Is it that the belief that human being have positive value such a unspoken maxim that to do otherwise is unthinkable?

Understanding that Humanism is THE CENTRAL VALUE to the Canadian nation is the key to rebuilding the Canadian Right and answering the decades long rise of The Left. Blindly importing American Right arguments will not work as Canada is not America. The difference is subtle but it is there and that difference must be respected. If multiculturalism is a lie; Canadian values DO exist and can be discovered. It will not be easy but we are a nation of explorers.

Liberty and Humanism are closely related values and strong enough belief in one will eventually lead to belief in the other. This is why it’s so easy for an American immigrant to become Canadian and vice versa. Still we are brother nations not Siamese twins.


National Struggle:

Accepting the concept that a nation can have a Central Value. We then come to the idea of a National Struggle. This a internal cultural struggle within the nation that develops early in a nations history and continues as long as the nation is recognizable as itself. A National Struggle is typically between the nations Central Value or leading virtue and the related but opposite vice.

America’s national struggle is Liberty vs Tyranny:

Most of my handful of readers are Americans and I don’t really need to explain this one too much. America is the nation of Liberty yet at same time forever fighting the creeping spectre of Tyranny.

Canada’s national struggle is Humanism vs Anti-Humanism:

Determining that humanism is Canada’s central value explains so much of the cultural struggle going on within my nation. From the infestation of social justice warriors to the environmentalist loons forever preaching to the masses the most grievous cancer threaded through the Canadian Left have one thing in common; they are anti-humanists who believe that humans being have negative value. They might say otherwise but their actions speak for themselves. Besides SJWs always lie.

Poland’s national struggle is The West vs The East:

A very interesting case; Poland is culturally part of Western Europe since the Middle ages yet ethnically Slavic and therefore part of Eastern Europe. This gives Poland a very unique character as the national struggle comes not a central value versus an opposing vice but rather from the fact that Poland is simultaneously part of two different civilizations.

Russia’s national struggle is The Dream of the Future vs The Nightmare of the Past:

Russians seem to be prone to utopian thinking but at the same time they as a nation are absolutely haunted by their dark bloody past. Seventy years later and the Russian people still have not completely recovered from the losses they took during the second world war. Let’s be honest if you were Russian you’d drink too.


South Africa? My best guess would be something along the lines of The Builders vs the Looters. Although I have to admit I know only the bare basics of South African history.

Funny now that I think about but it seems The Right supports a nations central value while The Left supports that nations opposing vice. Maybe that’s pattern? Who knows but it’s would looking into.

Canada, America and Central Values

3 thoughts on “Canada, America and Central Values

  1. “South Africa? My best guess would be something along the lines of The Builders vs the Looters”

    Ha yes, that would be one way to describe it!

    But there’s a myriad of issues to untangle if one is looking for a central South African value, and once I have finished the untangling process, I’m still not I’m capable of describing the central values, albeit from various ethnic groups.

    For starters, there is no central South African value. For example we have National Heritage day every year to celebrate our “rich heritage”. Now I have to be honest and say I don’t know what the official celebrations (if any are about), I couldn’t care less and I do not watch news or listen to radio stations either. I have therefore never seen what exactly, apart from vague “rich heritage” we’re supposed to celebrate (I can imagine though it’s all about the “struggle for liberation”). What I do know about is the so called National Braai (bbq) day (held on National Heritage day), heard about it at work, and it’s being celebrated as the one thing all South Africans have in common. Why do I bring this up? To show what nonsense people have to resort to just find something all South Africans have in common. Absolutely fucking ridiculous. Yes, we are the laughing stock of the world.

    Whites and blacks in SA have totally different cultures, experiences and history. So there’s your first divide.

    The second divide is between Afrikaans speaking and English speaking people in SA. (I leave out the divide between the various black tribes, obviously they have many similar values, but I can’t say what extent they differ or overlap, or to what extent they still hold grudges resulting from years of inter tribal wars). And it’s not simply a language divide, the Afrikaans speaking people are descendants of Huguenots, Dutch and German Protestants. They fought two wars of liberation against the British Empire. There is a large cultural divide between them too.

    And then finally speaking for Afrikaners only, I’ll leave you with this:

    Q: What do you get when you 2 Afrikaners are stranded on an island?
    A: 3 churhes and 4 political parties.

    Ha, so maybe the one central value of Afrikaners (Boers) is fierce independence.


  2. It turns out that practically everything I thought I knew about South Africa came from an 1991 techno thriller ‘Vortex’ by Larry Bond. The Afrikaners are of course the evil villains of the novel, painted in a horrible light. Sad in hindsight since Larry Bond was my favorite author in my teenage years. Red Phoenix and Cauldron were excellent novels but there was always something unsatisfying about Vortex; something that didn’t seem right.


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