Rocketman Cuts a Deal.

In fact if this commentator is right he has already met with God-Emperor Trump (possibly back during the China visit.)


Commentary on March 8th Qanon posts and North Korea news [21 mins]

Also: Holy Crap!



Related: An earlier piece where I threw around a few thoughts on the matter. I’ve been very bad at predicting Q related events but it’s nice to have somewhat close to the mark on this.

Rocket Boy and Nuclear Chicken 

Rocketman Cuts a Deal.

Bitchute is Bestchute

Since YouTube seems to censoring all serious discussion about the Parkland School S… err… Unexpected Academic Kinetic Incident I’m finding myself digging through bitchute seriously for the first time. Anyway here’s a pair of short videos I felt were worth highlighting. This whole clown circus has me pretty pissed off and that’s even before I take into account some of the more wild (and frightening) recent Anonymous Conservative posts.


Bombard’s Body language analysis of David Hogg’s CNN Interview [6 mins]

Absolutely scathing. Definitely an “Emergency Entertainer.” The rest of the Drama Club I’m not so sure about but Hogg is clearly a plant.


Truth Factory sums up the Parkland Shooting Story. A must watch. [12 mins]

And probably the best Normie friendly account to date.

Bitchute is Bestchute

Either Way This is Very Disturbing Stuff

Stefan Molyneux on the Nikolas Cruz shooting. [43 mins]

Note that this the calm reasonable version of events. The 4chan white supremacist hoax is covered at around the 25 minute mark. Actually you might want to grab a beer or some popcorn for that part; highly entertaining stuff if you’re partial to graveyard humor… also Alt-Retard in action.


And this via Anonymous Conservative is the completely insane trainwreck version that is impossible to look away from.

Tinfoil hats might just be the hot new fashion craze of Spring 2018.


Do tinfoil hats actually stop the microwaves? What about those space blankets they sell in survival kits? I don’t know about you fam but the Rabbit Hole is getting a little too deep for my liking.


Update: So whatever happened the response to the Florida school shooting is clearly being stage managed.


Now this doesn’t mean that the shooting itself was a false flag. A quick response team set up to exploit a specific scenario could be reacting to a genuine event.

on the other hand people keep posting pictures like this…



Either Way This is Very Disturbing Stuff

Heads Up People

Just wanted to make quick post tonight but the stormwatchers are officially in OH SHIT mode.

Ask yourself what other implications an act like this might have going forward?

Spicer responded, “I think the president and a small group of people know exactly what he meant” and offered no other explanation. This unexpected response spawned additional media attention and criticism for its cryptic meaning, with commentators unsure if Spicer was joking or not.


Oh and about that Alabama election; even on the surface it seems like a Pyrrhic victory for the Democrats since they expended enormous resources and efforts in order to win a single senate seat. In a move that… is going to have very strange repercussions for the future the Alt-Left starting calling Roy Moore a pedophile since apparently calling people ‘racist’ no longer works in [CURRENT-EST YEAR EVER]

The Democratic Machine and the Cuckservatives also had to resort to obvious and detectable election fraud in order to beat a surprisingly strong popular vote.

Which brings us to the latest Q theory.



Food for thought if nothing else. Q is just reliable enough that we can’t ignore him. (Or them as Roy Potter is probably right about Q being a team of people.)


and while I’m thinking about it. Let’s remember those voting machines…

[UPDATE: This image and the email in question is probably fake but I’ll have to look into it tomorrow.]


Not suspicious at all.

—Wolfman Out—

I’ve always had a soft spot for Alabama… could never really explain why.

Heads Up People

An Interesting Turn Of Events

Roy Potter on the recent character assassination attack on Q Anon [15 mins]

Note that the main effect of this is to confirm that “Q” is indeed legit… or at least legit enough to have seriously pissed in somebody’s cornflakes.

Say is this a bad time to remind everybody that PizzaGate was never debunked? and was in fact the least crazy explanation that people could come up with to explain the Podesta emails?

I mean why was a wealthy and EXTREMELY BUSY man like John Podesta taking time out from running a presidential campaign to talk about pizza and hotdogs in internal party emails? Do you have an answer? because I sure the fuck don’t.

Anyway that’s it for tonight.

Keep on rocking in the memory of the Free World.

—Wolfman out–

An Interesting Turn Of Events