Hail Britannia

Brexit thoughts: All Hail Britannia


The British have done it! The first real solid blow to the globalist establishment in living memory has landed and it caught everybody completely by surprise. Hell this might be the first real victory for Western Civilization since the days of Napoleon.

The Eurocrats had 100% control of the media, the full support of the international financiers and an endless horde of hack celebrities parroting fear and platitudes… and they STILL lost!

Why? Because staying in the European Union was THAT BAD of an idea.

Now I’m just a filthy colonial but at no point did I hear a Remain argument that wasn’t fear, terror or complete bullshit. In fact I’m actually a little confused as to why the establishment Left committed so hard to the Remain campaign?

Make no mistake Britain’s fight for freedom is just beginning but the stunning victory of the opening battle has left the Elites completely stunned and humiliated. The West stirs and there is life in the giant still.


Paul Joseph Watson on the Brexit victory

Take 5 minutes and watch this.

Of note here is that Mr. Watson predicts the next moves the EU supporters will make.

-Blame the next terror attack on Brexit ‘destabilizing Europe.’

-Blame the popping of the financial bubble.

-Propose a New Deal to stay in the EU

-A second referendum on the issue. Followed by more and more until the silly plebs get it right.

Note the last of these is already happening.


Britain chooses Freedom Over Fear (17 mins)

Sargon of Akkad’s Take

I like Sargon when he’s defiant and full of righteous anger but he takes a very calm rational tone with this video. At least at the beginning…

Milo’s Article on the Brexit


Firstly, it’s a total rebuke to the normal tactics used by media and cultural elites to crush popular uprisings. They must really be panicking. How could so many people not do what the media and their political leaders told them to do?  Could it be that branding voters you don’t like racist, bigoted, or “low-information” simply doesn’t work anymore?”


Yes my friends it’s CURRENT YEAR and the Stone Age tactics of 2014 are no longer effective. We saw this early in GamerGate (of all things) people are simply adapting to the standard operation procedures of the Left. The groupthink of SJWs in particular is almost mechanical and extremely predictable once you’ve encountered it two of three times. With more and more leftwing organizations getting co-opted by or decaying into fully converged institutions this complete predictability will become more and more of a weakness to the rising Alt-Right or quite frankly anyone who is sick of this insanity.

2016 will be a good year. We’ll get to watch to both The Wicked Witch of the West (Hillary Clinton) and the Wicked Witch of the East (Angela Merkel) melt away in horrible screeching defeat. I have my popcorn ready, how about you?

Typical anti-Brexit article. (So much salty goodness.)


Hits up all the fear mongering talking points.

Typical twitter conversation following the Brexit.


Sadly I didn’t save too many of these but any doubt in my mind that supporting the Brexit (in an internet slackivist manner) has been completely erased by the sheer outrage and pettiness of Remain supporters wailing and gnashing their teeth all over social media!


And we shall end this article with this masterpiece of rhetoric.

Who says art can’t inspire?

Thank you based Japan.

Somehow you knew this day would come.

Hail Britannia

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