Worst Lawsuit Ever!

The DNC decision to sue Trump, the Russian government, WikiLeaks and several small furry animals strikes is quite literally the WORST possible thing that they could have done. I’m actually wondering if Trump has a deep cover man fucking up the DNC from the inside.

Razorfist with the Normie friendly version. [8 Mins]


Dave of the X22 Report with a heavier tinfoil version. [23 mins]

He goes into quite bit of detail here.

Take this one with a grain of salt but these guys do seem to have their house in order.

Worst Lawsuit Ever!

More Random Gun and Tank Videos

Might as well enjoy these before YouTube gets around to banning them.

An overview of a Canadian made APC. Sure it’s just a converted tank but for 1944 this was top notch. [7 mins]


10 gauge shotguns! Perfect for the zombie watermelon apocalypse. [8 mins]


This looks like something a Larry Correia character might keep under their pillow. [10mins]


Did the Pope actually ban crossbows? [7 mins]


More Random Gun and Tank Videos

Bombard’s Body Language on the Trump Budget.

Absolutely worth nine minutes of your time.


Bitchute link for when the above video gets banned.



A lot of people are angry right now.

Good! There is such a thing as righteous anger.

Stay righteous! Stay angry!

Let it flow throughout your body and cleanse the soy from your system.


Trump is going to make the Establishment pay for this victory.

Unless he did actually pull a fast one on them… but that’s 5D chess

We’ll find out Monday when construction on The Wall is said to begin.

Volunteers might even show up with their own shovels and hardhats.


Bombard’s Body Language on the Trump Budget.

“Defensive Wall”


Now that is some clever word play.

and people are just now digging into this spending bill.

Little bombs buried here and there.

The Swamp may have just funded its own draining.


Let the hunt begin.


Update: May have jumped the gun on the wall thing. I can’t even find where the discussion was taking place. People are still reading this thing. Sessions just got one hell of a war chest including a lot of money earmarked for witness protection.

Update two: Some mention of military construction on Page 1065, vaguely worded but no mention of a wall. Could see how the anon in question might have jumped to that conclusion… no smoking gun.

Update Three: A very crazy Q theory… which is completely believable at this point.


“Defensive Wall”

Oh Look They Did It Again

This is supposed to be a science fiction blog so I’m going to resist at least for the moment the urge to unleash the Sperg concerning the recent Austin Freedom Fireworks Fiesta.

But I did notice one thing.


is it just me or did they ‘whiten’ the suspects picture? Now why would they do that?


Oh! Right!

For contrast here’s a picture taken under normal lighting conditions.


Makes you think doesn’t it.

but on the bright side…


Okay I noticed two things. Anonymous Conservative has been giving me a lot of nightmares lately.




—Wolfman Out–

Before I do something drastic.

Oh Look They Did It Again

This Should Be Fun

The overt counterattack on Qanon has begun; which only proves that the covert attempts to silence Q have failed.

Just keep in mind that one of the goals of the Q mission is distract and demoralise the Enemy, keeping them so busy jumping at shadows that they cannot fully resist the Will of God-Emperor Trump.

The Great Patriot Conspiracy has had at least 4-6 years to plan the De-Clintoning of America and The Last Stand of The Republic. No one in the Deep State ever thought they could be out-spooked. The question remains at what point was Donald Trump brought into all of this? I suspect that we’ll never know.

Q promised a Show… and so far he has delivered more times than not.

We’re gonna need more popcorn than we originally thought.

Deus Vult! (and because that video never gets old)


This Should Be Fun