Early Captain Euro Cosplay.

I’m sure there’s a story here…


hmm… this must be before the super soldier serum kicks in.


Early Captain Euro Cosplay.

I Have No Mouth and I Must Virtue Signal

I do hope everybody is following the twitter spasm surrounding Alt-Hero.

So much SNARK, so much projection, so many transgender bugchasing Marxist furries.

A fascinating character study if nothing else.

Truly REEEEEEE powered marketing is the wave of the future.

Just look at Vox Day’s enemies spread the word for him!



“You overestimate the number of people buying comics.”

And you underestimate the number of people who bought comics for decades and have only recently stopped because they couldn’t put up with the bullshit anymore.

Come to think of it awful lot of those old angry white comic fans (who have been shit upon for years now) would be just about the right age to have teenage sons.

That’s who Alt-Hero is for. Not plebs like me who are going to be quite content with a just a digital copy. The hardcore jaded ex-comic reader who’s old enough to remember when comics were actually good and want to relive some of that glory while sticking it to the rotting corpse of the current mainstream comic industry.

and then there is going to be the Weaponized Autists who are going to be EXTREMELY HAPPY to physically hold three hundred dollars of “FUCK YOU MARVEL!!!” in their hands. There will be at least a couple guys like that… and God bless them for it.

Alt-Hero is going to happen in one form or another. The question is whether or not the current plans are workable. Chewing on the numbers myself I don’t see any way the Alt-Hero project falls flat on its ass unless mission creep sets in. Again Castalia House already has enough of distribution system to deliver the promised product without working with the normal comic industry channels.

“But Castalia House doesn’t know anything about publishing comic books!”

Well guess what? Neither does 2017 Marvel Comics. So let’s see what happens. The timing of this whole project really not have been better due to the baffling events of Marvel Milkshake Madness and ComicsGate trickling along in bursts and spurts.

So let the games begin.

—Wolfman out—


I Have No Mouth and I Must Virtue Signal

When The Going Gets Weird. The Weird Get Going.

The sidhe mystic trembled as she came out of her meditative trance, “Fedoras,” she gasped her eyes wide with otherworldly terror. The two men standing in front of her both took instinctively took a step back as the room shook slightly.

“What? A vision?” Drake Decker, paranormal investigator asked. “Tell me, what did you see?”

“Fedoras… many fedoras! All being tipped together,” the mystic pronounced. “Something is coming!”

Drake went to ask a followup question but before he could the sidhe tore off her clothes and run off screaming into the night. “Hmm,” he pondered. “Probably not a good sign.”

“Most definitely not a good sign,” Dave the fabulously gay wizard added. “Anything that can scare Kylie like that is going to be err… troublesome.”

“So much for my vacation,” Drake lamented. “We need to at least hold the fort down until back up arrives.”

“What about Kylie?” The wizard asked motioning to the open door. “We don’t need her scaring the normies.”

“She’ll be fine,” Drake replied. “Nigh invulnerable fairie thot superstar.”

“You’re not worried about a naked elf chick running down the street screaming about negative vibrations in the cosmic resonance?”

“It’s Vancouver, no one will notice anything out of the ordinary.” Drake shrugged. It was one of the few advantages to working out of Canada’s Left Coast.

“So what now?” Dave asked.

There was a tense silent moment while Drake reviewed his options. “If it’s not an Elder God we can handle it, just have to call in a few favors that’s all.”

“You mean more favors,” The wizard added. Just getting a sidhe, any sidhe involved was going to cost the Order something down the line.

“We’ll burn that bridge when we get to it.” Drake muttered. “First things first, we need to stake out that anime fan convention you were talking about earlier.”

“Right big concentration of virgins,” Dave nodded. “Barely any security. At most a wand-mage or two packing heat.”

“Just what a fledgling goddess cult needs.” Drake said. “But that’s a little too obvious. Anything else going this weekend that might fit the bill?”

The wizard eyes briefly went white as he refreshed his memory. “The Association For the Appreciation of Monstergirls is holding a meeting.”

“Even bigger dorks, older too so their blood would be exceptionally potent.” Drake said swiftly.

“One catch I don’t think any of those guys are virgins,” Dave countered.

“Really?” Drake retorted.

“Because there’s only really one way to properly appreciate a monstergirl,” Dave answered with a smirk.

Drake didn’t want to think about it. “Okay we’ll stick to the anime convention. It’s a place to start.”

When The Going Gets Weird. The Weird Get Going.

Drop the Baguette, Pierre


How I imagine the average French Nationalist feels right now.


Razorfist with a comical but exceptionally blackpilled take on the French election.

Vox Day breaks things down and puts things in perspective. Notice that The Supreme Dark Lord* is not downbeat here and is sharply dismissive of the wave of panic that the online Alt-Right had gone through in the last couple days.

Reconquista 2.0 is still on schedule this was merely a chance to start things a little early. Le Pen was not expected to win even for a while there it looked like there was a real chance of an upset.

Still it really does hurt to have a fourth quarter comeback stopped like that.

I haven’t really had the chance to look into the Macron leaks but it looks like he really is the Living Avatar of the Globalist Bankster Cuckgod. France in is for some interesting times… possibly the twilight of the Fifth Republic. Do they still have one of those guillotine things laying around?


The drug angle might be a red herring but I do imagine that Macron’s staff require a lot of drugs to handle the stress of selling out their country.

Still deep within the quivering mass of any cheese eating surrender monkey lies the gassy bowels of the French patriot and as the fire of nationalism burns the pressure builds. Trust me my friend you do not want to be downwind of a Gallic patriot when he finally lets loose.**


Why most strategy gamers have a hard time feeling any sort of sympathy for France. Thankfully a handful of us are able to separate fiction from reality.


Slightly off topic… but hey you never know.

*All Hail He Who Sits Upon The Throne of Skulls! Tremble before His not-mercy and bring The Dark Lord his tribute of SJW bones and antifa flags.

**Yes this entire post was just an excuse to tell a fart joke… and people at work say I have no sense of humor.

Drop the Baguette, Pierre

AR-15 Facts and Secret History

Evil Looking Gun Thought to be an AR-15


AR-15 Facts

-Zeus no longer strikes down mortals with lightning these days since an AR-15 does the job just as well.

-The only thing that can stop a man with an AR-15 is a man with two AR-15s.

-AR-15s will asexually reproduce if left to their own devices.

-Any animal killed by an AR-15 will be reincarnated as a higher form of life.

-The South lost the Civil War because they didn’t have any AR-15s.

-The South insists that they will be ready next time.

-AR-15s have been found growing on trees in parts of Alabama.

-You can leave an AR-15 laying in mud for twenty years. Dig it up covered in rust and still piss off a liberal with it.

-AR-15s can disguise themselves as other guns. As a result no journalist is entirely sure what an AR-15 actually looks like.

-The militaries of the world will not ban nuclear weapons but they have all agreed never to shoot AR-15s at each other.

-An AR-15 was sent back in time by MIT scientists. That AR-15 is believed to be responsible for the Armenian genocide.

-AR-15 can be converted into an M-60 Patton main battle tank. This is about a six hour process for your average gunsmith.

-In a survival situation you can eat your AR-15 as an emergency protein ration. Just remember to spit out the firing pin.

-The AR-15 will shoot three bullets for every one you load into the magazine.

-Dual wielding AR-15s is encouraged.

-One in ten Americans are born with an AR-15. The rifle then has to be carefully pried out of their hands by hospital staff and then thoroughly cleaned.

-AR-15s will become fully automatic if the user screams “dakka dakka dakka!”

-For best results please clean your AR-15 using the tears of your enemies.


Things you can shoot out of an AR-15 when you get tired of boring old bullets.

Armor piecing incendiary buckshot

Groin seeking microgrenades

Charles Bronson

Tomahawk cruise missiles

Overdue library books

Other AR-15s

Scottish claymores

Fully loaded baked potatoes

Chaff canisters (to jam police radar guns)

Poison arrow tree frogs

Half ton pickup trucks


History of the AR-15:

The AR-15; more properly known as the Armstrong Lunar Combat Rifle was developed by NASA in 1969 in response to the need for a weapon that could punch through the heavily armored spacesuits worn by Moon Nazis. Previous engagements had proven that the standard issue space glock could only kill a Moon Nazi at what amounted to point blank range.

The resulting weapon was reliable, accurate and easily enchanted with magical abilities. The AR-15 was the mainstay weapon used in the Operation Apollo raids and many Moon Marines became deeply attached to their weapon often smuggling them home. After the First Lunar War surplus stocks of AR-15s were quietly sold off on the civilian market in a failed attempt to balance the budget.

The Second Lunar War of 1979-1983 allowed the AR-15 to show it’s worth again. Proving more reliable and easier to use in a spacesuit than the Soviet gyrojet rifle the AR-15 allowed the outnumbered Americans to stand their ground against the relentless waves of Soviet Space Commandos.

NASA and the US Moon Marines now longer use the AR-15 in frontline service, however the rifle is still preferred over the new AR-17Ns for use in martian conditions. More importantly any citizen who is familiar with the AR-15 can quickly learn to use the AR-17N and serve as a Moon Marine in the event of an alien invasion. This is main reason the AR-15 in legal in US and that the US military is covertly pressuring peaceful gun hating countries like Canada to legalize the AR-15. More shooters means more Moon Marines. Which means more problems for those horrible green things from Sirius VI – Moon 8.

AR-15 Facts and Secret History